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Marie Harf Must Apologize for Her Remarks

Deputy State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf today characterized Fox News Anchor Bill O’Reilly as sexist, offensive, unintelligent, and low-class. The charges are entirely baseless, ad hominem, and highly inappropriate coming from a senior federal official. Secretary of State John Kerry should insist she apologize – to O’Reilly and everyone else.

Here is the crime that provoked Ms. Harf. O’Reilly said this about Harf’s boss, chief spokeswoman Jen Psaki:

With all due respect . . . that woman looks way out of her depth over there. Just the way she delivers . . . it doesn’t look like she has the gravitas for that job.

Yes, that’s it.

Now here’s Harf’s response, first via Twitter,

Harf Twitter

And then during her briefing today:

When the anchor of a leading cable news show uses, quite frankly, sexist, personally offensive language that I actually don’t think they would ever use about a man against a person that shares this podium with me, I think I have an obligation . . .  to step up and say that’s not okay.

And, quite frankly, I wish that more people would step up when men say those things about women in public positions and say that it’s not okay.

This is deeply disturbing on several levels.

First of all, it’s chilling. The government, except under extraordinary circumstances, should not be singling out individual private citizens for attack. In this case, Mr. O’Reilly is being assailed, rather viciously, for expressing a legitimate opinion about the performance of Ms. Psaki. If we are at a point in this country where a journalist, or in fact any individual, faces the wrath of the government for criticizing a public official, then we are at a very low point indeed.

Ms. Harf’s comments, dressed up in the politically correct guise of some kind of defense of all women against misogyny, are in fact little more than a brittle unwillingness – of the kind you might normally expect from the representative of some crummy little dictator – to incur criticism. This must not be how the government of the United States is represented.

There is no suggestion of sexism, or anything similarly malignant, in O’Reilly’s comment. In fact, Psaki, though she has her strengths as a spokeswoman, does not have a significant sense of gravitas about her, which may be one reason she was passed over for the White House press secretary job.

Is this how senior government officials with gravitas behave?

Psaki Twitter Ukraine

It doesn’t mean she can’t do her job. It just means she has a weakness.

According to Ms. Harf’s logic, women may not be characterized as less than commanding, and men would never receive such criticism. Well, tell that to former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, who was widely derided for lacking the necessary presence in the briefing room and who was ultimately sacked.

Ironically, with her unseemly response to O’Reilly, Ms. Harf has demonstrated that not only does she have a deficit of gravitas herself, but that she also lacks judgement, is willing to lodge unfair and highly damaging charges at journalists, and doesn’t respect the First Amendment.

She is very seriously in error. She must apologize immediately and demonstrate that she understands the gravity of her mistake.

107 thoughts on “Marie Harf Must Apologize for Her Remarks”

    1. Don’t think I want Marie Harf OR Jen Psaki cooking anything form. Not even if they got pointers from The Great Sam Kass.

      Just to keep the record straight, I do ALL the cooking in our happy home. My wife contributes constructive criticism which I take to heart and try to improve the result the next time.

    2. Given how badly little miss marie does at handling her responsibilities at State I do not think I would want her in my kitchen cooking for me.

      Lesson 1: How to boil water.

      1. I will go to Canada if that ever happens…at least they have healthcare worked out with the added bonus of being able to say, “who cares? I’m Canadian hoser.

  1. Just the continuing attacks by the Dem’s on Republican’s, conservatives, tea party and everyone that disagrees with the Obama regime.
    DWS and Obama yesterday, today Harf.
    These attacks will increase the closer we get to the elections.
    ” You ain’t seen nothing yet “.

    1. Man are you right! Oh Geez, I just said “man”. I just disenfranchised all woman! I’m so SO sorry. Please forgive me. I promise to ask for directions the very next time I’m driving somewhere. I hope that will put me back on civil terms with all Womanhood!

  2. Perhaps she can explain Sandra Fluke’s comments on Rush Limbaugh, Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s attacks on Scott Walker, Nancy Pelosi’s bromides against (fill in the blank), or Stephanie Cutter’s slanders against Mitt Romney. (Oh, yes, and that “pugilist” — Harry Reid — ditto).

  3. I think I see the pattern here. Level a legitimate criticism at ANY woman and you are against ALL woman. Level a legitimate criticism at ANY African American and you are a racist. Level a legitimate criticism at ANY member of the LGBT community and you are a homophobe. What really stinks is that it WORKS!!!!! So many people are falling all over themselves so as not to offend ANYONE that they forget that those among us who are lazy, incompetent or simply lack the ability and/or temperament for a specific job need to be identified and removed from there position. Sometimes the only way the bosses of these folks (one of Mr O’s fave terms) will get around to sacking these loser’s is when they realize OTHER PEOPLE have noticed how unsuited for their jobs they are.

