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The Obama Morning News || August 29, 2014

Obama: No strategy on ISIS . . . Associated Press
President Obama played down the prospect of imminent U.S. military action in Syria on Thursday, saying “we don’t have a strategy yet” for degrading the violent militant group seeking to establish a caliphate in the Middle East. 

GOP: He never had a strategy . . . Newsmax
Republicans slammed  Obama’s admission Thursday that “we don’t have a strategy yet” for battling ISIS, saying it confirmed a longstanding problem with his foreign policy.

WH does damage control . . . The Hill
Obama was referring only “to military options for striking” Islamist militants in Syria when he said the White House did not “have a strategy yet,” press secretary Josh Earnest insisted Thursday.

U.S. ISIS fighters allowed to return . . . Free Beacon
Americans who have travelled to foreign countries to train and fight with terror groups such as ISIS are not being barred from freely returning to America, where they post a substantial terror threat.

FBI threat list excludes Islamists . . . Free Beacon
Internal report labels white supremacists, black separatists, militias, abortion extremists main domestic extremists.

WH spoiling for immigration fight . . . National Journal
Obama seems determined to push ahead, despite the fears of some Democrats.

DOJ to give leftists cut of settlement . . . Judicial Watch
The Department of Justice keeps giving radical leftist groups that support Obama huge amounts of cash collected from big banks to settle discrimination and mortgage abuse lawsuits filed by the government.

Samantha Power lectures Russia . . . National Journal
“Russia has to stop lying and has to stop fueling this conflict,” Power said.

Clinton breaks Ferguson silence . . . The Hill
“We don’t want to see our streets look like a war zone. Not in America. We are better than that,” she said at a technology conference in San Francisco.

Carville: Romney will run . . . Newsmax
Democratic strategist James Carville believes two-time presidential candidate Mitt Romney will go for a third try in 2016, even though the 2012 GOP nominee has said he won’t seek the nation’s top office again.

Cruz hires feed buzz . . . Politico
Ted Cruz is beefing up his political staff as speculation heats up that the Texas senator may run for president in 2016.

Is Harry Reid done? . . . Politico
Questions about the 74-year-old’s health, his recent move to be closer to his children and grandchildren and uncertainty about the Democratic majority in the Senate lead some to speculate that Reid will retire rather than face a challenge in 2016.

11 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 29, 2014

  1. Posted this over on the daily schedule post as well but for those who didn’t see it there:

    Apologies to Louis Prima: (Yes, we have no bananas)

    There’s a fruit store on our street
    It’s run by a Freak
    And he keeps good things to eat But you should hear him speak!
    When you ask him anything, he never answers “no”
    He just “yes”es you to death, and as he takes your dough He tells you
    “Yes, we have no Republic,
    We have-a no strategy today
    We’ve truffles, and tripes,
    Fundraisers, and parties,
    And all sorts of fruits as our guests,
    We have a very thin skin,
    A Long pouty face, But yes, we have no strategic
    We have no Republic today!

    (If anyone has a clue how we survive two more years of Jarrett and Obama please, please let me know. I need some sleep.)

  2. Reid retiring would be an unbelievable gift. It is unlikely. But I have confidence that should he retire he would be replaced with someone even worse than Reid. The Democrat Party as it exists now has a very deep bench of bad apples with no loyalty to the constitution or the country as we know it.

  3. Joe Scarborough had the audacity to claim that the president’s statement of no strategy was on purpose, to show we aren’t afraid of ISIS. Right Joe, then why would the WH scramble after the presser to ‘clarify’ Ø’s statement?

    Also, Joe and Mika were drooling over Samantha Powers comments about Russia yesterday. All I wanted to do us to tell the woman to sit up straight and comb her hair. She looks like she just crawled out of bed and to me carries zero credibility. Words are meaningless. Action is what we need.

  4. OT
    U.K. raises terror threat level to severe. It is the fourth- highest of five.(according to the U.K.), but there is no intelligence to suggest the threat is imminent.
    This was on post and being discussed now on Fox.
    U.K. prime minister David Cameron giving address now on Fox

    • I am listening to that . Cameron is doing a fine job outlining the threat and the fact that appeasement does not work.

      This is the speech Obama should have made. How bad is that. We are now — maybe — following England.

      If someone did a side by side of Obama’s ‘got no strategy’ with this Obama would or should be embarrassed.

    • He just said no Knee-Jerk reactions!
      Military force is just one thing we can do.
      Must support the building blocks of democracy.
      In middle of generational struggle with extremism.
      Clear there are gaps in our armor & we need to fix it.
      Need to tackle extemism by countering them with our values.
      Must defeat th threat.
      He is wearing a dark suit.

  5. Ridiculously stupid “No Strategy” statement from Obama, whom we’ve been told is a brilliant, articulate man. Obama lacks courage, integrity and compassion.

  6. Reid retiring? Now that he has ruined this great nation with his nasty party politics and additional $7 trillion deficit (no budget passed in 6 years).

    Reid was instrumental in the forcing of Obamacare on the american people and is indirectly responsible for the many scandals that have plagued the Obama administration. Reid has used his office for his own personal gain and wealth.

    The country would benefit from his retirement.

  7. Hillary–Ahem. “Our streets” do not look like a war zone. A two-block sort of strip mall in a suburb did because certain people egged on destructive behavior. So quit with the catastrophizing.