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  1. If there was any doubt that MSNBC and Morning Joe was out of touch with the real world, today proves what a jorrible agenda they hold. The first story this morning was about Chris Christie, some lame argument he had with a question about Bruce Springsteen.

    An American journalist is beheaded and Mika and Joe yuk it up about Christie. From there straight into Ferguson.


    • Foley, may have been an American, but he was a white American. In the world of Obama and Holder that makes all the difference in the world. Sick yes, but sadly so true. Ferguson is just the latest proof.

      • You are right, in their world thats all that matters is if a person is black, they will completely shift their position off the frightening news in the Middle East or Iraq, or terrorists beheading Americans, to someone black, thats all they care about. Very inept two persons running our country. We are in big trouble with them, they are biased and racist and should be impartial and stand for all Americans. They are violating their oath of office, Holder and Obama for social issues? Crazy, isn’t it? We are in big trouble with them. There is no one protecting the American people anymore. We have to get rid of these bad people.

      • That mayor of Ferguson was a joke–I feel like I should stand up for my home state–but it’s hard right now. Of course, it’s not the whole state acting for assinine.

          • The media has blown this all out of proportion according to some reports.
            The area that they are talking about is about 2 blocks long.
            Watching the news, you would think that the entire town was engulfed in violence.
            The cop sustained severe facial injuries due to the beating he sustained.

          • And the reason the looting has subided is b/c the town is so small there aren’t any businesses left to loot. Most of the looters were from out of town – it isn’t worth their while now.

          • That is the only reason, there are very few stores left with goods inside them. And the National Guard is there now so that might frighten off the low I.Q. ones. All the stores there should close forever and the people should have no stores to buy anything. The punishment should be that they have to go 10 miles to get some milk. Yes, Star, I mean ALL of them, the 67% of them, should have to travel 10 miles to get stuff because they don’t care about their neighbors or their town, or store owners, they only care about their rage and ltheir own racism, and stupidity;

  2. How dies the President go on with golfing, biking whatever, after seeing that video of an American citizen being be headed?!! I am sick over this and I’m not privy to the whole thing. I mourn for that man and his loved ones and this despicable man just parties on!! We should all be outraged!

    • I just heard that David Cameron , Prime Minister of England is cutting his vacation short due to the latest by Isis. Do you think our dear leader will do the same?!! I won’t hd my breath.

        • You must put it in perspective. To Obama “we” (as in America) are not his people. He didn’t spend anytime on the mainland until college and was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis. His entire thought process is anti-American.

          • “Mentored” by Davis? My, what an ACTIVE imagination!

            Although Obama’s book indicates “Frank” was a family friend who offered him advice on racial issues, Obama wrote that Davis “fell short” and his views were “incurable.” Obama’s book proves that Obama did not consider Davis to be a “wise and trusted counselor,” which is the standard definition of “mentor.” By what creative definition can Davis be considered his “mentor”?

            Further, according to “Dreams,” Obama visited Davis only twice on his own after visiting with Gramps: once to discuss his grandmother’s bus stop incident, and three years later before leaving for college. When could this so-called mentorship occur?

          • You are assuming Bill Ayers’ book was truth telling.

            With your defense, it appears Obama was as willing to throw Frank under the bus with these caveats as he was the Reverend Wright.

      • There’s also a call to bring members of Parliament back to London in order to work through the British role in the ISIS crisis. Whether they will do is is still an open question. But at least they recognize the serious of the situation.

      • There’s also a call to bring members of Parliament back to London in order to work through the British role in the ISIS crisis. Whether they will do is is still an open question. But at least they recognize the seriousness of the situation.

      • There’s also a call to bring members of Parliament back to London in order to work through the British role in the ISIS crisis. Whether they will return is still an open question. But at least they recognize the seriousness of the situation.

        • My understanding was the ISIS guy had an English accent. And upwards of 600 Brits are in the ISIS “army”.

