As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Obama Serves Up Some Class Warfare for Labor Day

I mean, what better day for it?

That was President Obama Monday in Milwaukee.

Here’s some footage of Obama later in the day during stop in Louisiana.

40 Responses to Video || Obama Serves Up Some Class Warfare for Labor Day

  1. “Cut our deficit by more than half.” Obama must be hitting the crack pipe again. Our debt has more than tripled since he took office.

  2. Obama knows he’s lying and his base is that stupid to believe …. the economy is surging (did ya miss the historic bankruptcy in Detroit?)

    ….more peaceful in the world today than 20-30 years ago (uhm, 9/11 changed that moron)

    ….Republicans won’t let me raise the minimum wage to make you richer (as well as the unions and higher taxes to the gov you’ll pay)

    ….I’ve accomplished everything I promised (really? still waiting for my free pony)……

    ….Does raising my voice to community agitator level make me sound like a leader? (no, maybe a Sharpton or a Jackson to your paid rent-a-mob supporters clapping like seals for a fish treat).

    Ugh. The media really needs to call him on those fact fakeries.

  3. It’s inconceivable that this aging, seedy-looking community agitator is actually occupying the Oval Office. The only difference between Sharpton and Obama is that one of them is able to read the words on the teleprompter.

  4. Agitatin’ — Stirring up the ” folks ” — feeding his uninformed, uncritical base more lies — Doing what he does best!

    Oh yeah, and sucking up to rich liberals for cash — that too.

    What a guy.

  5. My “favorite” of his Labor Day comments is the one where he states that if he were “bustin his butt” to make a living, he would want to belong to a union.
    Takes me back to my pre-retirement days as a teacher. The union leaders, most of whom were minority, did the least “butt bustin” of all in my building….lounge lizards, late to school, first to leave, and possessing the least academic knowledge.

  6. Obama looks terrible. At least it leads me to believe that he knows in his heart what an utter failure he is. I’ve never seen a successful person look as haggard and pathetic as Obama.