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Labor Day Open Thread || September 1, 2014

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  1. Labor Day: it’s a National holiday, celebrating American labor – does that mean unions?
    Why would I celebrate the SEIU? It’s hard to see the flag fly for those purple-shirted thugs. Did I see them “celebrating” Ferguson?
    I won’t forget seeing them trash the capitol in Madison either. By their shirts shall ye know them.

    • Yup sure does mean unions and the “labor movement” which is ironic.
      Yesterday while waiting to check out at the local “buy in bulk so you can save more store” we waited…and waited in the self checkout line because the cost of labor is too high.
      No cashiers. Only self checkout that no one knows how to use. Victory for the labor movement. The cost of labor is so high, business can’t afford to pay people to work.
      Just random thoughts waiting 20 minutes for the honor to give a business my money.

      • We had the same experience over the weekend at Walmart. We rarely shop there but they were the only ones who had the kind of shrimp we were trying to find (small town). When we left my husband said that he is NEVER going in there again….he will have to sometimes though because it is the only place to find certain items.
        Oh well, we chose to live here and wouldn’t live anywhere else…LOL

        • Also that Arthel on Fox is workin’ hard for the money–oooo, it might be 6.1% unemployment–that’s fab! Then she said something really stupid–“Of course, we would like all people to be working…” All? It’s never all! And–honey–it’s prob not really 6.1% either.

  2. First celebrated in 1882, Labor Day was created by Matthew Maguire, a member of the NY machinists union. It has since been morphed into an end of the summer long season, celebrated by all, but the true meaning was lost many years ago.

    Only those kids heading back to school know the true meaning. Its over, get on that school bus and get back to work. I recall that sort of sick feeling in my gut as a kid when Labor Day weekend arrives.

    A close friend of mine is a teacher and he claims he still gets that feeling.


    • Yes, once again summer is almost over. The older I get, the shorter it seems. It seemed as if summer used to stretch on forever, a vacation from school, full of possibilities. I must have been a weird kid, because I liked returning to school. I loved back to school shopping for new pens, paper, exercise books and binders, and still enjoy visiting stationery and office supply stores.

    • For Harv
      Just shoppping over the weekend and I mentioned to the
      box boy (age around 18) that this was a holday weekend, and
      he asked what holiday it was. I told him it was a Labor Day
      weekend, and he had never heard of it. I guess this is more
      dumbing down if the citizens. Sad.

  3. Morning everyone. Beautiful sunny day in the Peoples Republik of New York. Glorious Labor Day salutations Komrades.

    So, got an email from the Scott Brown campaign. You know, the guy from Massachusetts running for senator in New Hampshire. Simple note asking for a donation. “Desperate times call for desperate measures. And after a recent poll showed Jeanne Shaheen dropping 10 points in just six weeks, no one is more desperate right now than the out-of-state special interest groups supporting her campaign.”

    Humm, the former senator from Massachusetts running in New Hampshire sends email to me in New York asking for a campaign contribution so he can compete against…out of state special interests?

    That’s enough labor for today.

    • Teachers know that. I never thought of New Years as the beginning of the year. :)

      So glad I am retired. Teaching has become an ugly profession. Parents pick on teachers, the media. Everyone knows better than the teacher

      • So am I….there would not be enough money to send me back into a classroom.
        Of course, as an English teacher and an American history teacher, I would know longer know the material. History has been re-written and I never did learn Ebonics.

      • Bless you for taking on the teacher job.
        I thought about teaching, took a few courses…as my part time job in college I worked after school at the Boys & Girls Club. I had some crazy experiences there & decided my freedom (from imprisonment) & sanity were more important than teaching. My cousin just retired after about 35 years, God love her! As grandma used to say.

        • Oh yeah, Ebonics started when I was almost done with Jr. College. I was an English lab tutor for the southern boys on the football team. For the life of me I could not get them to conjugate the Be verb!

        • Funny you say that about imprionment. One teacher asked me how I liked being out of prison the year I was on an assignment out of the classroom. It had never really occurred to me until then that teaching WAS like being in prison.

  4. The good news is that Obama will be met by lots if bad weather in Milwaukee today. Severe storms are hovering there. Yeah!!!

    Can you imagine if Obama spent the day working at a mom and pop store, some place not union run. Labor at a farm. Labor at a gas station. Labor at hole in the wall restaurant. Then and only then will he understand the real meaning of Labor. Hint: Flying AF-1 to make a stump speech is not.