          And I am sure there are Americans.

          And I am pretty sure they have set up shop here — in cells etc. Sometimes not so much in the shadow as in Ferguson. And clearly taking advantage of our open borders.

      • I did not see your comment. I posted it below as well.
        I am sure O called and talked to Cameron and explained he had violent looters and store theives to be concerned with. He as well may have reminded him, I can deal with everything on my vacation.

      • The only response I have read of Obama’s reaction to the execution of Jim Foley is that he was briefed on Air Force One and said that it was “appalling”. That may be the sum total of what his reaction will be. In the meantime, ISIS needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.

        BTW, I don’t approve of journalists, leaders, whatever calling ISIS IS (Islamic State). In no way and by no one should they be given legitimacy as a bona fide state.

    • I feel the same way, my heart aches for James Foley and the President goes golfing after he hears the news instead of being in mourning for this man, this beautiful man (I saw films of him before he was kidnapped and he was so adorable, attractive, movie star gorgeous), what they did to him those ugly savages, cowards with masks on, real cowards hiding behind masks while performing their horror. But Obama kept golfing– he must be dead inside to do that. Wish he was gone out out lives, he’s a nightmare and we are in big trouble with him, don’t trust him, he will turn on us in a second and he already has.

  3. Obama is briefed about the beheading Tuesday, sometime after a lovely dinner with Sam Kass. Then it’s wheels up for AF1 back to his Vineyard vacation. Meanwhile, Obama is sending HIS thug Holder to Missouri. All the media outlets seem focused on Saint Michael of Ferguson, the patron saint of looters, vandals and rabble rousers.

    I hope before setting off on his 5 hour golf game, Obama will mention how sorry the situation is in Missouri. More crap about healing rather than hurting? Then, in a shout out explains how Michael’s parents are coping after the tragic death of their son by a rogue white cop. The parents will say he was raising some orphaned wildlife by himself. He only need the cigars to light a small campfire.

    At the end of Obama’s remarks, one will plainly see the huge mushroom clouds of destruction in the background. That would be civilized mankind’s destruction. The world and Obama will continue to ignore Hamas, Boko Haram and ISIS until they are at our doorstep. Our borders continue to be overrun by who knows? Ebola running rampant. But our leader has a vacation to finish and anyone who disagrees with him be damned.

    • To OK Lady and all WHDers here… I am so grateful to be in your company in the wake of the unspeakable evil that occurred yesterday. Your words reflect my own thoughts. They give me some measure of comfort while my mind is numbed by what is happening in our beloved country.

      My loathing for our president runs wide and deep. I truly believe he and his minions are the enemy. God help us.

      • I couldn’t sleep last night I was so angry and stressed. Obamablunderclusterf**k is screwing Israel over by not providing weapons, but has no problem shipping arms to Turkey. Didn’t show up for General Greene’s funeral, nor the VP nor the hag Hagel and we’re all aware that he knew that James Foley would be executed by beheading. I am going to take a Xanax, try to get some sleep and pretend it’s January 2017.

          • That problem has not been dealt with yet.
            No one likes my idea of every voter getting a receipt.
            So if there is any doubt, there would be a paper trail!
            Other wise this will continue.

          • I like the voting policy they have in Afghanistan——-you dip your finger in purple dye that won’t wash off for a few days. Of course in the case of early voting it would have to stay on for several weeks. But what they do about absentee voting I don’t know. Maybe have officials go to the homes of the absentee voters to make it official? Help me here!

          • I suspect they don’t HAVE early voting or absentee ballots. You have to vote the old fashioned way. Haul your butt to the actual polling place on the day designated as election day! I’ve been voting by mail-in ballot for the last couple of decades now. I don’t cheat but you cannot convince me there are not places in this country where some nice helpful person gathers up all the mail-in ballots at the senior care home and “takes care of them”, making sure the ballots are marked in the “correct” way. It has gotten to the point here in California that we didn’t even HAVE a polling place at the last election. You HAD to mail your ballot in. Anyone else heard of such a thing?

