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Thanks, Everyone

Just a heartfelt thanks to all of you for continuing to read and comment while I was away. The comment sections were superb, stocked with the usual insight and cleverness from my readers, and so a special thanks to all who participated. And thanks for all the nice vacation wishes too.

It was not a great week to be away, but for a variety of reasons I needed to do it.

And no, in case you’re scoring on the hypocrisy meter, I didn’t play any golf. But that’s mostly because it’s too expensive, it takes me away from my family, and I’m terrible at it . . .

I was only gone a week, compared to the president’s two, but I actually have less justification because unlike him, I really love my job. It’s great to be back here with all of you.


48 Responses to Thanks, Everyone

  1. Welcome back Keith! So glad you had a nice week off from work to spend time with your family. Hope you recharged your batteries and feel refreshed. I look forward with eager anticipation reading your blog every day. Thank you for all your hard work. It is very much appreciated.

  2. What a week to be gone. Nothing happened. Howie Carr, too, always takes weeks off during eventful times like thes. My two cents regarding Obama’s golfing:

    Obama’s playing so much golf because that’s where the boys are. His latest “friend” is Cyrus Walker, of fist-bump fame, who is also Valerie Jarrett’s cousin. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that) The media will hint around at it: (Maureen Dowd: he golfs to get away from Michelle) but Obama knows he’s untouchable.

    November, 2013, Miami–politics.html
    Saturday, August, 23, 2014

    If you click on my name I put a new photoshopped cover on my recent video of the 3 stooges playing golf with Obama. I found it on Instapundit. Although I started the video with a 3 stooges meme and saw that 3 Stooges golf photo, golf wasn’t on everyone’s mind at the time.
    Keith, you have been relentless on Obama’s golf. Drudge not so much. Thanks!

  3. Welcome back Keith!

    Mini vacation over here in Western NY and played golf yesterday….first time in years and no one kept score. Everyone received a trophy…it was awesome!

    Trophy aside, no score, time with family, and saw several deer gallivanting about the fairways. Of course, none of you will believe me without the press pool, but our family photog will release the official pics of the event later.

    • The word “gallivanting” always puts a smile on my face for some reason. I don’t know why, but it somehow perfectly describes such an activity.

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  5. Welcome back Keith! Love your reasons for NOT playing golf — all the reasons Obama DOES play golf: It’s expensive; it takes him away from his family; and he’s terrible at it even though he thinks he is better than Tiger Woods.

  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re back to work and thank all of us for picking up the slack. Next, you’ll want to share your fabulous photos of the beach or fancy resort with us as if we care. Images of you sipping a pina colada under the palm trees isn’t going to make us forget we had to do your work for you.
    Actually, it was some fun, very informative and lively here. We didn’t solve the world’s problems, but we did offer some solutions. It’s too bad that those who can do something about those troubling things won’t or don’t listen to people like us.
    So, welcome back. We’re looking forward to your next commentary, quote of the day, cartoon, or whatever strikes your fancy.

    • Since the subject of vacays has come up (heh), I keep wondering why everyone says the president is “entitled” etc–the WH is like a Five Star Hotel, hot and cold running services, great grub, etc. And they say he lugs the weight of the presidency and its capabilities wherever he goes, so why leave? I guess when you get bored with one golf course…

      • I tried to figure out what MV had that Camp David didn’t ? Ok, not a beach, but a luxurious pool, trails and tons of other amenities, and it would have been FREE to use by the Obamas with plenty of room for their guests and roadies.

        Oh yeah, fully staffed, the Queen still wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

        I love this blog about it ….. lots of photos too

        • Its called lack of respect for the presidency and Camp David. He acts like a true lottery winner. I don’t trust him for a minute with our lives. Obama and Holder just radiate anger for America. It feels like they always have something sneaky up their sleeve. They must be stopped.

  7. One more …………..Welcome Back Keith.
    Please thank your family for sharing their time with you, with your
    many fans.
    Just a observation about the game of Golf…hitting a small white ball with a stick and expecting it to fall into a 2 inch hole in the ground and paying a lot of money for that expectation ..borders on insanity.

      • All games where people hit things with sticks can look ridiculous. Take hockey, for example. Men on skates, tearing up and down the ice with sticks, chasing a round hunk of frozen rubber that can potentially injure or maim a person for life. Crazy, but so much fun to watch!

  8. Welcome back!
    And should you ever have want for another week off I know a little place just outside Joplin MO.
    The guy there smokes awesome ribs n chicken, grills a mean rib eye n shrimp and the dedicated beer fridge is always just above freezing and fully stocked. (Red wine and after dinner cocktails available in the dining room.)
    Plenty of things for the kiddos to do from games to video to a far larger yard than I like to mow. Lot’s of antique shops around the area for wives to explore.
    And if you promise not to laugh, I’ll dust off the clubs and we can finally go play that golf course I’ve lived on for the past 5 years and never found time to play.
    Yep, it’s Caldwell’s lil corner of the world and you’re welcome any time. (We here in flyover country aren’t nearly as backwards as your neighbors there in DC think we are. lol)
    Seriously though, welcome back and so looking forward to what’s in the works from that magnificent keyboard you control.

  9. Welcome back. We had a fine time here alone but you were sorely missed. Everyone behaved but we had one interloper, a reader whose screen name was “maria” ..I opted to stay off your website the days she spoke. It smelled like a spam rat to me. I didn’t trust “her.” I’m not the blog owner so it’s your decision, but I’d think about blocking her IP address. Just my intuition. Anyone else disagree?

        • A blogger myself, i think she spoke in the telltale signs of a spammer. One doesn’t need to be profane to be toxic. But, this is Keith’s blog, his rules. I was merely adding my blogger’s two cents.

          • That was my gut feeling too NYer. It looked like “bad translation” from a foreign isp. It took me years to catch on to them when I started my blog. “maria” was nice, but we don’t have privvy to the isp address origin Keith does.

          • I didn’t check in too much when Keith was gone, so I missed her. what manner of troll was she? Obamabot? anti-Semite? tinfoil-hat-wearing Alex Jones fan?

            as Keith gets more and more popular, more trolls will show up. we regulars will just have to continue rebutting them, or–my preference–ignoring them.

  10. It’s official. I am a white house dossier junkie. I checked at least once a day while you were gone for any small scrap of a story, a witty tidbit, a devilish spoof. It was a LONG week.. glad you’re back!

  11. Glad you enjoyed your vacation! I always appreciate your take on events and missed you last week. If I hadn’t been so busy getting 2 kids to college I’d have missed you even more. Now I need a vacation!