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  1. I just heard Laura Ingram on Fox. She made an excellent point: imagine if Tea Partiers protested in DC after hearing about the IRS like the protestors are doing in MO.

    And now there are out of state agitators rioting in MO!

    • While outsiders helping to riot serves MO so poorly, I hope it rests on the backs of the race-baiters PINO and Holder.
      And I read a good essay this morning, on the absence of Black Leaders – real ones, not the o, not Holder, not Resistwemuch or Jesse-gimme-the-$$-now-Jackson.
      AND a pox on the incite-to-riot msm.

      • Amen on the latter. This rioting has been fueled by the media as much as by the agitators. Howard Kurtz, whom I normally don’t watch, was on Megan Kelly last night, and they talked about CNN and a St. Louis outlet of NBC showing where the police officer lives and giving out the name of the street. Kurtz also spoke of the media creating a lynch mentality, for example, the big headline on Huffington Post demanding “Arrest Him!”

    • I admit I haven’t been watching the media closely, but are there any stories about the businessowners and citizens being terrorized by some of the protestors? It seems like they are focusing on the Cops vs. Protestors angle.

      Actually, I have a hard time calling them “protestors” now. More like “Rioters”. Has anybody heard that term from the media?

      • The business owners are destroyed. This is an extreme example of why businesses do not like to exist in bad neighborhoods. A few years back, Michelle Obama was going on and on about “Food Deserts’. That disadvantage folks couldn’t go to the grocery store. Detroit had something like ZERO chain grocery stores in it’s city limits.

        But there was a reason. chains couldn’t be profitable in the city with the combination of high employee turnover and theft.

        • A large corporation has better insurance and write offs than a small business. In the case of the local small business lives were ruined when they received no protection and their private property was vandalized and looted by Obama’s underclass. And what will Governor Nixon or the Mayor or the Police Chief do about that?

        • These store owners, I hope, should all rise up and leave Ferguson. There should be no stores there at all. The people who are having a good time posing on CNN, etc. should have no stores near them and have to go 10 miles to a store to get some booze, smokes, milk, junk food,

          • Well, if there is a gym there, my guess, based on the protestors, they did not loot it. Out of shape dumb bells with dumbbells would not happen.

      • I have heard the “locals” referred to as protestors and the “outsiders” referred to as rioters. Seems appropriate. At one point, the protestors formed a line in front of a store to keep the rioters from looting it.

        I have seen some of the media making the story about themselves now, complaining about getting pushed or having rocks thrown at them.

        • That sounds like a fair assessment. I’m sure there are many protestors that are upset by the violence. It only takes a few to ruin a peaceful protest. I was just wondering if the media was reporting all sides of the story.

      • Protesters are peaceful, think the tea party types. The people down in Ferguson are looters, thugs, commies, thieves and in general up-to-no-good criminals. Maybe it is time to shoot looters on sight. Scratch that, Governor Nixon hasn’t any testicular fortitude. Nixon gave up any control of the situation he might have had. I feel sorry for the good people and businesses of that town.

        • It is so very hard to start a business. No I have not heard the fear discussed on behalf of the citizens and buisness owners being terrorized. These people running around with their face covered like the people in ISIS is disgusting.
          When they have to travel to another town to purchase something because a store has closed up. They will not make the connection.

      • Good point. It’s important to remember the 2 billion rounds, hollow point, .40 cal ammo Homeland Security ordered up last year, and the 4,500 armored vehicles they purchased. Remember how they lied about the purchase of the ammunition, telling us they were just for target practice.(You don’t use hollow points for target practice. You just don’t.) They ordered them up for a reason. The question is: what’s the reason? Who are they afraid of? What’s their anticipated target?

        • At the same time people find that most places are sold out of bullets all the time. Why?
          This discussion I have not seen discussed anywhere on the MSM.
          People are not paying attention. It may not seem like a big deal.
          Even if you do not care to own one. Through out the years people knew in the back of their mind, the option was there.

          • Purchasing ammo has been a bit easier in the past few weeks, which tells me that the manufacturers have fulfilled the purchase order from Obama’s government. I was able to buy all the 9MM I wanted at Cabelos last month. (Both wife and I do target shooting. She’s a better shot than I, by far. ;+}) But it was impossible to find any for many months. But you’re right, people have forgotten the issue–because there are so many other Obama-caused issues floating around.

