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Obama Parties Into the Wee Hours at Kass Wedding

President Obama and his family stayed on at the wedding celebration of White House chef Sam Kass until 1:05 am Sunday morning, after six and a half hours of wedding festivities.

The wedding of Kass, a longtime aide to both Obamas, and MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner, was held at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, N.Y. The working farm and noted restaurant sit on rolling hills and provide an appealing backdrop for the evening’s events, according to the pool report.

The Obamas flew up via Air Force One to White Plains, N.Y. late Saturday afternoon and then took a 23-minute motorcade to the wedding site. Valerie Jarrett was spotted leaving the White House with the Obamas.

They returned to the White House in an unusual middle-of-the-night flight that departed White Plains at 1:33 am. The Obamas arrived at the White House just before 3:00 am.

25 thoughts on “Obama Parties Into the Wee Hours at Kass Wedding”

  1. Is his tee time a little later today? You know the royal head has to have its rest since it is so stressed out over world events. NOT.

  2. Westchester County Airport has a midnight curfew for take off and landings (unless severe weather causes a delay). Gee, guess when you are the First Family, taking off overhead sleeping families below is of no consequence. And I’m sure the pilots got permission to fly whenever it suited the royal entourage. Ugh. They think of no one other than themselves.

  3. Meanwhile, Marine Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi sits in a mexican jail.

    A United States marine has been “left behind” by his Commander-In-Chief.

    1. barry soeto is always leaving men behind. Look at the four he could have rescued in Benghazi and just turned his back on. That would have interfered with his plans to present the terrorists of all the booty he set out for them.

  4. If it were my wedding, I’d be bummed that the FF decided to attend. More than half the fun of a wedding is the social media, the hashtags people create for Instagram and pix posted on Twitter. Don’t you suppose personal cameras were prohibited? I haven’t seen any candids online anywhere yet.

  5. Is it a chain or cord that binds that Jarrett person to the OBos? Miss tag- along sure has them under her command. Scarey!! Why wasn’t the mother-in-law included. Were they afraid she would insult someone again with her bad manners.. What a sad bunch.

    1. Jarrett is great. She is riding high on the Obamas and all she has to do is keep her nose brown. Mother-in-law s always off camera.
      She is nothing but a poacher

        1. Severe nausea sets in for me in when so many food icons suck up to this lot. I hesitate to mention any names but one sells lots of orange colored cookware. And whilst The Imperials postulate a cave dweller diet for the proletariat, they are constantly scarfing Bacchanalian feasts on taxpayer dimes. These celebrity chefs have cooked their last goose in my book. Spare me the hangers on please.

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  7. Alex Wagner is the ultimate Obama fan girl, only outdone perhaps by AP’s Julie Pace. Anyway, is there anything that the Obama’s don’t do without Valerie Jarrett? Just asking.

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