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Obama Enters Briefing Room to Say Absolutely Nothing

Well, I mean, look, let’s give him credit for at least appearing before the press. Nice to have the access. But President Obama, during his stop in the briefing room this afternoon, had absolutely nothing to say, and he wasn’t pressed very hard to say anything.

Obama made a brief statement and then took some questions. Here’s a summary of what we learned:

On ISIS: We’ll defend Americans in Iraq and we need Iraqis to form a nice government and blah blah blah blah blah.

On the Immigration order: We’re working on it.

On Russia: If Russia do bad, Russia get more sanctions.

Same stuff he’s been saying for weeks. I think the real message was this:

The president is at the White House, has punched in, and he has a pulse. Here he is, look!

That’s what this, and the sudden announcement of a National Security Council meeting earlier today, was about.

Here, see for yourself, if you can bear it.

54 thoughts on “Obama Enters Briefing Room to Say Absolutely Nothing”

  1. The Five is arguing this same point. They deduce he took to the podium because now he looks involved and it won’t look AS bad when he spends the weekend golfing, fundraising, and dancing at the wedding. We learned NOTHING from this gosh awful press conference. Ugh!!

  2. At the beginning, he acknowledged it was the beginning of the “long Labor Day weekend”…the whole charade was just another worthless “check the box” exercise.

  3. There isn’t much to add to what MrK writes as it’s really hard to write about nothing much.
    Maybe Germany’s MrsMerkel is right; we can’t be expected to save the world from itself anymore. Of course, not having a gut-ted leader might make make a big difference, but that’s not going to happen until MrO gets on the helio and waves “goodbye”.

      1. He said he has been speaking to Congress. Was this while he was on vacation also, or disturbed them when he got back from his. How many Congressman do you think he called?

          1. That’s what I was thinking, also wondering howmany advisors his he speaking with.
            On Fox they mention how O said he was going to wait and chat with the allies, and that he could have picked up the phone to do that.

      1. I’ve seen it in fashion colors — pink, blue, grey …. since he’s sportin’ a “new look” who knows? But moreover, who cares.

  4. I understand that he cannot release secret ideas to fight against any enemy of ours. However as stated here before Raegan and Bush at least left me feeling safer, prouder, etc, with the Wall comment & 911.
    He could have said something to bring the Country together, to get though what may be.
    He should have announced that I am pretty much going to repeat myself, that way I could have begun frying chicken a lot sooner.

      1. Take chicken breast, skinless & boneless , and pound them.
        Dip chicken in milk and egg (mixture) than dip in flour, than fry.
        P.S. Be sure to throw a bunch of pepper & salt in the egg mixture, or flour. :)

      1. :)
        I haven’t fix it for a long time. That was a family meal growing up in between seafood and red beans. It is not a meal that you may crave, but it is good.
        Plus I had to take a break from the unhappy issues.
        Next time I will mention a pretty flower, or beach.

    1. What I actually got from this charade was we’re so screwed. When he said he sent people to protect the Embassy people
      in Iraq I actually screamed at the TV what about Benghazi??!!!

    1. Nah, that phrase harkens back to his upbringing on the choom farm where it was considered modern policy to put the horse behind the cart – the old leading from behind meme.

      It seems that he’s found the ‘modern’ way doesn’t work and has caused some disgruntled foreign leaders, so he’s obviously going back to the tried and true – hook the horse to the front of the cart.
      The big snag to that means is that he, MrO, is the horse, and he has been dismantling the cart for some time now.

  5. Mike Baker, former CIA Covert (operations officer) just stated on Fox, Two things you don’t do:
    Announce that you are going to make airstrikes
    Tell them you don’t have a strategy.
    Speaking of CIA. Does anyone have a good guess of how many CiA agents we have working overseas on this? Are they going over there and blending in, etc. to get information?

  6. Hey guys, obviously he had to send his dark suit to the dry cleaners because he has a huge fund raiser in my home town, Newport, RI. Start of long weekend and maybe sneaking back to MV for more golf.

    1. And he will be well received and showered with bucks in your hometown also. Nothing against you or Newport, just sayin’

      Isn’t there a scene somewhere in some movie — maybe Great Gatsby or something — where the guy stands and hits a golf ball from a promontory overlooking the ocean. Perhaps there will be such a thing from the cliffs of Newport.

  7. Pulse? Barely. His new meme is to clock in for appearance’s sake and drone the obvious. No thought, clarity or vision. To me, he is now Captain Obvious in chief.

  8. Let me see if I have this right. This Administration has been going after Tea Party, Conservatives, White People, Businesses, Republicans, Gun Owners, Christians, Pro Life Supporters , Capitalism, Border Security advocates, and anti amnesty people and for the last three years this Administration has been aware of the affinity for jihad in that nasty nest of Somalis in Minneapolis.

    Yeah, I feel real damned safe. Barack Obama is a menace.

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  10. When you give an employer a 2 week notice the employer many times elects to just pay you, but have you depart at that time. If your heart isn’t in it then why hang around? Since Obummer can’t fully “transform america” due to silly details like the legislative branch, maybe he has in effect given his 2 year notice.

  11. He’s going to Estonia? I just looked it up, and they have six, 18 hole golf courses there, including one that is a seaside course, and is on the European PGA tour. Wonder if he will take time to play around before flying off to the UK.

    Will he hit the links at St. Andrews while in the UK? It may be the last time he can before Scotland breaks away from England, and becomes a sovereign country again.

  12. Obama has to be the most ineffective lame Am,American president, prefers to sit on his hands and talk about talk, I guess he cant play the race card here and give well scripted speeches by his speech writers , He is a fraud and clueless about any foreign policy, he appealed to a certain section of American voters based on race which is a pretty hollow reason to vote for anyone, sadly ISIS will have no need to worrie under this very lame Presidents watch.

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