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  1. I don’t know if anything has been said here recently about Major General Harold Greene. The highest-ranking officer killed in combat since Vietnam. His funeral was Thursday. Full honors military funeral with horse-drawn caisson. Heartbreaking photos.

    Obama went golfing in the Vineyard. Biden went skinny-dipping in the Hamptons. Hagel…?? Unbelievable.

    • Thank you for the clip.
      I was again so…. disappointed in the MSM for not showing part more time to General Greene.
      No respect!
      This man devoted his life/career to the service.

        • The dancing Obama was at night at a birthday party for Vernon Jordan’s wife, the same party where Hillary Clinton and Obama were to have a hug fest. However, it turned out to be chill fest.

          The funeral was Thursday during the day, and Obama was golfing instead of attending. And as MerryCarol has pointed out, neither the Vice President nor the Secretary of Defense were present either.

      • He is returning briefly to DC anyway and should have at least pretended to show some respect to General Greene and his heartbroken family. Instead, he is just wasting tax money to fly in his shiny jet.

    • Did you actually expect them to attend ?
      Their disdain for our Military is on display almost everyday.

      For those of us that have served, and the people that have had son’s and daughter’s that have served this magnificent Country, the fact that the leadership is hollowing out the finest fighting force this world has ever seen is beyond comprehension to me.

      The Obama administration is a cancer, eating this Country alive, and we are to sit and wait for an opportunity to respond.

      And even though we do respond with a loud voice against the fraud and the nefarious tactics that they are using to remain in power, we are shouted down by the liberal media while they are incessant on destroying anyone that disagrees with their ideology and has the audacity to speak out against it.

    • The lily-livered coward was afraid to even mention the attack b/c he was afraid it would reflect badly on him and his massive screw-up in Iraq. This makes the America-hating SOB look 1000x worse.
      What was Hagel’s excuse? And Biden? And the LSM?

      Note: Obama did find time to offer up a eulogy to Robin Williams.

    • More media attention to riots over still to be investigated police shooting of one black man than for a soldier who fought in a foreign land to keep us safe here. The point cannot be made strongly enough.

      And most likely Obama will give more air time to this incident than he has to the General Greene and certainly to General Greene’s family.

      Hagel is just plain flat out in every sense worthless.

    • Everyone should remember that the next time Obama refers to himself as the “Commander In Chief”, and the next time that he praises the heroism of our men and women in uniform.

      The correct title should be “So-called Commander in Chief”. And the praise is bogus from a man who actually loathes the military.

    • The contempt showed towards the military is not new from the Progressives. There were Democrats that held the military in high regard but that was a different party at a different time. They purged the Blue Dog Democrats.

      Regarding Major General Greene, part me was pleased Obama was not there. The eulogy would have been full of “I’s” and how this death affected him. So, part of me is glad for a General Greene’s family that the Hypocrite In Chief was not there. Playing golf while a Major General’s casket is being lowered into the ground is so beyond the pale. It makes me want to vomit.

  2. Emailing with a college pal–we “talk” often–I don’t bring up politics–try not to with anyone except online. She has a ranch and was talking with the “hay” guy and they decided there was no point to voting except locally. She said she didn’t think she would have anything in common with him. So that is their conclusion? I told her–finally–that I had suspected O was a wrong number before the election and had voted Rep. Wonder if she will abandon me. By the way, i voted locally by mail and even though I read the long, thick badly written info book, the cards the candidates sent, etc I had no idea really who I was voting for. So I am some great citizen.

    • I never really used to pay much attention to local elections — just checking no to incumbent judiciary . Now, beginning with Obama, I am much more informed and careful in local levels. But I still vote against incumbent judiciary.

        • Indeed. But the sad thing is that for the more of us who are looking at our candidates more carefully there is the Democrat horde who lockstep check D and then there is the even larger problem of voter fraud — when illegals vote and once again military absentee ballots aren’t counted.

          And so we have a situation where the media focuses on black man and the riots that ensue as his memorial instead of a soldier who died defending them.