  4. Wow.. she called Fox a leading cable news show. Seems like only yesterday they said Fox is not a legitimate news organization. Yep, time to ramp up the war on women. Every candidate should call them on it and laugh in their face.

    1. Name calling, stupid accusations & race baiting…state. Repeat. Accuse. & the stupid msm watchers will believe. They get no other valid info to enlighten them. My own mother is guilty & I do my best to educate her. Butt-msm is her only “news” outlet & I routinely hit a brick wall.

  5. Get ready for more and more of the same accusations of bullying and sexism from Democrats as they prepare for the “first Woman President”. DWS and this babe are just the beginning. No GOP man has a chance.

  6. I understand this way too much. After posting a comment in my online local paper about how Vaughn sacrificed his life, but obama can’t even sacrifice his tee time, I was told I should “put on my color blind glasses”.

    I get called a racist for pointing out a fact.

  7. Marie Harf is an immature idiot. Her loud and halting style is condescending at the onset. That she would engage in a food fight with an entertainer from a senior position within the DOS speaks to a serious lack of judgement. Her and Psaki both need to go away – they’re awful!

  8. Marie Harf is an immature idiot. Her loud and halting style comes off as nothing more than intellectually insecure IMO. That she would engage in a food fight from a senior position with DOS speaks to a serious lack of judgement. Both her and Psaki are nit-wits.

  9. Apology? We’re still waiting for the POTUS to apologize to the American public for telling us out and out lies about everything. We’re not holding our breath waiting for the IRS biggies to apologize to ordinary citizens who foolishly called their organizations something like “patriots, or government watch groups”.
    Yes, it was inappropriate and undignified of her to attack MrOReilly, but that is the recurring theme of this whole administration – inappropriate and undignified.
    I’m sure ol’ Bill will get a few nights of faux outrage at this attack and insult, but his money keeps coming in and his job is secure, unlike the ordinary citizen who has lost freedom, income, jobs, and a trust in their leaders.

    If we’re going to demand that govenment employees act or talk in a non-partisan way, then we should see that they have a union to protect their jobs…..oh, wait.
    MsHarf should be fired, dismissed for a breach of trust and abuse of her high standing,
    Fired. Canned. Out the door. But, that will never happen.

  10. Hairy Reid established that it is perfectly fine for this Administration to isolate and defile the reputations of American citizens like the Koch Brothers and there is no obligation to substantiate with fact anything that is said.

    Marie just does what every Democrat (DWS lately) and Administration feels is perfectly acceptable. If this Administration spent as much time our pursuing our real enemies and those who violate our laws by entering the country illegally we would be better off.

    Marie and her ilk are the JV team bench.

  11. The bureaucracy has been weaponized on behalf of the D party .When / if the R’s return to office these folks need to be punished and I mean punished . You cannot fire them but you can transfer them to some real dark places . Promote them of course but write their orders for Houlton Me or Nome Ak , especially the ones w/ two incomes .

  12. This is par for the course with many government figures who are left wing liberals or otherwise closely aligned with the Obama Administration isn’t it? So it really is not surprising at all. Everyone from Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie W-S, Luis Gutierrez,, Sharpton& Co, MSM news anchors.
    They are a bunch of bad mannered, talentless hypocrites who can dish out the b.s but cannot take it. Marie Harf and her snide, smirky little boss Jen Psaki are no different.

  13. ah yes, the Hashtag Twins. tell me: does Obama ONLY hire people with thin skins? get over it, ladies! you ARE unserious. if you want us to take you seriously, grow up.

    1. Obama ONLY hires people who are lighter weight than he so that THEY take the heat from MSM. Hire barely capable women so he looks like an evolved male and they will, by virtue of their vapid selves, ultimately make him look smart by comparison.

  14. I mean this sincerely: I wish the endless parade of minions and flacks who are tasked with the neverending responsibility of explaining what their Lord and Savior really meant to say could muster one-tenth of the passionate detest for our true enemies – you know, the ones who want to raise their flag over the place where they do their jobs – as they do for Fox News opinion personalities.

    There is a petulance to everyone Obama surrounds himself that reeks of immaturity and amateurishness. And this is their public face. Imagine what they are like when no one is watching. It flows from the top down. The Derider-in-Chief has surrounded himself with Mini-Me’s.

