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    • Years ago when we went to Manila we were told before going to not drink the water, to always ask for bottled water.
      When we checked into our hotel we request that a bottle of water be sent up to our room.
      A few minutes later room service arrived with an empty whiskey bottle that had been filled with tap water….lol
      During the five days that we were there we brushed our teeth with 7-UP.

  1. Sippin’ the morning Joe, missin’ Keith…. But glad to have this group out there. Smart cohesive conversation that embraces liberty and loves our country.

    God Bless All


  2. The UK is facing a dilemma that could be upon the USA. How do we combat the drift of decent young men from the nest of democracy, freedom and justice to this plague called ISIS? Too many men are being coerced in to this life, as evidenced by the Foley beheading by a Brit, presumably.

    At the root is a sector of young men that are disgruntled with life, without work or education, seeking solace and acceptance. Could it be that this worldwide recession has a truly ugly side effect, and that is young men abandoning their familial society to seek life in another realm?

    Just as poor urban kids join gangs, isn’t this the same mentality, but on steroids?


    • And another note: the three suspects in the beheading, aka The 3 Beatles, all hail from the London region and readily admit they did it for money….not Allah, money. They are bragging that they can all retire with the recent ransom money they received for other hostages.

      So, lets cut to the chase. This proves that religion has no material foundation in IsIs. Its all about power and money, as we suspected. Soon we will see ISis commanders condemn the statements about money, but one day the true story will emerge.

      Back as far as time can remember, its never been about religion, always about men, power, treasure.


      • The picture of the terrorist with the Rolex on his wrist shows a bit of their wealth.
        As far as their nickname: Beatles. I would rather it be roaches.
        The songs of the Beatles remind me of a lot of things from years past. Mostly fun memories. Reminds me of picnics with the family with my dad who is now gone.
        On Fox a moment ago, they said he looked real tough with this strong man with hands tied and his face covered.

      • Men, power, treasure.
        Yes, it is the religion that appeals to certain men; murder, mayhem, and rape without consequence.
        An organization that rests on the premise that women are less than a farm animal, that others must bend to the will of the strong and violent, and great treasure is only a kidnapping or theft away.

          • I don’t understand. They are saying Foley was a jihadist? Which on its face is despicable. But the link goes to an article on Saudis and clerics and a cancer curse.

          • You’re right. It was there this a.m., but now I had to google
            Greenfield Foley Jihadist
            And I noted it’s from 8/19. I sure wish I had known about this before. It might’ve made a difference in trying to unravel all the craziness that has ensued, including the WH “revealing” (once again) an operation that went badly, much to the dismay of the Military and the CIA.
            (I wonder if this time the WH will offer a list of names of the personnel involved.)

      • But, think about it, how can someone take a knife and cut off someone’s head? Only a maniac would do that? They all must be taking a lot of drugs. Maybe these bloodthirsty horrors have something in their genes, passed on from generation to generation because Islamists have been killing for thousands of years. They think nothing of killing, they enjoy it, its what they have always done, you cannot be civilized and cut off someone’s head. We must stay away from these people, somehow. We must protect ourselves from the bloody maniacs. Don’t get me wrong, the drugs are not an excuse, just saying, they must take hard drugs to keep up the pace and the hate.

      • Sorry, Harv. I beg to differ. Maybe some of the jihadi wannabes from Europe seek money, adventure, bragging rights, power over helpless women – who knows? But deep, deep down, the most devout and therefore most dangerous muslims are driven by their fanatical beliefs.

    • My mother was from former Yugoslavia, and she always used to say after the country fell apart that it was because too many young men did not have anything else to do but fight each other.

    • Its also that young men are very impressionable, young women are too at a certain age, 19, 20’s. And they go after the ones that are bullies, I guess, and the testosterone is high. Parents today are working all the time, and these kids need a lot of talking to and loving from the parents. Today, people aren’t as patriotic as they used to be in the old days. Patriotism is the only thing that might save us. Impressionable, and they must be impressed with the right stuff over and over. My parents did a lot of that but that was years ago. We may be losing our beloved country forever this way.

