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Surprise Visit to Stonehenge!

President Obama’s chopper, which everyone thought was headed to Royal Air Force Station Fairford, in Gloucestershire, where Air Force One was waiting to take him home, suddenly touched down at Boscomb Down Airbase so that he could run on over to to see Stonehenge.

From the Pool report:

POTUS motorcaded for about 20 minutes in the countryside before reaching Stonehenge, in Wiltshire.

POTUS is doing a guided tour of the site under a grey sky with Heather Sebire, property curator.

Such fun!

Obama Stonehenge

H/T Obama in History.

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  1. For his own self-indulgence, our president has probably inconvenienced a large number of Brits, with a 20 minute motorcade and shutting down Stonehenge to “normal” people.

    In exchange, he probably worked a rope line to allow the adoring throngs to shake his hand.

    1. He does think he’s always on vacation, or else he does this stuff just to poke a finger in the American people’s eye.

      BTW, I’ve been to Stonehenge, and it’s nothing like the scene in Tess where you alone are on the open plain. There are car parks, concession stands, and lots of tourist buses around. Of course they would keep the buses away from His Majesty, but still, they can’t make the car parks and concession stands magically disappear.

        1. -When I was in the USN on my second MED cruise I had a chance to take a tour of Cairo, Egypt.

          I took a tour and walked into the Great Pyramid of Giza.

        2. I have been there too did the tourist ride on a camel around the Great Pyramid…also the climb inside.
          It was commercial then and probably much more so now.
          I am sorry that tourists are missing Cairo. The museum and the King Tut exhibit were the highlights of that trip to me.

      1. I’ve been there as well and it’s exactly at Julie described, but she forgot to mention the inadequate bathroom facilities. Plus, there are narrow roads leading to the site and lots of tourist buses and vans. He probably inconvenienced many ordinary people.

      2. I thought the buses & concession were tucked away discreetly enough, and you’re still essentially surrounded by fields. The main thing that surprised me was that it didn’t seem as big as I expected. I mentioned that to a friend in England, who replied, “Everyone says that.”

        I found Old Sarum at least as interesting, and the surrounding countryside is lovely.

    2. per the “Urban Dictionary”:
      lunk head
      A lunk head is (usually male) someone who lacks creativity, is very slow on the uptake on understanding situations, is not well read or well informed politically or intellectually, is most likely barely literate, has not desire to educate themselves, no intellectual activity, has no ability to plan for the future, and has very little perception skills, if they do read anything, it is usually a low level tabloid newspaper, has no hobbies outside of watching televison. Possibly half the male population fits this category. Often overweight.

          1. These are really funny.
            Actually I was being snarky when I mentioned the “no need to throw in the fat part”. Lunkheads deserve to be fat.
            AND I was thrilled seeing that recent photo of valjar, looking a little tubby, or not quite fit.
            “Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sprat” is terrific.

  2. If only he hadn’t taken that summer vacation to PaH-kee-stan, he could have toured Europe and we wouldn’t have to pay for his extra jaunts here n’ there on a wing and a whim.

  3. I just walked in. Fox is stataing a unresponive private plane nearing end of fuel supply.
    The pilot that owns the plane is an experienced pilot. The plane is heading towards Jamaica.
    I don’t know how long they have been discussing this on Fox.
    The planed was flying from NY. to Fl.
    Just heard it took off at 6:30 a.m. No radar contact now that it is furthur south.

      1. With 2 passengers. The F16’s they sent to check it out said it looked as though the pilot had a med problem & the passengers passed out from de- pressured cabin. It flow over Cuban air space with no problems.

        1. Meant to add, the lighting and the proportions give it away. The stones are well light, and that same lighting source should be casting light on him. But it doesn’t.

  4. …and YOU, SYCOHPANTS in the “WH Press Corps” allow Obama to get away with this all this B*LLSH#t… and the useless ‘Main Strem Media’ just spews whatever Dear Leader Obama says/does…

  5. Obama will do a deal where it will look like HE is leading the effort against ISIS but everyone else will be doing the heavy lifting if any lifting at all because no one wants to lead. At the same time he will do nothing,or if something, something cosmetic, to make it appear that our borders are secure and the American jihadis — in Chicago, Minneapolis, etc — are being attended to.

    In other words, it will be all show — all Greek Columns, all Stonehengy, but nothing, nada, because he cannot make a commitment to lead, and he cannot shoulder the responsibility of anything other than a BIG WIN.

    This is going nowhere. And that is worse than where we are. Because stupid stupid beyond stupid commitments will be made with our blood and treasure. Declared war is unacceptable to his political base and he will not drag himself over the line. Because he cares more about politics and ideology than he does about he security and well being of this country.

  6. Gah, I’m trying to contact Keith, his contact button won’t let me, stupid capcha won’t recognize me as a “human”. No biggie, just wondering if his Amazon widget thingy on the sidebar will let me order and give him some $.

  7. And now, from the mists of time, rising from his crypt, comes the One, the Leader, the Hero of the Ages. Can the world accept him? Will he save the masses? Will his magical powers destroy his enemies? Will the Master of Stonehenge lead all humanity to safety?

    Coming soon at your local theater. Don’t miss it!

  8. Too bad he didn’t get transported back 200 years, aka Outlander, when he was among the stones. However, who knows how much more we’d be messed up now because of the chaos he’d have caused then.

  9. OT — On deck for climate change being the biggest national security threat — bigger than ISIS — Jean Francois Kerree, Shrillary, and now Bob Beckel who is so over the top now!

    Go Kimberly Guilfoyle — on his own Bob is just your garden variety (hat tip to the WH Garden) ole’ Obama/Democrat sycophant but a comment by Kimberly sends him right over the edge into ridiculous.

    Warms the cockles …it does. Oh dear, cockles ….on the school lunch menu or banned forever?

  10. Obama, surprisingly, taking credit for the Ukraine cease fire. US-WE sanctions. Why Europe lets him take the podium on this is pathetic.

    Obama is pathetic and so are the NATO country leaders.

    The Decline of the West is so painfully obvious. Not a leader among them.

    1. I figured they would do that. That’s why they summoned Chuck Todd to the WH tomorrow to interview Obummer for Sunday’s Meet The Depressed. BHO is going to act like he accomplished a lot this week and is leading the NATO countries on this. Such B.S., as usual.

    1. To: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

      so when doherty and woods were dead, they had curled into the fetal position on the top of the roof

      they confirmed they were dead

      they said a prayer

      and they had to throw their bodies off the roof cause that was the only way to get them down and they didn’t want to leae thier bodies

        1. Bret Baier ✔ @BretBaier

          #13Hours will air again on @FoxNews Saturday 5 p.m. (EDT) and 9 p.m. (EDT) and Sunday 8 p.m. (EDT) and 11 p.m. (EDT) Thank you for watching

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