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The Obama Morning News || August 25, 2014

GOP demands Obama ISIS plan . . . The Hill
Republicans are pushing President Obama to clarify his plans for combating ISIS following the beheading of an American journalist last week.

Dempsey: ISIS not yet a direct threat . . . Fox News
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has said that he would not recommend U.S. military airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Syria until he determines that they have become a direct threat to the U.S.

Rogers: ISIS a “plane ticket away” . . . The Hill
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) said Sunday that the ISIS is “one plane ticket away from U.S. shores,” noting it is drawing many Western recruits who could head home.

Clinton ignores Ferguson questions . . . CNN
Hillary Clinton, who has yet to comment about the protests over the death of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, ignored questions about the incident on Sunday.

Obama sends second-string to funeral . . . Fox News
Neither Obama nor his top aides will attend Michael Brown’s funeral. Leading the group for Monday’s service will be the chairman of the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force, Broderick Johnson.

Sharpton is Obama’s conduit to Ferguson . . . Politico
Al Sharpton has become Obama’s go-to man on race.

Democrats waiting for Michelle . . . The Hill
Senate Democrats up for reelection in November are frustrated that First Lady Michelle Obama is not doing more to help them hold on to their seats.

Letter to Barack: Here’s what you missed . . . Joe Curl
Dear Barry: Boy, what a summer you’ve missed here in the nation’s capital! So much going on since you left for Camp Vineyard, so lemme’ try to catch you up so when you get back to the office, you’ll have a clue what’s been going on.

Judge slams WH Fannie, Freddie game . . . Washington Times
A federal judge has issued a stinging rebuke to the Obama administration’s attempt to shield documents from disclosure in a case that could yield important clues about the Treasury Department’s relationship with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

States struggle with Food Stamp fraud . . . The Blaze
States around the country are finding it more difficult to monitor and prosecute fraudulent efforts to obtain federal food stamp benefits.

In Iowa, Webb hits Hillary, Obama . . . Breitbart
While testing the waters for a potential 2016 presidential run in Iowa this week, Democrat and former Virginia senator Jim Webb slammed Obama’s unprecedented executive actions and Hillary’s foreign policy.

Ryan weighing 2016 run . . . Newsmax
When asked Sunday about the possibility of running, Ryan said he and his family will “take very seriously and weigh” the decision next year. 

Jeb Bush missing in Iowa, NH . . . Washington Times
While most of his potential rivals for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination have been busy barnstorming the early primary states, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has been missing in action in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Secrets of the Clinton library . . . Politico
What did the Justice Department say about all the random requests for pardons? Soon, this and other secrets hidden away at the Clinton Presidential Library may be unlocked.  

18 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 25, 2014

  1. Welcome back, Keith. Hope you’re rested and refreshed because, boy! have we got a mess for you.

    No, not the blog. We swept up every morning and wiped things down. But across the street in the White House things are a shambles. You’re not going to lack for material.

  2. The letter above by Joe Curl. lol
    I am afraid at the meetings today, he will not be reading this.
    I do not think he will be reading anything on his own.

  3. What is very astounding is the big turn around on the ISIS threat by Dempsey. What I am worried about is what ISIS was discussing, planning, etc. over the somewhat quiet weekend.

  4. Looks like heads are being lopped off over at the Pentagon. Gen. Dempsey has now done a 180 over air strikes in Syria. Wasn’t it just last week that he was sounding the alarm over imminent attacks in the US? So now we don’t have any ‘direct evidence’ that ISIS is anything but a ‘regional’ threat.
    Forget about the fact that ISIS is a conglomerate of killers from major cities all over the world, including the US. Forget about the fact that Jim Foley was selected b/c he was an ‘American’. Forget about the fact that our borders are wide open and hundreds of American passports are held by members ISIS. And forget about the fact that BagDaddy (sp) said coming to America was inevitable.

    We’re back to the Obama Doctrine: leading from behind. Let’s give ISIS a head start and then we can fight them on our own soil. Sheesh.

    • I suppose this was the stance FDR took against Hitler, and in waiting for ISIS to strike first, Obama is copying FDR. You could say Hitler too only had a regional interest (Europe), and you could also say that there is a similar non-interventionist mood the USA today. (That’s what the Obama-loving media tell us anyway.) So, let’s switch the names of the antagonists and ISIS is like Japan and strikes us first. There would be an awful number of lives lost, American lives, in short order.

      And, btw, Obama is such a bf internationalist, you would think he would want to step in now and save hundreds of thousands of non-American lives. I am not an internationalist, but I want us to step in for the moral reasons, let alone our material interests abroad. I am ashamed that we continue to call him our leader.

  5. Wow–the word must be out at MSNBC–help Sharpton. Scarborough went into a long riff about how it was all the policing–the 50-3 split of black and white (meaning, I take it, 50 racists), leaving the body in the street (I also cringed at that, but it was not the whole point, as the mayor of Atlanta contended on MTP), the sad crushed parents, etc. Gee, Joe, you wouldn’t want to spin this up again, would you?

    • Scarborough has crossed the Rubicon. I stopped watching when he returned from wherever he was for such a long time. The show is dying. There’s something going on with Scarborough but I can’t figure it out.

      As for the 50-3 split, I would think the 50 white officers would bend over backwards to avoid any trace of racism being that the town is 2/3 black. Heard a black woman who grew up and lives in Ferguson say that there has never been one iota of trouble with the race thing until this event when the Obama and the media ginned it up. She said Ferg. is not Detroit or Chicago – it’s full of hard-working people who do not take welfare for the most part.
      They had to leave the body in the street until the coroner was finished but they should have put the curtain thing around it. Wonder who’s idea it was to just leave it in plain sight – terrible.

      • I dunno about dying but this was a departure–this riff–from where he was last week. Yes, I think policing might be aggressive in Ferguson–but it protects more than it harasses, probably. I think the force was overequipped and undertrained, but I don’t know. Sure, look into it. This was the first person killed there–ever, I think. So it’s not a pattern in Ferguson. We don’t know both sides and we can’t read minds. I say let it lie–and that willl happen anyhow since everyone will move on.