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  1. Did the Obama administration really say that they didn’t give the militants $$$$ for Foley because they don’t negotiate with terrorists?

    They think we’re effen stupid.

    (I don’t know if this was discussed on yesterday’s long thread)

  2. Even my mild mannered bride is screaming at the TV last nite.

    We have a friend who spent extended time in various European countries this summer. They came home and remarked that everywhere they went, Europeans were asking what the heck happened to our President…did he check out?

    Hate to be a repeating record, but this is what we get when we appoint an inexperienced man with no managerial skills to run the free world.

    Today is not a day to be joking about golf outings, trips to the ice cream stand, or even Malia’s driving test. Its time for The President to step up and do the damn job he was elected to do, or go down in history as an utter and epic failure.
    Peace to all.


    • It’s not ineptiude. His conduct is entirely intentional.

      He can’t even be arsed to put a tie on to make three minutes of comments about the terrorist beheading of an American in a video that was a direct message to him.

      Barack Obama isn’t “in over his head.” Barack Obama is a terrible, despotic, delusional, narcissistic human being.

    • 1) the Europeans LOVED OBAMA and implored us to elect him, after the disastrous “cowboy” Bush.

      2) nothing “happened” to Obama. This is as he always was. He never did anything before, so why would he start accomplishing anything/leading when he was president? He gave speeches. That’s ALL HE FRICKEN DID. that was the sum total of his life work. Period. He attended college (no proof of great accomplishment there). Ghost wrote two books. Voted “present” for the necessary years while he sought higher office. Those of us who opposed Obama pointed ALL OF THIS OUT. But we were called racists.

      No – if any European asked me what happened to Obama, I’d laugh in their face.

      • Good comments. I agree. And yesterday was the essence of Obama. Arrive, make professorial comments with his breaking cadence, look stern, then exit stage right ( or is it left).

        Just like a professor in a classroom who solves all issues in a 45 min session, the bell rings, class dismissed, problem resolved, wipe the blackboard clean for the next day.

        Except that nothing is really accomplished…..


      • sorry to say i know a lot of people that do not like Obama, quite a few are saying he is trying to start world war 3,
        and to be truthful i read and watch loads of footage on him, and quite frankly he is full of bull s*** ,
        my heart does go out to you,
        i am from england

        • Maria, don’t apologize to us as Obama will drag England along for the WWIII ride. In is news conferences, Obama has said he will continue his course. I don’t know if that means “the golf course” or his “disastrous international course.” I apologize to you, for the ignorant people here who voted for O-blame-o not just once, but twice.

    • I spoke with a young person recently who is a British citizen…although the person does not reside there. The subject of our President was discussed…this person’s comment?…
      “But he is so cool and makes such great speeches!”
      I kid you not.

    • Obama should have his butt Superglued to a chair in the Situation Room and be forced to pay serious attention to what is going on in the world. Get rid of those “Dude, that was like a long time ago” goofballs he surrounds himself with, and bring in experienced adults to tell him how to handle his responsibilities.

  3. Thanks to Keith again for allowing us this forum even when he is away. I am still trying to process the slaughter of an American journalist (and can’t get out of my head the picture of the deserter’s parents being fawned over by this president).

    And then they try to pacify us with the news of an attempt to rescue hostages — really? They think we will be impressed by a failed mission? This president’s ego is so big, he would rather brag about a failed mission than look like he is not doing anything. I think when “he” killed Bin Laden, he got some kind of god complex (or a bigger one than he had before). Guess he thinks “he” can do anything– not realizing he’s not the one doing the heavy lifting. Honestly, if it were not for this forum, I would think I was a nut case, thinking the things I do and wondering why the rest of this country is so blind… I find solace in my fellow peeps here! It keeps me sane (or sane-ish).

    • He substitutes speeches for action. He gets bro-fisted for a shitty tee shot. Why wouldn’t he expect you to be impressed by a failed mission? 40% of Americans still publicly support his miserably failed two-term presidency.

      The foreign policy blunders and bureaucratic fiats of this administration of Muppet characters will take generations to reverse. If they can be reversed.

      • The bro fist for his crappy tee shot is really indicative. Look good up front, execute poorly if at all, then accept the accolades from the adoring followers. Pathetic.

  4. Read my first social media post last night from a high school friend about “felon” Rick Perry. I really don’t want to think about 2016 yet, but the liberal machine has – defining the narrative of every potential candidate. GOP, WAKE UP!

