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White House: Obama Seeks Defeat of ISIS

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said today that President Obama wants to defeat ISIS, articulating a major U.S. long-term military goal but offering little suggestion about how Obama would proceed to achieve it.

Instead, Earnest indicated the president’s focus remains at a tactical rather than a strategic level, attempting for the moment to safeguard U.S. personnel in the region and pursue the vaguely defined goal of protecting U.S. “national security” and “foreign policy interests.”

Earnest acknowledged only reluctantly – under sharp questioning at today’s White House briefing by Jim Acosta of CNN – that Obama wants to defeat ISIS

ACOSTA: Is the president’s strategy to defeat ISIL – to defeat ISIS?

EARNEST: First and foremost, Jim, the president’s strategy is to protect Americans who are in harm’s way . . . principally the president’s focused  on protecting the national security of the United States of America, and in this case, protecting American personnel that are harms way

ACOSTA: If ISIS is a cancer (as Obama called it Tuesday), does he want to defeat it?

EARNEST: Well . . .  of course, Jim. But the goal of this action, and what the president is focused on, as we pursue this strategy . . . is safeguarding the American people and putting the foreign policy interests of the United State first and foremost.

Earnest declined to say whether the United States will expand the current limited airstrikes in Iraq to Syria, and he gave little hint generally how far Obama will go deploying U.S. military assets.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misidentified Jim Acosta. Apologies for the confusion.

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  1. Thanks for that info Keith. If nothing else at least the reporters are starting to be more persistent.
    Do I feel safer now. No.
    When is O going to speak to the citizens?
    When is Congress due back?

  2. Obama is the antithesis of Teddy Roosevelt so he of course will continue to speak loudly and carry a small stick.

    After all, he has stated he “resist(s) calls to turn time and again to our military”.

    His limited strikes will do nothing more than keep ISIS from gaining more territory, if that, but will not eliminate them as is required.

  3. Flashback to the 1960’s; JFK is sending “military advisors” to S.Vietnam, then sent @16,000 “advisors”.

    President Obama wants to fight these hordes of feral men the same way he would have attacked a bully in the schoolyard: he wants to run up and hit them, then run away.
    He is not a war-time President. He’s almost lost the loyalty of our military and is dangerously close to losing the little approval of the public that he clings to now.
    This enemy cannot be defeated with precise strikes on their trucks or meeting places, they won’t be discouraged by hundreds or thousands of deaths, or even a full scale war fought by foreigners on their homeland. All we will do is give them fodder for their passion to find new feral fighters. This isn’t a reasonable enemy such as Russia’s Putin, these men are viscious, murderous, and amoral.

    MrO’s claim that he’s protecting American interests or people is laughable if not a hypocricy of the highest order. As a President he seems to have no sense of protecting Americans right here in the US or our best interests from invading hordes of third-world mooches, criminals and unfriendly aliens.

    • Thanks for mentioning the flashback.
      Keep in mind as well he has a undergound place to run and hide, and all the protection in the world.
      That needs to be brought up at the next Press confrence.
      Free Phones were given out, several years ago. Are all the American citizens going to be given free bunkers and the same protection?

  4. The trouble is this White House doesn’t know the difference between a strategy and a tactic. McCain pointed that out years ago. “Keeping American personnel safe” is not accomplishing a thing toward the goal. I am not in favor of wasting American lives, but if our only objective is as he said, we should pack up and bug out. We’ll be “safe,” right up until ISIS crosses the Mexican border and brings it to us.

  5. I bet ISIS,ISIL,ISASS or whatever they call themselves are very nervous that the WH will send President Obama to make a speech aimed at them. President Obama silenced the entire audience trained Veterans at the VOFW speech yesterday just imagine if he trained his powers on them! LOL, all you could hear was the pacemakers in the audience.

    The Obama Administration couldn’t get France or Italy to surrender!

    • “…all you could hear was the pacemakers in the audience”.

      Hilarious! And all too true. I feel sorry for the veterans who had to sit and listen to Barry’s bullshit.

  6. Well, he better put his Nobel on the shelf, suit up, put more than the 1000 soldiers on the ground we now have, ramp up the air, send in assassination teams, cozy up to Assad (we’re sorry), and try to get the job done or the mess at least thinned out before half of Europe enlists with the other side. Intense, surgical. Even then, they may already be here or live here and have who knows what in mind.

  7. Obama wants to defeat ISIS…without “boots on the ground”? Look for the Pentagon to place a large order for “combat sandals” any day now.

  8. Josh Apathetic doesn’t answer questions. He just looks down at his notebook and reads off a talking point. Carney did the same thing – you could see him flipping the pages to get the the correct “answer.” Query – how do they know what the questions will be?

      • Earnest is a lot more of a personable guy than Carney was, but he does come across as pretty clueless.

        But Carney’s responses always seemed like he was condescending and sneering, especially when he lied.

  9. FACT: if 0 really wanted to protect the American people he would actually do something constructive & permanent about our wide open southern border. I happen to live about 50 miles north of the Nogales port of entry which does little good as the illegal entrants, (not all are mexican) enter through native, endangered areas where BP can’t travel, but illegals are free to wander in & trash the place. If 0 cared he would focus on how easily these islamic enemies can slip through & establish their terrorist cells right here in the USA. Our govt has established SWAT teams from within the post office to the BLM, but can’t procure some method of securing the very place these bad guys slip in through.

  10. OT. Immigration. I was doing some online training but the tv happened to be on and muted. Gutierrez came on — I think Cavuto. Long. But the thing I caught was that he said and others of his ilk have had many many meetings with the WH and Homeland Security on Immigration and Amnesty.

    This has been going on quite awhile. And what really ticks me off is that only select people have virtually unlimited access — they are not all legislators , they are all manner of groups, — and they have been fashioning policy that will be implemented via EO behind closed doors and with no input from American citizens or voters beyond the scruff that Gutierrez represents and advocates for — the majority of whom are some manner of illegal or represented by groups who advocate on their behalf.

    That is what has access to Valerie Jarrett and all those who are in the White House and doing the job of a President and ignoring the constitution and the rule of law as they do it.

  11. Obama has to be the most ineffective lame Am,American president, prefers to sit on his hands and talk about talk, I guess he cant play the race card here and give well scripted speeches by his speech writers , He is a fraud and clueless about any foreign policy, he appealed to a certain section of American voters based on race which is a pretty hollow reason to vote for anyone, sadly ISIS will have no need to worrie under this very lame Presidents watch.