          • Unfortunately, in keeping with the life-time membership in the Procrastinators Club which I keep meaning to apply for, I didn’t open my ballot until the last minute. That’s when I saw the notice that we were in a “Mail-In Only” precinct. Haven’t heard any complaints, but I live in an area where most people are elderly and they probly think it’s just fine.

        • Sadie, I also couldn’t sleep, the horror of Mr. Foley’s execution in my mind. I guess one of the few people who did sleep well, was Obama. Visions of golf greens in his head.

        • I too was so upset last night, I didn’t sleep until 4:00 or 5:00 a.m., I was teary, emotional and hyper over James Foley, and still am, who I never met but I kept seeing his face in the video, even in my sleep I saw James Foley, the hurt and pain and loss of manhood he was feeling, you could just see it in that video. I still am mourning for him and I don’t know him but he has touched my heart, my heart aches for him. God help us,we don’t have a leader to protect us now. The border is open and surely we will get hit. Obama needs to go now with Holder and the other criminals (Muslim Brotherhood) in the administration. I only pray that he resigns or gets impeached immediately.

        • It had to be a fake vote, no one can tell me it wasn’t rigged. and the military votes were never counted either. And Axelrod and those criminals Its all about anti-Americanism now.

      • Thank you for your kind words about my humble post. My first ever vote was for Reagan, even though I thought myself a Democrat. As I’ve grown older I see the world with less rose-colored glasses, and I never ever thought someone like Obama, Pelosi, Holder or Hillary would be in power. Like you and others here, I pray for and love my country very much.

    • I love your post Oklahoma Lady, but what you said is true, and I wish it wasn’t true, its so scary, our borders open — we will get hit and Obama golfing, spending our money, flying on Air Force One when he should be booted out with his laziness, evil, rascism and lies. He is not in his right mind, no one could watch that video and keep vacationing unless they were retarded.

  4. A clip from an email I just sent to my editor regarding the whole Ferguson mess:

    “You and I both know if that had been an anything but a black man there would have been a local story in and a local investigation. But now there’s almost more from out of town than locals walking the streets, and while we’ve still got the facts behind Brian Terry’s death hid behind executive privilege, a marine with PTSD still sitting in a Mexican jail, and off duty border agent Javier Vega shot and killed in front of his family by two illegals, the DOJ has over 40 agents in Ferguson and Holder personally involved? ”

    The police and businesses in Ferguson should send their repair bills to Shabazz and Sharpton:

  5. Maureen Dowd wrote a fabulous opinion piece in the NYT about Obama yesterday, about how much of a loner he is etc. But what is fascinating is the comments section; the top five or more comments are all IN FAVOR of Obama, that he’s the man, he’s thwarted by the GOP, misunderstood, he’s black. Oh my. I didn’t realize there’s still so many Kool-Aid drinkers left.

    • Consider the source—–NYT! While in a hotel in Napa this summer they gifted us with that trash outside our door a few times. It quickly went to the trash can! Remember only elitists in NYC like what is in that paper!

    • Trident used to boast in its commercials that “7 out of 10 dentists recommend sugarless gum to their patients who chew gum.” My takeaway was that apparently, this means that roughly 30% of dentists are f–king idiots, immune to pesky, nuisancey little things like facts and science.

      It is this same 30% of Americans who still blindly support Obama.

      • Including my entire Foo and my misbegotten kids.
        My favorite line, when I hesitatingly bring something up, “I didn’t know/see that” – the takeaway is “therefore it doesn’t exist”.

      • But think about it, its the age factor. When I was in my 20’s, I never cared about the President or what he was doing. I really didn’t know or care. Those are the ones who probably still like Obama, they don’t know any better. Youth is wasted on the young, they say.