    • Labor of any sort except flying around and blabbing. Funny story on this AM about a kid who had to shut down his lemonade stand for want of a permit (old story) BUT the guy who complained and said people at the stand were using profanity was found to have an unlicensed consulting biz–$250 fine. Bam! I love instant karma. Who would swear at a lemonade stand–Hey you little %^&*&, more @#$ ice!

      • Andrew McCarthy had a response to that on NRO which was negative on both Obama and McCain. McCain is still harping about how the decision not to support the “moderate” Syrian rebels against Assad was “one of the biggest mistakes ever”. You can’t cherry pick which terrorist rebels you are going to support. Those “moderates” were a minority and have either been killed or have switched their allegiance to ISIS. Still, I almost wish that it had happened as McCain wanted so we don’t have to listen forever to “what might have been”.

  5. By the way–

    Was typing what I intended as a quick reply to Island Girl over on the last golf thread, and, well, my fingers got a little itchy. Take a look at it if you haven’t. Thanks, guys–DA

    • Yes, that was good and I hope you’re right. The Dems need to turn on Obama pronto! Also the GOP needs to start pushing what they WILL do to save the country, not tippy-toe around BO.

      I’m hoping they have an October surprise coming up from any of those scandals they’ve been investigating …. like forever.

  6. Does anybody really think this gathering of the Western “leaders” is relevant to anything –the West is married to “sanctions” and economic pressure and Putin and the Middle East are going yeah, yeah as they hold the cards on land grabs and natural resources (oil and natural gas).

    Used to be the West had leverage of some sort with nuclear capability and military might and “moral” principles.

    And to finish us off, Obama and the Democrats are flooding the country for illegals –not sure there is much of a foothold to start the climb back.

    • Your mention of a foothold is the critical issue.
      2 more years of this crap is going to present an immense challenge to whomever is willing to change the direction.

      • Two years from now is a long time. I agree on the foothold thing.

        Funny — to take a moment — about how long it takes to turn things around. I was on a small botel on the Danube and one night I woke up and there was a large ship unable to make it under a bridge, so it had to turn around — it was a slow go for sure. To have a bird’s eye view of something even like that makes a certain point.

    • It’s going to be held in Estonia, right? That leads me to think the focus will be on Putin rather than ISIS. Sanctions which Putin will laugh off.

      I’m sympathetic to the Ukrainian people. Theirs has been the fate of many peoples with smaller populations, especially in Eastern Europe. In that brilliant metaphor of John Le Carre (Spy Who Came in from the Cold), they are like a small car, say an old VW, caught between two huge lorries on the highway. Often, no chance.

      But, I still think Islamic militant terrorism is the greatest threat to the entire world and must be dealt with immediately. I hope Cameron will focus the summit on that.

      • Yes on the ME the greatest threat. But Putin will take huge advantage of that — I consider what he is doing quite aggressive and he has no resistance. He can go pretty far before he is stopped but by then he will be happy. If he can just get the historical buffers — like Ukraine, Belarus etc. (Poland is problematic) he can also move into the Baltic, as well as the former Republics in the South. This is a man with a mission to rebuild a New Russia. And we all know that Obama is absolutely incapable of walking and chewing gum at the same time despite what his sycophants say.

        The world is on the move and Obama is immobilized. What makes it worse for us, is that we are internally weak and disassembled, due in no large part to lack of leadership and the southern border invasion.

        Sitting Ducks comes to mind.

      • It’s the whole march of history — empires, nationalism, reassembly breaking down. And now in ME like in Africa or Afghanistan there is tribalism playing on the 21st century chessboard.

        If I were independently wealthy and looking out from my fortress on an island I might find it intellectually interesting. But I am not. So there is some concern.

      • Someone on some “news” show said put Putin on the back burner–he wasn’t interested in coming here to wrestle a tiger or anything. Just a garden variety meglomaniac bent on acquiring territory–don’t worry about it.

  7. Listening to Cameron — say what you will — but he has a plan for domestic terrorist threats within his country — seizing passports, shutting down terrorists publications , barring re entry of some foreign nationals –Can you imagine Barack Obama barring any foreign anything? I can’t .

  8. PM Cameron speaking now on Fox.
    Trying to find it online. Would like to listen to it again. If anyone finds it online, please supply the sight.
    He is proposing issue of passports. People starting to boo in part.

