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Obama Makes a Statement

The statement has concluded.

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25 Responses to Obama Makes a Statement

    • It’s booming! Sarc. When will he blame Republicans?

      ISIS is losing arms? What about MANPADS w/heat seeking hardware?

      Concerned with safety of Americans? Tell that to our brave men in Benghazi. Hopefully, he will beef up security NOT in Paris, but in danger zones this year on 9/11. Maybe Paris too, on second thought. Paris has a big Muslim problem. Should also close our border to Mexico, IF he was really concerned with our safety.

      Maybe he should send Sharpton and Holder to visit ISIS, and lecture them about hostage’s civil rights. Too late, for Mr. Foley.

      Shout out to Chuck U. Todd.

    • Umm, paving the path done earlier. This is confirmation.

      As for Ukraine, mucho simpatico. Too bad.

      We left Europe defenseless with the withdrawal of the missile protection and all the rest of Obama’s dumb policies. They no longer applaud him, so pretty much one and done for him.

  1. What in the world kind of policy is “we don’t have a plan”? If his intent was to show the world that he’s working on it, or thinking about it, or focusing like a laser on it, then it was epic failure.
    The overall impression is that he doesn’t know what to do, needs to find out what other people think, and then needs some time to think about it.

    • Hot Air. Nothing more nothing less. Truly going through the motions. He was on the way to somewhere and just stopped by to let us know “nothing yet” — maybe nothing ever, but for sure nothing yet.

      And he, and every single staffer and sycophant that works for him will be partying away this Labor Day Weekend. I would be surprised if there even was anyone left to answer the phone. He has checked out. The world is on its own.

  2. Lately, he looks used up & worn out.
    Do you think maybe he has noticed that in his minds eye of his own greatness, he is wondering where all the adulation went?