          • I don’t see the two conflated, really. May I ask how to vote locally more sensibly–how do you? Those canned local ads, those postcards (lower postage), the big unwieldy newsprint books of stuff put out by the election commission, the occasional scandal…I don’t go to town meetings. No transportation. How does one vote intelligently. I used to vote straight Dem–but no more for sure.

          • Our home is in a very small town. We are relatively new to the area, so we asked ourselves the same question…how do we choose who deserves our vote?
            We belong to a church, so we can ask our fellow members their thoughts and opinions.
            Our neighbors are residents of longevity, so we can ask them, too.
            I even solicit the thoughts and opinions of our real estate agent!
            Town halls are easier to attend and the local newspaper contains succinct reports of candidate statements.
            In short, I listen to the opinions of others, read and listen to candidate comments, form my very own opinion and then – vote.
            What a privilege…voting for someone who most closely shares the values I hold dear.

          • I live in a small town. I am on some mailing lists for local issues . I am aware of the local groups. I do not participate much, but I try to keep informed. City Council,School Boards and Judiciary.

      • I became interested in local politics as I see how the stupidness of the liberal agenda has sunk our Old Pueblo into the toilet. Both city & County are destroyers, using road improvement money to build their pet projects, while our roads crumble beneath us. Allowing fed money to build a damn street car that travels 4 miles around U of A & downtown. Spending massive money on a failed baseball stadium. I had even voted a R for my city ward AND he had the audacity to change to D & break all promises. So knowing local issues is necessary in how it eventually ties in with state & or fed outcomes over time. (Plus we have 2 great local Right talk radio shows that uncover more local misdeeds.)

        • Three years ago my husband and I were at a ballgame in Tucson. They were honoring veterans, one of whom was an elderly Bataan March survivor. A group of four U of A professors did not stand up to honor this brave man. Disgusting, you can’t shame people like these cretins. Glad we left Arizona when we did.

      • Do you look up every judge’s rating in those big books they send out? I did that once–I still have no idea why I would vote against one or another. We did have a Justice of the Peace who would not pick up a pit bull that mauled my sister’s greyhound–but that dude was not up for election. He later got tossed for something he did wrong. We knew his name.

        • No. Judiciary is hardest for me, even in small town. Word travels fast about judges, DAs etc So local gossip :) What’s her name in Austin — she would have been toast. Then again, I’m in Florida — can we say Trayvon Martin case — really really bad.

  3. Ferguson: I’ve often posted on this site, if you can’t think and speak for yourself, you will surely be victimized by those who would do it for you. There are two parts to this and the first part is personal responsibility.

    See the transcript here as exhibit A:

    Now you can’t tell who these people are anymore than you can tell who I am by my login. But a rational mind could be forgiven for concluding these two are well on their way to the second part.

    • Dana Perino is predicting Obama will announce Justice Bader-Ginsberg is retiring and he will nominate Eric Holder to the Supreme Court.

      I’d rather just anout anything than that.

        • I think if this happens–and I’m still hoping it will not–the Republicans could drag it out until the November election when it would be impossible for Holder to get the 2/3s confirmation (or is it 60 votes?) needed. As it is right now, if the Republicans stuck together, he still wouldn’t be confirmed. But you know the RINOs are untrustworthy. You raise a very large impediment to his being confirmed: the citation for contempt of Congress.

    • Some have mentioned here that he has not looked well lately. Maybe he has a dr’s appointment (although doesn’t a dr travel with him?) One can only hope he is getting a proctology exam…..

      I’m still hoping it is to pick up Sasha and also take Malia to get her driver’s license. Or at least hoping it is something very trivial. If it is a major Executive Order or Supreme Court related, I will need the smelling salts out of Keith’s liquor cabinet.

      • Smelling salts! So true — Oh God, don’t let it be. Holder’s a racist criminal! He’s as bad as Sharpton, him on the Supreme Court? He can’t be that lucky can he?