        • The target is the NRA Tea Party conservative’s who will eventually “have enough” & may need a new American Revolution …?
          Is our govt thinking ahead, fearing their liberal strangling ways may ultimately lead to real civil unrest?

          • Remember, early in Obama’s reign, when Homeland Security issued a list of potential terrorists which included returning veterans, right wing “extremists” (those who opposed Obama’s policies, in ObamaWorld), and a whole raft of other conservative Americans. They are Obama’s enemies in his eyes. They told us who they hate and want to destroy, or monitor or harass.


            And here’s a knee slapper from Napolitano’s response to criticism about the report taken from the Washington Times:

            “We take seriously our responsibility to protect the civil rights and liberties of the American people, including subjecting our activities to rigorous oversight from numerous internal and external sources.”

            I guess Lois Lerner didn’t get the memo, eh?

        • When I heard the government had stockpiled, I cleaned out the local gun store of their 45 ammo. Many, many rounds. I probably should go target practice. I also have a concealed carry permit. Love to show that for ID. I think I am known as “granny with a gun”. Don’t mess with her!

  2. Regarding the comment about Tea Partiers… that went through my mind also…. Yet, everyone still thinks it’s the Tea Party that is a danger to this country. Really?

    I saw a picture of one of the rioters wearing one of those Palestinian type scarves (red and white keffiyeh). A known Palestinian supporter (90 yr old woman) was arrested in Ferguson. So where is this going?

      • Yes, I very much remember that… still ticks me off.

        I’ll be interested to see what kind of reception Holder gets in Ferguson. Sharpton, Jackson have not gotten exactly the reception they expected from some.

  3. Holder is going to Ferguson. There goes any chance for the truth to come out. Another autopsy to be done. They’ll slice and dice Brown’s body until they get the result they want.

    Evidently Dr. Michael M. Baden, he of O.J. Simpson fame, didn’t get the “right” results since he said the bullets entered from the front while the Brown attorneys were claiming from the back.

    • By the time Holder is done the evidence will show that Brown was on his way to the local Y to play some Bball and the policeman just walked up to him, and said where to do you think you are going? and then pumped twenty- six into him with a private semi automatic assault weapon illegally purchased from an unlicensed gun shop owned by a Tea Partier.

      Of course to believe this one would have to believe that the policeman was carrying a private semi automatic assault weapon is his leg holster. But if Eric Holder says it’s true then heck, it’s true.

      • That very thought has been going through my thinking about the Holder trip to Ferguson, as well as the 50 FBI agents sent there. (50 agents???????). Both Obama and Holder are well documented to play fast and loose with the truth and the pursuit of true justice (Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, Benghazi, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.) They have an agenda, and it ain’t good.

        • 50 agents!
          Someone on Fox last night made a good point:
          VA Scandal. Did anyone count 50 agents working on that?
          Also all the other scandals on that long list.

          • Exactly, Lee. Fifty agents is a very big deal for this Ferguson issue. Are they collecting information on the radical groups (Black Panthers, etc.) who have shown up in Ferguson to fuel the flames? Are they intimidating witnesses who have stated that the policeman acted appropriately in the shooting? Are they putting pressure on the local authorities to make sure the blame on the situation casts a bad light on the police? Where they given orders by Holder to make sure Brown is shown to be completely innocent? Who knows?

          • How about Chicago, with many more deaths than 1, and multiple shootings each night?

            How about ZERO FBI agents?

            How about black-on-black shootings?

          • Exactly so. There has been wholesale black on black slaughter in Detroit, LA, Chicago, etc. for years. Obama has said next to nothing about it. Holder is oblivious to it. The newspapers and MSM barely mention it. They don’t seem to care in the least. Doesn’t seem to be on their radar. Doesn’t fit their political agenda.

  4. Obama partied hard last night while Ferguson erupted into the worst night yet. Obama was at the home of Sam Kass for nearly 5 hours and was joined by a woman, his deputy chief of staff. His trip back to DC was planned before Ferguson, so I’m wondering if we paid over a $million for him to party or if he had a secret agenda…

  5. Democrats are now fundraising on fiction (surprise?).

    This came in yesterday’s email:

    “282,718 people and counting have signed the petition demanding Boehner take impeaching President Obama off the table.

    Boehner is leaving open his option to impeach the President — and the Tea Party is demanding he follow through.

    That’s why we need you to step up immediately to help us reach 5OO,OOO demanding impeachment is taken off the table — NOW.
    Bottom line: President Obama’s impeachment could eventually be a reality if we don’t step up in a BIG way.

