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Mr. President, This One’s On You

“It’s on me.”

It’s one of President Obama’s pet phrases, the way he expresses contrition or takes responsibility on the rare occasions when he does that. He used the phrase with advisors after he screwed up the first debate with Mitt Romney and deployed it again, with the country, after he launched the pathetically broken Obamacare website.

So I’m wondering if we will hear this from him September 12, or the day after whatever day ISIS decides to strike the United States. Because given current U.S. strategy – and worse, the absence of one – an attack by ISIS is coming. And Mr. President, the blame is gonna be on you.

That Obama could stand before the nation and acknowledge, as he did Thursday, that he has no strategy for dealing with ISIS in Syria – and therefore, no strategy for dealing with ISIS itself, since Syria is half of the ISIS caliphate – is of course shocking, but unsurprising given this president’s approach to things.

Obama Biden

The administration has repeatedly insisted it’s been watching ISIS for months and months. SO WHY NO STRATEGY YET?

Couldn’t he have come up with something on the back of the scorecard between the fourth and fifth holes?

ISIS, which did not spend the month of August golfing, has a strategy. They’ve announced it. And as Obama’s own advisors have made clear, ISIS means business.

“Chatter” picked up from the bad guys is growing about a possible attack. Britain has raised it’s threat level. The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee says the “threat matrix” is as bad as he’s ever seen it.

This group is as pure a national security threat as we have faced in more than a decade, and maybe even before. They are snakes, devoted to a primeval logic that is beyond the comprehension of the Harvard-educated in the country: That is, if you don’t get us, we’re going to get you.

Obama speaks about trying to assure that if we help ISIS, Syrians have a moderate alternative to Bashar Assad. Really? We’ve been working on that one for three years. All this policy has done is get 200,000 Syrians killed.

It’s pretty clear at this point that there is no good solution for Syria. So it’s time to worry about children in U.S. shopping malls or their parents with offices in the Empire State Building. If we have to be Bashar Assad’s air force to accomplish the mission of destroying ISIS, so be it.

This is a gruesome, Darwinian game. Notions like moderate Syrians and inclusive Iraqi governments are niceties that can hopefully be arranged later, but maybe can’t. While Obama waits for the Iraqis to finish perusing the Federalist Papers, the United States needs to get busy with an uncompromising military operation that seeks nothing less than the destruction of ISIS.

As I’ve written, what’s needed is a massive, sustained air campaign guided by several thousand U.S. boots on the ground who can ID targets and call in strikes, assist Iraqi and Kurdish fighters, gather intelligence, and when necessary, participate in limited fighting themselves. This should work, but if it doesn’t, the United States needs to pour tens of thousands of troops into the theater to finish the job.

America’s leaders should have learned by now that halfway measures don’t work, and that when we fully commit our troops, we do in fact win. Unfortunately, the current administration is run by callow philosophizers who don’t even learn from experience.

Obama and staff

Obama better act, because he will have no one else to blame for the carnage that will be coming to our shores. After five and a half years in office, the usual effort to pin it on Bush will not hold up with anyone.

This crisis was spawned by the president’s decision – which I warned about, repeatedly – to rapidly and then fully remove any kind of serious U.S. military presence from Iraq. He thinks the Iraqi leadership screwed up after we withdrew. Of course they did. Because they are primitive. They’re not democrats. They need several thousand U.S. troops on hand to influence their behavior. Like the other nations we defeated and then rehabilitated.

Former Prime Minister Maliki started arresting his opponents literally the day after U.S. troops left.

Obama says the Iraqis forced us out. But not only did Obama applaud the departure of our troops, he campaigned on it.

This mess happened on Obama’s watch. Unfortunately, it is he who must be clean it up. We can’t afford to wait for someone more serious.

If, Mr. President you destroy ISIS, even through you helped create it, you will add a serious feather to your legacy cap. If you don’t, sir, well . . .

This one’s on you.

72 thoughts on “Mr. President, This One’s On You”

    1. Absolutely right. The Iraqis said “No American Troops”. But NO self-respecting Middle-Easterner EVER starts negotiations with his final offer. I think the Iraqis probably wet themselves when Obie accepted the deal!!!

