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Saturday Open Thread || August 23, 2014

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  1. Holy moly, could I be first in the door today? Peace to all, whether you are working or relaxing this week.

    We all need some peace,


  2. So the UFT ( United Federation Of Teachers) here in NY is publicly supporting Rev Sharpy’s march for justice for Eric Garner’s death on Staten Island this week. Basically it smacks the face of every NYPD member. Some teachers are outraged because their spouses are policemen.

    The UFT has 600,000 members. Will this blatant and overt political statement forge a crack in their union? And just imagine the mood of all those NYC cops in the NYC schools in a few weeks.

    Way to go UFT, its all about the kids, right?


    1. Rev. Al’s going to be a speaker at Michael Brown’s funeral on Monday. Man, this race agitatin’ is hard work.

      Surprised Garner’s death didn’t grab more national attention, Lawdy-Lawd Rev Al tried. Been following it on the Gothamist which is a local NYC internet newsie.

      For those who haven’t heard of him, Eric Garner, a large black man was put into a choke hold (by a white cop) for resisting arrest for selling illegal cigarettes on the street. He died as a result on the street. Rev Al’s been whipping up a frenzy ever since.

      1. i seen that on youtube, i could not believe,
        what i seen,
        so that is true,
        that why brain do work to good,
        because my nurse said it is all fake,
        so what happened to the poile men

    1. you know what,
      i do know english,
      maybe my grammar is not up so speed,
      but obviously you do not know what a stroke does to you,
      i was born in macclesfield, my old address
      ivy road,macclesfield
      then i move to chester,
      my address oakfield road, blacon, chester, and then i moved to london,
      my address , dartmouth road, forest hill, london,
      my mobile phone number 07913250782,
      you can track that, and proves that i english and proud
      all i wanted to know is what was happening in us, because what happens to your country does effect the uk,
      and i am really worried about this ww3,
      and i thought that the website i was using i had to put down, which is yahoo,
      i do not understand the other ladies comment .
      and i do apologies, and i am not a hacker, i am just understanding the computer,
      how do you prove who you are, with people who say your not english ??????

        1. Maria. One thing I do know. Publishing your private information, including your phone number is never a good idea on the web. You will need to protect your personal information.

          It is fortunate for you that this is an ethical site. In the future don’t do that.

          It’s a free country still. Keith Koffler owns the blog. He has control over it. Say what you have to say and if other people have a problem with you they will let you know. You can choose to respond to that or not.

          1. Hell no !
            Keith owns it.
            I didn’t take out the liquor cabinet, you did.
            All I did was send you the hammer.
            People come and go in there.
            One appears and then poof, they’re gone.
            Take the pillows and the throw with you the next time you visit.


        That is EXACTLY how the Obamas view this. They look at it as if they won the lottery, and they are determined to enjoy their winnings to the fullest as long as they can. Obama looks at the Presidency from the viewpoint of how it serves him – never from the viewpoint of how he can serve the nation.

        1. This is a man who has never done a lick of real work in his entire life. He has no idea whatsoever what work is! And he’s lazy. So, the weight of the crown is heavy. Michelle has also been vocal about how much she hates the job of First Lady.

          Obama and Michelle feel that they DESERVE vacations as compensation for all they have to put up with. We owe it to them! Spit.

        2. I believe that BO and MO never wanted to the Presidency and certainly not the First Lady situation.

          They were persuaded to accept them in order to facilitate the goals of the extreme left. BOMO feel they did us a favor — the perks are their reward for their suffering.

        3. Yes! He doesn’t care — wants to hurt us, I just know it. There is something really wrong with this “presidency” Him and Holder are ploltting things and laughing about it. These two are off the wall crazy! This too shall pass and we shall survive, They should go to jail for treason against the American people.

  3. Just wondering why there have been no photos of Mooch on her MV vacation after those horrendous photos that the Daily Mail had of her on the bike. Has she been spirited off to have full body lipo? Has she decided to leave her “man”? Anyone know where she is hiding? O just spends each day on the golf course, obviously avoiding family time. Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. I had wondered where M was myself. Has there been any sightings of her since the first days of the vacation? I was also wondering if she was having some body modifications made…

    2. I get a kick about the media dutifully calling it a “family vacation.” I don’t know who takes a family vacation and golfs every day the sun shines.

      you know, w/o his family.

      His daughters are certainly old enough to golf – my parents took me all the time.

    3. august seems to be MO’s spa and “rejuvenation” month. she’ll appear soon with a “refreshed” face. I bet this time it will be her chin.

    4. Judging from that pic of Mooch on the bike, it looks like all of her ‘alterations’ have returned to their original ugliness and then some. And the pic of her at the Beyonce concert is really a doozy. The camera never lies.

