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End-Stage Liberalism

It’s worth asking, as we read of President Obama’s decision to move forward with a climate change treaty without submitting it to the Senate for ratification, whether liberals are still interested in operating under the precepts of our Republic, which have kept us free – and prosperous – for more than two hundred years.

Liberals have long sought to advance their agenda by playing fast and loose with the Constitution, describing it as a “living document” to be reinterpreted. Insisting that it contains unwritten, secret messages like the Right to Privacy.

Sure, it’s a living document, in the sense that it can be amended. But liberals long ago decided that the Constitution is a kind of a Rorschach Test, the important thing being not what’s in it, but how you feel about it.

Today, led by President Obama, we’ve gone a step further, entering the era of End-Stage liberalism. End stage, as in the final period of life. The patient, more gravely ill than ever, is the Constitution of the United States. And liberals seem unconcerned with whether or not they are pulling the plug.

With End-Stage liberalism, the Left, and even many who describe themselves as moderates, no longer seems concerned at all about the Constitution. End-Stage liberalism is the handmaiden of a post-Constitutional era, when Americans will be freed from the dated mutterings of the Constitution’s slave-owning creators and can finally let it all hang out, boogieing to the sound of mob – whether in the streets, in academia, or on Sunday talk shows – and the mob’s prescriptions for addressing problems that can wait no longer.

The world is overheating! Illegal immigrants demand equality! Healthcare isn’t free! These matters are simply too urgent to be adjudged by some old fart like James Madison.

We are in an era when the president insouciantly changes major laws he doesn’t like or simply decides not to enforce them. When the administration wades into racially charged cases with a presumption of guilt. Or wages war, as Obama did in Libya, without even a courtesy nod toward Congress.

With this new, extra-legal international climate change treaty, Obama has decided to use a previous treaty as a kind of shell into which he will put new provisions, enforcing it by bogusly labeling the new treaty “voluntary” and using shame, instead of the force of Sneate-approved international law, to coax compliance.

According to the New York Times:

Under the Constitution, a president may enter into a legally binding treaty only if it is approved by a two-thirds majority of the Senate.

To sidestep that requirement, President Obama’s climate negotiators are devising what they call a “politically binding” deal that would “name and shame” countries into cutting their emissions.

This kind of hocus pocus is something the Founders understood. Half of them were lawyers themselves, and they realized you can get around laws with such legal sophistry.

We could not, they knew, just rely on the written rules of a single document to survive. “Virtuous men” would needed, borne of a virtuous society, to maintain adherence to the Constitution.

Wrote John Adams:

Republican governments could be supported only by pure Religion or Austere Morals. Public virtue cannot exist in a Nation without private Virtue, and public Virtue is the only Foundation of Republics.

What the country has today is a critical dearth of virtuous leaders.

Asked after the Constitutional Convention whether the delegates had created a monarchy or a republic, Benjamin Franklin answered, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

We kept it for so long. But maybe, not much longer.

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  1. The Ten Commandments were written in stone thousands of years ago, but they still guide us on how to keep a civilized society. Even the most devout of us sometimes have trouble adhering to it’s message and restrictions.
    The Constitution wasn’t written in stone, wasn’t even written by a higher power, but by men who envisioned a society of tolerance, and adherence to law and order.
    The Dems, led by the President, might wish to abandon the very constrictions outlined in the Constitution, but their time of governing is coming to an end and so will the wanton disregard of the will of the public.
    The President wants to put his name on some faux treaty or pact that means absolutely nothing to the world at large, but will soothe the hurt feelings of all the nutty glo-bull warming political donors who complain he hasn’t done enough to take us back to the Dark Ages.
    As he, and sometimes they, use our fossil fuels in frivolous ways, their hypocrisy is astounding.

    • “Their hypocrisy is astounding”. No kidding srdem65.
      There is a part of me that awaits a good reporter’s question/statement on how many miles AF won has racked up during these past 6 years. Why can’t some brave soul get up and note the hypocrisy ? Eliminate the stupid carbon payback bs.

        • LangleyS, I go back to WHY?
          Then I recall the beat to he!! Looks of our senators & reps who were forced to the WH during ACA ‘talks’. They came out so scared looking I wondered how bad the threat was.
          This oligarchy has such hidden, corrupt control I wonder if there is any way We The People can ever get a straight answer or insight on how truly bad the whole situation is.
          So, if Mr. K ventured a question on the hugely gigantic carbon footprint 0 is leaving on this world; would 0 respond? Would he give Mr. K his f/u salute? Would he walk out & slam the door?
          SOMEONE needs to ask all these questions we all contemplate. Everything just keeps piling up against US, no one in our great history has had such a hold on hiding the truth. 0 makes Nixon seem like Pope Francis.
          /rant stilled for now.

  2. Sometimes at end stage comes death throes.

    There is a lot of desperation in the air that could just as well signal the death throes of the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Statists.

  3. “A Republic if you can keep it.”
    Franklin was right, but it takes enough people to stand up against the ones that would take it from us.

    Obama is daring anybody to stop him and the ones that can aren’t trying hard enough IMO.

    Two more years of his arrogance toward the rule of law will tear us apart, and it is the congress that has got to stop it.

    Some are trying, but the constant stonewalling from the administration that is determined to wear them down has been obvious for some time now.

    The American People that are paying attention have reached the end of their patience.
    We cannot give up on our Country now.

    • The voice of common sense and reason being proclaimed by the conservatives is being loudly shouted down.

      The IRS and the EPA and many other behemoth organizations that are continually funded by a congress that should be restricting their power instead of allowing them to cripple this Country and it’s free enterprise principles sorely on the political ideologies that they might adhere to.

      Remember Gibson Guitar, as opposed to Marten Guitar ?
      Same wood used, same sources,…one CEO was republican and one was democrat.