    The only way we can force Boehner to squash this impeachment talk is with grassroots support pressure.

    Click here to sign your name automatically:


    ((Those guys have an obsession with “add your name”))

  6. Totally OT.and appropos of nothing….but has anyone else noticed the huge sea change at FOX? Nearly all of the women anchors and regular panelists have suddenly started going postal. Just started to watch Martha McCallum and it seems she has now joined the ranks of Gretchen whatshername, Kirsten Powers, Shannon Bream, and the rest of the dingy blondes. Even Meghan Kelly is on the cusp. And don’t even get me started on Bob Beckel.

    FOX is now on my ‘do not watch’ list, with the exception of Harris Faulkner and one or two female field reporters. Whoever is directing these women must be a misogynist (or a former Jerry Springer producer) with a bent on losing mature viewers. I know, I know – it’s all ‘info-tainment’….but the histrionics are becoming painful.

    • I was really p.o.’d last night when Hannity was supposed to have a one-on-one interview with Rich Perry, and Shepherd Smith cut in for live coverage of Ferguson instead. FOX is just as involved in the promotion of this rioting and looting as the rest of the media. I have a large interest in the Perry situation, and I wonder how far up the Democratic/liberal food chain the strategy to discredit Perry goes.

        • Yes, I was thinking “who is Rich Perry?” before it dawned on me, lol.

          Anyway, I ended up watching the ‘show’ for a couple of hours because I couldn’t sleep. An amazing show of what happens when you give fancy military-grade gear to a ragtag bunch of untrained meatheads.
          More media than actual “protesters” as the night wore on. Most non-media people were just wandering around looking for an opportunity to either get on camera or get a melee going. Meanwhile the SWAT-wannabes were driving around in their fancy armored truck, stopping to unload the crew, run around for a minute, then jump back on the truck and move up the road about 40 feet. Then repeat.

        • I watched the Shep coverage last night. Fox reporter Steve Harrigan called it “a media event, pure and simple”. And he described the actions of the police force as “amateur hour”. And I’m sick and tired of drama queen Capt. Ron Johnson.

          The media should pack up the news trucks and go home.

      • It would be good to have more info on Perry and what is happening.

        I agree with what most everyone is saying about the shift in Fox. Earlier I mentioned that I was up late and was going to watch Red Eye but that was pre empted by Shep and others covering Ferguson.

        Good thing, there is Brett Baier’s special report. That seems to be about the only thing watching.

        Pretty much I guess that when they say you get who you vote for,the media gives viewers what they want. I have heard a fair amount of people make other comments about Fox leaning to the left, and more “entertainment” news. Enough people stop watching and perhaps they might change.

        • I don’t know if anyone else here listens to Mark Levin on the radio, but he’s been expanding his vitriol to Fox more often lately, in addition to his regular beat downs on the other news sources.
          He sometimes mentions how much research and time it takes to write a book, as opposed to churning out several in a year. I’m pretty sure he’s referring to O’Reilly and his ‘Killing Everybody’ frequent releases, co-written by somebody else.

      • I agree and I detest Shep…he needs to go to MSNBC…he can’t control his own speech when his liberalism takes over.
        Perry interests me too…he has grown in leadership since 2012 and I am glad to see him getting support from all sides.

      • Julie, the radical left is hell-bent on turning TX dark blue. Obama has been working TX almost full-time since he started his second term with the Obamacare navigators and now the invasion of ‘the children’. The attack on Perry is reprehensible and so typical of Obama and his filthy tricks.
        I also tuned in to Hannity last night just to watch the Perry interview. By that time, everything was under control in Ferguson but FOX kept looping the same footage over and over.

        One of the field reporters in Ferguson expressed frustration over the amount of time they are spending there. He wanted to just pack up and leave. Said the rioting will persist as long as the cameras are there. So true!

        • Interestingly some liberals are attacking the attack: Alan Dershowitz, Lanny Davis, and some big muckey-muck whose name I can’t remember.

    • The only Fox show I watch anymore is The Five and there are days when that is too tedious for me. The Fox morning show is awful, more dog and pony than news. The worst offender is Anna Koiman (sp?) who sits there with her mouth open unable to pronounce even the most basic words. I tend to watch local news (NYC) until 7 then go to CBS but even that lately has been awful. Norah has gotten feisty. I try Morning Joe for a few minutes at 6 but can’t last much longer than Mika’s first smirk. Cartoon channel anyone?