  9. Obama will continue to dither. This is overwhelming for him. The Middle East , Putin on the move, and China looming …. He can barely hit the golf ball let alone consider something like three fronts.

    • Well, it’s about time. Take it to ’em, Trey.

      I suspect by the time Mr. Gowdy is finished with them, they’re going to wish they’d never heard his name.

      Note to self: Buy popcorn.

      • I like Gowdy. I hope this is a serious effort and we finally get to know who did what when. Someone should pay for the loss of these lives. Suspect that it was poor management.

      • I just got back from shopping. They did not give the date of the hearing. I will keep and eye out.
        Boy was that exciting picking up chicken and seeing the price higher than what it was last week. sarc
        We may all end up eating potted meat soon. In Hawaii they make a lot of dishes with Spam.

        • I know what you mean Lee, every time we (my husband & I grocery shop together) shop prices have been higher than the last time.
          …and I must admit we go to our Neighborhood Walmart market, as they price match & have the lowest prices.
          And we only use cash now…

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  11. ISIS/Jihadist training camps in the US? Who ‘da thunk it? If Obama is struggling to find a strategy to deal with ISIS, here’s a good first step for him–wake up and send your FBI into these places. Why is he letting these camps operate in the US? Why isn’t Homeland Security closing these camps down? Why aren’t we raising hell with this? I’ve informed my Senators and Congress Critters about this. I don’t expect an answer from them.

    And many more sources.

    It’s not exactly a secret, is it?

      • It’s best to get a good night’s rest before reading that stuff. It’s nothing less than shocking. And the MSM, generally, completely ignores these training camps within or own borders, Congress is asleep and POTUS is playing golf and fundraising. What could possibly go wrong. Just amazing.

  12. Just pulled up Fox. Article about three Americans, Jeffrey Fowle, Matthew Miller, Kenneth Bae all being held in North Korea.
    Bae serving 15 year sentence. Fowle and Miller will face trial in about a month. They said they believe the only solution to their situation is for U.S. representative to come to North Korea to make an appeal.
    It states that it has often been N. Korea’s bargaining chip in the past, to have a statesman including former P. Clinton made trips to Pyongyang to secure the release of detainees.
    Now my idea is O can do that right before or after he goes to Mexico to negotiate releasing Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.
    Now I will only pray for these men, but will not hold my breath.

  13. Back to the Ferguson Fiasco:

    The gentle gigantic thug supposedly had a substantial criminal record including a second degree murder charge in his past. This is according to the police website out of Chicago. Go to the headline “This would seem important” and read it and make sure you read all of the police officer’s comments. Just a little warning some of the language is x rated but these cops are just voicing their opinion about Obama, Sharpton, Holder, et al. If you see tiny dancer or the ballerina mentioned-they are talking about Rahm Emmanuel. VERY interesting article and comments.

  14. Forgive me if I missed it already in the 138 comments, but did anyone watch or see a review of Obama’s speech in Milwaukee today? I have only seen one photo, in his rockin’ 1980s chambray shirt, pit stains and all.

  15. I pulled up
    Take look at that face. He has a very determined face talking about
    min wage. However we all know what his expressions have been discussing other major bits of news, such as ISIS, The List, etc…
    I couldn’t decide what word to use to describe that face. Any suggestions?

    • Demonic? I was watching golf, and my husband started channel surfing during a commercial. MSNBC had him on live with his yawp wide open in a fierce face. I wonder what kind of a crowd he had.

    • I just think he’s pissed off that things are not going his way — ISIS, immigration, etc. So he’s just spitting venom — at the Republicans — and conservative Americans — and others who are asking him to step up.

      I didn’t see but I can envision it.

      Assume this is not going to a wedding face and fundraiser and golfing face. This is the special face reserved for his internal “enemies”.

  16. Waiting for the Tuesday Obama Schedule posting thingy. Like a cat ready to pounce on a red laser dot. :)

    Just realizing BO’s heading to Europe tomorrow, like whatevs he could possibly bringing to that table.

  17. I went to watch Megan Kelly and FOX is airing the Bill Ayers interview for about the fifth time. Enough already. So you think you had a scoop and now you’re re-running it every time there is a holiday?

    • I did see a bit of OReilley — Waters World. I do enjoy that — interesting, makes me laugh, and after a few comments, they show something from the past that relates — what I saw was lots of Peter Sellers and a few others I now forget.

      I wouldn’t mind that as a news format.

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