  15. Marie Harf …… last name rhymes with barf; the urge to retch is overwhelming when she or Psaki blurt out their baseless cover-for-Obama talking points.

  16. Both Psaki and Harf are remnants from Obama’s political campaigns. These women continue their unprofessional, opinionated, unpolished and unintelligent deliveries on a daily basis. They are the face of our Dept of State and neither are competent. It’s one thing to be a campaign trail contact, another thing to be delivering daily spin about US intelligence. For a government employee to dress-down another individual who disagrees with their daily incompetence is stunning.

  17. Harf, reminds me of a snarky mean little high school girl. (line in the movie “Mean Girls”)
    Her comments are always condescending to reporters, if they dare to ask a question she obviously doesn’t know the answer to. And NO, the glasses do not make her look more intelligent.

  18. Is it just me or do these press briefings by the State Department look like a Saturday Night Live skit? Add to that, the feeling that the content of their remarks never seems especially cogent. Females or not, they leave something lacking.

  19. Dear Mr. Koffler – This is little more than a bitch slap across the bows of O’Reilly; a situation that could easily be remedied – and probably already has been by the respected upper echelons of WH coverage. You all have to know your enemies – how could you not with today’s twitters et all – and as a defense of O’Reilly is admirable. As news, not so much.

  20. Awww . . . did someones itty bitty feewings get hurt?

    How dare anyone say she lacks “gravitas”. That word is reserved for Al “is it me or is getting hot in here?” Gore.

  21. They, Harf and Paski, are both imbeciles and are in positions that they clearly don’t have the skill set for. But, they sure do have each other’s backs!!

      1. Doggone it. You cleaned it up but that just forces me to return to the origins. Let’s see, I’m assuming you’re referring to the word “twits”. So, if we substitute for the vowel we are left with the possibilities of “twets”, “twots” (which is my personal favorite), “twuts” an sometimes “twyts” when it sounds like “eye”. Hey you didn’t actually think I’d use that other vowel, did you?

  22. Neither Marie Harf nor Jen Psak will apologize. No one associated with the Obama administration has offered a sincere apology for any misdeeds, mistakes, poor decisions or activities they engage in. It’s not in their DNA.

    1. Remember, they’ve never engaged in ANY of that stuff. It’s just a misperception on our part. And besides, what difference, at this point, does it make?

  23. She will never apologize. These two immature, sorority sisters were chosen for the way they looked, not because they could do the job. Obama’s administration is full of frat boys and sorority sisters. No one, Biden, Obama, Hillary, DWS, Reid will ever apologize for their insensitive, rude, ignorant and vicious comments to people with a difference of opinion. All of us have been called unpatriotic, racist, bomb throwers, gun nuts, homophobic and now, worse than ISIS! They see fellow Americans as the enemy who should be punished. They won’t stop with the vitriol, so don’t hold your breath waiting.

    1. The way they LOOKED!!!!!!!! Have you SEEN Marie Harf??? She was selected for her complete lack of critical thinkin’. Let me be sexist here. She’s enough to make a lesbian go lookin’ for a man!!!!

      1. Oh, bye the way, Other than the looks part I agree with everything you said. We ARE the bad guys. We’ve had it too good for too long. It’s time we paid for being the greatest country in the history of the world. Let someone else come forward with a vision of how things were in the 9th century and let’s all go back to the good old days!

      2. If looks were the main criteria, that is the best the progressives can do?

        But I guess they really are hot lookers compared to the likes of Wasserman.

    2. It’s the not the way they looked, it’s what they think…they’re all on the same page ideologically and will defend Dear Leader until the end.

  24. I am so tired of women crying sexism when life gets tough. That’s why the phrase “Man up” is used and not “Woman up”… because men don’t whine! f.

    1. in the old days, men were allowed to have the manly virtues that you allude to but in today’s society it is illegal to act like a man even if one is a biological male. This society has been feminizing men for the past 30 years starting in the public school system. When my generation dies off or is imprisoned by the state, that will be it for men. The only men you will then see are in old movies on TCM.

  25. Don’t President Obama and Secretary Kerry realize how ill-served they are by having such immature twits as their spokesmen? Oh well, they prove my point on how dumbed-down this country has become.

  26. I’m pretty taken with “tag-team twits”.
    And I suppose it must be so: valjar must think the PINO and SoSINO look smart compared to these twits. And don’t forget Rice.
    Think of the three of them in the same room.