      • @New Yorker: You can include me on the same list. The Five and if I am up in the middle of the night – Red Eye. I’ve given up on the visual media news – they’ve turned into a crappy “reality show”.

      • I watch The Five for Greg Gutfeld, but mostly just watching clips on the internet these days. I used to watch Fox and Friends but it’s become more of a viral video showcase of car accidents, knock out games and other disturbing stuff that has nothing to do with news.

        Most mornings I’ll flip over to I Love Lucy reruns and just scroll the newsfeeds on the internet ….. :D

      • Lol. Only the trailers at the bottom of the screen protect Harris from indecent exposure! Why does a “news reporter” need a push-up bra?

  7. What I heard …. don’t know how true it is. Last night many of the Washington Redskins players came out on the field with their arms raised, in tribute, I assume, to the victim Michael Brown.

    Pretty pathetic.


    Apparently there are some ISIS supporters at the riot fest now. I am sure the FBI and DHS and DOJ are right on this. Monitoring them. Or they could just still be at the border taking care that the illegal crossers get all their rights or at the airports making sure Grandma isn’t doing something that might be harmful to the nation.

  9. A crime reporter for the St Louis Post-Dispatch tweeted last night:

    “Police sources tell me more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated cop’s version of events in shooting”.

    Grand jury could begin hearing evidence in the case today.

  10. Nobody has any idea why Obama returned to DC. A simple kid swap with a sprinkling of “official business” to pay for it ? Sam Kass’ party? (doesn’t he usually go on vacay with them?).

    Why didn’t MO come along, she likes parties and Kass is her NoKidsFatBehind ™ chief and chef ? This trip back to DC was announced long before Ferguson. This inquiring mind wants to know :)

    • My out-on-a-limb guess was that this was merely a taxpayer-funded million-dollar taxi ride for Malia. So far, nothing has convinced me that it is anything else.

    • Whatever the reason, he is up to no good. That’s the way I look at everything he does. He is fulfilling every fantasy he ever had while occupying the WhiteHouse. And none of it has anything to do with the job he was elected to do.
      Everything about this invader is secretive. Only the SS agents know his whereabouts at all times. If only they would break the code of silence, I believe the world would be flabbergasted to discover the truth behind the mask.

    • Optics, as in “See how engaged I am.” Or maybe he had to get his marching orders for the next few days. Maybe the teleprompters were tired of MV and missed Washington.

  11. It really frosted my cahooties when Eugene Robinson (MoJoe) said president Obama walked the line and did not put his thumb on the scale.
    1) The police acted stupidly (that Skip thing)
    2) Trayvon was my little son I never had
    3) Those parents will never see their boy alive again

    Has there been ANY statement such as:
    I would like to remind everyone that our police put their lives out there everyday–we don’t know who did what yet, so let’s keep an open mind. Any statement involving the remote possibility that there are two sides.

    • @Star: Eugene Robinson is a piece of work. His MoJoe contract obviously requires that he be introduced as “Pulitzer prize winning journalist, blah blah blah”. That’s ego baby, pure ego, so with any panelist putting his/her own personal agenda first, how can we expect them to have any true opinions? They don’t.

      • Thank heaven for the remote control! I just calculated that I spend less than one hour per day actually listening to my narrow list of ‘acceptable’ commentators. I can’t even leave FOX or the other shows on for background noise. It’s a wonderfully liberating feeling – one that I haven’t had for the last six years. I recommend it to everyone..

  12. Lo-Fo Dept. I have a relative who takes the daily paper but won’t watch news, and never Fox, of course, and she asked me about Ferguson. “Who got shot–one of the protestors? Some heavyset kid?” I said–the protests came after, etc. Why do we even bother?

  13. I started to make a comment about the rockets being fired into Israel.
    I scrolled down the Blogroll first.
    I read an article on Nice Deb regarding this issue.
    The article right below is worth the read as well.

  14. Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to turn himself in to autorities Tuesday evening at a local Texas jail on the heels of his indictment for alleged abuse of power, a member of the governor’s legal team told Fox news.
    The governor is expected to be processed quickly and to leave. His is not subject to an arrest warrant.
    However, Fox news has learned Perry will have his mugshot and fingerprints taken during the booking. He plans to arrive at the Travis County justice complex in Austin at about 6:00 p.m. ET.

