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Obama Playing Golf

President Obama is playing golf today at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The president is playing with junior White House aides Joe Paulsen, Luke Rosa, and Mike Brush.

It’s his 37th time playing this year and the 194th time of his presidency.

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    1. Well, you know the map of the Eastern Seaboard is a “Living Document”, just like the Constitution. If Mr Obama Wants Fort Belvoir to be in Maryland, let it be so!!! Geography, HAH!! SO last year!!!

      1. Now that I recall, I played golf at Fort Belvoir a few times back in the early 70s (the date, not my score) and some of my errant tee shots MAY have made it to Maryland!!!

        1. Oh you Conservatives. Always dredging up something stupid the Prez said a LLLOOOONNNGGGG time ago when he has said something even stupider much more recently. Geesh, give the guy a break. Or at LEAST a Mulligan!!!

          1. Without checking I am going to say some French guy.

            And I am embarrassed — my father was stationed there and I lived there.

            Yep, box o’ rocks — right here.

          1. For future reference Keith, if Obama ever plays golf at Camp Pendleton, Quantico, Camp Lejeune or the Brooklyn Navy Yard, I can tell what states those are in too ;)

            Sidebar: The navy yard in Brooklyn’s long gone and doesn’t have a golf course, but the hospital I was born in is “historic” here’s an article on the many efforts to save it:


          2. I lived in Springfield for a little bit when it was considered really far away — pre metro before college. And oh yeah, on a golf course. I wonder if Obama knows that — silly me he probably has a wall map of world golf courses like other leaders have geopolitical maps of the world.

  1. I was reading the email from the WaPo on today’s stories and kept saying, “How stupid.” Then I had a ghastly thought–what if the word “stupid” did not exist–how could I live, what would I do?

          1. I wish I had that on a bumper sticker
            “I need stupid a bunch.”
            Too vague for libs to key my car!

            If “incompetent” is too many keystrokes, I guess
            “A fry short of a Happy Meal” is out of the question.

            Or, a brick shy of a load.
            Or, the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.

            It just hit me,… any time you want to use stupid, substitute Biden, as in, That is so biden.

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  3. Oh let him golf. At least we know where he is, and what he is doing. Besides, while he’s on the links he is less likely to screw (up) the country.

    It really is a shame that he is not an hourly employee, we could save so much money.

  4. So, to recap last weeks Presidential actions:
    Fundraisers, parties, flying to and fro in the big plane, fundraisers, presser to announce he doesn’t know what to do, fundraisers, parties and to start the new week – golf.

    Yessir, if Russia’s Putin is paying attention to what the US’s Obama is up to, he might be shaking with laughter instead of shaking in his boots.

    1. “presser to announce he doesn’t know what to do” This is the best, most concise, description of Obama’s approach to the Presidency I’ve heard!!!

      1. He has a great deal of friends at the golf course, and that woman that is always at his side. How many advisors does he have? It seems to me to be the time to get some other advisors.
        I also think he needs to place a desk on a “cart” and have hanging behind his golf cart. The reason why is because I don’t think he is reading anything at the house. Maybe he would do so out in the open air. One last suggestion he should replace his advisors with the other men that play golf.

    1. I’m sorta following the Joan Rivers saga via the local NYC papers, still on life support, which isn’t a good sign. Melissa’s giving it a “few more days” to make a decision. Such a sad situation, “friends close to the Rivers” say Melissa’s in a state of denial, so this could turn into a Terry Schiavo situation ?

      1. I hope not…I truly think Joan would not want to be a permanent mess. We faced this with Mom–we almost wished she would not come out of the hospice-induced coma and she did not.

  5. All The President’s Men: Sam Kass, Luke Rosa, Marvin Nicholson. Joe Paulsen, and Mike Brush. Reagan had his ‘kitchen cabinet’ braintrust and Obama has his kitchen staff plus a trip director and members of his ‘advance team’. Whata guy!

  6. Yeah, all big deal Presidents play with junior WH aides.

    Too pooped after big party to play with the big money guys I guess. Or they are not available — and his golfing partners of today are hardly in a position to beg off now are they?

    And why would they — there are aspirations to be the next Sam the Cook.

  7. The men he surrounds himself with are of the same ilk and should be regarded as such.

    Anyway, one good thing. If anybody needs Obama they know to check the golf course first.

  8. Anyone heard of Operation Choke Point? Just saw a seg on Huckabee. You can google it. Apparently the DOJ–pretty much on the down low—goes to banks and tells them to cut off accts and credit card processing to businesses that would “hurt the rep” of the bank…ha ha. Gun dealers, ammo, pawn shops, check cashing…a list of businesses the admin does not “like.” This is pretty crummy–way worse than the unending golf.

    1. This is really down low! Heard about it a couple of months ago when a porn star reported her bank denied her a mortgage loan based on her profession. Also read that it targets online services such as ammo sales, escort services, get-quick-rich schemes, on-line gambling, “racist materials” and payday loans. No mention yet of legalized pot sales!

      “Due process” obviously plays no role with the Obama/Holder regime. Executive over-reach on steroids!!

