As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Sharpton Mystique

I don’t know. I just can’t resist sharing these with you.

Here’s the latest volume of bloopers from President Obama’s senior advisor on race issues.

15 Responses to The Sharpton Mystique

  1. Latest (9-3-14) Cable News ratings….. Sharpton’s show is Politics Nation. I can’t help but think Obama’s behind this, uhm, programming as a reward to keep the race agitating machine shaking.

    Fox seems to be getting stronger. I wish they’d add OAN to the group, I’d love to watch them grow. I much prefer to actually watched my news, stirred not shaken :D

  2. There is no mystique Keith.

    Sharpton doesn’t have to be able to speak — he just appears. The message is clear. Al Sharpton has never been and never will be anything but a two bit race baiter, and hustler.

    The only difference is now he is an officially appointed pimp, joining the trio — Obama, Holder , Sharpton.

  3. We laugh, we call him a racist pimp, a joke, a disgrace, but he has the POTUS’s ear and we don’t.
    He has access to the Oval Office and we don’t.
    His words or thoughts are featured in the MSM and ours aren’t.
    We are articulate, reasonable, thoughtful, but he is the one who is paid millions for his meagre talents and irrational ramblings.

    Yeah. It’s not fair.