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ISIS Claims to have Beheaded a Second American

ISIS is claiming it beheaded another American journalist, increasing pressure on President Obama to take stronger action against the terrorist group, with decisions possibly pending as the president arrives in Europe this evening for consultations with NATO allies.

White House press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked about the incident today but had no information about it at the midday briefing.

An internet video posted today purports to show the beheading of U.S. reporter Steven Sotloff.

In the video, Sotloff reportedly addresses the camera, saying:

I’m sure you know exactly who I am by now and why I am appearing.

Obama, your foreign policy of intervention in Iraq was supposed to be for preservation of American lives and interests, so why is it that I am paying the price of your interference with my life?

The video then cuts to the militant who makes a statement saying that as long as U.S. missiles “continue to strike our people, our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people.”

The group threatened to execute a British captive next.

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    • Thankfully… Obama has “no information” and the Media (re: “WH Press Corps”) will allow this Obama regime to get away with ‘being clueless’

      Its all OK!

    • “information” and “intelligence” are bad things in this Obama regime…because someone might be responsible…

      Thankfully NO ONE! in this ‘Media’/”WH press corps” EVER holds OBAMA responsible for ANYTHING…

    • He won’t know about it until Valjar tells him, if she ever does.
      Rush just broadcast the beheading of Steven Sotloff.
      The feckless idiot that is supposedly in charge of this Country is incapable, and needs to be removed from office.

      ISIS is sticking their finger in America’s eye while Obama is sticking his finger in America’s eye.

      Wake up America !!!!!

          • HA! “burr under somebodies saddle”… that SHOULD be the so-called ‘US Congress’… but that is just a cesspool of 535 G#D-Damn arrogant IDIOTS, A**holes & CRIMINALS.

            ~I want to LIE, CHEAT & STEAL for a living!!! so I could be in the US Congress.

      • You are right. He’s like a four year old listening to mommy.
        When Mommy Valjar tells him, he will believe it. And she’s VERY protective if the little boy. She has the nuts. I’ve watched her and known about her for a long time, before most didn’t have a clue.
        You have to dig deep, but it’s out there to find.

  1. It is time for the Democrat and Republican leadership to go in and have the talk.”Sign here” and resign. Another journalist sacrificed for this guy?
    For love of country and our descendants, be patriots and statesmen and stateswomen. Is Biden any better? He couldn’t be any worse. The world would sit up and take notice.
    We cannot wait until January 2017. Terrorists and Evils are lining up in Europe and our border. 6,000 Students with VISAS off the radar screen.
    That’s my pipe dream for the day.

  2. Obama said on Friday that he has asked America’s top defense officials to prepare “a range of options.”

    I have a strategy, I just can’t decide if it should be Little Boy, Fat Man or both.

  3. I just came in from cutting the grass. The TV showing another life taken by ISIS. O needs to stop what ever he is doing and talk to the citizens of this Country. I missed the briefing with Josh. What was his comment, besides I don’t know?

    • The trouble is, when Obama speaks, he lectures, he projects weakness, incompetence, blame and arrogance. Everyone laughs and more people wind up dead.

      • Understood. However as mentioned on a different thread, regarding his attitude yesterday, that was rage.
        Rage at the issue of min wage, and next day a fine American man is killed. He knew of these maniacs for at least a year.
        Someone said on Fox a moment ago, he has had his head in the sand.

    • “I just came in from playing golf. The TV showing another life taken by ISIS. I missed the daily briefing with Josh. What should I say besides I don’t know?”