    2. The short version:

      FDIC to bank president: “Nice bank you got there. Be a shame if something had to happen to it. Oh, and if you want to stay out of jail, we never had this conversation. Now, let’s talk about these particular accounts…”

      This is not a government, it is an organized crime operation.

    3. Yep. Well, Treasury is in Obama’s pocket. So there’s that — and whatever Holder is involved in is just plain criminal. I wonder how much of all the penalties that banks and businesses pass through certain hands. Of course, we have had a budget in forever and the GAO and Inspector Generals have just given up as has Congress — so guess we are on our own. They have John Roberts’ed the banks and financial institutions. The idea that an American bank would deny services to an American business based on some value judgement of the business is outrageous. Look into some of Obama’s friends and others in high places and then we’ll have something to talk about. It’s a rogue regime and he is not even good at it.

      1. What are these perfectly legal businesses supposed to do–give out gold bars, bitcoin? I am furious about this–I have always said we will become Waterworld without the water–it’s coming!

  9. With every day getting closer to September 11, it gets more difficult to relax or sleep. So many Americans will never forget the horror of that day. It is burned into our brains, we cannot forget. That Obama hasn’t got a plan, yet vacations and plays golf, like he hasn’t got a care in the world, it makes me ill.

      1. Indeed. It is difficult to think about the occupation of the Embassy in Tripoli without remembering Benghazi and those awful unnecessary murders.

          1. I’m not weeping yet.

            2014 will be brutal for the Democrats, and the GOP already knows that 2016 could be its last stand if HilLIARy or Fauxcahontas win.


            There’s also a chance that the Democrats may turn on Obama if he starts looking certifiably clinical, or if another attack on the homeland God-forbid happens on his watch. The bill of particulars on him is long enough already, and if the Democratic Party’s puppet masters figure out that if he’s still in the White House in 2016, that the GOP will get full control of the government, they’ll hold their noses and throw Obama under the bus.

            Because, look at it from the Democrats’ perspective. If the GOP ends up with an honest-to-God conservative at 16th and Penn, and sixty in the Senate, then a lot of the Democrats’ sacred cows are going to become chuck roast in very short order. Obamacare would be repealed by St. Patrick’s Day, the corporate tax rate would be brought down, Keystone XL would be rushed to completion before the Democrats could steal another election, the ethanol mandates would get another look, and so on.

            What all of that would do–and the Democrats know this–is bring down costs for a lot of necessities (e.g., gas, food) which are now at obscenely high levels. Americans would be paying less at the pump and at the grocery store, and they’d also be giving less to the tax man, so they’d have more money for other pursuits.

            And there’s about two trillion dollars or so offshore that could flood the US economy overnight if corporate tax laws get a long-overdue overhaul.

            That would mean more jobs being created, and if there are more jobs than there are available workers, wages would have to go up to attract the most skilled labor.

            So, if the GOP ends up winning the White House in 2016, and gets a cloture-proof Senate, prices for everyday items would come down, and wages would go up. Americans would be taking home more money up front, and spending less of it on essentials, leaving more for the fun stuff.

            Americans would be more prosperous almost overnight, and the GOP could benefit from that for a generation.

            That’s the nightmare scenario the Democrats are looking at. If the GOP wins in 2016, and then does what it’s supposed to do, then the Democrats’ ideas are going to refudiated for several election cycles.

            Better to throw Obama under the bus and say “We goofed, it was Obama, and not our ideas, that didn’t work.” Voters might–MIGHT–buy that. But if they stand by their man, then his ideas become theirs, and his failures will be theirs as well. The Democrats may decide that they’d rather roll the dice on President Plugs than keep Obama golfing on the taxpayers’ dime when the public has clearly had enough of him.

            So Obama may not be immune to history, after all. If the Democrats figure out that Obama could cost them 2016, and from there, it’s going to be a long, LONG time before they’re back in power, out he goes.

          2. Your careful analysis of the upcoming election gives me hope, but in the back of my mind I can’t get rid of the thought that Republicans can still blow it.

          3. Here’s the wrench I am waiting to be thrown into the works… I think Obama secretly hopes for an attack on American soil, maybe on 9/11… after all, Bush’s poll numbers went through the roof after the tragedy. That’s what O wants.

          4. I still don’t know what to expect. After that 2nd debate between Romney and O. That still upsets me.
            I do not know what advisor told Romney to hold back, but it cost him the election.

      2. Oklahoma lady is also in (I assume) Oklahoma, so there’s that. I heard this AM that the FBI listed threat groups within the US–gun nuts etc–no mention of radical Islamists. So I take this to mean they are not watching out for them, either.

  10. As somebody who grew up playing golf and who worked in a real caddie shack for 8 years through high school and college, I happen to know a little bit about golf. I can assure you that 37 rounds of golf is more golf than many retired folks who live in the northeast get to play. I have seen countless marriages and lives destroyed and wonderful businesses frittered away all because somebody spent too much time playing golf. Make no mistake, a successful presidency has absolutely no chance of happening while Obama plays all his golf. The funny thing is, his game is just awful despite all these rounds he has played. He looks like he’s clubbing baby seals every time he swings.

    1. No matter how bad he is, bet he wins every game, thanks to all his “close” buds who get free trips all over the country just so Pesident Nike has someone to play with.

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