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  1. Strategic Assessment from Hagel ….”we must prepare for everything”. This ought to be good.

    Apparently someone told Hagel who might have informed the President that ISIS is a “threat” and we need a “plan” that “we must prepare for everything”. And then , of course, it might be wise to formulate a plan of action.

    Yep, top men.

    • Another clueless response from the clueless administration. We don’t want to hear “we must prepare”, we want to hear “we are ready, we are prepared to protect our country and interests”.
      As head of the DoD, this dude hasn’t a clue how helpless, inept, and confused he sounds. The men and women who protect our country deserve better leadership.
      Our enemies must be having a good laugh at the dummies in charge in DC.

      • Holder thinks the response is to hold a criminal investigation of the Foley beheading. It reminds me of Ft. Hood: it’s not terrorism but ordinary, garden-variety crime. Maybe they will find that it was workplace violence? And Holder is only doing his boss’s bidding.

      • There are 50 agents sent to Fer.
        I would like to know how many agents handling ISIS.
        If they cannot give exact amount, they should at least make it appear that we have “many” on the job dealing with ISIS.
        General Keane on Fox just stated we need more than the airstrikes and advisors to handle ISIS.
        By the way the Pope called Mr. Foley’s parents.

      • Watching the news this morning — something I have pretty much stopped doing — makes it clear that there is no cohesion on the part of the Administration, the Pentagon, and Intell organizations. Really a mess. And they seem to be working it out in public — not good.

        • Grace, good observation. The issues that should be out in the open are kept secret by this administration, and yet issues vital to the security of our nation and citizens are discussed as you said.

          Anyone notice lately about previous issues making front page news? Even the boarder issues have taken a back pack posting. And yet we’re wide open on the border and think of all the infiltration of militants and agents who have received a free ticket to slip into the US undetected.

      • He has nothing but contempt for our military. He has totally gutted it. We are not ready and our enemies know it. Everytime he gets off AF One and a Marine, who probably would like to shoot his ass, has to return that salute, my blood boils. He will get his, one of us will not do it, but someone will.

        • I hope you are right Bonnie. It seems he gets away with everything. He must be taught a lesson. I only hope that he wakes up about how he acts like a 12 year-old with that golf stuff, but I don’t think so. The way he runs back to golf day in and day out proves that he is mentally and emotionally challenged. He must be impeached and thrown out.

      • We need to bomb them into dust then lay some napalm on top so no one will go near them. That is they only way to stop them. Would not surprise me if they have not already cross our secure southern border…

        • What the ISIS nut jobs need is a huge dose of Rolling Thunder, using B-52’s to carpet bomb them into molecule-sized remains. They need to be bombed until the mere sound of an aircraft flying over their heads will cause them to drown in their own flop sweat. We could do that but, with the current character in the White House, we won’t. Obama wants to “contain” ISIS. Yea, that’s his whole plan.

          On your other point, I have no doubt whatsoever that ISIS is aware of Obama’s Open Door policy on our southwest border, and that they are pouring into our country by the bucketful. This won’nt end well.

          • All of the above been watching a series on Vietnam and
            they had some serious ordinance to use. I liked the C130
            Spooky tricked out to the max low slow and deadly. We used them in the beginning in Afghanistan Steve Harrigan
            was reporting and he said it scared the devil out of the
            locals. I doubt they wouldn’t be as lethal as the newer stuff but it would be a surprise for sure drag it all out and use it
            all till ISIS is just a bad memory like Obama.

          • During the Benghazi attack, the Navy Seal was imploring to the command,….where is the Specter ?
            The C-130 Specter was the support that was requested and never showed up because of the stand down order.

            The firepower of that aircraft will level a normal house within minutes.

          • Here’s a bit more history Lizzy.
            The forerunner of the C-130 Specter was Puff.
            A C-47 outfitted with a deadly side mounted gun.
            It got the name ‘Puff’ from the song that Peter, Paul, and Mary sang, Puff the Magic Dragon.

          • Thank God we simple folk have a knowledge and
            appreciation for our military and the awesome use
            in history. I doubt Obama knows what a C130 is or
            the ever popular Daisy Cutter.

          • My best friend in the USAF was a C-130 Specter pilot who flew up and down the Ho Chi Minh Trail, flying out of Thailand. They called him Mad Dog because he took far too many chances (IMHO) on his missions. He would tell me stories of what he did that just defied belief, but they were true. He’s passed now, died in a crash trying to land a supply C-130 in a remote Alaska base.

