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Thank God. Business Advice from Obama.

The little things come out accidentally. Because, no matter the phoniness, no matter the hired message massagers, people are who they are, and they eventually reveal themselves.

If you really want to understand where President Obama and his coterie are coming from, have a look at this statement released on Labor Day by Secretary of Labor Tom Perez.

He describes a woman, Austraberta Rodriguez:

She’s worked as a janitor for more than 30 years, and for most of that time, her wages put her below the poverty level. Every cent she’s earned has gone toward providing the basics for her children and grandchildren. Today, she’s still earning the minimum wage — which, in Texas, is just $7.25 an hour.

Now, never mind that raising the minimum wage overwhelmingly helps families who are NOT in poverty. For example, about a quarter of those making the bottom salary are teens. And forget for a moment that for about every every two people who are brought above the poverty line when the minimum wage is increased, one loses their job entirely.

I’m not here to debate the minimum wage. I’m not even sure that a small hike in the minimum wage at this point would be harmful. I’m here to show you this, another portion of Perez’s statement:

A higher minimum wage doesn’t just help workers like Austraberta. It helps the businesses they work for too. It improves employee morale, productivity, and customer service. It reduces turnover, absenteeism, and training costs.

And besides, when working families have more money in their pockets, they pump it right back into their local economies. They spend it on goods and services where they live. And that helps the businesses providing those goods and services to grow. And that creates more jobs.

Think about the extraordinary hubris of this statement, the audacity, if you will.

Here it is, the government, telling businessmen and women what’s right for their businesses. If only they could follow the wisdom of Tom Perez and Barack Obama, they’d know that raising the minimum wage is GOOD FOR BUSINESS.

Tom PerezPresumably businesspeople are either too stupid to do what’s in their interests – or too distracted by their own greedy instinct to hoard the money for themselves – to figure out what is sound business smarts.

But Tom Perez knows!!

Because Tom Perez, unlike most of these boneheaded, culturally backward business types, graduated from Brown University and Harvard Law School. He then spent six years at the Department of Justice before going to work for Ted Kennedy. Then it was on to the Clinton administration Department of Health and Human Services.

Following a mediocre run in Maryland state politics, he was appointed to the Maryland Department of Labor before being made assistant attorney general by President Obama and finally, last year, Secretary of Labor.

I give you Tom’s work history not because I think you are in the market for a good biography, but to make clear to you that . . .


And neither, as we already know, has his boss.

And yet, here Tom is, lecturing businessmen and women, many of whom – those who succeed, anyway – routinely put in twelve hour days and generate the tax revenues that have paid Tom’s salary all his life.

Because Tom, and Obama’s other geniuses, know what’s best for you. They read it – in a book!

They are from the government, and they are here to help. They’ll give you the help you need, and the help you want. Because they’ve looked at you and your business from their grand perches, and found you wanting.

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  1. Why, after 30 years is she still working as a janitor? Has she not tried to better herself? Could it be that after 30 years, she hasn’t bothered to learn English? Why do taxpayers have to hear S**T like this, and then have our hard earned money taken, to get her lazy @$$ up the ladder?

  2. Perez, Obama and all the rest could care less about Rodriguez and the rest. They know damn well how many union contracts are tied to the federal minimum wage and the union bosses are drooling over how to spend the extra dues money.
    I used to ignore such economically ignorant statements but seeing how many ignorants gave Obama a second term I now just take a drink each time a Democrat repeats one. I usually last until noooniasgh or wonet mabyeez toooooooo orthetreeeeat.asg

  3. I also question why she had the same janitorial job after 30 years. There are multiple, multple, multple overlapping progams to help people like that with training, etc.

    As for min wage and the current protesting… wish some reporter would ask the fast food workers if they are willing to give up all their free stuff to make more
    Ex. “Great news, mr protestor, when you start working for $15 an hour, you can pay for your own cell phone, and you can give up food stamps. What’s that? You want $15 an hour AND to retain all the free stuff?”

  4. Let’s take these things with common sense:

    “It improves employee morale, productivity, and customer service. It reduces turnover, absenteeism, and training costs.”

    * Employee Morale: Indeed, in the short term wages will increase and people will be happier. If prices/inflation does not increase (and it should for those industries that have large amounts of minimum wage workers) these workers will remain happier solely based on a higher wage. If prices rise the happiness factor will decrease.
    * Productivity: If its related to morale…sure it could increase. But productivity has to do with the tools the employees have. If the business has now paid more for their workers, they may not have the ability to upgrade their machines, work space, technology or the PC computers used by the workers. That can lead to a loss in productivity.
    *Customer Service: Certainly can lead to higher service as a business would most likely want to select from more experienced workers to pay the higher wages.
    *Turnover, Absenteeism, and Training costs: These are all part of the same bucket. First, let’s agree that the #1 reason employees leave or don’t bother coming in is not because of money but because they hate the job or feel unappreciated. However turnover, absenteeism is all about choices. Since all minimum wages will increase, the incentive to leave one for another doesn’t change with the raise of minimum wages. If they made more than other jobs then they may not quit. But a minimum wage job wages stays the same compared to other jobs with minimum wages. If someone wants to stay at the minimum wage level (no matter if the minimum wage is $7, $8, $10 or $20) the only alternatives are: Seek a better wage (always Possible) or go on government benefits (Unemployment, Disability, etc). A raise in the minimum wage will create lower turnover/absenteeism/training cost IF the employee doesn’t have many alternatives. IF you Raise the minimum wage but keep Unemployment, Disabilities benefits the same as they are now, then yes turnover and absteneeism will descrease.

    Does anyone think the gov’t will not raise non-working benefits?

