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Obama Leaves Washington to Attend Sam Kass Wedding

President Obama is headed right back to Westchester County, New York, today where he will attend the wedding of his longtime chef, golf partner, and Michelle Obama food policy advisor Sam Kass.

Obama departed the White House late this afternoon along with his family and Valerie Jarrett.  He was in Westchester Friday raising money. Obama was originally slated to spend Friday night in Westchester but returned to the White House instead.

Kass, 34, is marrying MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner, 36. No doubt lots of left-leaning media types will be on hand. I’ll keep you posted.

This will be quite expensive for taxpayers, who are flying the Obama and his entourage up for the ceremony at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, at least. But I guess the president has a right to attend the weddings of close friends . . .

35 thoughts on “Obama Leaves Washington to Attend Sam Kass Wedding”

  1. Here’s the thing. If you are close friends with the POTUS and his family and you’re planning a wedding that they promised to attend, you make sure that your wedding does not interfere with his schedule and you make it as accomodating as possibile to avoid this kind of negative PR.

    Why, because the odds are that the POTUS and his family will not attend anyone else’s wedding while he is in office, making your wedding one-of-a-kind, historic, something to tell the grandkids.

    1. They didn’t go to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding (I believe it was held at Blue Hill Farm too?) stating they didn’t want to disrupt her special day?

      I know Sam’s a close friend of the Obamas, why didn’t they offer to hold a White House Wedding for him ? Though not sure of the rules……but it wouldn’t have cost more than a r/t flight for dozens of people to Westchester County.

      Looks like just immediate family, nevermind /emily litella :D

    2. Grandkids/??? Who wants to be punished with those. Kids really take the wind outta your sails. And how you gonna get babies outta a SSA mirage?

    1. Why did he go back to DC Friday from Westchester? Valerie was sure to have been with him….was it to pick up Mooch?
      If he even gave a Saturday radio address today I could not find it this morning.

      1. Of course he went to get mooo, you know a chef will have all kinds of good food at his wedding. Mooo does not pass up a free meal. Ever.

        1. Absolutely no offense to the beautiful California dairy cow commercials. She is a lovely bovine with gorgeous big eyes.
          So not That mooo.

          1. Apropos of only my random mind, I watched a bunch of DIRTY JOBS yesterday–and Mike delivered a passel of dairy calves. He is such great eye candy and funny–why don’t I have one of those around here?

  2. “But I guess the president has a right to attend the weddings of close friends . . .”

    Of course he does. But any expense involved should be paid for by Barry, not the American taxpaying public!

  3. Hey, Keith, Don’t bother to keep me posted on the guest list. Thanks for offer but I am really not interested.

    I know, I know he is spending lots of our tax payer dollars, but “give me a hint: what can I do.?

    Just don’t keep pushing the sludge my way. I’m out of here..

  4. “on their own dime” Key words for sitting Presidents travel expenses.

    Most of our Prezzies have been independently wealthy, and I understand personal travel expenses on AFWon are the equivalent to First/Business Class tickets.

    Wondering now, do the Obamas even pay that?

    1. Until we hear differently, yes, they pay the piddling amount for travel in the most posh airplane in the USA.
      Never forget, the Os are multi-millionaires with some of their funds sitting in the Cayman Is. banks. They have so many convinced they’re just middle-class people who shop at Target that it’s hard to remember just how wealthy they are.

      The wealth they enjoy came from the sales of his two books, or so they claim, but it begs the question of why they don’t have a suitable home fit for a POTUS.

    2. The O’s were dead broke ten yrs. ago when he made the keynote address at the DNC. He couldn’t even purchase a plane ticket to the convention as his credit cards were maxed out.
      I don’t know one person who read either of his books and I will bet the farm that he used state and Fed dollars to buy every last one of them.
      He is so cheap and dishonest that he refused to buy a vacation place until he was practically out the door. Like his illegal alien relatives, he lives on the taxpayer dole. He ain’t payin’ nothin’ for these plane rides.

  5. If there’s any enterprising, aspiring photojournalists left out there, a pic of Valerie wiping O’s butt would certainly be Pulitzer material.
    And though the task sounds daunting, it shouldn’t be that hard.
    I mean, O goes nowhere, does nothing without her right there pulling the strings. (or wiping his a$$). :)

  6. This guy can’t stand being at the White House. It is there he is reminded through official portraits, etc what real leaders look like. Also, the very idea of an Office makes him think of work, which he doesn’t like to do. He only is in it now for the perks, things like AF1, Marine 1, etc. He only has the stomach now for shilling his fellow one per centers for more money, speaking to small groups of his willing cult members, and being on a perpetual campaign of sorts. It is a preview of what his post Presidency years will look like. He will follow the Bill Clinton model, high end travel, big money for giving speeches, lot of leisure time. Lot of golf. He is such a joke.

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