          • Did he note his experience at all?
            That of course was history, for his family and future generations.
            I have seen a documentary, that showed hundreds of letters, thoughts, from military of wars past

          • Lee, he had two sons, and one of them and I have pieced together quite a bit of information–from personal knowledge, unit history, talking with some of his crew members. His son, as far as I know, has put it all together in a readable format, but I haven’t seen it yet. Good question you asked, and reminds me that I should contact the son and see where he is at on the project.

    • I’m repeating myself….but the only plan of action Obama has is increasing his own SS detail and hiring SWAT to protect him 24/7. Oh, and ramped up security at the golf course. Members are now being frisked and body searched.

    • Hope everyone had a chance to watch the MoJoe interview with the parents of Jim Foley. The strength and faith of this family is unparalleled. It’s easy to see where their son acquired his strength, love and compassion for humanity.
      Pope Francis called the Foley’s and they spoke for 20 minutes! Extraordinary – the love that is pouring out for this remarkable family.

      Obama could learn a lesson in humanity from this family and their martyred son. Instead, he shows his callous disregard for his fellow man by high-tailing it off to the golf course. This country has been cursed!

    • Hagel has to travel to one of the golf courses in Martha’s Vineyard to tell him so as Obama may has not read the news papers on his vacation.

  2. This is an ungodly hour to bring up the subject of unspeakable atrocities such as beheadings, but there is a direct correlation between the savages of ISIS and the equally savage Mexican/Central American drug cartel savages.
    For years, we have been reading about heinous beheadings everywhere from posh resorts in Cancun to school yards in Mexico City. Heads placed on bridges, sticks, and front yards.

    My point in bringing up this subject is that these very atrocities have been popping up in the US recently, primarily in border states. AZ has had beheadings and kidnappings, along with CA and TX. It all seems to be related to the violent drug cartels that have infiltrated this country,
    How long will it be before ISIS and the cartels form a merger and start ramping up their thriving business in this country? The new form of ‘terrorism’ might well turn out to be ‘ransom kidnappings’ in the US. And we know they mean business!

    The first step in eliminating ISIS and the threat posed to this country is to impeach Obama for defying our immigration laws and ordering de facto amnesty for millions of invaders.

    Another comparison to ISIS is the kidnapping for ransom in Mexico and other Latino countries. The more benign kidnappings are called ‘freeway express’ – relatively small ransom demands for average citizens. Incredibly, most regular travelers to Mexico now purchase ‘kidnapping insurance’! It’s a booming business both for the kidnappers and for the ins. companies. Who woulda ever thunk it? Kidnapping insurance!

    • What these these events reveal is that the savagery of man does not get obliterated. We have not “progressed”. Absent Western enlightenment, and similar, man resorts to the barbarism we like to pretend is in our past.

      whether it’s in Detroit, or Ferguson, or Mexico, or the Middle east. Those who like to criticize “Western Society” and religion, are criticizing the very forces which have advanced our humanity.

    • Guards are sent to Fer. One man (Gov) feels it is needed as well on the border.
      By the way they made a big announcement the night before.
      We are going to pull the guards out.
      They could have at least pretended they were there by saying we are pulling some, but will leave others off sight for now.
      Thankfully not much happen there yesterday.
      I was just afraid by telling the looters and theives no guards, was not a good move at that time.

      • The looters are running out of places to steal from. Media outlets are pulling out so I think the out of town thieves will go soon…there will be no Grand Jury response till October.

        • Agree. It’s a small town with a short business district.
          The ‘out-of-towners’; yeah some might be from neighboring towns and cities, but the others are just reflecting the mobile population and those with actual IDs.
          Let’s be real here; if someone has a warrant in another city, they move. They don’t establish a residency, don’t get a new driver’s license, and don’t register to vote either.

          Anyone who has every watched the TV reality show “48 Hours” knows that leaving town is a common thing for criminals. The smart ones, of course.

    • The Mex/cartel is alive and well in Chicago.They are providing the heroin and cocaine to the Af/Am gangs in Chicago.
      Earlier this year 2 fine illegals were discovered dead, minus their heads.Chicago’s had is share of ugly crimes, dismemberment, bodies in sewers, but never just beheadings. Seems the 2 decedents had a falling out with rivals over distribution rights, so 3other fine chaps, also illegals, ended the dispute by a little torture and chopping.The drug trade in Chicago , as elsewhere is very very lucrative and a direct cause of the gang violence. That and just plain grudges.

