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Tan Obama Suit Sparks Twitter Explosion

Forget what he said. He didn’t say anything in particular that we don’t already know. But . . . the suit!

President Obama stepped to the podium of the White House briefing room Thursday in a tan suit, something he almost never wears, prompting an eruption of tweets that no doubt shook the Twitter website to its core. By one count, more than 4,000 tweets about the suit were launched during the press conference itself.

Some scenes from the Twitterverse, courtesy of the Washington Post and Politico.

Obama tan suit 1

Obama tan suit 4

Obama tan suit 6

Obama tan suit 7

Obama tan suit 8

Obama tan suit 3

Obama tan suit 2

65 Responses to Tan Obama Suit Sparks Twitter Explosion

  1. President Sue-me, wearing a bland suit, says nothing. Yet his lecture says volumes. Europe and Asia should be very cautious and start making contingency plans, if they have’nt already begun to do so. Obama has raised the white flag. Threats from Russia, China and every type of sandbox jihadi terrorists. I wish everyone who voted for Obama and continue to worship him, would open their eyes. “The-in-your-face” arrogance, ineptitude and down-right “I don’t give a crap” attitude is putting everyone in danger. Maybe “cowboys” weren’t so bad after all.

  2. Cameron is giving an address on the threat from ISIS.

    No one will mention his suit. I am no Cameron fan in general — but he is doing a good job and Obama could learn from him. He is also wearing a dark suit, white shirt, dark tie.

    • Usually I don’t give much attention to Geraldo Rivera, but on Hannity a couple of days ago he described Great Britain as a canary in the coal mine in respect to Islamic terrorism. They have been inundated with immigrants from Muslim countries, and their culture is being fundamentally changed. A former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, was calling for Sharia law in the UK!

      I was in England in 1998, and as far back as that is, I remember all the bellhops in the London hotel being of ME extraction and angry because we carried our own luggage to the room. Even then, you were not supposed to let your luggage out of sight so you can imagine what they’re dealing with now.

      • Sadly my relatives in the UK are very liberal very very. They
        came to visit and we had Fox on my cousin started to say
        something and stopped she knows I’m no liberal it was funny.
        They just said Obama wasn’t going to spend the night in RH but
        will return to the WH why? He can just as easily have no plan in
        any of the 57 states. We are so screwed.

        • I looked at three UK papers’ headlines after Cameron’s speech. The Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph covered it. The liberal Guardian did not.

          • I’ve been listening to talk radio from the UK (LBC Radio) and the Cameron speech is the talk of the town. Generally positive and supportive. Lots of talk about Obama’s “We don’t have a strategy” comment.

      • Ironically, I was eating breakfast at our golf club shortly after the Cameron speech when a British friend joined me. He has been in the US for many years but goes back to the UK several times a year. I asked what he thought of Cameron. He said that he knew little about him since Cameron rose thru the ranks after he had left the UK. He went on to say that in general, the Brits thought that Cameron was useless to less than useless. I didn’t agree but threw in that he couldn’t be as useless as our president. He bristled up and told me how good he thought O was doing…

        I told him that at least Cameron made a statement that was reasonably clear and concise. I then said that if it would have been O… He would have blamed Margret Thacher for their current problems and then gone to the first tee.

        • I think the Brits have consigned themselves to suicide after so many years of rule under the Labor Party. But they have always, and still do, believe there are better people than others who should rule over them. They have never valued the American Idea (as Paul Ryan puts it) that people can be self-governing. Their idea of liberty is nothing like the American idea and as long as the NHS exists and they are protected by the U.S. military and get the benefits of our technology and money, they are happy.

  3. Take a look at David Cameron’s speech about the growing Islamist terror threat. Then look back at the performance of Obama yesterday. The weekend starts today for the Obama’s, a wedding, fund raising and maybe golf?

    • Cameron has certainly passed Obama up. Obama’s “gaffe” yesterday made it necessary for Cameron to take charge. May he become more like Netanyahu than Obama.

  4. Cameron called this an Islamic threat. Poisonous Ideology.
    O does not!!!!!!!!
    He also said this terror was NOT created by the Iraq War, which O and his crew do.
    On Fox they just made the point that Cameron answers British crisp short and direct answers to questions.
    O relies on a world salad to avoid answering it. Rambles on and on stating everything expect the answer to the question.

    • “World salad”! Very good, Lee. Maybe you meant “word salad”, but world works well too–the straw man “international community”. I’m sure you also saw on FOX that the FBI lists what in its view are domestic threats to US security and it doesn’t include homegrown Islamic terrorism. This is disturbing: it is politically incorrect under Obama, Holder, and Comey’s FBI to think that peace-loving Islam could ever pose a threat to the United States. We are so unprepared for what’s going to happen!

  5. The suit doesn’t fit him. It’s too big.
    The Os just can’t get it right: the Mrs wears too-tight outfits, the Mr wears too loose suits.
    Maybe it was her suit and got mixed up in the dry-cleaning.

    • “He said Thursday that he has directed Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff ‘to prepare a range of options’ for him. ”

      Options… Options… What should I do? Give me the 8 iron.

      This is not a real quote… Etc, etc.

  6. A “funny” Twitchy exchange.


    Mark Knoller ✔ @markknoller

    It’s a day of Dem fundraising for Pres Obama. In Westchester NY, he has two DNC events and then to Newport, RI for a DCCC event.

    Steve Madurski @SMadurski

    .@markknoller I was worried he would be busy planning a strategy to deal with #ISIS instead. Thankfully he still has time to fundraise.

  7. That tan suit is just crappy? It makes him look bloated, fat and just makes him look like an an old fart !

    Take note the next time you watch Letterman and as in the days of Carson, the darker the suit the better (and younger) the man looks.

  8. Politicians know different suit colors convey different meanings. Taupe is a color of meek weakness. In effect, this poor choice in suit color could be Barack Hussein Obama showing solidarity with the ISIS forces.

    After all, ISIS terrorist rebels were funded and trained by US Military specialists under Obama with Hillary Clinton as SOS. Additionally, Barack Hussein Obama (and Hillary Clinton) have gone out of their way to support the Muslim Brotherhood with taxpayer monies, including the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt.

    Anyone notice how quickly Obama dried up funds when the short-lived Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship got kicked out and replaced by leaders that didn’t want to kill everyone? Or how Hillary Clinton helped the terrorist group Boko Harem (which means “Western education is evil”) receive massive U.S. tax dollars and political aid.

    With so many more examples to list, it’s hard to not feel compelled to consider that this very taupe suit wearing President Barack Hussein Obama, who has “no” strategy to deal with the Islamic State even though he has claimed to have long followed all the intelligence on them, might just be somehow in agreement with what ISIS does.

    When has any president worn an ugly tan suit for a press release? It is not a presidential color and none of his strategy savvy advisors would have allowed him to wear it, unless the very color had a very serious purpose.

    THE CLEAN CUT LOOK ?????????