As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, September 4, 2014

4:40 am || Visits a school with British Prime Minister Cameron; Newport, Wales
6:00 am || Joins a meeting on Ukraine with Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom; Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales
8:00 am || Joins NATO leaders for a meeting on Afghanistan; Celtic Manor
11:45 am || Joins NATO leaders for a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission; Celtic Manor
3:40 pm || Participates in a leaders’ working dinner; Cardiff Castle, Newport, Wales

All times U.S. Eastern; local time in Wales is five hours ahead

24 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, September 4, 2014

    • Why is it that when Obama is overseas, he endures ten and eleven hour days…yet his published schedule in D.C. runs closer to a couple of hours.

      Busman’s holiday in reverse?

      • Good point. It could be that the other national leaders do not enjoy the work and play schedule that he does.
        Nor do they get to flit around in their own special plane from one posh vacation spot to another whenever the mood hits, nor do they get to stop rush hour traffic in their cities whenever they and their wives want to dine at some upscale bistro or visit some entertainment venue.

          • There was the occasional post/comment that rang true to me….
            But then, he/she turned the entire thing into a blog site to sell his/her books….
            So, Sadie, you are probably right – it was a creative use of imagination.

          • I used to enjoy the blog on Ulsterman, especially the insiders interviews. I have no idea what was true or what wasn’t but it was good for a daily read. Now that he switched formats, there seems to be, on average, 1 comment here and there. It seems all the regular posters have not become fans of the new book marketing site.
            He could have kept the old and simply linked to the book site.

            Oh well.

  1. If that was a resume and this was a list of accomplishments he wouldn’t be hired. Joins and Participates.

    And the sad thing about that is it is probably true. We fund the largest part of NATO, we are the US, and although Obama might be awarded special privileges because he is the person currently POTUS but I am fairly certain joining and participating just about sums it up.

  2. I can just imagine the setting of this meeting – The leaders of the other countries barely tolerating Dictator Obama as he drones on and on about how the United States will stand by them against Russia and the Islamic savages. No one believes anything that the clown prince of the United States says about anything anymore.

    No doubt Dictator Obama, after he finishes spouting off his usual mix of lies and nonsensical clichés, will spent the rest of the meeting fidgeting in his chair, hoping someone will propose a cigarette break.

  3. Awww…how sweet of David Cameron to plan a visit to a school for his dearest friend! That’s a sign of true love! It’s always about photo ops with ‘the children’ for Obama.