      • Beheadings are a specialty of MS-13. And these drug dealers are pouring into the country by the hundreds (according to early reports, before the Obama administration began censoring the news coming out of the mess on the border). All thanks to Obama’s Open Border policy.

      • What side of Chicago is that going on, Cisco? My son is in Logan Square and works in the Loop. The Tribune wont let me read the paper unless I pay so I read the SecondCityCop BlogSpot a few times a week to see what’s going on.

        • My apology for answering your question so late Carol.
          The murders I mentioned in earlier were in the Edgewater neighborhood. Roughly Sheridan Road on the East, North Broadway on the West, slightly North of Hollywood Ave.
          The Green Mill Lounge, a jazz and blues cocktail lounge is in the same area. The lounge draws jazz & blues fans from all over Chicago & suburbs, not a violent neighborhood at all.
          Logan Square? What a small word! We’re almost neighbors, I’min Avondale, a short bus ride from Logan.

    • I fear you could be right. The cartels have worked with other terrorist organizations for years. Since ISIS is so well funded, the money incentive is there.

    • The first mistake in Ferguson was not setting up curtains at the crime scene. Maybe the department don’t have them but they definitely need them. I understand why they could not move Brown but the onlookers do not.

    • I sure hope there is an ER report and photos of the officer’s face and fractured eye socket. There should not even be an indictment if the little thug attacked him and tried to get his gun. Police also have ‘evidence’ that Brown’s fingers came into contact with the officer’s gun.

  3. We seem to be talking about the ME terrorists and the Mexican cartel terrorists. A while ago I started watching this series called the Bridge. It comes on a channel where I am FX. I don’t remember the day or time. Pretty much you can go into whatever you have and watch the reruns etc from there.

    It’s tv but it’s pretty disturbing. About two officials,one Mexican and one American (woman) they work and cooperate on opposite end of the bridge (El Paso I think). It is graphic and the brutality of the cartels, the intermingling of that with the Mexican government, etc. is pretty well represented. So much so, that it took me some time to decide that I would see this through. It was dark.

    Just like with the Vice News documentary on IS — this stuff makes the point of not just how pervasive and dangerous these elements are but how it is so much on the streets and in people’s lives. The total immersion or absorption of it into society is intense.

    We are just beginning in this country to see what it’s like to have a some of our laws and privacy violated. It can get worse if we don’t fight back.

    These are serious threats,and this Administration devotes its time to remaking the internals of America according to its ideology rather defending us from serious threats coming from abroad and across our open borders. If the national security of the US is one of the Chief Executives duties, we are on a course of Big Fail.

    • The Bridge. Yes, it’s dark, violent, and stunning.
      The message is that corruption corrupts everyone, even those not involved. The fear of retaliation is real, both here in the US and in Mexico.
      It’s hard to watch sometimes, for sure.

      • Yes. We are safe in many ways because we have two oceans on either side (borders being another issue all together). Some of us have been to places in the world that just makes us even more grateful for the extraordinary freedom we have. If more Americans could see the world and how some people really live in fear, day in and day out, they might react more strongly to what is happening to us here. Of course, that is difficult.

        But we, as a nation, are in a bubble. One thing this recent invasion of illegal crossers has somewhat accomplished is making some people in America see what the people living in the border states have been living with and advocating against for quite some time.

        That bubble — a good thing. As long as we have a government doing its sworn duty to protect and defend. A bit of a problem, when we have what we have now.

        • That’s why that most Veterans that have been stationed overseas have a love for this Country.
          We have seen the other side and how they are forced to live.

  4. OT
    I just pulled up the weather to check on the storm, that may turn in to a tropical storm or hurricane.
    I looked at the lines, most are heading to the east, two are heading to the gulf.
    Now I would like it to turn and head into just open ocean water!
    However what if: It heads towards Texas. How many illegals are still crammed in Texas, and the point: We will have to evacute them as well if needed.
    The news keeps saying we are expecting another “bunch” to come though. This needs to be attended to now. Close the border and take the welcome matt and through away.

    • Yup, we will be required to evacuate them as well. There is already a FEMA based plan for it, and believe it or not they have priority over regular citizens! (This was a topic of discussion last month on another site, and confirmed.. also there is a news article about it somewhere, will try and find it)

  5. Just saw that clip of Hagel again — he actually looks astonished, as if he just found out about how bad ISIS is. That probably accounted for his unusually energetic delivery.