    • Rush was correct that Governor Perry will now be referred to as “Indicted Governor Perry” or “Formerly Indicted Governor Perry”.

      The sad part is that this so called ethics board uses these charges when they want to take a Republican down. I was surprised to read that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson was charged the same way after she won a special election replacing Lloyd Bensen when he became a cabinet Secretary under Clinton. She was up for re-election in 4 months after being elected and this so called ethics brought charges against her to try and throw the election.

      Perhaps, they should change the constitution in Texas to steer this away from county prosecutors. I actually believe Perry will be cleared and it will help him politically. The Republicans need to ask every. Democrat up for election in TX if they support this out of control DA and agree with her vengeful indictment.

      • Perhaps Holder’s name should be prefaced with the only sitting Cabinet member in contempt of Congress.’

        The only reason Holder was not indicted is that to do so would require the Justice Department to seek an indictment of Holder – a department he oversees as attorney general – no criminal charges will be brought against him.

        Kind of a defacto criminal I guess.

  5. Did anyone else listen to Vice President Cheney last night on Hannity? He was impressive in his attack on Obama, but his face showed a lot of worry. We are really up against it and very few people–Cheney is one–are looking at it squarely.

    • I did indeed. The video is still listed on Fox.
      I saw the worry, concern, experience, care, etc.
      Cheney as well as other people such as Oliver North, made it clear you do release that information for years…. You do not want the enemy to know what you are up to. That is putting other people at risk at future task.

    • The “adults in the room” understand just how serious things have become. And as someone here already mentioned, this will take years to turn things around. Plus we still have two more years for things to get screwed up even more. Maybe someone should tell the prez that if this country is taken over by nefarious entities, he just might lose all his perks! That should get his attention.

      • You made a comment noting the word serious.
        I had just pulled up an article on Weasel Zippers.
        Marie Harf made a comment on Wednesday condeming what happened to American, James Foley.
        She also stated that the ISIS threat “is not about the U.S. and what we do.”
        Harf spoke after O told the nation that “govts & people across the Middle East” shoud come together in a “common effort to extract this cancer, so tht it does not spread.” He than went golfing.
        “I think what the O was saying was that this is not about the U.S. and what we do,” Harf than said, “ISIL is trying to make this about the U.S. This is about all the countries in the region coming together to fight this threat. This is not about us.”

  6. omg, i have been watching , loads and loads of footage what your country is going through with Obama in government
    why are you all putting up with all his lies and deceit ,
    i real thought David Cameron was evil, but i am sorry to say, what i have saw and read,obama is more evil hands down

    • “omg” – seriously? Your comment sounds suspiciously insincere…how about if you go away to HuffPo?
      This blog is for serious thinkers – who post thoughtful, insightful comments.
      FYI: “omg” does not fit this description.

      • i am sorry, if you feel that way, but i can truly say i have for the past two weeksi have watched and read, on Obama and he wants to change your country, i have never been to the us,but my husband worked in new York for ten years,
        and he loved it,
        we are very naive , and it all started when my friend was saying , about the 9/11, then it went on your gun control,
        ok we have no guns in England, but that’s how we were taught, but it would be like saying take our queen away,
        and that would cause up roar in england, there is so much in my head, i real do not know how to put it into words

        • None of my British friends speak or write as you do…and I have many British friends.
          You may live in the UK, but you are not British.
          What nationality are you?

          • She-He does not know what “UK” means – much less what time it is there…I call BS on “Maria’s” posts.
            Admittedly, I am cranky from all the nonsense that is occurring in our nation. At this point, I could not possibly care less about the opinions of those who are not US citizens. We need to get off our collectives a**es and do something…any little ole thing to make a positive difference within OUR country.

        • Appreciate your concern.
          For the last several years, I have wanted to hear from elders from your country speak out on the news. Do you have a relatives and friends that went though WWII?

          • You’re welcome to chime in as far as I am concerned. I strongly dislike the no “caps” style–but whatever. This morning, on MoJoe, one journalist who would NOT answer questions and gave little speeches was British and I thought, forgive me, why are the British getting involved all over the place? We don’t “put up” with this president–at least not silently!

          • it is like all our pr-minister , every one on our government are the same , full off bull s***., but many off us in England always asked the same question, why does our government get involved when is nothing to do with us , i real can not answer that question
            there are getting done for fraud, we are have battles here,
            but we do have a new party ukip,
            which now Cameron is quaking in his boots

          • We are global. Events that happen outside our country can and do affect us and our national security. ‘

            I somewhat understand the don’t want to get involved people,but when you turn a self indulgent blind eye, often what comes back to bite you is almost uncontrollable and way more dangerous.