    5. Sassy, love those quotation marks on “man”….always wonder about that one…LOL
      I think the fruity admiral who tried to walk back Chuck Hagel’s and General Dempey’s surprisingly candid remarks that they made about the threats of ISIS on Thursday in his presser on Friday may be Bam’s cousin on his mother’s side.

        1. The issue to me is not her looks, etc. it is her attitude, most of the time she has a mad look on her face. As far as her cloths, that is another issue altogether.
          If I were the First lady, I would get rid of my jogging shorts and favorite T-Shirt, I where around the house.

          1. Exactly…as First Lady, you need to “represent.”
            You do that adequately and appropriately by hiring professionals who will advise you on how to accentuate your positives and disguise your negatives.
            Then, you LISTEN to those experts and then, FOLLOW their advice.
            I cannot imagine that ANYONE would advise her that “boob belts” are an attractive, appropriate fashion statement.
            I will not criticize her physical appearance. Most real women are not beauty queens (no pun intended.)
            However – her lack of appropriate fashion sense is appalling for a women in her position.

          2. It’s why I read Laura Bush’s bio through her FLOTUS years, lots of interesting backstories in the WH. I kept screaming through the book MICHELLE NEEDS TO READ THIS !!

            Laura’s FLOTUS activism and projects stemmed from her experiences as a teacher and librarian in TX inner city schools which ultimately led to her literacy projects as TX Gov first lady. They were so successful she brought them to the WH.

            While the media was so busy beating up her husband, did you know she rallied corporations, publishers and sponsors to replace all the books that were damaged in the public schools and libraries in NOLA after Katrina ?

  4. A lot of times I will go to FBN for news. But it doesn’t really matter. There are talking empty heads everywhere. Discussing the border. Here’s my question. How can any country even question securing their borders? Borders are critical to sovereignty.

    We have closed our borders in the past. Now might be a good time to do so again. Close them. Secure them. Have legislation to deal with illegal immigrants within the country. I’m pretty black and white on the issue. Illegal is illegal. Deport them . Understand that others don’t feel the same way. It just seems that we are incapable of solving this problem unless we clear the deck.

    And I am pretty sure the COC and the high tech industries can survive the closings.

    By the way Bulls and Bears now has a resident blonde lib Sascha. And she is a simple minded person.

    1. They keep saying we are expecting another round, large group or people to come across the border. Stop right there!
      Everyone is on vacation. O, Congress, etc. ( I forgot where Biden went), and nothing is being down to be sure the next round don’t skip over the border.
      People is there anyone left representing our best interest here?

      1. Maybe. Bulls and Bears I watch only sporadically. I know the men on that regular panel moreso. I did not know Maria was on a panel. Usually she’s a solo. When she first surfaced at CNBC I liked her well enough.

        Actually I really liked Varney with Charles Payne at 9. Then they replaced it with Maria and now Varney is at 11 and Charles has his own show at 6 so he is on Varney less and less. Varney at 9 with Charles was a good summary for me.

        Oh well.

          1. They all make their living by being “ON” TV.
            Charles Payne? I like him, but he is still ON TV.
            I have no idea how much of their verbiage is scripted and how much they play to the camera.

          2. Feeling safe yet peeps?

            Let’s before I took off for a long swim and a fab lunch — we only had the illegal crossers, the race baiters, ISIS, and Russia in Ukraine. Now post lunch I see we have sent a second carrier to Asia.

            China, also smells weakness.

            Blood in the water.

          3. Charles Payne is my fave. Incredibly smart and well-educated. His Wall Street Strategies Morning Commentary is the first thing I look for in my inbox.

          4. Love Varney and Payne. I remember when Charles Payne “took” us on a tour of his boyhood neighborhood in Harlem. I do listen to these kids who pulled themselves up by the bootstraps overcoming poor backgrounds, working hard and becoming successful.

          5. Agree….like and respect them both. Charles is such a good model for young people, black and white. Varney to me proves how wonderful a Brit can feel about becoming an American.
            I never watch Marie on FBN because of timing but I always enjoy her Sunday show on FNC.

    2. Grace, those who question securing their borders do not believe in any borders. They believe we live in an “global community”.

      Community = from the Latin “communis”, common, public, general, shared by all or many.

      It’s a beloved socialist concept of the “Progressives”.

      This concept is also at the root of Obama’s foreign policy. For example, the international community should come together to defeat ISIS. Which also translates into “leading from behind”.

      1. I just saw an article on Obama’s very frequent use of the expression “international community”. Sorry, I can’t remember where, but it labeled that expression a straw man.

    3. Remember when Nancy Pelosi proclaimed that the U.S. and Mexico are a “community with a border running through it” ? How dare anyone create a border to disrupt this peaceful community! Ugh.