  6. well yesterday Marcus made assessment on me is totally wrong,
    for your information,
    i am a 56 year old woman,
    i had a stroke last year, and part of my brain does not functional like it us to,,
    and i have never been out of the uk,
    i only came here thinking i would get the truth,about Obama, on this site instead of listening to the media, or reading on the internet
    and i thought you would be kind,on this site,
    but i was was wrong,
    maybe i should believe everything the media write,

    , even the bit that you know in your own heart, knowing that it not true, Americans are not like that,
    that’s why i came on here,
    but thank you to, Star,Marcus and AFVet for letting me know i am not welcome on this site
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    you should not judge people,
    i know what i want to say, but my brain will not lat it come out , how i want to explain things

    • As I read the comments to you, Star, Marcus, and myself were not unkind to you.
      All we did was question you.
      No-one on this site has ever been unkind to anybody unless they are attacking the theme of this site or one of the people that populate and comment here.
      Star supported you, among others.
      You can comment here anytime you want unless Keith cuts you off.
      We have had trolls here before, and these folks do not tolerate them for very long.
      Take care not to judge us so quickly.
      Skepticism is a healthy attribute, don’t mistake it for something else.

      • you know what,
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      • Oh, well, I am not having some ad hominem argument with a newcomer who didn’t check the lay of the land… Welcome, functional, unfunctional, etc–but be prepared to defend your positions with something.

  7. This is sort of in response to Girly 1’s comment on the drug cartels and ISIS. Pretty much everyone is expecting an ISIS attack on American soil, but they are thinking in terms of another 9/11 kind of attack. Terrorists don’t operate that way: they attack in a different, unexpected manner from the previous one. While those in the political world have their eyes trained upwards toward planes and tall buildings, they are ignoring the open southern border. Just let’s say as one Bermuda Triangle possibility that ISIS + open border + Ebola virus is lurking out there. I may have a tinfoil hat on, but I only offer it as one suggestion. Whatever it is, it will be unexpected.

  8. About the Freguson riots, the victim and the policeman:
    The out-of-town rioters – we’re supposed to believe that most of the town locals are content to let the justice system take it’s course, didn’t riot, didn’t loot, and didn’t march at all. So, how did the “others” arrive in Ferguson, did they rent rooms at the local Motel 6, did they come in their Winnebagos, and how did these others eat- did they have funds for that?

    The victim – he was caught on videotape stealing a box of little cigars to be used for his marijuana habit. Where did he get the money to buy this drug, did Mom & Dad hand out funds for drugs? For the rest of it – is he an only child, where do Mom & Dad work? Questions that no one has asked that I could find.

    The policeman – why did his superiors hide him right away, why were his injuriies kept secret, and where is the support from his fellow cops?

    Aside from the tragedy of a dead man, and another man who probably will never be right again, this incident has all the markings of a FalseFlag incident that the Dems are using to their political means.
    I smell a rat.

  9. How about this:
    Admiral Kirby just stated the size of ISIL, difficult to get at. Could be thousands/number changes everyday.
    Than said, they have Free Flow over the Syria/Iraq border.
    “Free Flow”
    That sounds very familiar with our border.

    • Free flow of goods and people – the Obama Doctrine. Obama just can’t get it through his thick skull that there is a reason for borders. Americans should have wised up after they discovered that they were supporting several relatives of candidate Obama who also ignored our borders. It galls me that a couple of them are still on the govt. dole and he has done nothing about it.

  10. Late to the party but the bills don’t pay themselves (I’m not of Holder and Obama’s mentality, I prefer the responsible route to life) lol
    Blog pimp alert:
    Friday Follies: The Ferguson Edition

    On another note, if there are any TheFive watchers out there, any of you have a clue as to why Bob Beckel’s gone absolutely berserk lately saying that ISIS is no threat to the U.S.? The last few days have been beyond the pale even for him. So adamant about defending Obama’s “JV” comment that it’s like Valerie’s on the other end of his ear piece.

    • I had to turn it off, two days in a row. I thought he was “very upset.”
      I appreciate his old school thoughts as a democrat, even though I may disagree. However I feel he was up against a wall with what he was left to defend.

      • I think Bob just doesn’t want to admit what we all know to be true, namely, 0bama is an abject failure. He’s lashing out because, as Lee noted, his back is to the wall. It’s entertaining to watch the normally even-tempered Dana go ballistic on him, though.