      Obama quote from earlier today (well sort of, but probably pretty accurate)

  4. He does not give a chit!
    Never watch the msn; their propaganda is equal of the old soviet union – reporting manipulated news to feed the sheep and black out what is the truth.
    Why would he do anything to take them all out when it was the funding, recruiting, training and arming them during Benghazi – where his admin switched side and joined the enemy? Joining into this venture was a few countries in the EU but most of all Saudi Arabia.
    ISIS is the means to implement the NWO – but they needto take Assad out because Saudi Arabia pays big bucks to keep the petrodollar flowing while Putin needs Syria to gain total control of the energy for the EU?
    This spiel is basically this: The set up by goading Putin into their planned mayhem (Ukraine isn’t working out so well at the moment) on behalf of the world bankers elites/NWO to get their NWO – alignment is the BRICS members (China, India, South Africa, Brazil, France and slowly Germany/Merkel backing away from the US/EU) vs the worlds bankers elites.
    This is the bottom line – BRICS fighting the NWO while the US/EU are hellbent on bringing in the NWO.
    ISIS is the means to that end!

  5. Jen Sack-of- Crap is spouting such vile gobblety-gook nonsense, I could jump through the TV. Two Americans have been beheaded, down-loaded onto YouTube and she is pissed she has to answer questions. What the hell? When will she and her bosses, she is the mouthpiece, wake up to the Muslim threat? Maybe if O-Blame-0 & Co. stopped worrying about global warming, fund raising and golf vacations, they could see the world as it really is. Dangerous!

    These sandbox Koranimals are at WAR with us. Maybe Obama should actually read his Daily Briefings with his Pentagon staff, instead of checking off boxes as HE chooses. Obama is either dumb, criminal or incompetent. Most likely, he is all three. I’m pleading with those elected to office. Protect us! Remove/impeach him from office!

  6. Very Sad.
    I am sorry for the family and hope his sacrifice wakens up people.

    If I was able, I would write a good article on Middle-East money that influences our media. Even movies have been so anti American and pro you know who. It is a not so subtle attempt to rewrite our history and values and it is dangerous.

  7. The Obama playbook has never changed and we should know this by now. Ever since he was a Senator, he voted “present”. He is still voting present. Follow me on this:

    Obama and his staff are very much aware of what is happening, but their ideology of not interfering, not taking a seat at the table, precludes them from being proactive or even reactive.

    And here is where they get clever: by acting shocked, they can say they were unaware, uninformed, hence, not at fault.

    If something goes their way, they take credit and a bow. When it does not go their way, they claim ignorance. Its the same as voting present. If the bill you “voted” on is popular, you take credit for being “part of it.” If it turns out unpopular or unsuccessful, you can claim that you had “no part in it”.

    See how this works? Its like a parade going by and you languish at the back. If it turns to a riot, you were at the back and had no clue, wasn’t me! If it runs successfully, you were right there in the mix, part of it, bully for you!


    • They know better.
      They are cowards, and facing an incompetent like Obama gives them courage to flaunt the carnage even on the internet.
      Russia and China are a totally different foe.

  8. Nobody takes into account or gives credence to whatever a POW or captive says about anything.
    We’ve seen and heard this ploy of having our own forced to be critical of the US, of our leaders, of everything we hold dear for too many years. For reasons known only to these savages, beheading is supposed to make us change our ways, as opposed to just giving the POW a double tap.
    The end is the same, but the feral brutality is stunningly beyond understanding of the civilized world.
    The beheading doesn’t frighten us, it angers us.

    • not all of us…..and that is the issue. There is still a contingency of Americans that believe that evil can be dealt with by conversation, negotiation, and persuasion.

      But alas, this evil knows nothing but strength. And if you do not display strength, you are weak…game over.


      • They can afford to think this way because they live in America and the US military never has let us down.

        They are special snowflakes without a thought to who protects them how or why.

        • Yes they are preciously niave and live in a world of joy and
          trips and parties. Seriously how can they look at those young
          men beheaded and just go off to play? They are delusional
          and the whole bunch are derelict in their duties and need to be
          sidelined before those JV players come to look at the competition as we’ve a JV team too.

  9. This issue of Somolia. That came from left field.
    Was that done to get our minds off of everything else?
    Don’t misunderstand me, I am glad any maniac is taken care of. However I have not read anything regarding issue in Somolia.

