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Obama Schedule || Monday, August 24, 2014

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:15 am || Meets with Defense Secretary Hagel
3:30 pm || Meets with senior advisors

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm

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      • Higher Ups? Like lieutenants and captain? I worked as a civilian (school teacher) and we had the rank of lieutenant…we were told in no uncertain terms that we were the lowest of the low.
        And we did not receive Pink Slips while serving in places like Libya where I had the pleasure of being for a school year.
        Obama has no concept whatever of the American Military and never will….

  1. This is not on the Presidential schedule as published. But it is on the pages of the National Enquirer — read by many of the “folks” and all information provided by Judicial Watch. Bush total expenditure for vacations $20 — almost the cost of the Obama junket. An accounting of the Obama vacations. And none to complimentary either. Coming to a check out stand ,where EBT cards are processed, near you.

  2. Probably the first Presidential Briefing in a long time.

    Meeting with Hagel — who will probably emerge with rope burns from being dragged across the carpet for having warned Americans of the ISIS danger.

    Senior Advisers –Clown car full of them.

  3. An interesting thought about Obama’s schedule — from a comment on the Little League World Series (won by South Korea):


    I hear the president is sending in Holder to Williamsport to investigate if Chicago’s civil rights were violated after the beat down (against their will) that South Korea put on them today…trying to see if the DOJ can pursue charges and award money damages and the LLWS title to Chicago for said violations!

  4. Don’t know where to put this. So I guess I’ll put it here.

    Turns out Sec Def Hagel did attend Gen. Greene’s funeral. There is a story about how the hoax was started about who did and did not attend. Hoax started by a ret. AF Col. and GITMO prosecutor, none to fond of what he calls right wing nut jobs, and carried by Legal Insurrection. Lax due diligence in sources.

    Here is the link.

  5. He won’t return to the White House at all, what are you talking about? Our lil’ Red will grab a jet and fly to Hawaii for more vacation and if we don’t like we can sue him! Or impeach him!

  6. He is meeting with Chuck Hagel this morning. It will be interesting to see if Hagel does an about face like General Dempsey did last night. Obama is probably not pleased with either of them.

    • Dempsey serves the man not the country at this point.

      I don’t know who it was but a retired Intell man called out the more subservient of the brass who spend their time shining Obama’s brass. Was a time when good men and women of conscience would step down rather than serve questionable authority at the expense of the country.