  3. 6.0 in CA. Hope everyone is OK. I am not hearing of injuries. I just saw pictures of store items on the floor. There are power outages. The earthquake was near NAPA, CA.

  4. This work thing is really a bummer. Looks like I missed a helluva party yesterday.
    While I know we’re all wishing for the return of Keith’s wit and wisdom, what other website do you know of that could turn the keys over for the kids for the week and return to it basically the way he left it? Great links and threads throughout.
    Now here’s one to start off the morning. Maureen Dowd takes the Obama golf obsession to a new level as she weaves in an out of the Gettysburg address, Obama style:
    Coming from such a prominent liberal and Obama supporter such rebuke to any other person would cause a pause, rethink and “maybe I better tone it back a little”.
    But after watching Obama these past few years, I have every suspicion his narcissism will kick in and it will just embolden him to become even more aloof. He IS after all the Obama in front of those columns in Chicago, the one who received a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, the one who stood in Berlin before citizens of the world, the one who went to Cairo…….oh hell….he IS the one right? The one biggest, lying, corrupt, incompetent, pathetic excuse for a President this nation, or for that matter any western power in the modern era, has ever had.
    We endured Carter because it was only one term and the world was far more stable then than today. Not to mention we didn’t have environmental nuts in control of the Democrat party hell bent on strangling our economy to a stand still. How we survive the next 2 years without a serious terror attach and second financial meltdown is quite frankly, beyond me. And I’ve been following these types of messes for almost 1/2 a century.
    That said, enjoy Dowd’s takedown and have a great Sunday! lol

        • Coincidence?

          Of the Sunday shows this morning, Rand Paul was set to appear on both Face the Nation and Meet the Press. Both of those shows were preempted to cover the NoCal earthquake. (CBS went to a kids tennis show afterwards, while NBC stayed with the earthquake coverage.) ABC — not offering Rand Paul a podium — stuck with their regular programming (including David Plouffe to defend Obama’s optics), then went to earthquake coverage after “This Week”.

          Intentional blocking of Rand Paul? Or just coincidence?

          • Rand Paul. meh. Trying hard to be the Libertarian Candidate disguised as a Republican. Like Rubio earlier — too soon out of the gate. Wobbly sea legs.

          • Clarification:

            I was in California when I watched the Sunday shows. Per the comments below, much of the rest of the country did not have “Face the Nation” and “Meet the Press” preempted.

    • I enjoyed so much reading that last night. Having never cared for Maureen Dowd, I may now give her a second look.
      That was a great satire.

    • Okay, if Maureen Dowd, of all people, thinks he’s golfing too much, he’s REALLY golfing too much.

      Not because Dowd is the final authority on such things, but because she’s not. If even she is finally noticing, then by now, EVERYONE has caught on.

      With 200 rounds plus by the end of the summer a near certainty, the question is not whether Obama will hit 240 rounds, and thus out-golf George W. Bush 10 to 1, but when; from there, the next question is whether or not he can get to 300 by the time he leaves office.

      288–a “mere” 12 to 1 ratio–almost seems like a (pardon the pun) FORE!-gone conclusion. 300, now…THAT would officially make him a worthless playboy. Not even his staunchest defenders will bother trying to defend that one.

  5. As if this administration is not disrespectful enough… White House will send three (THREE) staffers to the Brown funeral. So that thug deserves three times the respect of General Green, murdered overseas by the enemy? Unbelievable.

    • I presume, as is the case throughout much of US history, that the Vice President will fulfill his role as representative of the President at the funeral of Michael Brown. /sarc

      Sarcasm aside, this is certainly much more public administration attention than was given to Mj. General Harold Greene.

    • Agree Artcat.
      This man spent a lilfetime devoted. I hope his family understand there are a great deal of people that appreciate his time served.