          • I am in moderation jail with a previous comment.
            No personal offense but:
            You say you are a Brit.
            I don’t care what your opinions are of our country.
            We, as citizens of the USA, need to get off our butts and CARE in legitimate, law-abiding, vocal ways!

          • I’m with Star , welcome to chime in.

            But I must say,England as well as France have a very large problem with extremist Muslim groups — and that massacre on the street by a Muslim against that young British officer was appalling.

            I think that is a problem for the West, all formerly allied countries are failing to address it and clean up their houses or act in concert to against the forces of evil.

          • i understand, but here when mark Duggan got killed,by the police the whole country went into riots, which did devastated the country and was not right, but they did get the word out, and them policeman have been fired,
            we all done marches,
            but it does not work one country that does it,
            for example, the whole of the country , went on strike, went on marches and we all came together and we won against on two hospitals been saved,
            we are doing a march from London to Manchester, on the 28th august, which is going to cause havoc on the motorways, and will cause a sand still to our country

          • For the last several years I have wondered if any elderly are shaking their heads trying to figure out what has happen here, as well what is not being done.

          • No….. I am speaking of the elderly with pride!!!
            Maybe I should have said people who lived during the depression and WWII, and left the elderly out. I apologize if that was taken wrong.
            I saw a man on TV the other day over 100 years old, he had work at the same company for over 73 years. He is still working.
            He looked like he was maybe in his early 70’s.

          • Lee, I know what you are stating. My husband and I were born midway trough the Depression and were children during the Second World War. We lost family and friends whom we loved and of whom we were so proud…still are.
            We grew up (high school and college) in the “Happy Days” of the fifties. We supported JFK and then left the Democrats with the destruction brought about by LBJ….voted for Nixon and then got Watergate (a Sunday School picnic compared to Obama)…got burned by Carter and joyful again with Reagan and Bush the Elder….survived Clinton without ever supporting him….respected Bush even though he made some mistakes in his second term (a good, good man).
            Now we are frightened out of our minds and not for ourselves or even our grown and successful children.
            Whatever is going to happen to our little grandchildren? I shudder to think everytime I even see or hear Obama or Holder.
            And it does look like the world is laughing at us….and why shouldn’t they?

          • Lee, yes us geezers are shaking our heads, but we have long figured out what is causing the current mess—Obama and his policies, decisions, actions, attitude and general all around attack on the American Idea.. Simple as that

          • When I was growing up past 50 was in that catagory. I just turned 53.I always talked to people of all ages, even when I was a child.
            I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I am an elder as well. As stated earlier I should have stated people who lived though WWII and the depression.

  7. One of James Foley’s close journalist friends appeared on FOX this a.m. and when asked if the air strikes will be beneficial he answered “NO”. He said ISIS has to be eliminated. Period. I take that to mean in Syria and wherever else they are….with whatever it takes – ground troops, whatever. I agree 110%!

      • Once again though the cowards are using innocent people as shields.
        Obama missed an opportunity when ISIS was traveling toward their targets in the open desert.
        HAMAS puts their missile launchers near hospitals and apartment buildings and blame Israel for killing civilians.
        It took two big bombs to make the Japanese stop their attack.

        I don’t see that scenario on the horizon in this situation.

        Air attacks are great to soften up a target or eradicate it.
        But it is clumsy, especially when trying to surgically remove an enemy of the nature we are dealing with.

  8. one blogger said this site is for serious decisions,
    has i said i have read and watch Obama, for the last two weeks,
    and the questions i would like to know ,

    is Obama trying to take gun control,
    has he stocked out his under ground bunkers, with food ,water, ect,
    does he have a real birth cert,
    does he have a kill list,
    he he going to tax working glass with more tax,#
    did he do crack cocaine
    is it right that a pensioner got fine $8000 for flying americain flag in his plant pot,
    and that his farther was in a cult

    • Most of that is tired or irrelevant at this point. Some is probably partly true–more taxes, maybe the Am Flag thing (we have private “quality” committees governing some housing), and his father really loved the ladies–not sure that rose to a cult. Anyhow, we are sick of these subjs, at least I am. I am more concerned with his laissez-faire attitude, fakiness, and lies–we’ve got him, now what do we do with him?