  10. I can no longer abide with that useless twit that calls himself President. And with this murder of another U.S. Citizen, all, “He who shall not be named” can do is be “enraged” with Israel. Israel should be enraged with him. And I am sure they are. What in the world is happening to our country, where no one will stand up to him while he destroys us as Americans. I get tears in my eyes when I think about what he and his cohorts have done and are continuing to do. I love my county and am afraid for her.

  11. Obama won’t put boots on the ground — but his policies have led to the murders of an Ambassador and three Americans and now the beheadings of two American journalists.

    Party on Barack!

  12. Keith, does Obama watch these beheading videos? If he does not, maybe he should be forced to? I cannot imagine, the stomach churning, visuals and audio that is watched and listened to by the likes of Fox State Department reporters. Does Obama have any compassion or empathy?
    For anyone other than himself?

    It seems Obama has one emotion, anger. Anger at Republicans, Israel and critics of him. He holds grudges against people who slight him.

  13. Sheppy and the former Ambassador Bill what’s his name. Always leave the door open for Obama.

    Boots on the ground — among the coalition — where do we get them?

    Billy defaults to the international coalition — American people would not sustain boots —

    Good for Sheppy who I never support — pointing out military says boots — Obama says no — and Billy says no proof that military united on that.

    Sheppy is the hero on this one. Billy — same old, same old administration whore.

  14. White House press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked about the incident today but had no information about it.

    Presumably, Obama will find out about this when he watches Brian Williams at 6:30 tonight.


    • Having recently attended the wedding of Sam the Cook and the Bride from MSNBC — I think that’s where he will be getting his information — when/if he gets informed.

  15. It enrages ME that the msm can’t go to bat for one of their own. They would rather keep that pillow around the PINO than insist that journalists be safe.
    Are there any real men and/or women out there anymore?
    As someone else said here, WHAT DOES IT TAKE, msm?

  16. Saw a comment elsewhere that Obama’s tolerance for evil is surprising. Or maybe not so surprising.

    But he does seem to have a deep well for it — despite all the pap he utters.

    As for twins at State — briefings with State should just be cancelled. We are already deeply embarrassed by our Commander In Chief, no need to compound it in public with those two.

    And yeah I don’t see a whole lot of anything coming from Josh either.

    At this point the President’s spokespeople are about as worthless as the President himself.

      • Gracepmc thanks for the clip.
        AZ Granny, as far as what he is going to say. This should be from his mouth only. Not a tele prompter, not a speech written for him. However I do agree with you, it will be from a 20something year old speechwriter.

  17. Obamma is off to the NATO summit today. Yes, he took his bag of clubs. No he didn’t take his old bag. And, yes, ValJa is along to keep him up to date on what-ever-the-he// she decides to tell him.

    He’ll talk about this latest killing right after he addresses the Marine held in Mexico illegally.

  18. By the second beheading of an American on foreign soil, Reagan would have formulated a strategy.

    It should be noted that these videos are direct challenges to Obama by those who hate us. They taunt him by name. They know he is indifferent to the security of Americans traveling abroad and to our standing in the world.

    • I share your dislike of The Blaze. I’m glad Beck has found religion, but it doesn’t do much for conservatism. I’d rather have Breitbart.

    • When MrBeck was on FOX, I learned things I had no idea were happening – from Soros to the Islamic intent to take over whole countries. There was nothing like that printed or aired on the MSM, no where. I was stunned by it all. He was right.

      I thank MrBeck for that information, but don’t have much call to view his website now.

        • I read on Breitbart that Beck said we should never have gone after Hillary Clinton on Benghazi and that she would win in 2016. I know Breitbart doesn’t like The Blaze, but I don’t think they made that up.

