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Britain, France Demand ISIS Strategy from Obama

Well, our allies seem not quite satisfied with the Obama Doctrine of Leading from Behind, asking for a little guidance on how we might want to go about defeating what the administration itself is describing as a grave threat to national security.

According to Reuters:

British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Francois Hollande, the leaders of Europe’s main military powers, told Obama in private meetings that Washington had to do more than simply order air strikes on IS targets in Iraq and needed an overall strategy, European officials said.

“It can’t be just ‘let’s go and bomb a few targets and see what happens’,” said one Western defense official familiar with the talks between the allied leaders.

France and Britain are part of some kind of new “coalition” Obama formed during what the New York Times said was “a hastily organized meeting on the sidelines of the NATO summit.” Australia, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Poland and Denmark are also in.

But who knows what this even means? Doesn’t look like they’ll do any serious fighting.

“Obviously I think that’s a red line for everybody here: no boots on the ground,” said Secretary of State Kerry.

Great Britain won’t even commit to airstrikes.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said his country had made “no commitment to take part in any air strikes as yet,” adding, “we’ll certainly consider that possibility if we think that it is the best and most effective way to support a credible and inclusive Iraqi government.”

This ragtag group of half-hearted participants stands in stark contrast to the coalition assembled by George W. Bush – yes, “go it alone” Bush – to battle Saddam Hussein. Bush’s coalition eventually included 48 countries, 37 of which provided troops.

Thank goodness we finally have a multilateralist in the White House.

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  1. “Obviously I think that’s a red line for everybody here: no boots on the ground,” said Secretary of State Kerry.
    Someone needs to advise Jean Francois that there is a climate change crisis in the Middle East and if we do not put a stop to it, it will threaten the US soonest.

  2. The chosen one is completely clueless. Where’s Neville Chamberlainwhen you need him? Maybe ValJar will let him do something after the election. Don’t want to alienate the hard left and actually defend the nation. Instaed we will talk about our problems till we are blue in the face and pass out. So sad.

  3. In fear that I might be defending the feckless POTUS, I’ll still say this – to the leaders of Europe’s main military powers:
    Where’s your plan, what do you propose to do other than demand that America spend her blood and treasure to protect your commie/lazy butts?
    Instead of cow-towing to your immigrant Islamists, how about showing some grit and get yourself back to your core, whatever that might be.
    We’re not going to protect your governments, your people and your commie/lazy butts forever just so you can pass out goodies to your commie/lazy people.

    What gall, what arrogance on the part of these NATO nations who pretend to be our friends to “demand” anything from the American people. We, our blood and treasure, saved their sorry lives from Hitler’s Nazis and have since tried, with mixed results, to keep the civilized world safe for innocents everywhere. We earned and deserve respect from these ingrates.
    The only people allowed to “demand” anything from MrObama are the people he serves, and that’s not them.

    • Amen, srdem. Europe has been a melting pot for jihadists for decades. When the most popular boys name is Mohammed (UK and Oslo) and summers of car-b-ques (France) are a regularly scheduled summer event – STFU, put on your big boys pants and don’t lecture anyone else.

    • Don’t they have the balls to ask Obama what his plan is ?
      What good would it do them ?
      He is relying on them for their support, and they are relying on us for our support.
      No good whatsoever because Obama harbors the same philosophy as the Europeans do.
      Let’s just wait and see what happens.
      It’s a cluster f**k.

    • EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!

      Don’t dare say you want us to do something you won’t do for yourself! You know ISIS is an imminent threat to you, and all you do is cry to us to do your job.

  4. My late Dad always said “Wish in one hand and poop in the other and see which fills first.”

    If you REAL world leaders want a strategy, you better go to a fund raiser or a golf course.

  5. It used to be we drew red lines for the enemy, now it looks like we are drawing them for ourselves.

    “Obviously I think that’s a red line for everybody here: no boots on the ground,” said Secretary of State Kerry.

    • As I mentioned in an earlier thread. The Red Line was used.
      The first time it was used needs to go in the history books. How many times now, are they going to throw throw those two words out. They must think if we keep saying those two words, everyone will forget the first time O mentioned the RED LINE, and failed to stick to it.

  6. Well, so much for that 2008 victory lap tour and all that bluster about America taking more of a back seat role. Seems apparent that our allies, despite some detractors, do want us to lead, and lead in front.


  7. When you’re clueless and everyone is pressuring you to lead, you’re still clueless.

    Perhaps Jen Psaki and Marie Harf ought to give it a shot. Couldn’t hurt.

  8. Keith, another great column from you today! Keep up the good work. FYI, just posted something that relates….
    NewsLede: Pres. Obama has it backwards. America leads and other nations follow. “Leading from behind” is a political coward’s way of doing nothing. “We don’t have a strategy yet” is a stalling tactic used by someone who lacks enough political courage to “lead” from the front. Claiming that he is waiting for other nations to step forward to help protect America before he will do what must be done to keep the homeland safe clearly has the cart in front of the horse. Background: The very direct threats from ISIS, al Qaeda and the Russian threat against the Ukraine and to our NATO allies all have the potential to involve America in war. Historically, we do not go to war (declared or undeclared) unless others force war upon us with either credible threats or with actual attacks. Historically, nations that attack Americans expect a military response. Historically, we do not wait for “mother, may I?” or any form of permission. Obama’s timidity stems not from prudence or even caution-it has its origins in something as shallow as political calculus. He doesn’t want to disturb the pacifist base of his party when voter turnout is so important in November. That is why he sits on his hands when leadership is required. If you have a chance to quarry a politician or a reporter who can ask a question, we recommend these four today…
    1) Why don’t we invite Ukraine to join NATO right now?
    2) Why don’t we ship military hardware to Ukraine right now?
    3) Why don’t we start with the toughest sanctions possible against Russia then reduce them when Putin starts to behave?
    4) Why aren’t we shipping military hardware directly to the “boots on the ground” Kurds who are helping us (insert Obama’s word of the day) ISIS?
    One of Obama’s problems is a failure to understand American history. He clearly thinks “Walking softly” means riding in a golf cart and that “A big stick” is a #2 iron”.

  9. First, ban the use of coal in Syria and force them all to replace incandescent light bulb.

    There, all the worlds problems solved.

    When is tee time?

  10. In fact, I believe that it is because of the disastrous GW “go alone ” Bush invasion of Irak that M.Obama have so few international support today.