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Ben Carson Batters Jesse Jackson with Logic

I thought you might want to see this debate about Ferguson between the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Dr. Ben Carson, who may decide to run for president. They appeared together yesterday on Fox News Sunday.

You can see from this conversation why Carson would be such a compelling candidate. And oh, how nice it would be if African Americans would listen to him instead of people like Jackson and Al Sharptongue.

Carson’s message, at its core, and less politely put by me, is that while yes, there is still some racism and racial profiling out there, the overwhelmingly effective thing young black men can do to avoid adverse encounters with the police is to commit fewer crimes. And that will require a serious self-examination by African Americans and significant cultural changes.

Carson said:

I’m not sure that this is a police versus black community issue . . .

If you take race out of the issue altogether, and you take a group of young men and you raise them with no respect for authority, not learning to take on personal responsibility, having easy access to drugs and alcohol, they’re very likely to end up as victims of violence or incarceration. It has nothing to do with race.

So, yes, is there racism? Are there problems? Yes. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. But we need to start looking at bigger issues here.

Why do so few of our public leaders have the courage of Dr. Carson to deliver the bad news to African Americans that change will have to be worked for and must come largely from within? Instead, you have people like Al Sharptongue pedaling the easy, happy message – to plaudits from the White House and the media – that someone else is responsible for the pain in the black community.

Instead of a serious solution, we get this kind of thing from PBS’ Gwen Ifill on Meet the Press – talk of a new civil rights movement – as the other panelists nod their heads in ponderously politically correct agreement.

Carson cares enough about black people and their current plight to offer them the truth – and take the heat for it. Why so few others?

You’ll notice in the video below that Jackson brings up Rosa Parks. THAT WAS 60 YEARS AGO. Please, Rev. Jackson, go to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis – I’ve been there, it’s superb – if you want to revel in the glory days. In fact, while you’re there, stand yourself up as an exhibit.

Racism in America was once the significant cause of black disempowerment. No longer. While the current pitiful state of black culture is the legacy of America’s sad history of racial discrimination and slavery, efforts to atone with white largesse via federal and state welfare programs have only made things worse for African Americans.

The best thing the government can do is eliminate the disincentives for work and get out of the way. Liberals, stop killing black people with your generosity and good intentions. It only makes you feel better, not them.

VIEWER WARNING: Portions of this segment are difficult to understand because it seems that as Rev. Jackson ages, his lower teeth are migrating straight into the upper palate of his mouth, with the result zhat heesh talking shomshing like zhish.

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  1. I have a lot of respect for Dr. Carson.
    I he does run, they will tear him apart.
    The logical issues he brings to the table are directly against the ‘gimme’ entitlement mentality.
    Herman Cain espoused hard work also and you remember what they did to him.

    • I don’t know. They LOVE to riot — its fun for them. I say mow them down. (bad girl, I know). But they shouldn’t have this free rein to riot and steal and burn and loot. Why should they? Who the hell do they think they are? Obama never said really much about riots, he actually encouraged them with his words. Do you believe that a President would do that? Its true and amazing and he is the worst.

  2. Gwen Iffil still makes me growl. She was presented to us as neutral during the last election. She’s about as “neutral” as Donna Brazile, who also makes me growl.

    • Jesse Jackson is a RACIST! along with Gwen Iffil, Donna Brazile and Juan Williams…

      In other breaking news the sky is also blue…

    • she was actually writing a hagiography–I mean book—about Obama when she served as a debate moderator. to the MSM, that’s not a conflict.

  3. It was frustrating that Carson’s video feed failed and he was subjected to being on the phone where you couldn’t see his body language. I thought the dialogue was lackluster and Carson gave Jackson way too much nice nice. I was expecting far more from Carson. Far more!

    I’d pay good money to see the two debate for a good hour or more. Questions submitted by US, the WHD readers.

  4. I saw both. Jackson was downturned, glaring…Ifill made no sense–she talked and talked and I thought, Wha? The new trope is the body was there too long–it was, no argument, but that does not make the cop guilty or even chargeable based on what we know or don’t know and it’s NOT the whole point–it’s a very gross and unfortunate side issue. But some people seem determined to keep this one flaming.

    • AP headline this morning…

      Michael Brown’s family says he was a ‘gentle soul’

      I’m guessing the shopkeeper and policeman would beg to differ.

  5. I have a question for the “Reverend” Jackson Sr.
    Did your son, Jesse Jr. ever sell that $43,000 Rolex watch, you know, the one he bought with “poor folks” money donated to his “campaign” fund ?
    The Court ordered restitution as part of Jr’s guilty plea so I’m just wondering if he’s done “justice” to his donors.

  6. Dr. Carson, Jason Riley, Charles Payne, David Webb and others are speaking out. too bad not too many others with a national platform are listening.