    • If only the WH press would grow a spine and demand an explanation from Mr. Earnest as to why Obama refused to even acknowledge the murder of General Green and the wounding of many soldiers while announcing that he will send 3 staffers to the funeral of a thug in Ferguson. It needs to be shouted to the rooftops that once again Obama acted on his own behalf by egregiously and reprehensively covering up a major news story. He is rotten to the core,

    • From whatI can see,, the reasoning, if you want to call it that is, African-Americans were dragged here as slaves, and because “they” are identifiable by skin color are now turned down for jobs, followed in stores in case they are up to no good, kill each other in drug wars, are feared by people of all colors in some cases, all this despite the many African-American statesmen, doctors, scientists, writers, and so oni–and as a result, an underedcuated fellow in the Midwest, fresh from shoplifiting and walking down the middle of a street, is entitled to refuse to get out of the street and perhaps even front out the cop. We don’t know what happened–but it went bad and it’s all the police’s fault because of history. Having said that–I do think it sounds like the police in Ferguson were undertrained and aggressive—as I said, enough blame to go around–only it won’t go around. That’s my prediction. Another anomaly of history.

    • What with dignitaries et al coming to the funeral, perhaps there should be a lying in state procedure — either in the MO state rotunda or if that a tad too grandiose (as if ever in this case) then perhaps a suitable government building in Ferguson.

      And what about a police escort?

      • As in most funerals: you have to die to get a police escort & ride through all the red lights on your way to the grave. So be it for mr fergie too.

  6. Ok Credit where credit is due. Juan Williams does rise to the occasion and not default to racism re. Ferguson and first, discusses black on black crime.

  7. Sat tv out for the minute so having to watch local off air TV.

    Stephanopoulos on ABC actually commented that the continuing golf looked bad. Wow. The divide widens…

        • Speaking of TV, watched a few mins of Meet the Depressed and that Chris Janssing woman was presiding. The Brit Ambassador to the US was so well spoken, had things to say, and spat it right out. I thought, that sentence alone would have taken Obama half an hour to say. Jansing seemed to not even hear him–just moved on…seemed rude. The black NYT gal restated the problems as usual–we all KNOW that, ma’am.

          • I think that when they are confronted by superior intellect they move on because they realize that they are outclassed.
            Typical liberal response to a conservative argument.

          • At lunch I went back to MTDepressed and that sneering Janssing was interviewing Rand Paul down in Guatemala doing free eye surgeries on people–he has done this since 1996. He brought a camera team and this little B-word was all about trying to show he was doing this for the Hispanic vote, all politics. I am not a Paul fan, but she really had the scalpels out. She is now on my OH NO list.

  8. I’m still mad that the Sec of Defense (Depends?) tells us we’re gonna get nuked, and surprise, the border is still wide-open.
    Never mind: the important thing is who’s going to the funeral? Don’t you wonder about Beyonce’ and whichever $$$$ thug she’s with these days?
    (Not that they all look alike, but I have trouble distinguishing between Kanye and Jay.)

  9. Now that the UK has identified the evil rapper monster who beheaded Jim Foley, it might behoove them to return to mideival times and the guillotine by holding a public beheading in the middle of Trafalgar Square. An eye for an eye….
    Treating these monsters as ‘criminals’ in the US judicial system is beyond stupid. They need to be exterminated from the face of the earth post haste. No trial – no mercy. Off with their heads. Easy-peasy. Cowards that they are – they will probably scatter like cockroaches.

      • For what it’s worth, the hajj in 2017 may work out to be sometime in early September. Nice timing for the next POTUS.

        I say, drop a city-buster on the place, wipe if off the face of the planet, send a few million ragheads off to collect their seventy-two, and make the world a more peaceful place for the rest of us. Enough is enough is enough.

        It took Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end World War II. And while those were indeed horrifying, they did prevent a full-scale invasion of Japan which would have killed many, many more.

        Islam wants to conquer the world. Period. Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant, or a liar.

        It is them or us. Period. So let it be them. And they won’t take us seriously, until we start doing to them, what they’ve been doing to us for centuries.

        They want to be martyrs? Fine. Let’s give them what they want.

  10. Something to consider about ISIS. They are transnational.

    Here’s just a little piece on ISIS largely jumping off from a Peggy Noonan article. It’s interesting that this is in a religious site and it does not discuss religion but evil and reach.

    Do not be deterred by the religious if you are no so inclined. It just points out ISIS’S slight differences from what has come before. And pretty much if the world doesn’t get a handle on this and fight it, it will be with us for a long time.Perhaps changing the face of America even more than Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation.

