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Obama to Meet with National Security Council

Rut Roh. It looks like a decision is coming on bombing Syria.

I mean, time is of the essence. President Obama Friday has a fundraising trip to West Chester County New York – a suburb of New York City – where he will hold two small events with fat cats willing to donate up to $32,400 to Democrats.

So he can’t announce he’s starting a war the same day he goes fundraising, can he?

I mean, even this White House . . .

And of course, Saturday is golf. And by now, President Obama’s advisors have learned not to prop the boss up in front of the cameras and then send him out to the fairways.

So if we’re going to start bombing Syria in the near term, an announcement may have to come TONIGHT.

I’m betting he gets his “recommendations” and then, decisive cat that he is, requests time this evening on the networks to announce that we’re dropping explosives on ISIS’s heads. Or maybe he’ll dash into the Rose Garden. Or just go screaming it up and down Pennsylvania Avenue to the tourists during a “bear is loose” expedition.

One indication of Something Big on the way is that this “meeting” with the NSC has been carefully choreographed. Presumably – but maybe this is assuming a lot – Obama meets regularly with the NSC. But the White House made a big show this morning of emailing reporters that the session, which will occur at 4:00 pm ET, has been scheduled.

In the Situation Room, no less. Looks like we’ve got a situation!

Vice President Biden “will participate remotely via a secure line,” the White House said, adding to the sense of seriousness.

Well, not sure if seriousness is the right term for incorporating Biden, but you know what I mean.

Biden, is of course out of town, traveling to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to raise money. Such trips had been kept secret until Politico blew the whistle the other day, and now, apparently, we’re hearing about them.

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  1. What happened to the “You get a car” and “You get a car” for crossers–that Guiterrez guy seemed to think that was coming yesterday–he just “thought” so–didn’t have info or anything. Maybe the WH faked out their buddy.

  2. For Pete’s sake. Why don’t those Islamic terrorists just get the job done so Obama can focus exclusively on fund raising and playing golf? I mean, the priorities are evident. Didn’t Obama tell them he is on their side and against Israel’s means of defending itself against them? Hasn’t he apologized for American colonialism, imperialism, racism, slavery, capitalism, and freedom enough? What is the poor guy to do? He just can’t spend that much time away from the golf course to deal with his destruction of America and defense of Islam. Give him a break.

  3. OT.
    Sorry to bring you down gang but this was just broadcast on the Glenn Beck show.
    A white Marine Iraqi war combat veteran was exiting a Waffle House in Mississippi when he was jumped by 15 to 20 black men that beat him to within a inch of his life.
    The Marine is in the hospital under an induced coma while the doctors remove portions of his skull due to brain swelling.

    The gang that jumped him were citing the shooting in Ferguson, MO.

    They said that The Blaze has the story.

    Can you imagine what would happen in this Country if Obama is impeached ?

    • I think that is the reason why Congress won’t impeach him,AFVet.
      He has broken more laws and ignores the Constitution.He lies to us daily..
      Personally, I think he belongs in prison,along with his circle of jerks.
      But we might as well admit it, there will be no accountability and the only reason,,,,, He is BLACK

      • Can you imagine if Bill C. would have said I didn’t do anything in the Oval office. I am white and everyone is picking on me, because of that.

  4. Obama is a joke. His NSC is a joke. He has assembled an administration of fools and bumblers. And God help those good men and women of the military who will have to follow this asshole.

  5. People are dying. People will die no matter what we now do in Syria.
    A Syrian told me last year of the death of relatives and said that Obama was too late.
    And the chief concern of his administration is the OPTICS of this too late action?
    And yes, I read the account of the white marine beating in The Blaze…
    These people deserve the karma they will receive,

  6. On Monday, AFO will make a final approach in Milwaukee, where The Obama’s motorcade will rush him to the friendly confines of LaborFest 2014, an event so remarkable in its scope that it was cancelled last year. There, he will charm a crowd of hand-picked union shills, who will return the favor by correctly applauding during all of the dramatic pauses inserted in Obama’s comments by his speech writers.

  7. About time Obama met with the National Security Council. Obama should try meeting with Senate members on both sides…after all, that is how democracy works.

  8. Here is a take from Michael Totten over at World Affairs Journal arguing against cooperating with Assad. And, crazies not withstanding, their are good comments about the situation. This is probably something Obama and his council of incompetents might want to bat around.

    Anyway, if you are interested give it a look. Totten is pretty realistic about the Middle East, but everybody has a bias.

  9. He’s coming to Westchester (right outside of NYC for anyone not familiar with the geography) on the Friday before Labor Day? OMG. Traffic will be such a nightmare.

    • It’s just being reported that the second reason for coming to Westchester County is to attend the wedding of his chef Kass and MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner. The wedding is actually at Blue Hill -Stone Barn in Pocantico so what New Rochelle has to do with it is a mystery. I doubt he’s staying at Trump’s New Roc tower!

  10. I wonder if that former campaign van driver, Tommy “hey dude that was like two years ago” Vietor is still on the NSC… God help us. Talk about your JV team.

    • I think he’s got his own PR firm now. And it’s possible he is doing that with freaky Jim Messina, but don’t know for sure.

      However I am sure that he is available to Obama for all kinds of “expert advice” that he has acquired over the years of footwork and van driving for Obama.

  11. You spelled Westchester County wrong. West Chester is a town in Pennsylvania. Need to learn how to spell the places the President is visiting.

  12. “Vice President Biden will participate remotely via a secure line, the White House said, adding to the sense of seriousness.” Snort.

  13. I hope they have some super-serial pictures to go along with their meeting. You know: Obama with his hand by his chin. One with him looking at piece of paper with hands on his face and his finger up by his eye (you know the one, like he’s trying to do the vulcan mind probe on myself).

    Sleeves rolled up. Looking pensive. etc. These “situation room” meetings are a gold mine for Obama rock-star pictures.

  14. It appeared that Obama could not wait to go to fund raisers and do his weekend duties, like playing golf. To announce there is nothing he is going to do, he keeps all of us in suspense! How nice. He just voted present and now he is ready to rest and relax. Should we be surprised?