    • Most of that is tired or irrelevant at this point. Some is probably partly true–more taxes, maybe the Am Flag thing (we have private “quality” committees governing some housing), and his father really loved the ladies–not sure that rose to a cult. Anyhow, we are sick of these subjs, at least I am. I am more concerned with his laissez-faire attitude, fakiness, and lies–we’ve got him, now what do we do with him?

    • Maria, it appears you are writing in one language and using Google Translate or another internet translator to post in English. Your syntax, punctuation and grammatical construction are obviously not correct. And you say are a Brit. What’s the real story? You can be honest, we won’t tell anyone.

        • Yea, there’s something else going on with “Maria”. Just for tickles and giggles, I did a simple analysis of “Maria’s” posts:

          With a Flesch Reading Ease analysis, Maria scores at the 6th Grade level. Maria is definitely not a native English speaker or writer.

          On the Fogg Scale Level, Maria scores at a beginner’s level, someone just learning the language, very simple concepts, thoughts not connected.

          Using a Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level assessment, Maria scores as barely readable, rambling, incoherent–around the 3d-4th Grade level.

          Maria is not a female. Females (generally) prefer to write in an associative manner, making connections, interested in what others are feeling, good with feedback, etc. Males (generally) prefer to write about data points, their experiences, bragging, interested in telling what they “know”.

          So my assessment is that “Maria” is a male, probably about 25 +/- years old, trying to learn English and having difficulties figuring how words flow and are arranged in an English sentence. I would guess “Maria” has had less than a year of exposure to English, likely around 6 months. I’ve got other thoughts as to why “Maria” is on line with us, but I’ll keep them to myself. ;+}

  9. One more thing about Obama’s ‘tone’ yesterday. Normally, he runs the gamut of emotions from “A” to “B”; yesterday he ran it from “A” to “C” – showing no more ‘distain’ for ISIS than he does when there is a school shooting. He fulfilled his presidential duty by showing up to deliver a few meaningless words….and then it was off to the golf course.
    How anyone can say he has finally ‘seen the light’ is beyond me.

  10. Question on another topic: Has anyone’s local paper even mentioned the possible orbital fracture of Darren Wilson? Not here in North Jersey. Not a whiff.

  11. Yes Trouble. I posted a link to Second City Cop today that had a article that covers that information.
    Also on Wednesday a link was provided by another reader covering that subject of injuries.

    • I saw it via Drudge, but my point is it is being completely ignored in North Jersey newspapers. I wondered if that was the norm in other areas. Thanks Cisco.

  12. Just got knocked of site. Will try again.
    Just walked in. On Fox stating: Law was broken.
    Petagon broke law with Bergdahl swap. They did not notify the proper person/department. I did not hear the (department)
    I am going to search for more detail. If anyone sees it befoe me, please note that information,.

  13. I got knocked off site again.
    My last comment posted in wrong spot.
    Please pull up Fox:
    Regarding Petagon breaking law regarding Berghdal swap.

  14. TO AFVET — Apparently some of the comments are not “nesting” — as I do sometimes inside the KK liquor cabinet right next to the Macallan. So if you need to find the hammer in the future, search the clues in the comments.

  15. I called this yesterday,Holder going to “criminally investigate” the beheading. Jeepers,I can see ISIS, cowering in fear!! WTF?! Whats to investigate? Sounds like IRS,Benghazi,Fast and Furious,etc.. Always investigating ,never acting.

  16. Absolutely bizarre — walked by the tv — FOX Little Marie at State about the Foley beheading …. blah blah blah …DOJ,FBI investigate…death of American citizen, and an intelligence investigation as to “WHO MIGHT BE RESPONSIBLE” — uh check out the guy in black with the British accent in the employ of of ISIS.
    Might find some clues there.

    Big friggin’ stall.

    Bet they would hop to it someone stole Obama’s balls. (golf balls that is)

    And yeah, call out for three autopsies and the AG. Darren Wilson will be damned lucky to get any formal unbiased justice at all and clearly not from the Governor of his state. And that knife wielding guy next to Foley — when, but more likely if,they find him — will be awarded a full complement of American rights and protection under this Administration and this AG.

    BS. Full on BS.

    • responding to myself re. Bergdahl. No we did not. But funds were used without congressional approval and apparently in violation of appropriations laws/rules. It was said that this constitutes 2 felonies against the Executive.

      To which I say, in the words — and I am paraphrasing here — of Eric Holder — felony, schmelony — depends on the color of the horse.