    ISIS could make Obama look like a lightweight as a destructive force.

  11. Just a little heartless snark:
    SanFran’s latest earthquake and the damage it produced will tax the snooty-tooty liberal’s warm feelings toward illegal aliens as thousands of hopeful workers descend on their enclaves ready to clean up the debris and rebuild their structures.
    As every street corner is staffed with illegal aliens wearing their plaid flannel shirts waiting for a nod from a prospective employer, the supportive upperclass of SanFran will see and experience what us lesser citizens have had to endure.
    Karma, baby – she’s a b*tch.

    • Watching news reports and videos of the damage from the latest earthquake:
      Really, people in California act like they live near a river in Egypt*.
      They are no more prepared for a major earthquake than Dippetytown, Iowa. Broken water lines, downed power lines, no water to fight fires, busted roadways, concrete falling from tall buildings, broken windows spewing glass everywhere, and so on.
      A sad video of a wine cellar with dozens of wine vats busted open on the floor should make a lot of vitners cry. They didn’t even have those valuable wine vats secured against earthquakes, and it’s not over as they wait for aftershocks of 5.0 or more.

      .*’de Nile

      • I heard this morning their was not enough water to fight the fires, they had to use water from swimming pools.
        I missed why their was a lack of water. I assume it was due to broken pipes.

    • Srdem, thousands of illegal migrants already live and work in Napa. They receive subsidized food and shelter because the vineyards depend on them for labor. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

      “Vineyard owners pay an assessment of $10 per acre to help house and feed migrant fieldworkers, a program that costs more than $1 million a year.”

  12. When we see those rare pics of Obama golfing, he always has a Nike logo on whatever he is wearing… Nike socks, Nike shirt… makes me wonder what kind of “deal” he has with Nike. Haven’t had time to really look into it, only found articles that Michelle seems to be making multimillion dollar deals with Nike for her Let’s Move thing. Sure hope They (Nike) are putting up the money, and it’s not the other way around (that WE taxpayers are giving Nike something!!!)

    • Artcat, I also noticed that Obama sports the Nike logo on everything he wears. He probably wears Nike whitey-tighties too. Does he have a sponsorship deal going on with Nike or what?

      Your comment got me a-googling … Apparently Obama also has a Nike golf bag full of Nike clubs. Take a look at the close-up pics in the article below.

      So, given that Nike donated $50 million to Michelle’s Let’s Moo-ve campaign, I’d say it’s fair to deduce that Obama’s duds and clubs are yet another one of his crony capitalist perks.

      Oh, and he doesn’t abide by the 14-club rule. Ah yes, It’s so good to be King.

      • Well, if Nike makes shirts and socks, surely they make some pants to replace his mom jeans…

        Also, maybe it was at Michell’s request that they donated to the “Let’s Move… Barack Out of my Way” movement so she can go her way and he can go his… lol…

        • LOL! …and yep, Nike does indeed make some manly-man jeans. Manufactured overseas, of course. Hey, you don’t suppose Obama would ever characterize Nike as an economic traitor (vs economic patriot) do you? Nah. Let’s just email (then delete) the IRS to ignore those offshore tax havens that Nike enjoys. Oh, and let’s not bring up the fact that Nike made $25 Billion-with-a-B, and still got a $2 Billion-with-a B tax break from Oregon (a 30-year tax deal made in 2012). Nope, wanna keep getting those sweet Nike duds and clubs, y’know.

          I suppose those donations to the O-King and O-Queen make Nike an economic patriot.

  13. For the first time in my life I’m caught up in the Little League World Series, today’s the World Champion game between a spunky team from….Chicago’s South Side ….. and South Korea. (2 or 3pm ET ?)

    Really fun to watch, too bad MO couldn’t make it to PA to cheer her hometown team, truly a positive light to come out of Chicago. If they win, I’m sure there’s a WH visit for them, and she’ll take all the credit, right?

    • I haven’t watched the games, but off and on see/read about that Chicago team. If anyone deserves a White House visit, it is those spunky little kids from the South Side. They earned it (as opposed to the spoiled richly paid professional athletes).