    • It is part our our drive-by learning… I had to look it up.

      According to
      “the cheerful feeling you have when nothing is troubling you”
      Good Grief, Charlie Brown! That should have a picture of the president right by it in his Nike gear.

  4. Classic demo of the difference between clever and smart.

    I was particulary disturbed by a man on the street I saw recently where people said the police in the chokehold case should be put in jail without a trial because everyone had seen the video and they did it. Man–trials sure got taken off the table fast!

  5. Keith, would be interested in your thoughts about “solutions”. Anarchy from all sides is lining up.. Being from Texas, I have a solution in mind, it will not be insouciant to progressives. It would create panic because the sugar daddies would head south to the new Republic..

  6. So…the Obama Administration(I.e., the Democrat Party) is going to publish a climate change “naughty list” of countries who are not climate change/global warming believers.
    And those countries will do what? Fall to their knees in worship & awe of the Won as they eagerly curtail their emissions?
    It is my opinion there are many countries who are great offenders of unhealthy industrial emissions. It is also my opinion that they will continue to pursue their industrial growth…regardless of what the Obama administration thinks of them. It is all about the money.
    The Obama administration (e.g., the Democratic Party of Liberalism) is just amending or attempting to amend a previous treaty – in an effort to circumvent Congress.
    My question is – what major Democratic Party donor(s) stand to make a fortune from the sale of energy credits?
    Follow the money and you will find the “reason” why the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party AND the Republican Party do every darn thing they all do.
    Corruption is rampant.

  7. Fine. No law for them, then no law for me. No rules, now that’s a game I can play, and in this game, no second place winners.
    See you on the village green.

    • That is what is I fear, the next one. It would be wonderful if things turn around for the better. What if the next one has worse ideas in mind. We cannot handle the LONG LIST with added issues almost everyday. Everything keeps getting swept under the rug. I hope everyone in Congress is speaking to family members, friends, neighbors, former teachers, childhood friends, etc….
      They may not think everything is not going to effect them one way or the other, so they go with the flow. However all the people I listed may not be able to hide from what may come.

      • Members of Congress talking to lowly citizens? HAHA!!!
        You must be joking…
        I email my Congress-criminals = no response.
        Call their offices = get put on hold or brushed off.

  8. But liberals long ago decided that the Constitution is a kind of a Rorschach Test, the important thing being not what’s in it, but how you feel about it.

    Very well stated, Keith.

    • That’s the important thing about right and wrong for liberals too: it’s all about if it feels to you if it’s the right thing to do or the wrong.

  9. Maybe Val Jar will decide that elections are no longer needed as well.. Why stop with just EO’s and smoke and mirrors?

    The main stream could have their wish – Obama forever. (sarcasm)

  10. Alinsky RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.

    One of the ways we will meet new climate guidelines is to eliminate all Air-conditioning in Nevada. And Washington DC. And at the United Nations complex in Manhattan.

    Have fun sweating in the desert all you constituents of Harry Reid.

  11. Well, apparently not only did Tom Steyer buy himself a slightly used President, he also bought himself a whole soiled Party of Progressives and their apparatchiki.

  12. Obama is looking to be head of the U.N. one day. IF, he ever leaves the White House. With the arrogant, one world ideology of this administration, along with a spineless congress and willfully blind media, Obama will do whatever HE wants. Dark days ahead if the blind do not choose to see the reality facing them.

    • I hate to be a contrarian on this, but he is leaving–he does not want to be there now. And he will not be head of the UN–too much like work. I never even hear him bowing to the UN that much. And–not to underplay the situation we are in–many things will be solved when someone else takes a cut at all this–does some things differently–gets up, sits up, works, stays in the WH, meets with people, researches smart people to meet with, listens to ideas, courts Congress and wines and dines them, compromises, does not insult or threaten his fellow public servants, laughs off celebrities and their nonsense…etc. It will be a whole diff story…but until then…

      • Oh I think he bows to the UN alright: on this issue, on gun control, on income inequality, and on moving away from the US support for Israel towards the Muslim world.

    • Obama may envision that, but all the America haters at the UN and in their respective countries would not go for it, even for Obama.

  13. The metaphor of the Constitution being a living document fits in nicely with liberal ideology as all living organisms are born, grow up, amend their ways sometimes, but also age in an inexorable march toward death.

  14. Dear Leader is the reincarnation of Woodrow Wilson.

    From brandy

    “Woodrow Wilson believed the constitution was outdated. He thought the founders had a “Newtonian” view of government that was static, he believed that the current leadership of the nation should be able to legislate without regard to the constraints of the constitution especially the limits spelled out by the enumerated powers of the federal government listed in the constitution. He was the father of the modern view of the constitution that it is a “living document”. Essentially he believed that the constitution means anything the current president and congress think it should mean with no regard to the original intent of the founders. Wilson thought the checks and balances that the founders incorporated into the constitution to check governmental power were “Inefficient” and needed to be eliminated. – See more at:

  15. What I find amazing is how virtually all Dems turned into power hungry lemmings that will literally do anything to WIN, think all the bribes and rule changing in the senate to stop newly elected Sen Brown from voting on the ACA. The oath of office by Dems and the prez himself means zero to out politicians. Alinsky said the ultimate goal is NOT to arrive at COMPROMISE or PEACEFUL coexistence, but rather to CRUSH the opposition. Alinsky did say the END JUSTIFIES any means, WINNING at any COST is all that MATTERS. This is NOT an intellectual debate, in the WAR against social EVILS there are NO RULES of fair play. I wonder out loud these days if the nation can recover from this mess. My trust in govt has been shaken to its core. IMHO the D’s have shattered it beyond repair. The gutless R’s are not getting any love from me these days. The speaker is busy hiding
    the corner.