As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, August 26, 2014

9:50 am || Departs White House
11:20 am || Arrives Charlotte, North Carolina
Noon || Delivers remarks at the American Legion’s 96th National Convention; Charlotte Convention Center
1:10 pm || Departs Charlotte
2:35 pm || Arrives White House
4:50 pm || Meets with Secretary of State Kerry

37 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, August 26, 2014

  1. He has a lot of nerve. If it wasn’t for respect for the office this man would most likely not be welcome. But,of course,unlike Obama who makes America wait every time he gives another pompous overworked stale announcement, these people will be respectful. Respectful of the office.

    • They might be like my father. They have seen much. They know what stands before them. They most likely do not feel a need to comment.

      Most likely thinking, been there. Done that.

    • Their convention is an annual event.
      He is not the only speaker.
      He had no choice but to attend,….do you think that he would diss the American Legion ?
      I will wait for the sound clips of his speech, and the response from the attendees.

      • I heard a report earlier this afternoon from another conservative radio guy (Andy Parks) who said it appeared that only about 1 out of 10 vets were making an attempt to applaud the POtuS. I find it interesting that the VA report came out today saying the Phoenix VA was not responsible for any of the deaths as a result of the late/non-treatment they received. That should go over well with the vets! s//

    • …….this invite was probably issued at least a year, or longer, ago. The VFW knows who he is. They were too polite to retract the invitation. I wonder how many will show up? Maybe he will have to have his handlers “buy” an audience–especially if it televised. Smoke ‘n mirrors Obama.

        • I saw a TV news feed from Charlotte with lines around an entire block to get into convention center. Hard to understand.

          Politico reports that Obama has been busy writing executive orders and one will be previewed today, with regard to VA health care benefits etc.

          • Keep in mind that he is only one speaker New Yorker.
            This is their annual convention, those lines around the block are not necessarily there to hear Obama.

  2. Listening, against my better judgement, to O’Reilly on the whole Ferguson thing with Megan Kelly.

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I am not willing to assume responsibility for the conditions of poverty and social problems within the African American community and their “feeling” that they cannot “trust” and they are “abused”. They might be, but much of that is within their own community and by the people they elect, nationally or locally.

    Locally even the poorest of us can vote.

    The laws should be applied equally to all, regardless of creed, color, or ethnic background. If there is a grievance it should be taken up in court or mediation or conflict resolution.

    • “They might be, but much of that is within their own community and by the people they elect, nationally or locally.”

      I heard tell that only 12% Ferguson voted in their last local election.

    • I share your sentiments, gracepmc.
      I am willing to assume some responsibility for my immediate family – and a few close friends. Some responsibility – if it contributes to their health and well being. If the help is squandered, then the help ends and I do not regret my decision.
      Choices have consequences. My poor choices resulted in “paying the price.” I learned from those payments and figured out how to break the chain of poor decision making.
      So, from personal experience, I say:
      I still believe anybody can excel.
      I believe everyone can exceed their own personal expectations and the expectations of others.
      I believe that hard work, dedication and focus produces positive results.
      I believe that positive ethical and moral standards can guide everyone as they follow their path of life.
      And I do not like the term “African American.” We are all Americans.
      “God bless America – land that I love.”

    • Their community continually brain wash them into the victim mentality. Only when they accept responsibility for their own lives will they pull themselves up the food chain to become a contributing member to their own success.

  3. I would say that ANYWHERE Obama goes, he would be as welcome as ants at a picnic….especially anywhere where patriots gather. There isn’t anything ‘American’ about him. He is a curse on this country.

  4. I do not see a briefing scheduled for this morning, nor meeting with any advisors. Does that mean everything is wonderful now around the world? sarc

  5. What if the American Legion greeted Obama with placards and shouts of No Justice, No Peace. Vets want proper healthcare or we will be marching on the White House. There would be vets wearing bandanas over their faces, not going to work, protesting in the streets, may even need a curfew to get them in line.

    Wait, this sounds so familiar….


    • Ask youself. Who would give him money at these fundraisers? Only abortion fanatics and anti-American morons. This money he gets, guaranteed he will take it with him when he leaves the White House for his next criminal life.