  6. Over There: U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron cut his summer vacation to return to London and chair urgent meetings on the threat posed by ISIS in Iraq and Syria, calling the video ‘shocking and depraved’.
    Over Here: O went back to his vacation on Marthas’s Vineyard following less than 48 hours in WA.

  7. With this beheading and all of the other global and domestic issues, more than ever, it is woefully apparent that BHO is not competent to lead our country. There is no plan, no direction and nothing but knee jerk reaction to every issue that develops. HIs advisors and spokesmen and women are equally inadequate. I know we have all been saying this for a long time but it just seems the problems are getting worse and things are reaching critical mass. I have to believe (or hope) at some point, the LIV’s and sycophants will awaken and ask, “what happened to America?”

    The ISIS/ISIL situation is most disconcerting. The speed at which they are taking over combined with the momentum is going to make it nearly impossible to stop them. Time for America and the rest of the civilized world to start kicking ass and not worry about taking names.

    • No kicking ass until the President plays a few rounds more of golf, and then he will have to “get all the facts before rushing to judgement”. Unlike sending in the clowns to Ferguson.
      We need to blow Isis to smithereens,but you know we won’t. Don’t want to offend the sensitivity of the peaceful Muslims.

        • Amen. Nicely said.
          And who knew, until now, how many brave journalists are in captivity? Can the roundheeled American msm not even take care of its own? That should’ve been front-page news before now!
          It’s a tossup: who is more roundheeled and as_s_____g, the American msm or congress? It’s a disgrace that we have to get any news we can, from the Brits’ Daily Mail.

      • Morning blondie. I agree completely, that’s why I said America and the rest of the civilized world, BHO was not included. I expect nothing of substance from him. It makes me both sad and angry as hell.

  8. And apparently in Ferguson, there will be no investigation and judge and jury as in the pre Obama days. After Holder gets the autopsy results he wants, he and Governor Nixon and the whole of social media will try and find Officer Darren Wilson guilty.

    Sentencing will be as the rabble decides.

  9. A few days ago I was sitting at the bar of our local golf club when a good friend walked up to me and snarled one word, “Disdain” and then walked off.

    He is a hard core DEMOCRAT but is actually as fiscally and socially conservative as I am. But he is a hard core, capital D Democrat. Hated GW, Voted for O twice, etc, hard core.

    I finally ran him down and asked what was up as he was visibly angry. He finally started talking and he was so mad at Obama, Boehner, Holder, Reid, Pelosi, McConnel, IRS, VA (he is a vet) etc that he was shaking. “Disdain” was how he now viewed all of our “leadership”.

    He went on talking about O’s vacation, golf, the VA and IRS scandal , border crisis, and now Iraq, etc.

    But he then still said that he could never vote for a republican even though he regretted voting for O… He said that his finger would fall off if he pushed the R button on election day.

    How do you argue with that mindset?


    • There’s really no point in “arguing”. It sounds like your friend is on a journey of changing his political affiliation, and that’s a lonely journey. Arguing will likely cause him to hunker down to defend political views he’s had for a long time. Just enjoy him as a good friend and let him continue on his political journey of discovery. When he’s ready to change, he will. If not, then he won’t. There’s a huge segment of the Democrat party that is sensing they’ve been betrayed by Obama. And they are right.

      • They saw what they wanted to see–first black president, aren’t we progressive…yay! They did not expect a peevish, shallow, manipulating liar who would make a hash of the country. As for changing affiliations, I was a lifelong Dem–but could not understand who this guy was, he came out of the blue, would not reveal his records or background, was scornful and nasty–and I thought, uh-oh, wrong number.

