As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – September 5, 2014

The press conference has concluded.

26 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – September 5, 2014

  1. One of his responses to a female reporter was that it will be hard to contain the threat because of the area that they now control.
    Well duh !
    You should have induced some measure of control a year ago you dithering idiot !

  2. I missed it, but did he make a move to take similar actions as Cameron did, e.g., calling in all passports of all Americans taking part in terrorism?

    • Julie — passports??? LOL In a country with wide open borders — even if he did they would just walk in like the non American terrorists.

      What the heck maybe they can plead refugee schoolboys?

  3. If any of a time if there were aliens, they missed a great opportunity to stop the suffering of mankind. I wish they would’ve beamed up this imbecile.