        1. Texas DPS just issued warning of online chatter indicating ISIS is eyeing our southern border as an entry point. I wonder if jumbo ears is listening yet.

      1. They did bring out their best knives and then they got back 5 generals who positively have put together military attack plans. And what did we get on that deal? A deserter coward who loved his captures so much that he cried when he had to leave.


      HAS ANYONE???! in the current ‘US Government’ (White House, US Congress, DOD, State Dept, etc.) ever read a HISTORY BOOK on the G#D-DAMN “CRUSADES” ???!!!

  1. Obama’s strategy has been to announce to the terrorists that he supports them and gave the Muslim Brotherhood the green light to direct how the FBI trains and handles the Islamic barbarians. His strategy with ISIS and Putin are the same. Terrorism must expand and Russia must gain more power and control so his hated America is taken down.

  2. Obama has to be the most ineffective lame Am,American president, prefers to sit on his hands and talk about talk, I guess he cant play the race card here and give well scripted speeches by his speech writers , He is a fraud and clueless about any foreign policy, he appealed to a certain section of American voters based on race which is a pretty hollow reason to vote for anyone, sadly ISIS will have no need to worrie under this very lame Presidents watch.

    1. I used to think that Obama was just a clueless academic type pontificating from the ivy league faculty lounge. Now I think that this man is traitor who is dedicated to destroying America and the West. His actions, or inactions are deliberate and designed to help the Sunni muslim extremists take over in the Middle East. If you look at his actions from that point of view every thing he does makes sense.

  3. Obama stated yesterday that a consensus has not yet been reached among his national security team. Is this man really that clueless about exhibiting leadership? You don’t leave it up to your subordinates to reach a consensus. You make a decision and take action based upon their input.

    1. “You don’t leave it up to your subordinates to reach a consensus. You make a decision and take action based upon their input.”

      That’s not how things are done in the faculty lounge.

    2. Heard Michael Reagan say in an interview that when reagan wanted to bomb Libya around 1980something his advisors voted 7-3 against that action. After he did it one of the advisors asked why he did it when the vote was 7-3. he responded because my 1 vote is worth more than your 7 votes.

      1. I read that a little while ago. I don’t understand why they have not mentioned this on the MSM.
        I didn’t not see your comment when I mentioned on this same thread. I don’t understand why this has not been mentioned on th MSM, or why O would not go back to the WH to deal with this matter.

        1. Good point, Lee. We know they want us to be afraid and here’s the perfect opportunity to instill a little fear. Instead, they’re covering it up. Do they think people will finally blame Barry?

  4. Probably the first time that Barry actually told the truth about something or anything in his sorry ass presidency. No equivocating or blaming someone else. Refreshing almost if this wasn’t such a threat to our security. Whar do you expect from a community organizer? Leadership, bwaahaaaaa!

  5. This threat to the free world is more than MrO making a decision on what to do, or when to do it. Congress is ominously silent when they should put aside their re-election concerns and deal with National concerns. To remain silent is to do nothing, too.
    The imminent threat to us here in the States has many suspects beyond the usual terrorist leaning groups.
    As our border is nothing more than a gateway into the US for anyone willing to make the trek, no one knows who’s moving in next door.

    Even now, while our government agencies are busy trying to identify patriotic groups who are not affiliated with the Dem party as “domestic terrorists”, and waste their time and effort following or investigating Mom&Grandpa for hate speech or some other PC nonsense the real danger comes from the silent, slithering Islamists who hope to kill us all.

    Sending planes to bomb the guilty and the innocent, or putting troops on the ground in an effort to identify evil doers has already been proven to be a useless effort that costs us blood and treasure. We haven’t made any progress in Afganistan after years of our best efforts.
    We can’t defeat the rabid Islamists if we’re doing this alone. If GreatBriton can’t control their own Islamist community from trying to effect Sharia law in the very place where common law was codified, then how in the world can we do any better. France is awash with Islamists, the Netherlands are reeling under the burden of caring for them, and our own DOJ spends time and money to defend them at every roadblock.
    I don’t want to write a book here, so I’ll just quit and say ; no, bombs and boots are not going to put an end to this threat. We can’t do it alone, and no other country is willing to help us, so we should prepare to fight right here in the USA.

