As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Obama Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Actually, President Obama has refused the challenge, which he was offered by Ethel Kennedy.

Really, if you’re trying to preserve the dignity of the office, just forget it at this point. Go ahead, get dunked.

11 Responses to Video || Obama Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. Rear Admiral John Kirby on Fox taking questions.
    Said nothing to back up if ISIL has drones.
    Asked aboutPentagon role in developing stategy. Admiral sd this is about degrading ISIL capabilities. Military way, Airstrikes. Were hitting what we are aiming at.
    Same time there is a:
    Press Conference: O has on top of list to have a unified successful
    government. So they can take care of themselves.
    Josh was told by reporter: The military issue is before you now!
    Josh rambled we have had successful. O is commander n chief to accomplish some of these goals, but not of Iraq. We can’t do it for them. Reporter just Told Josh if partners in region don’t come in that means ISIL gets to stay. Josh rambled and did not say anything intelligent.

  2. Bravo! Fake Obama is so good he even screwed up a leader’s name “Iranian President Bashar al-Assad” just like real Obama. Bravo!!

    It takes skill to portray a guy who’s always sticking a golf shoe in his mouth

  3. I’m riding public transportation this morning and looking at this video on my iPhone. Fellow next to me looks on with me and asks me to play it again, I do. He comments ” hmmm, his head should be dropping in a bucket “. I take it you’re not a Democrat ? ” I am, but I’ve been unemployed for 5 years, I never got one of those shovel ready jobs “.
    Next stop he gets off the bus. One of the millions with no work.