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ALERT: Obama Finally Talks Tough on ISIS

ISIS, Obama declared, is guided “by an ideological, rigid, uncompromising core that ignores science, is not particularly interested in facts, is not particularly interested in compromise.”

At last, some sharp, uncompromising words skewering our enemies!!

Oh, wait a second.

He was talking about Republicans. It’s from a speech at a fundraiser in Rhode Island last week.

My bad.

H/T Daniel Heninger of the Wall Street Journal

27 Responses to ALERT: Obama Finally Talks Tough on ISIS

  1. Should Obama ever start talking tough on ISIS, it doesn’t mean he would ever back it up with action. As for those who dislike what he is doing here, that’s another matter altogether.

  2. Obama should have heard Doug Shoen, Democrat, just now on Fox. He said that Obama’s first remarks after the first beheading of an American should have been “Our planes are in the air and on their way to bomb and destroy ISIS in Syria and Iraq.” (That is probably not a word for word quote.)
    Impossible to imagine our little president being so brave and bold.

  3. Yep, he’s talking about the tea party radicals. Those who won’t compromise on abortion, believe global weather change is part of a natural cycle, want a smaller, less expensive government and the repeal of regulations and laws that interfere with private citizen’s lives.
    Yep, hard-headed, uncompromisingly focused on bringing the government down to a level of competence. Tea party.

  4. Greg Gutfeld, who can get a teeny bit full o fhimself but I still laugh, had side by side clips of sleepwalking O talking about headchoppers and then crazy stemwinder O talking about burger wages. Quite a contrast. As for the Gates of Hell–someone pointed out that this is pretty much the last stop–maybe some action before would be prudent? Think?

  5. From Allen West, about a week ago:
    “I want everyone to remember what Obama has done to our military. He has enacted policy decisions resulting in an Army as small as it was in 1940, before conscription; a US Marine Corps resembling post World War I numbers; a Navy the size it was in 1917, before our entry into World War I; an Air Force flying the oldest — and smallest — fleet of planes in its history; and a nuclear arsenal no larger than it was during the Truman administration. And let us not forget Obama embraced the family of a deserter while deserting Marine SGT Andrew Tahmooressi. He continues to tell our enemies what HE is not willing to do — and the result of that weakness? A beheaded American. So what lies will be spun tomorrow as he takes the stage? Obama has rejected the Reagan policy of “peace through strength” and his administration has not been truthful about the VA scandal.”

  6. He was here to raise money, guest of his liberal loon friend, Gov. Lincoln Chafee.
    Newport mansions are just chock full of folks who will never be on the front lines of any military conflict. They can pay $10,000 for a meal, though.