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Obama May Delay Immigration Fiat

President Obama is considering a delay of his expected move to legalize millions of illegal immigrants, as White House advisors worry that the executive action could harm the prospects of Democratic candidates in politically divided or GOP-leaning states, according to the New York Times.

As recently as a few weeks ago, the White House signaled the temporary legalization move would come by the end of summer. Recently, I’ve heard speculation that “end of summer” had moved in the White House thinking from Labor Day – which everyone considers the end of summer – to the autumnal equinox, which occurs September 22. But now we’re talking November or December.

The Times piece describes a divided White House:

Some of Mr. Obama’s advisers are urging him to postpone action, fearful of the political ramifications of a broad action to protect millions of immigrants in the country illegally from deportation and to provide many of them with official work papers. Such a move by the president, some senior officials worry, could set off a pitched fight with Republicans and dash hopes for Democratic Senate candidates running in Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina and potentially in Iowa.

But others inside the White House are pushing the president to stick to his promised schedule, regardless of the immediate political consequences. They argue that Republicans will criticize the president and attack Democratic candidates even if Mr. Obama delays parts of his announcement until after the election.

And some say that the Republican reaction — which could include calls for impeachment of the president or a move to shut down the government — could benefit Democrats politically by creating a backlash against Republicans among voters.

Remember, the debate is not about whether Obama will violate the Constitution by making his own immigration laws, but when.

Me, I doubt he’ll set off a Constitutional crisis before Election Day. Sure, it would get Hispanics to the polls. But not, I would think, in the numbers it will draw the vast number of Americans who understand the consequences of an open border.

23 thoughts on “Obama May Delay Immigration Fiat”

  1. It might get Hispanics to the polls, but it would be more likely to get a lot more people sprinting to the polls to yell, “Hell, no! STOP already!”

    By the way, is he on the golf course yet?

  2. Close to two weeks ago there was an issue in the news regarding another bunch/group expected to walk across the border.
    Is that bunch/group still expected even though there are National Guard at the border.
    I mentioned this, because it is insane for O to even have this idea to shove down our throats without fixing the people still walking over.

  3. The NYT piece is a ruse. The executive order on amnesty will come Monday in Milwaukee, at the communist party gathering known as LaborFest, with La Raza cheering him on.

  4. They’re worried about push-back from the Repubs, ha, they should do more polling of the Dems in the blue states that had illegal alien “children” dumped on them.
    It’s not just Repubs who are stunned by this blatant plan and the constant invasion of illegal aliens.

  5. I really don’t like it when illegals gather in public and “demand” . It’s amazing to me that they are not arrested for being illegal and processed in some way. They demand.

    And if Obama decides to stir the pot it does not surprise me that he would do so during the holidays.

    But there’s not much time between now and then and we might just well have bigger problems than immigration.

    1. Plus his nose must really be out of joint over the praise Cameron is getting and the criticism he is getting. He’s a spiteful, vengeful piece of work.

      1. I also do believe that Obama is truly that spiteful and jealous. He MUST be the center of attention, the only one in the room who knows it all. I also believe that the pressure he is under to, for once, act intelligently and expeditiously on a boatload of issues is taking a toll on him. He just doesn’t have the temperament, depth, intellectual capital or experience to serve as POTUS. Ha..”serve”. He likes to reign, not serve.

  6. If the Prevaricator-in-Chief declares amnesty, the resulting outcry of “NO!” from the citizenry will be heard around the world.

    He’s not delaying this because he worries about Dems. He doesn’t give a damn about Dems. He’s delaying this because he knows it will trash whatever legacy he can look forward to.

    Everything…always…is about Obama.

  7. I keep hearing this being a move about getting Hispanics to the polls. well, I’m an American of Mexican descent and I know of no one in favor of his little plan. everyone of Hispanic descent I know wants that stinking border closed. if he does it, we’ll go to the polls, alright, just not the way he expects.

    1. I believe you to be correct csinnm, it makes sense.
      There are millions unemployed, looking for the very few jobs to be had. Adding another 5, 10, 15 million unemployable people to America is a threat to all, whatever the ethnic makeup.

  8. Nothing is ever about protecting the future of this nation any longer but simply about what can be done to win the next election. How far we have come in willing our own suicide. The experiment of self governance had to fail when man’s mind, heart and soul were torn from acknowledging and trying to live under God’s authority and proper way to live. There is absolutely no way now that our republic can be saved without a mass conversion of hearts to the truth.

  9. OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

    The REAL timeline is more about the beginning of the lame duck session after the election, not before the election. If the dems lose the senate, then obama will make a massive amnesty decree…if they keep the senate, he may be more moderate simply because he has more time. But if they lose the senate…and the house remains GOP…he’ll do everything he can before the new GOP majority hits the senate…a 3-4 month window of mass political carnage and injustice unlike politicians have seen in this century.

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