      No border = no illegal aliens.

    4. The border open is so dangerous. Why can’t Congress override Obama and close the border? If its going to hurt us, why not? Or is everything political, like, do the Republicans want all of us to get hurt for politics and thats why nothing is being done to challenge the open border? Don’t you feel like there is no one doing anything intelligently for the safety of the American people, leaving us wide open to terrorism for politics on both sides? These loonies in government, Reid, Obama, Holder, Pelosi, the nutty V.P. No one will be happy until we get a bomb in Washington and other big cities, if they don’t close the borders. Spite work in the Spite House. Go Obama, doing a fine job, loonie, spiteful fine job.

  5. I’m wondering if Holder called for a criminal investigation on the death of Jim Foley because whenever there’s an on-going investigation, the administration claims that they cannot answer any questions because there is an on-going investigation.

    1. Correct Julie!
      I mentioned the other day, I am so fed up with their “INVESTIGATIONS”
      When they state that they leave out these words:
      To know where!
      I feel that Keith and my fellow readers do more investigating,
      well researching,reading and discussing the issues, than they do.


    In case you missed the story, Tiffany Bruce, the owner a of life-sized statue of president procrastinator had to go to the hospital and claimed, “I couldn’t breath” when she saw that her prize possession was stolen from her front porch. The POS (piece of statue) was found in a local park, sitting on a bench with a six-pack of Twisted Tea and a cigarette dangling from the mouth.

    Seems to me that a BENCH WARRANT should have been issued years ago for failure to show up in the WH. ; )

        1. Who does that? A life size statue?

          Anyway, I think it’s funny. It wasn’t vandalized. It was just put in its proper place — where pigeons poop.

  7. Great comments and thoughts on Obama, Sharpton, Ferguson, border and all in the thread this morning, so rather than try to top what can’t be topped I’m inserting an extra special, intrusional, blog pimp alert:
    Friday Follies, Special Saturday Back to School Edition
    Yes, it’s a link back my lil Corner of the planet, but at the bottom are several links to public school lunacy that has ALREADY happened and we’re not even two weeks into the new school year!
    Curious to hear any recollections from the gang on their own schools of years past (Yes, I know many of us here are close to Medicare age than graduation age) and what you’re seeing in your own school districts, then vs now.
    Gotta go out on a bill paying call so won’t be able to live comment back but rest assured, while I’m out in the sauna of S/W MO these next few hours I’ll be wishing I could! lol
    Have a great weekend all.

    1. I tried to scroll down to search for your Special Saturday Back To School Edition.
      Geoff you mention you were stepping away, so if you cannot reply I would appreciate a fellow reader to let me know where it is on his site.

      1. Look on the right hand side…there is a “box” entitled “Recent Posts” – look for “Friday a Follies – Special Saturday Back to School Edition” and click.

        1. Great article. It should be given to every parent. At least to teach their children to study as hard as they can.
          Dicipline in school. Hardly allowed anymore.
          My memory of Sister Jude remains today. If I misbehaved,
          Example: Talking to Mary while sharpening my pencil. (I was sharpening it for quite some time) Sister Jude yelled out:
          Fruitcake get away from the pencil sharpener. Now understand I did not get my feelings hurt. I knew I was doing wrong. If I would have gone home and whined to my mother about getting fussed at. My mother would have punished me as well and may have called me a fruitcake as well.
          All kids today in school know what type of limits teachers have. By the way years back, I tried to find Sister Jude to thank her. I did not do so in 5th grade, I could not find her.
          However my grades were great, so I would think that would be thanks as well.

  8. Just wondering if FOX news is deliberating trying to sabotage its viewers. Just tuned in to catch the headline news and was overwhelmed at the sight of Uma (whatshernames). Do they have a hair, make-up and wardrobe dept.? Doesn’t look like it.

  9. Everyone, there have been questions about a commenter, Maria, but I think she is legitimate. Hacker comments generally fit a pattern that hers do not conform to. She may, as she says, have a disability that affects her writing.

    1. Don’t know if she’s a hacker or if she were, what her purpose would be, but her posts are inconsistent–wacky, then spelled OK, don’t know if it’s a stroke–but she is not doing much besides calling attn to herself. When you call her out, it’s all about how impaired she is. I lost interest. I like the Eur view–I miss Swedish Lady, for instance. But this gal is not that edifying.

  10. I also noticed during a brief inspection that the liquor cabinet has been busted apart and turned into a cot. As long as none of the liquor has been damaged, this is no problem. I can nap on the cot between posts and will purchase a new liquor cabinet.

    1. Here’s the thing; (BTW, it wasn’t my fault) there were several people involved in somehing that I didn’t see happen, but I did hear someone mention a hammer, or a rerun of MickHammer, PI was on the TV.
      My attorney, Hiram Suesalott, says that if you want more information then I’m gonna need immunity, maybe Witness Protection (I’d like somewhere nice-I like Vegas).