          • I’m starting to tell people/lifelong friends, relatives, kids, “we have different news sources.” Some of them get really mad and walk away, simply can’t believe there is more than one “truth”. And many of them still think it’s patriotic to listen to NPR and watch the mainstream news.
            No matter. I am never going to convince these people that they, with all their education, are, in fact, LI voters. What I DO try to do, is ease them into discovery that some news sources are different than others.
            It’s a weak start, but…

        • Obama seems to be creation of someone’s imagination. I agree, he was hard to peg, an odd character, too smooth and cool by half. Perfect for television, of course, and his TV performances made many people swoon. It was extremely strange to watch my friends not see what was so obvious to me–Obama was performing, acting, saying whatever was necessary to win the moment, and the election.

    • Don’t bother. If he can’t vote for a Republican then forget it. He has disdain but he won’t help himself. Tell him, its not the party that you are supposed to vote for, its THE PERSON. Is he that dense and rigid? He will reap what he sows and thats how we got here to this terrible point and it will only get worse if people feel the way he does, for absolutely no reason, the Republicans, at least, are not liars and criminals, tell him that! And tell him I think he’s as stupid as Obama and Holder and the others if he won’t vote for a person who is not a democrat.

  10. I’m guessing the only action Obama has taken or will take against ISIS is to increase his own personal SS detail and keep his newly added SWAT team on duty 24/7. The SS are now under orders to frisk and body search all golfers and personnel before he arrives unannounced. I wonder if he will order a ban on kitchen knives in the clubhouse dining rooms now.

    • I read an article last week where pranced into a golf course dining room. Their was a man eating soup. The man asked if he could finish his soup. The security guard said something
      I don’t believe the members of this club knew he would be popping in at that time.
      My point. Most of the members of a golf course work a life time for that enjoyment of membership. To have anyone pop in and demand you drop your spoon is rude. O should have given some notice of when he was going to drop in.

    • Thats because obama is a coward! He only goes to schools and little restaurants and frisks everyone! Thats funny! What a coward. I guess I don’t blame him, he knows he’s evil and there must be a lot of people gunning for him, maybe a sniper will get him on the golf course! The little coward is hard at work on the golf course even after an innocent American gets his head cut off. You can’t make this stuff up about Obama.

  11. The 2nd autopsy requested by the Brown family is sketchy at best.
    Parcells owns National Forensic Autopsy and Recovery Services but is not licensed to perform autopsies.

    He claims he’s a “forensic pathologist assistant and medical investigator” yet pathologists say there is no such position.

    Parcells admits he is not certified as a pathology assistant, but says his qualification comes from experience he gained during the one year he worked as a morgue tech. He claims to have been trained by the former medical examiner which also is not true.

    Dr. Young responded with this statement:

    “Shawn hung out at the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s office but was not trained by me.”…. “He has been representing himself in a way that is not appropriate by giving forensic pathology opinions when he is not qualified to do so.”

    “He has none of the qualifications that are required. He has experience as a morgue technician, somebody who would move bodies around, clean up after an autopsy,” Dr. Mitchell said.

  12. I know I said this last night, re; the 7 yr old twin shot by his grandma, in the dark, in Miami is a black unarmed youth.
    Where are Sharpton, Holder et al? Will they give grandma grief, or is she safe because she is the ‘right’ color?
    (I’m not good with copy/paste on this tablet, but I googled grandma shoots twin & there were several links.)

    • The people who are stepping in and ranting and stirring up the public…Where have they been for years when shootings and death happen everyday in certain cities.
      The dicipline has been taken out of many schools for years.
      I heard yesterday that there is now talk of O trying to STOP the number of certain people being expelled from school. He wants the ratio to be even between all people.
      Think back in early school. Remember the kid shooting the spit ball. If the teacher would not have punished or fussed at him. Do you think he would have continue to goof off?
      All children need dicipline at home and at school. Now look what has happen, A whole city behing invaded and overturned with violence, and looting. Urine being thrown at cops in their cute water bottles.

  13. Where is George Bush when you need him? After receiving a personal message from a barbaric savage terrorist as he is about to behead an American journalist, Bush would not hesitate to look straight into the camera and issue a warning that he, along with America’s military might, will be coming for him and the rest of his so-called Islamic army ASAP. America won’t rest until all of them are blown to smithereens. That’s leadership!