  15. Another black kid (23 y.o.) shot and killed by police in St. Louis. Rushed police with a knife – shouting ‘Kill me, kill me’. They obliged. Suicide by cop. Crazy!!!

  16. Way, way OT: some good stuff
    Arizona is in the midst of some fierce summer rains and we get flash floods here and there.
    Last hour, a couple, their two dogs were rescued by EMTs, Sheriff’s posse guys, and all is well.
    The whole thing was televised locally and it was touch and go for a while, but the ‘first responders’ are amazing and precise.

    I’ve had enough of the whining, criminal, “protesters” in MO. It’s time for them to let the law do it’s job and if it’s not to their liking (looks like the policeman was justified) then they need to move on.

    • I’m glad you have received rain.
      I just pulled up an article with a picture.
      Don’t drive though the flooded streets!
      Years ago I drove though water that did not look high.
      Car stalled. People help me push my husbands car to higher ground (near the street).
      I cupped out the water with a small plastic cup for over an hour.
      My effort paid off. Water did not total the car.
      I pulled up the article: WFSB, channel 4.

  17. Saw a daughter land in DC but they did not show her returning with Barak. Was the trip back to DC to get a good dinnner without Michelle and drop off his daughter? She may have a life and can’t afford to take long vacations like her parents.

  18. That’s the question I ask Kimbly. When did throwing molotov cocktails become a legitimate form of protest, I mean other than in Benghazi ?

  19. Terrible news regarding American journalist, James Foley.
    Islamic State (reportedly) beheads Mr. James Foley.
    They are vowing to behead 2nd American journalist Steven Sotloff.
    I read the article on Weasel Zippers.
    Just now on Fox they are stating they are still trying to investigate to see if tape is genuine.

    • An American citizen is publicly beheaded by ISIS. And a threat is made to do so to another.

      And yet, Ferguson carries the day in the news. And to the best of my knowledge, not one word from Obama.

      Depraved. There are very few values left in the United States. We are held in thrall by a mob of African Americans who still blame everything on everyone else and our leaders and media kow tow to them and to illegals. And yet an American is brutally put to death for all to see and barely a headline, a news segment or a comment from the President of the United States.

  20. Just scanned the thread with 136 comments and still no BIG SCARY SCOTUS announcement or an Amnesty EO ? Is Prezzy on his way back to his luxury “workation” now ? So basically nothing was done, so I ask you guys….

    Why not jiggle this do-nothing DC schedule a day or two and attend the General’s funeral ? He could have still gone to his party with his floozie staffer (her bio reads like an Obama roadie), and had his meetings too?

    She has her own wiki page…..I’m sure she’s a very nice lady, but her dedication to Obama since the Illinois Senate days, hmmmm?

    • For all the speculation, there’s nothing or no one to explain this weird interruption.
      If he meant for it to show he was not just on ‘vacation’ it didn’t work and just made him look foolish.
      Anyhoo, he can stay up there at MV for the rest of his term as far as most people care. IMO, anyway.

    • Breckenridge is married. Wonder if her husband was invited last night. It’s inconceivable to me that the so-called leader of the free world has nothing better to do than hang out with the WH chef and his secretary. Kass’s wife/girlfriend is an anchor for MSNBC and must be privy to everything that goes on in that WH.

      Outside of being POTUS, Obama has the least impressive bona fides/credentials of anyone in DC. It’s like he arrived at the WH with just the clothes on his back and an entourage of two – Michelle LaVaughn and Valjar. After six years, he’s still wearing the same clothes and hanging out with the same crowd. He never wanted to be POTUS – he only wanted to play one on tv. And that’s exactly what he is doing. The mask is off.

  21. Has anyone seen news of the Florida grandma who shot her 7 yr old grandson?
    He is ok. He was an unarmed black youth. What will Holder do about this?

  22. Now we know why Obama flew back to DC over the weekend. I thought it was to stir the pot in Ferguson and have dinner with Sam Kass. HE apparently was shown a video of ISIS beheading a US journalist. Yesterday, in his news conference he spoke briefly about Iraq, saying something to the effect we will help hold back ISIS, but not destroy them. Today he flew back to the Vineyard. The UK Daily Mail says he will address the country about this on Wednesday. If all of this is true, how can he go back on vacation? I deeply loath the man, he makes me ill. What will he say? When will people see him for the evil he truly is? When will those who voted for him wake up?

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