        1. Here’s the thing. I took a bottle of “scotch” and I replaced the “scotch”. Now I byob.

          But AFVET left a hammer there. I used the hammer to break out of mod jail. I DID NOT use the hammer to bust up the liquor cabinet as he has accused me of doing.

          However, next time I was there AFVET had built a cot. And I added some pillows and a throw — which you might enjoy Keith. Mean ole’ AFVET was very disparaging about that contribution.

          As a matter of fact, he has been kind of a snark shark about the whole thing. In my opinion. Which is an important opinion because after all I BYOB and I did the pillow/throw thing — not for my own comfort,of course, but for the comfort of all who might find themselves in a similar position.

          BTW Keith, that cot that AFVET built — rickety. Just sayin’

          1. I hope I am as welcomed to enjoy any bottle I may find.
            As far a Maria.
            I was in a major crash years ago. Died on the scene, in coma for weeks. Back than it hurt my short term memory. My memory did get better. Not the same, but a lot…. better.
            So I will enjoy hearing from her, as I do everyone else on this site.
            Hey Keith, Great hearing from you as well.
            As always with a great comment!

          2. The cot is rickety because all I had to work with was small pieces after SOMEONE smashed the liquor cabinet to smithereens.
            Don’t be throwin’ me under the bus.

          3. Really? You accused me of smashing the liquor cabinet. And you said kinda’ mean things about me and my pillow and throw contribution.

            Reduced me to tears you did. Tears I say!

            But, you can win me back. :) Or I can be bought. A cookie or two tossed my way has been known to be appreciated.

            And since Keith might be using the cot, I would be willing to bring you some quality wood more deserving of your skill.

          4. But….you accused me of smashing the liquor cabinet. I extended a hand.

            And now I have to worry about cookies — maybe Colorado cookies — that could be laced — and lead to self defenestration from mod jail.

            Resilient? I think not. I will remain vigilant.

  11. Obama does driveby announcements.

    I kinda’ do drive by tv. Mostly it’s set to classical music throughout the day and then if the spirit moves I might click. Well, most recent click showed a headline Obama orders (or something) review of police equipment.

    We realize of course that the the meme here is the police are overmilitarized in America,and while occasionally using that against white people, we all know that it is really used against the blacks. /sarc

    Personally I don’t want the fed looking at and determining what my local police have. Local police, local government, local voters.

    But , as I said, this was my driveby news. Perhaps I misunderstand. And if so I denounce myself.

    But I just see this really as part of the “plan”.

  12. ” LiquorGate ” Special Prosecutor Batson D. Belfry has assigned Fearless Fosdick as Chief Investigator into the break in of the WHD’s liquor cabinet, now referred to as LiquorGate.
    Don’t worry folks, I don’t know nuttin’ .

      1. Fearless Fosdick–hah. Speaking of past icons, my sister, long a “he’s doing his bester,” said today that nobody liked Obama anymore and playing golf while those people spoke about their poor son was disgusting. Remember Our Miss Brooks and the principal Mr Boynton…how he would say, Reaaalllly? That’s what I felt like saying.

  13. Amerli, Iraq has been without/low on water and food for over 2 months. Fox stating that they are facing Massacre from ISIS.
    While I note that terrible bit of news. I would like to ask if anyone has learned how the Thousands of people are doing that ran for their life off the mountain?
    O sure does have a busy catch up to do when he gets back.
    A stack of newspapers and a laptop will be placed next to him on his way home.

  14. On BBC World there has been a series on the Ottomans Europe’s Muslim Emperors. I think it is called. It’s the final on now.

    It’s simple, but good informational stuff. I want to watch it because it deals with the European / Middle Eastern Muslims.

    If you get a chance and your history is a little weak it’s a good broad sweep.

  15. I have never been a fan of Maureen Dowd but her piece that satirizes Obama with Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is amazing. She may be a good Democrat but she does see what a phony we have in the White House….or should I say on the golf course?

    1. Thanks Anne.

      Yikes. Good Stuff.Either Maureen has also been in Keith’s liquor cabinet, or she is going to wish she was by the time the Left gets done ripping her to shreds with this article.

    2. She’s written a few pieces critical of Obama, but let’s not forget that she is one of the folks who went so far to get him elected. imho, they have a lot to answer for. A few critical pieces doesn’t do it for me.

  16. This past week was entertaining for many of us.
    Here is the tally of the comments.

    Total,…1068 comments as of midnight EST.

    Well done Keith.
    Your site is obviously very attractive, and has attracted many of the most informed people that I have had the privilege to engage with.

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