  27. Oreilly was wrong with leading his statement with “that woman”. Hannity made a comment the other day that Progressive Groups comb over his transcripts of his shows searching for such mistakes. OReilly should have used her title ‘That Spokesperson” instead. Beyond that, OReilly was right on the money with his comments. Both Spokesperson are nothing but a complete embarrassment to the United States. I have referred to them previously as the Dumb and Dumber twins and neither could win a high school debate. Any time a reporter ask a pointed question which they give no answer and then they ask a follow up question that says you didn’t answer the question then both of them get snarky towards the reporter for asking such a question.

    They both come the same school that had “Dude,that was two years ago” NSA Spokesman Tommy Vietor. He was Obama’s Van Driver during the 08 campaign. They all came from the campaign. Psaki has always been a spokesperson for various congressman and John Kerry. The scary part is Harf was a former analyst and spokesperson at the CIA.

    I am surprised that a really mean Hashtag wasn’t included in Oreilly’s denouncement. I hope OReilly doesn’t them the back of his hand or pull them back by the hair as Governor Walker does in Wisconsin. These idiotic comments and whines dilutes the advances that have been made for women.


    1. …and try to hit on, but girls like Jen & Marie are so shallow they would rudely brush me…
      -uggh, bad flashbacks to college…I need a few drinks :-(

  28. This is what happens when top positions in government are filled with political sycophants rather than qualified personnel. Remember the “Dude, that was like……..” guy? Just a few years ago he was nothing but a van driver for the campaign and yet on 9/11/2012 he was in the WH situation room the night of the Benghazi attack!
    Both Psaki AND Harf are unqualified twits with no business representing the United States Department of State but in the Obama administration all that matters is loyalty to the party. If I remember my history correctly there have been other times such devotion to an individual trumped professional capability and all of them were on the WRONG side of history.

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  30. Bill has said far more scathing about oh, I don’t know, Eric Holder maybe–a man. John Kerry–purportedly also a man. Any number of people. These young women have what we used to call “big jobs.” Act like it.

    I am not here to defend everything Bill says or every way he acts–yes, he cuts people off, makes sweeping and pompous pronouncements, etc.–but what he said about Harf was a trifle. Man up, woman!

    1. Also we septugenarians should not have to roll out here to take care of you women–I was a founder of Women in Govt Relations back in the day. You have no idea of the shoulders you are standing on. Quit embarrassing yourselves. I am sure you don’t watch the Factor, but when someone more mature told you about it, you should have called the show, asked to be on, gone head to head with O’Reilly and have stuck to the issues, showed him what you’ve got if you’ve got something–not this petty nonsense with the skeevy tweets and gossipy sputtering.

    1. Actually, what they’re running is a continuous campaign…every opportunity like this (“War on Women” or whatever), they pounce on. Harf and Psaki are campaign hacks whose sole purpose is to defend Barry and all his pet causes.

  31. I would never apologize to Bill O Reilly. First amendment applies to Marie Harf as well. Also she is so correct in her assessment of him. He is such a bully and not near as intelligent as her or as educated.

    1. Are you serious? You must be Marie’s sister, Marie Harf was born in 1981 she looks like a high school senior in a debate class.

    1. She is MAKING herself a punch line–I would not automatically think good looking young woman=must be dumb and childish. She is doing it to herself.

      Someone said she is more educated that O’Reilly–he has a college grad with follow-on at the Kennedy School. Worked for years as a reporter–incl war zones–and now makes many millions “bloviating” as he himself put it. More power to him. He has a career and has made the most of it.

      Now that these women have trivialized themselves, they can go back to some campaign or spray tan their thighs and work at a local TV station–and maybe some day they can be a Megyn or Bill.

  32. They are both profoundly rude to the reporters in their daily press briefings. They constantly interupt reporters just two words into their questions making statements like “I know what you are going to ask and no I’m not going to answer it”. Both Psaki and Harf are childish, irritating to watch and represent the State Department as if it were a debating club of a junior high school.

  33. With all due respect, she needs to stand up, face the music and look in the mirror. I’ve watched her briefings and she is at best weak in doing this job, seems very detached and should face whatever criticism is lobbed her way without hiding behind the guise of sexism! She is NOT the best the Department of State has had in this position and should have been replaced months ago!

  34. Psaki and Harf are members of the left wing liberal cabal that inundated federal government on 2-20-09 when the most ‘transparent’ administration in history was inaugurated. On that date and until 12:01 PM on 1-20-17, we have, and will continue to experience the trampling of our constitutional rights, and the continuing plethora of prevarication and double- talk that issues forth from every department of government which is the hallmark of the Divider- in- chiefs leaderless governance.

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