    Obama, on the other hand, appears before the cameras in a semi-comatose state and struggles to read his crib notes without ever looking into the lens of the camera. His message? I kept my campaign promise to end the Iraq war…and I did. Iraq? You are on your own.

    The eyes of America and the world will be on Obama in a few minutes. Any bets on which way he will go?

  14. Where is Michelle? I think it would have showed a great sign of support for the Foley family is she would deign to come down from her 8000 sf throne and stand beside the president as he gave his “tribute” to Foley. She’s been in hiding more than usual. maybe she heard all the laughter after her bicycle photo op? Still, Laura Bush would have been right there by George’s side had this happened on his watch. Laura has class. Michelle, not an single ounce.

  15. Questions have been raised by the talking heads on TV and others: where are the Black leaders, and what are the concerns of the Black community.
    Let’s talk about the “White commuity”: who are your leaders? Does your pastor or rabbi or friend speak for you, do you follow what the rich guy does or says, or do you think for yourself?
    We’ve all heard about the “majority of Blacks” in Ferguson, and the lack of representation of Blacks in the city’s government or police force and it has been presented that Blacks can’t have “justice” because of this disparity.
    If we follow that reasoning, then Whites can’t possibly find “justice” at the DOJ, or suppose that the POTUS would be fair to them.
    It just doesn’t make sense if you look at it like that.

    White privilege: so how do we define Black privilege=Affirmative Action programs that put those of certain heritage or skin color in front of others?
    When the POTUS tells us that he’s worried about “young men of color” is he being a racist to discriminate against ‘young men of NO color”?

    EricHolder, and others, want a conversation, a dialogue about racist attitudes in the US, and if that were true, he would start by admitting that he has deep-seated beliefs that all Whites are racists, and that all Blacks blame those “White racists” for their every failing.

    • I just had an argument w/one of my favorite libs, who trotted out “white privilege” and I mentioned that it was probably NOT Plan A to open a discussion on how we can all get along with that phrase.
      She was astonished. It had never occurred to her.
      I’m trying to think of a phrase to dispute that:
      Black victimhood?
      You have to realize that this lib, who is white, only does black, no Hispanics, no Asians.
      I really have a problem w/the white women who screw black guys, bear their babies and then forget/forgo ALL their own rich culture and upbringing, and by God, they are MILITANT about their precious “diversity”.
      Yeah, yeah, yeah, BUT those white Mothers of black babies, are a formidable force, and they are fighting for their kids, regardless of whether I think they should.

      • And yet, everyday people seem to make it side by side.

        I had to run out late last night to a convenience store not in my neighborhood,but not a bad neighborhood either. But still — 1:30 am or so and a gas station convenience store.

        I went in, an African American lady after me, in shorts and a tee — she shivered, hit by the blast of AC — I laughed, she laughed. At the counter we were joined by a tall, strongly built 35ish white man — and there we all gathered and chatted and laughed about the warm weather, the AC, where it was worse, where it was better. And then we went our separate ways.Each the better for a bit of camaraderie

        Just like before Blackie Baraq and hopefully what will be after he is gone. He is trying to rob of us all the good will we Americans have built up across race, religion or ideology.

  16. By the way. Earlier on Fox a comment was made in discussion that the CIA should be on top of this issue with ISIS.
    I trust that they are. I hope that they are.
    Now a moment ago, I recalled the other day that a large number of FBI agents were being assigned to this other issue.
    Now I would like those agents to spend thier time investigating ISIS, and or investigating the drug cartel that brings in young people to their hell hole.

  17. Just mentioned on The Five.
    The comment about the JV, and ISIS. They said O needs to pull back that comment and state he made a mistake.
    I feel he does not want to look weak by stating: I made a mistake.
    He could at least come out when he speaks and put a tie on and look like he is not hung over and speak letting ISIS know their pathetic rampage is over!