    • I wasn’t able to call it up but I’ll keep trying elsewhere. I can’t imagine the mental anguish these young men went through, especially Steve waiting to see if what happened to Jim would happen to him. I can’t imagine the anguish the parents of all these young men, the Seals, the Benghazi victims, Foley and Soltoff. I’m just in a frozen state–and that at second or third hand.

  19. Huzzahs, DiploMad is back: on obama’s disastrous foreign policy:
    “And at the State Department, the NSC, and the CIA? Nobody gets fired, nobody resigns, nobody stands up and says this is wrong.”
    I’ll add the Department of Defense.

  20. I was looking for some information on the US reaction to the beheading of Daniel Pearl. The beginning of that search returned this bizarre comment by our red head UN Ambassador in 2014 about something that happened in 2002. I would not expect much from our UN Ambassador on Mr. Foley or Mr. Sotlof – despite Ambassador Bill Richardson’s praise of the UN earlier. But then again Billy himself was a UN Ambassador at one time. So there is that.

    • Another direct result of the Hillary/Obama failure to secure/protect American interests in Libya. How many times did she repeat that ‘we need to keep a low profile’ (in Libya). Can’t afford to offend those ISIS brutes! Amb. Stevens was ‘protected’ by Libyans without weapons.
      The chickens are coming home to roost. Obama should be impeached for dropping the ball after he started the mess, and Hillary should be run out of town on a rail.

      • I was listening to Voice of Russia earlier today and they had a panel discussing Obama’s performance as POTUS. There was a mix of folks on the panel, from various countries and disciplines. One of the panelists made this comment when discussing Obama’s current behavior. “It’s a pitiful epitaph to a pitiful Presidency.” Truer words were never spoken.

        • It almost feels like Obama (the loner) is a political suicide bomber. He was a stealth candidate who hit the lottery and marched straight int the WH carrying only his ideological weapons of mass destruction. IMO, he is borderline insane and should be removed immediately….before the ticking time bomb goes off.

          • He certainly is a strange character. His responses, comments and general behavior as POTUS are not normal, not in the least what is expected from a President. And his ideology is toxic to the American idea, our institutions, and our traditions.

  21. The bottom line is all citizens need to wake up. At this point O could sell our Country, and his party would go along with it.
    I am fed up with everyone kissing up to what has been done wrong, its done because of the vote, the money, the ego, etc.
    I have had disagreements of some sort of each Pres. Most citizens here have families that will be left to deal with the outcome of everything. Enough of the race *&#@.
    We have American citizens all over the world of every race, religion, etc. I don’t want any of them to be at risk, from these maniacs (ISIS).

  22. The One blames this on the Iraqi Shites and Sunnis. If they had only settled that centuries old conflict when Barack told them to, this journalist would be alive.

    In his world, we all fail him.

  23. By now, Regan would have three aircraft carriers in the Med and Persian Gulf and there would have been a thousand strikes on IS.

    Obama has struck a little over 100 times.

    He seems to substitute deliberate with rash. It is time to show some rashness as IS rapes its way across Iraq.

  24. Yes, butt, while we all can agree he is dangerous, the msm and congress continue to cover for him.
    Does anyone know why? Is congress that desperate to stay in office?
    Is the msm that desperate to collect all and save it for the tell-all?
    Is there anyone honorable out there at all?

    • I’ve pondered the same questions and have come to the conclusion that there are a whole lot of them that would like to see America become a third world country and are willing to hand it over to the UN – it’s called passing the buck and not taking responsibility for anything ever. The only other thought I’ve had on the entire sorry story is that there are “those” that want us to implode on the social dynamics as outlined by the Left, leaving us in such disarray as to call in Marshall Law and more control of the masses.

      • I almost think the power structure which is mostly in NYC and Washington think that the rest of us are some sort of sub specie which they can allow to become extinct, and as long as the superior beings feel they can look out for their own asses, they are unconcerned. They have no identity with the “American people”. Who’d have ever thought the Democratic liberals would fall for that Social Darwinism? And they have counterparts in the Republican establishment.