  7. “VIEWER WARNING: Portions of this segment are difficult to understand because it seems that as Rev. Jackson ages, his lower teeth are migrating straight into the upper palate of his mouth, with the result zhat heesh talking shomshing like zhish”
    You took the words righ’ outta my mout Keith.
    More and more the only thing Jesse Jackson is good for is a good laugh. The man makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
    I would hope and pray that the black community, especially those with money, power or a public platform would sit up and take notice of Dr. Ben Carson and the common sense he espouses.
    Sadly, I do not think it will happen any time soon. A large part of the black community has been hyponotized for so long by so many race hustlers as too what their history is, how they cannot get beyond it, how they deserve reparations and handouts, that they cannot think beyond that any longer. That would make anyone feel small, worthless and frustrated.

    • Feeling small, worthless, and frustrated I feel is a result of a lack of desire to elevate your position in the life that you are living.
      Opportunities abound, but you must pursue them.
      The effort is up to you.

      • Agree absolutely. However, when you are told and told and told that you cannot get ahead unless you have Affirmative Action, welfare, food stamps, “free stuff,” I believe after a while it will erode not only your confidence, but your desire to do anything positive for yourself. It breeds inertia.

  8. Hoping my favorite sarcastic pudge Cavuto was back, I went to Fox just now–but it was your bud Varney with our Superintendent of Edu John Huppenthal–H was blatting on just as if he were a sane person. Did Varney know about H’s tearful press conferences over his anon bigoted blog posts, etc. Prob not.

  9. What the press and the sympathizers in this and other “race as excuse” cases conveniently omit is that the so-called “victims”, had a history of thefts or burglaries – TM had been suspended and the school found tools in his locker along with the jewelry he had taken. As such the “victims” were always on guard, knowing that they could have been fingered, esp Brown who had just commited a robbery and strong armed the clerk who called the police. So he was on the lookout for police and one just happened to stop him and his friend as they were walking down the middle of the road. Now if he had stayed “cool”, been respectful, and just moved on, nothing would have happened. But, just like TM, he was defensive and combative thinking that this policeman stopped him because of the robbery. You couldn’t pay me enough to deal with the crap and criminals those police, and the teachers of these “kids” endure. When they act up and the parent(s) get called into the school, they blame the teachers and everybody but their kids. Failure to take personal responsibility for ones actions is not just relegated to these parents and their kids, political “leaders” and the media parasites are guilty of it as well.

    • he was defensive and combative thinking that this policeman stopped him because of the robbery

      Are you a mind reader? This is possible, but it has not been established, nor could it be.

      • Star,
        If you pop up over the top of a hill and see a traffic cop do you not instinctively dab the brakes? At least until you realize that you are running 2mph below the speed limit. ESPECIALLY if you are running 10mph OVER the speed limit.

        I drive almost 100k miles per year and am an ex-cop AND don’t drive like a caffeine crazed idiot. BUT I still get a little breathless when I meet a state trooper unexpectedly.

        Now imagine if you had just STOLEN an arm load of smoke…

        Yea, that kid was OFFENSIVE. The response of the local PD will become a manual on how not to handle a situation like this.

      • I’m not a mind reader, but if you had just committed a ROBBERY, wouldn’t you be defensive and nervous if a policeman stopped you right after the robbery? Just saying, common sense, not mind reading. THE GUY JUST COMMITTED A ROBBERY!!!! And the police stopped him right after? I give up.

  10. No one doubts blacks for the most part will always vote democrat but I have to believe his message will win some as well as a large majority of independents looking for a strong, ethical, logical, American loving candidate. Any shift of votes, no matter how small is a movement in the right direction.

  11. I have been following Ben Carson for some time now. He is quite
    interesting, and speaks about things like a real adult, although he
    is too nice to be president. I can just imagine what the MSM would
    do to him over time. The MSM does not give intelligent people the time of day, and you can believe they would spend most of their time trying
    to dig up dirt about him. I am so ashamed of our liberal media. I wish
    we had fairness.

  12. I am just plopping this in where it prob does not belong because I looked it up for another purpose. But so often, on here and elsewhere, I see great indignation bec immigrants cannot speak understandable English or are not entitled to buy potato chips with their cards, etc. There may be layers to this–in the end, the newcomer may suffer for not knowing Eng more than their coworkers or customers will. Just another viewpoint…

    I figure their Eng is sure better than my Spanish–in the case of AZ.

  13. I totally disagree with you Keith that ” the current pitiful state of black culture is the legacy of America’s sad history of racial discrimination and history.”

    I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s in a town outside the city limits of Detroit and went to school with many blacks. Most were no different than whites. They weren’t imbibed with the leftwing slave mentality and the biggest difference was they were RAISED BY BOTH A FATHER AND A MOTHER and MOST ATTENDED CHURCH.

    • Blacks were nicer then — so were whites. We all have our flaws but now its like all they want to do is riot — because they can — This riot in St. Louis was more like wilding. They enjoyed it too much and it was crazy for days and days, at others’ expense and I do mean, expense.

  14. I could never understand a lot of Jesse Jackson’s speeches. He speaks like nobody else. I think that he’s nicer than Sharpton though. Sharpton is getting worse too, his face is so distorted now, wrinkled and frightening. I can’t listen to him.