    • They are getting a parade in Chicago and a visit to the WH whether they beat South Korea or not. But for once, I ain’t complaining.

    • I am not up to speed on that. But in a recent news snippet I did see a young female pitcher who had made it to the LL final competition.

      I am for anything sports competition for young people that allows a winner.

  14. Hi everyone, Happy Sunday. On Fox this morning Obama people said Obama is coming back to the WH tomorrow (we all know that) but guess what! he’s going fundraising on Thursday. Why didn’t he do fundraising for that beautiful man, James Foley? Like France did for James Foley’s captive mate and got their guy out because they have feelings for their people, not like Obama who looks and acts like he’s dead and sounds deader. Where is his humanity, sorrow and grief for the American? Never for the Americans, he only has that for the enemies and because he is our enemy. Well, he’s got plenty of enemies now. Playing his kid games, golf, and disrespect for the parents and the dead man killed in the most horrible way imaginable. France got others out also, but not Jim Foley. And the guy that was in captivity with James Foley said this murderer with the knife beat him all the time because he was American. The parents should sue Obama for ignoring his pleas, just like the Ambassador in Benghazi, and the poor guy still in the Mexican jail. We get your message Obama, can’t wait until you leave the White House. You are hated now.

    The U.S. has plenty of money for Hamas terrorists, the American deserter and also plenty of money for the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. Obama says he doesn’t negotiate with terrorists, what a lie, he couldn’t help James Foley like small countries did for their hostages. And he’s going fundraising again Thursday to rub it in our faces. Everyday something else from these 2 crazy guys, Obama and Holder, they are not men, they are poor excuses for men.

  15. I just saw that the jihadists took a major Syrian airport. Someone had better get off his arse pretty quickly, or would he respond more quickly if I said pronto?

      • Why not Star — They would park on Israeli dead men, women and children if they could. They send the rockets so that Israel will kill them. Hamas wants Israel to kill them so that they can be martyrs. Wake up and smell the coffee. Hamas and the other animal Palestinians want only death for Israel, they want nothing else. They have could have built up and made beautiful where they all live, but they only spend money for weapons to kill Jews. They are Islamic sick animals and always will be with their death wish so that they can blame Israel. Dumb, ignorant murderers all of them. Israel should make them a parking lot already, its past time for them — they will never be good neighbors just out for blood.

  16. But…But…How are we gonna’ accurately keep Obama’s tee time count if your on vacation too? I do hope you have an aide minding that little detail.

    Also while you’ve been gone, it was reported that there was a severe security breach in the White House. Obama’s favorite putter was missing. However, after an extensive search it was found – Beneath his work desk in the oval office.

  17. I am a compassionate person and do not want to deny aid or assistance to anyone truly in need, through not fault of their own, and with not means of individual or family support. Times are tough.

    But there are vast — abuses of the welfare system. Last week I went somewhere and I was asked before processing my card if it was EBT, debit or credit — EBT acccepted into the national lexicon — and today I stopped at a gas station convenience store and when I processed my card there it was EBT or perhaps it said Food Stamps. If the truly needy are shopping in a gas station convenience store where prices are high — for the convenience — then something is wrong. Even the clerk, clearly not pulling down big bucks, just sighed and shrugged and said what can you do?

    Soon English will no longer be the official language and the dollar will not be the national currency. I am wondering when Barack Obama’s or Karl Marx’s visage will appear on currency, coinage or cards.

      • Lee, not to mention the ATM’s in strip clubs that give cash back when the EBT card is used.
        Govt said they would ‘look into it’ but we know how well that works out.

    • Was in line behind an EBT card user at my local Ralph’s recently…she couldn’t speak English and didn’t know how to slide her card to pay…held up the line for several minutes. Her basket was full of chips, cookies, soda and other refined delicacies.

      As I was leaving the parking lot in my car, I encountered her again as she left her empty shopping cart literally in the middle of the lot…blocking my way to the exit. I rolled down my window and asked her to move it – but, of course, I wasn’t speaking Spanish, so she just looked at me blankly and walked away.