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Video || Stupid Stuff Reid Says

Here’s a nice compendium of some of the stupid stuff Harry Reid has said in recent days and years. His remarks about Asians last week, somehow missed by much of the news media, are just the one of Reid’s many journeys into incomprehensibility.

With Biden inhabiting the Office of the Vice President, the question is begged about whether liberals with early-stage senility are running the country.

Now, are senile liberals much worse than fully sentient ones? No, of course not, because they might accidentally do something conservative.

But what if they start playing with the launch codes while hanging out with Obama in the Oval? I mean, there are consequences to putting people who can’t think straight in positions of power.

18 Responses to Video || Stupid Stuff Reid Says

  1. Someone speaking in that matter could either be respectfully not of the same mind he may have once had, or he may be getting paid off on the side for rambling such remarks. I have not decided which one.
    To accuse people.
    To insult people.
    The only thing he is leaving out is a major insult to himself.

  2. If Democrats are senile, it is early onset senility. How else to explain DWS or the cute blond driver lady who is Obama’s Dep. Chief of Staff.

  3. Old people don’t get mean or stupid, but mean or stupid people get old. MrReid’s age probably has nothing to do with his snide, insulting remarks about other people, but his privileged position in life might.

    While Blacks (and some Whites) talk about ‘white privilege’, MrReid embraces the privilege of his political and personal life to it’s fullest to demean others with impunity.
    MrBiden enjoys that same privilege that being White, a Dem, and an elected official of high office allows.
    It also helps that the MSM either ignores what the two men say or do, or just issues a chuckle at their words and antics.

  4. I do not ever find Mr. Reid’s remarks to be funny or clever of insightful.
    I believe he is mean and old and senile. So are many of his cohorts.
    We need to compile a list. If your name is on the list, you no longer work for us, Harry Reid, Sheila Jackson Lee, Nancy Pelosi, Elijah Cummins…