      • Lee & Ellen: Pretty much my same thoughts. I much prefer Bob’s “old school” democrat vs the Juan Williams “I’ll parrot anything the WH tells me too” but I think even Bob has realized there no place left to go in defending Obama.
        And yes, Ellen, watching Dana let loose is a refreshing change. KG went after him yesterday as well.
        I’d love to see the women of the Five take on the lemmings of the View.

    • I saw it Geoff.
      The rest of them pretty much poo-pooed him.
      Unless it’s an act, Beckel’s attitude is what is wrong with this Country.
      His arrogance in the face of reality is disgusting.

    • I’ve always had the sneaky suspicion that MrBeckel has relatives (children maybe) with sensitive government jobs that might be in jeapordy if he was to lean too far to center.
      Of course, with his background in the Dem trenches, he’s most certainly found some perks for himself and his family.
      They all do it, both Dem and Repub.
      If we knew how many government employees were related to elected officials, current or otherwise, we’d be stunned.
      IMO, of course.

    • I was just thinking about Beckel. I have been on a self imposed tv news blackout –and now I pop in and out. And Beckel is in firm denial –maintaining that ISIS is JV and not a threat. The evidence is building to the contrary. He is getting desperate and trapped. A fine moment when Guilfoyle turned to him and said “Just tell the truth”.

      KG is not some dancing Puerto Rican chica. She is good stuff. And she holds her positions. She does not waver in her support of the troops either.

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  12. I made a comment earlier about Michael Brown, the shooting victim.
    Who he was, what about his family……………
    After some searching, I can’t find out if he has any siblings, if his mother (Lesley McSpadden) has a job, is married, and who are the other relatives of this family.
    Nothing. Nada. Even the man’s obit says nothing. Some blogs hint that he had a rough upbringing, whatever that means.
    I did find out that the Brown family has collected over $100,000 in donations so far. hmmm.

  13. WOW. It’s bad when the WH responds with Obama’s golfing outing does not reflect the depth of his grief over Jim Foley. The fact that they even responded has now elevated it. Dumb, Dumb and even Dumber.

    This is the only link I have as I was passing through and it caught my eye. I am pretty sure it can he found elsewhere.

  14. Another question and answer session today.
    The admiral earlier stating: Not going to be a military solution.
    Answer: He stated was good government.
    There is another press conference on now from the vineyard.
    Ben Rhodes Deputy natl.
    Feels beheading of Mr. Foley an attack on U. S. as well.
    ISIS poses a greater theat today, than 6 MONTHS AGO.
    We need to evaluate which terror groups pose direct threat.
    Not seen them focus on a 911 planning, but they could quickly change their plan .
    Strategy to squeeze them out of their safe haven.
    Comes with strikes, from intelligence from Iraq and Britan. Team effort.
    In long term to see ISIL defeated.
    I am taking notes as he speaks. I don’t feel secure.

  15. Apparently Bob Beckel had a “come to Jesus” moment after a conversation with a knowledgeable friend who apprised him of the reality of ISIS. I applaud Bob Beckel for admitting the error of his thinking and for doing so publicly. Concluding that ISIS is a threat, “a real threat”.

    I would like to see more of this everyone commenting in the media.

    But he still is an Obama supporter.

    • I saw that, and Bob ate his humble pie with grace. Thank goodness he has friends he trusts to keep him straight! Maybe Bob has been off-kilter this week because of his daughter going off to college. He made a point of how difficult that was for him a couple of times tonight. (I know, I must have a soft spot for Bob…).

  16. mod jail! I have the hammer. I know where the Macallan is. But it’s close to dinner time — I’m thinking salmon, but a Philly Cheesesteak would work too.

  17. I see the Russian’s used their time tested “invited in” and “humanitarian aid” guise for crossing the border and essentially invading Ukraine.

    It’s 6 pm now — cocktail hour at MV.

    • I found an article on Fox. I went to World and scrolled down.
      Merkel calls Putin, accuses him of risking escalation in Ukraine over convoy
      Mekel’s office says she called Putin on Friday afternoon to express her “deep concern” about the fact that the convoy has crossed the Ukrainian border.

  18. Harry Reid said today at an Asian Chamber of Commerce:
    They’re not smater than anyone else, but you have convinced a lot of us you are.
    He later stated: I apologize sometimes I say the wrong thing.
    Can anyone hear think of any other “wrong thing” he may have stated in the past. sarc
    I heard on Fox it is listed on several sites as well. I typed the following:

  19. Special Report Panel tonight got it right IMO on the confusion in the Administration. Dempsey and the military and Hagel speaking out on what needs to be done, addressing or preparing the nation , while at the same time preparing Obama as well. It is twisted because it is Obama’s job to address the nation, to marshall the allies, to consult with Congress in essence to prepare for war.