    1. Your point on picking on patriotic groups, is spot on.
      For the last several years fellow citizens have treated other honest had working citizens in a foul way.
      No one put a stop to it.

  6. I’m fairly sure that the President has to see things everyday that would
    give one a chill. I’ve always thought after the swearing in and before the
    new President is briefed daily. Felt sure all his hubris and bravado would
    be replaced with a ‘come to Jesus moment’. How many have we already had Benghazi Americans begging for help that was never coming. And
    off to Vegas next day. Video of an innocent American being beheaded
    off on vacation still after giving a paragraph of remarks. In minutes off to
    golf. He’s never going to have a moment makes me wonder what would
    he have done on 9-11-01?

      1. Bring on “9/11/2014″…
        I want to see how the Obama regime & his sycophants in the Media will explain the death/murder of thousands of Americans in a terrorist attack here in the USA under Obama…

        1. I hate to have to agree with you, but I do. It’s going to take something of that magnitude before the rest of our citizens finally wake up.

      2. He’s reportedly been invited to the Clooney wedding, which will be out of the country in September. Because what else is more important than schmoozing it up?

  7. Obama fiddles whilst the Middle East burns, the United Nations spokesman puts equal blame on the Syrian Army to appease our muslim ISIS friends – more dithering.
    Now that the focus on Israel fades by the BBC – the new area of interest will be Ukraine as it takes the spot light away from the total cock up in the Middle East made by the West in the past couple of years.
    Perhaps our illustrious leaders could inform us how many hundreds of thousands of innocents have lost their lives through their misguided plan of bringing democracy to the Middle East.
    If I was living in the Ukraine then I would be planning to leave ASAP since the US and EU started fomenting trouble there.

  8. An excellent analysis Keith, and the comments that it attracted are excellent also.
    Harry Truman said that the buck stops here.
    Obama says that the buck stops there.

    No responsibility whatsoever.

  9. What a lot of people forget is that all this discussion of ISIS maybe coming to America UNGLUES the nerves of all NYC residents, who, while they go about their day, worry constantly that they will be targets again. Two of my children (ages 32 and 30) live in the city., therefore I too worry about this ‘no strategy’ by eating potato chips and chocolate.

  10. If The U.S. will be the boots on the ground, then fight to win. No more of this “we can’t attack the enemy because civilians might get hurt. Better them, than our guys. David Cameron has a strategy, and is all to aware of how dangerous ISIS is. They are not just a regional threat. It’s Friday and Obama as three fundraisers and a wedding to attend. Maybe he will find a few minutes to deal with the fires he started. Just don’t bet on it.

  11. Not that I want the govt to be bellicose all the time, but he is sort of a sissy who has never even been in a shoving match on a playground, I bet. He probably thinks a mean tweet (written by someone else because we have yet to hear one thing he has written) will do it or maybe a logical rejoinder–you can’t put your flag over the WH because we will take down the flag pole if you try.

  12. Obama is a coward, Cameron is a coward…USA/UK are the catalysts for this disaster and sit and do nothing. Their predecessors Bush and Blair and their regime change policies made on the behest of that disgusting country Saudi Arabia are criminal.
    This is 2014 yet this barbarian filth publicly behead people, mass murder, bury people alive, crucify people, sell women into slavery, yet the so called civilised World does nothing to stop these animals.
    A similar situation is starting to develop in Libya
    We now hear at least 250 of these sub human animals are back on the streets of the UK
    If EVER there was a reason to go to war, its NOW…You don’t need western troops on the ground..We have the Syrian Army, the Kurds and some descent units of the Iraqi Army .
    What is called for is SHOCK and AWE…from the air
    Cameron instead of being the self serving #$%$ you about rounding up the creatures in our country, deporting them wherever and protecting our borders

  13. Excellent MrKoffler, damn fine work.
    Everyone’s comments are so thoughtful the only thing I can add is Obama can’t, no, strike that, Obama won’t stop the invasion on our southern border, I can’t believe he wants to stop this one.
    Obama’s to busy, as srdem65 noted, having Americans, veterans, Republicans, the tea party and other assorted patriots called and investigated as domestic terrorist.
    The real threat to America is the Obama administration.