    • He never admits he made a mistake (“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” etc.) – it’s always something taken out of context…or a misunderstanding…or summarily explained away by his defenders with a dismissive “What he really meant was…”

      Remember, Barry’s the smartest kid in the room and we’re all morons who are too stupid to understand what he really means.

  18. Well, well, well, one of the grand jurors who indicted Rick Perry was an active Democratic delegate at the time of the proceedings. (via Breitbart)

    • “Senior officials”. Who are they? I’ve become so cynical that I want to see a real person with a real name making that statement. Until then I take this announcement with more than a grain of salt.

      • I also heard on Fox that information like this is kept under wraps for over 15 years.
        In other words IF they did this. They should not come out and announce they tried. You don’t want to let the enemy know!
        For instance, If they attempted to make a rescue, and once they found out the place was empty and were able to get out safely. You are suppose to keep in under wraps, so you maybe able to try again.

        • The Obama administration is famous for leaking classified information and endangering the lives who work under cover. Think Seal Team Six, the physician who was reporting the movements of Osama, the computer virus that attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities, the “kill list” for terrorists, etc. And then compare all that to what the Obama machine refuses to expose–Obama’s real life story, his connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, his phony social security number, his associations with the political trash who programmed him from a very early age. When will people wake up to this Obama character and who he really is and who he works for??

  19. Talk about utter stupidity….The WH and Pentagon just ‘leaked’ a report that there was a failed clandestine mission to rescue the Americans last year in Syria. Unbeknownst to the pentagon, the captives were taken from their original location by ISIS and moved to an unknown location.

    Whatever could possess Obama to release such a top-secret piece of information that basically supports the incompetence of his own CIA staff? This really is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight!

  20. Of course I didn’t know James Foley, but I am so upset and tearful about his murder, its like one of my own got killed. My heart aches for him, poor boy, watching films of him before his kidnapping, I was struck by his looks, his movie star looks, so adorable, so handsome and sexy before they took his freedom and his life away. I was told that Obama went golfing after he saw the video of James Foley. What a jackass, he should be in mourning for him, HE’S THE PRESIDENT FOR GOD’S SAKE, an American of ours was murdered in the most heinous way by savages and he still plays golf. What kind of respect is that for James Foley from the supposed “leader” of of our country? Not only that Obama divulges details of the “rescue” mission for Americans TO MAKE HIMSELF LOOK BETTER. That alone, discussing confidential details of a rescue mission, should make him eligible for impeachment. And the other racist Holder who is a known criminal,has nothing better to do than get embroiled in a race war in Missouri. We are in trouble folks, we have no leaders, we will be attacked because of these inept lowlives, Obama and Holder. Obama is laughing at us, believe it! Every day we get some more frightening news.


    • I haven’t read all these comments yet but I’m thinking the parents of this brave American citizen should be invited to a press conference at the Rose Garden with our vacationing leader?
      I am so sick of Barry!

  21. President Obama makes me ashamed to be an American. How dare he hold the fear, the upset, the overwhelming sickness feeling that haunt the American People about Mr. Foley’s death, as well as RESPECT – to simply make a 5 minuet speech and within an hour be on a golfcourse. The man is not one oif us.. He is enjoying all his perks at the cost of the tax payers. Please, we can’t do another two years. If he does not have the respect to step down, we need to have him romoved. I feel he would be better suited serving another country. We Americans will sacrifice it all for our Brothers and Sisters. We are proud of what we (use to stand) for. We need a leader that cares about us. A strong leader, someong we know is constantly on watch, so that when we put our children to bed, we know that they are safe. I really wonder if he is one of us or one of them.. We will have no future if he is allowed to stay. He is the most shameful man and I guess he does not care, they we the Americans, people he serves are so ashamed of him. He is deplorable.