    And Obama refuses to play — to play anything but golf of course. He is for all intents and purposes almost truly derelict.

    • There were not one but two press conferences today.
      Didn’t learn more than what was stated yesterday. However it was really important. However they did not make the ISIS blink an eye. He was a no show.
      Now they just might be working on something to our benefit agaist these evil people, but cannot disclose it. ???
      Once again anyone deserves a break. However there are times when people have to give up that break, or a portion of it.
      O didn’t understand that part when he was sworn into office.

    • Don’t know but if there is a proper investigation assume hospital reports, tests and xrays will attest. Unless, given a 3rd autopsy for the victim environment, the hospital has a Lois Lerner moment and all records are “lost”, The fact that there is an altercation and he was injured says something.

  20. Juan Williams — totally in the tank for Obama. Hosting O Reilly and basically saying to Ed Henry — well, if we are the bad guys and the terrorists behead other Americans,,,,,bizarre.

    Comment made below that Bob Beckel more tolerable in his positions than Williams. Agree. Juan — weak tea.

  21. I have to make my Rick Perry comment of the day. Going through my e-mail just now, I see that I received a message from a conservative group which states that the outfit behind the Perry indictment was give $500K from George Soros.

      • I heard lots of money going to turn Texas blue and have another Castro brother be the top dog — Soros and I can’t remember his name right now, Tom ……, enviro guy. Big big bucks.

        • I have a theory on why the liberals are trying so hard to turn Texas blue; hope it doesn’t sound like a conspiracy theory. I read once that the Texas school system is the largest in the country (no surprise there). The textbooks that they purchase are overwhelmingly adopted by school systems across the country. So, if the socialists can get their left-leaning, America-hating texts into Texas schools, they will get them everywhere. Thoughts?

  22. The media keeps talking about the optics of BO’s golfing.

    It’s not the optics that bothers me, it’s what it reveals about the reality — he is a shallow man who cares most about his fun.

    It’s the same as the charge that showing Michael Brown robbing a store is “character assassination.” It’s not; it’s character revelation.

    • I bet he is still a chain smoker, too. Probably gets high with his low-level cronies on the golf course too, which explains his dissipated looks. Noticed that he doesn’t wear his bermuda shorts on the links anymore – his legs must be toothpicks.
      He looks so cadaverous, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a full-blown druggie. He spends way too much time on AF1 and everywhere but the Oval office. He has totally isolated himself from the outside world – not a good sign. Something’s up!

  23. The stumble bum Obama goes back to golf three minutes after his unemotional speech about James Foley. He has more nerve than brains. EVERYONE MUST SHOUT OUT FOR HIM TO CLOSE THE BORDERS OR WE WILL GET HIT SOON. WRITE, E-MAIL, SHOUT, MARCH AT THE WHITE HOUSE. The bum president spends all kinds of our money on hair brained schemes but couldn’t raise money for Jim Foley? Its not our policy because Obama is a cheap creep with our money and never would spend a nickel of his own money. Most of us didn’t even know about the prisoners in Syria, I’m sure Obama fixed that so we didn’t know much about Jim Foley by ordering his lacky communist media not to talk about it in the news.

    • Today at the briefing the question of how many hostages were being held. They could not disclose/discuss that.
      The reporter did not respond by saying, Why not?

  24. islam is a barbaric and savagious religion .Muslims do not respect,tolerate humans and other religious faith.this is the high time all other religious members forget their differences and unite to evacuate this islamic fundamentals from the earth.there should not be any second opinion about this

  25. If Kirby represents the strength of our current national defense, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a multitude of national security challenges ahead. This man would not even qualify as a “paper tiger’!

    Also, I did not vote for Obama, I have a clear conscience.

  26. […] Leave a Comment Th&#1077 way h&#1077 runs back t&#959 golf day &#1110n &#1072n&#1281 day out proves th&#1072t h&#1077 &#1110&#1109 mentally &#1072n&#1281 emotionally challenged. H&#1077 m&#965&#1109t b&#1077 … On &#1091&#959&#965r &#959th&#1077r point, I h&#1072&#957&#1077 n&#959 doubt whatsoever th&#1072t ISIS &#1110&#1109 aware &#959f Obama's Open Door policy &#959n &#959&#965r southwest border, &#1072n&#1281 th&#1072t th&#1077&#1091 … Read more &#959n White House Dossier […]

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