  14. The US has a history of supporting unpalatable leaders when necessary: Joe Stalin in WWII, more recently Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi.

  15. Obama’s continual lack of being able to build relationships, to persuade others, to work hard at bringing people together is what has led us to this place. As the complete narcissist college academic, he is damned sure that others need to come to him, to seek out his council and advice. Sadly, he is out of ideas now and so its time for him to “cut out” and run. Unfortunately the citizens of the USA will be paying for his cowardice for many many years to come.

  16. Perhaps if someone could explain to Barack that he now has new responsibilities to his future voters — the illegals, recently crossed, children and “children” enrolled now in US schools across the country , relocated everywhere. He is responsible for these millions . Perhaps if he considers that and Congressman Gutierrez and LaRaza plead with him to keep America safe for their constituents, perhaps just then Obama might perk up and give a damn. Lost voters. You betcha’

  17. Well, if it comes down to it the Democrats and every single Obama supporter — legal or illegal — will make excellent human shields for those who might have to defend the country.

  18. Perhaps the only thing worse than an impotent and immobilized President now is the impotent and immobilized President who will still be in office after the terrorists’ attack.

    God willing they do not. We now have to depend on forces in place other than Barack Obama.

  19. I just pulled Drudge up:
    Please pull up the article regarding what Judicial Watch said about the border.
    I have never read this site. I cannot for the life of me understand why something this horrific is not be stated on MSM if it were true.
    I started to type the front details, but I was afraid to use the words that were in the article.

  20. Thank god when ww2 was underway the president didn’t say the same nonsense about the Japanese. “Well we can fight them on midway and other islands but they will just Pop up again so what’s the point of even starting this when we’re going to lose”. Or if FDR said ” look France just use your resources to defeat Germany. We will provide limited air power for our embassy and some humanitarian locations in our interest but screw Europe the US will not be suckered into this war.”

    1. Meta: I’ve been surfing the blogs a lot the past few days and what I’m finding is really discouraging. There’s a lot of information being posted without links to back it up and people don’t seem inclined to verify what’s being claimed. Bad info will destroy a blog post quicker than a troll.

      That’s the best part of WHD. You guys THINK! You read, you research and you link when necessary. What a breath of fresh air this is!

  21. Obama is not going to act. He doesn’t have a dog in this hunt. The Middle East doesn’t concern him. He has fatter fish to fry here at home. The destruction of America is behind schedule.

  22. Keith

    I’m late to this party. You write: “This crisis was spawned by the president’s decision – which I warned about, repeatedly – to rapidly and then fully remove any kind of serious U.S. military presence from Iraq.”, but is that really the case?

    In 2008 the Bush administration was facing the year-end expiration of the U.N. resolution which governed America’s presence and the administration said that failure to renew that would mean American forces would need to cease operation. In lieu of that a Status of Forces Agreement was negotiated with the Iraqis that required in Article 24, para 1 that “All the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory no later than December 31, 2011.”

    The Obama administration inherited this agreement and shamelessly took credit for the withdrawal as though it were their doing, but was it? Maliki’s government government could not have agreed to an alteration that permitted American forces to stay and the pro-Iranian Obama administration was perfectly happy to stick with the terms of an agreement that so clearly favored the Shia and Iran.

    Now, none of this has anything to do with what must be done now, but lacking any American consensus about bombing the heck out of ISIS, let alone boots on the ground, it is difficult to see how the United States moves forward in a way that would stop ISIS progress.

    Will ISIS attack the United States or the U.K. Their record so far is one of being more adept than we believe them to be. If they continue to be adept, no attack will be forthcoming. Why attack when in both America and in the U.K. the political structure has been aligned in your favor? We shall see.

    If an attack does occur look for the Obama administration to Blame Bush. If the MSM goes along with that and a majority of Americans agree, then the Republicans could find theiir November popularity in jeopardy. By that measure we might guess that the White House is hoping to be fortunate enough to have hostilities come to our side of the pond.

    God help us.

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