  5. No, Mr. Rodriguez in the picture? Not even a mention. Why is she still supporting her children and grandchildren?

    The woman is 71, she started a local union in 2006. She receives vacation time, paid holiday time and affordable health care since 2006.

    This story and timing stinks to high heaven and has the distinct odor of mid-term elections.

    • Well now,…you weren’t supposed to figure that out Sadie.
      The generalities that they use enrage me.
      Once the details are exposed the picture always changes.

  6. This is more than a minimum wage protest by lowly employees, this is all about unionizing those workers. A million more union dues payers all from McDonald’s, same with Wendy’s, Popeye’s, etc.
    The minimum wage is just the beginning.
    Of course, those on the picket/protest line won’t be living any better if they do get their higher wage, assuming they keep their jobs, but the union bosses will be living in milk&honey while it lasts.
    Fools, low-infos, without a clue are just tools to be used by the Dems & the unions.

      • My daughter works at Wendy’s–40 hrs a week. She gets reviews every six mos and is happy to say she is getting 50 cents more an hour–or whatever. She also gets compliments on her service that come in through the website–if someone gives you good service at a place, get the “store” number and write it up–it goes a long way. She has pride in her work–calls herself a windows professional. She does not WANT to be a supervisor–says it’s not enough more money, a hassle, we would need a car, etc.

  7. youtubes show obama saying: SEIU agenda is his agenda and he will paint the US SEIU/SDS/Commie purple. Check out who started SEIU and SDS and how often they visit the White House, although we cannot.
    Also, any minimum wage increase will bump up many union contracts, with no increase in productivity. They don’t care about the min wage workers that will lose jobs, bump up those SEIU dues.

  8. When is he going to care and discuss the large number of people that were layed of just before O Crud and just after.
    Those were jobs were earned.
    With this economy, terrorist, they want to discuss a raise!
    Now a few moments ago, I turned off the news. Can anyone care to guess why?
    O is overseas to discuss TERRORIST, and back home he has someone stiring up *^#* . He is over seas discussing the foul terrrorist, and Russia with other leaders, and he has just had people looting, back home, who did not want to follow the law.

  9. On topic:
    How can any sensible person not look at the whole picture on this min wage debacle?
    So we give these poor, poor, pitiful poor people more money. Is it not glaringly obvious that these businesses will need to inflate their prices to offset this cost?
    And what about their own managers? They will also need a raise so they are not subsisting at the same wage after they have worked hard to become manager status.
    Then all the other workers who have worked their way up their companies’ ladder of success to only be making min wage …
    I know it looks nice & shiny on the surface but having never taken a business or economics course even little me can see that a jump to $15.00/hour min wage is a huge retarted mistake.

    • I suggested quite some time ago: If O and company want something to do or start to benefit everyone, Fixing and or rebuilding all the older brides would be a good start. As long as the people hired are legal citizens.
      There are so… many people that moved themselves ahead without anything given to them. What is he teaching the young people?

      • 0 is teaching/indoctrinating them into socialist govt moochers.
        0 wants desperately to take our hard earned money & redistribute it to the lazy masses.
        The squirrel story comes to mind; one hard working squirrel collected enough food for the winter for him & his family. Then the govt comes along & says squirrel #2 here has been playing all summer & because you have saved you now need to give him your hard earned food. It is only fair.
        That is 0 & his socialist minions’ goal.
        And I say fu{< off. Get your own ass out there-do your own work & leave me alone!

        • I understand his agenda. It just helps to type or say it out loud sometimes. I agree with you.
          When I was having fun as a teenager. My mom told me you will have to do for yourself.
          She was telling me to study more instead of having (so) much fun with my friends, because I had to concentrate on
          making (my own way).
          Both of my grandfathers taught his kids the same message!

  10. What is the Sec of Labor and the unions going to do when the fast food outlets automate the serving and cooking of the food. call the business unpatriotic!!!!!. All of this increase in minimum wage garbage has ratcheted up the timeline for this to happen. Any gains for Labor will be short lived. Unfortunately this will close yet another avenue for teens to learn how to work.

  11. ga. I don’t think i can get angrier.

    You know what I like most about the statement? This bit:

    A higher minimum wage doesn’t just help workers like Austraberta. It helps the businesses they work for too. It improves employee morale, productivity, and customer service.

    And they base this one … what?

    morale? why? They are grateful TO THE GOVERNMENT for giving them a higher wage, not their evil employer. duh.

    The whole bit is fantasy.

  12. Anyone over 25 years old making minimum wage has FAILED themselves.

    Anyone with children making MW is guilty of child neglect.

    Tom Perez is an avowed Marxist who has visited with his fellow Marxist, Hugo Chavez. Why else would President Hussein appoint him?

    • That’s why minwage helps the younger workers, it exposes them to the basics of the real world while they’re still getting free room and board. Most aspire to be more than burger flippers, some go on to own their own stores :)

  13. “And besides, when working families have more money in their pockets, they pump it right back into their local economies. They spend it on goods and services where they live”

    Then by all means go all in Perez and make MW $25 an hour! Imagine all the spending then!

  14. This propaganda tripe coming from Dictator Slimeball who leads a life of unimaginable luxury curtesy of the taxes paid by the taxpayers including this poor janitor that he is wringing his blood covered hands over.

    Stomach churning hypocrisy by this multi-millionaire government employee who is our first black president. Ahhhh life is grand when your a Dictator. You can say anything you want and truth be damned!

  15. OT; RE: Joan Rivers.
    Tonight you may hear what sound’s like thunder in the distance, it won’t be. It will be God laughing. Joan will be ‘rockin the house.

  16. Also note she could have worked for Walmart and made way more. She would also have shared in profit sharing. Had health imsurance.Paid vacation and sick days and retirement.