      • If it is trivial like that Obama will make it into a big speech about parenting. And then morph into the tragic shooting of his other “if I had a son” Michael Brown.

    • He’s still on the vineyard, on the holf course, do whatever he has planned, it’s not urgent nor will it be tonight. From the Vineyard Gazette: “Submitted by on August 17, 2014 – 1:40pm
      It’s another Sunday on the golf course for President Obama, who is hitting the links today at Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs.

      The president arrived at the golf club at about 1 p.m. Today he is joined on the course by retired basketball player Alonzo Mourning and White House aides Joe Paulsen and Marvin Nicholson.

      Tonight the President is scheduled to depart the Vineyard late Sunday night for a quick trip back to Washington, D.C., where he will attend meetings at the White House. President Obama is scheduled to return to the Vineyard on Tuesday, with the First Family’s vacation continuing until next Sunday.”

    • AP reports he squeezed in some golf today before he heads to DC.

      As for Holder and Supreme Court, I would hope he would never, ever, ever be confirmed by hearings. But it might be a good chance to get him on the hotseat and ask about F&F, Benghazi, Black Panthers, etc… (not that he would tell the truth).

    • I am annoyed at the whole drama. Obama returns from MV — why? No President of the United States should be shrouded in mystery. This is BS. What are we children to see what the big surprise is. Juvenile.

      And you can bet whatever it is — there is no pony.

      • Since they were without one of their (minor) child all week it would be one more slap in the face if he just must act all parental to the other (minor) one.

  4. On Breitbart today, the huffpo tweeter’s photo of ear plugs. But he says “I believe these are rubber bullets, can anyone confirm?”
    That is my laugh for the day.

  5. Looks like the rioters,and race hustlers have erased Obama’s other favorite group the illegals, the Dreamers,and the Central American illegal crossers from the headlines. The Fourth Estate has become the Fifth Column in Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

    • Last week some headlines, articles read the World is burning.
      Some made it clear with someone not paying attention.
      Fate, Coincidence, One party is lucky that attention is now on something else, etc.
      The bottom line issue is that ugly things happen. The States are to handle them on their own.
      That should be the headline. If not, I will continue to keep the TV on anything other than this issue. If they want ratings, I don’t care to be counted in them.
      Than you can also pick news on the internet with someone shooting you the bird from that town. There are children that read the newspapers and news on the internet. Ugly.

  6. Holder demanding 2nd autopsy. Pretty much kid will be autopsied as many times as it takes to get someone to conclude what Eric Holder wants them to conclude. Because ……justice./in a pig’s eye justice

    • My read is the young cop braced him fast and rudely–prob cause, being in the middle of the street, then leaned out of the squad and grabbed the big guy or even shot him nonfatally then, and the kid ran saying don’t shoot. The cop, who had been banged around, continued to shoot. I could be wrong…as I said, enough bad behavior in a few secs to go around. There was a lot of talk in the nabes about cops continually pulling people over day and nite for nothing or what was considered next to nothing. Aggressive policing. My brother is an emergency dispatcher in that area–many calls, he says. Even he says the military vehicles might be over the top.

      • Years ago in a small town, my son and I were driving home from the church. I made a left turn, (with the blinker on).
        I was pulled over into the empty parking light, by a policewoman from the big town near by.
        She screamed though the mic. for me to get out. I tried to explain I had a young boy in the back seat. She screamed even louder though the mic to ‘GET OUT OF THE CAR’.
        My son was in tears.
        The point. I did not call everyone in my town to come out and start riots, violence and steal from all the stores in my defense.
        I went to the traffic court for that un called for ticket.
        I did not have to pay the ticket.

    • I imagine the Missouri State Examiner’s office is sweating bullets knowing that the Feds are likely to overrule their report and ruin their reputation in the aftermath. Yes, pun intended.

  7. Will never watch CNN again! This morning, Sunday, CNN kept flashing OVER AND OVER WITH0UT STOPPING, in bold letters about Rick Perry, sensationalizing him like he’s a criminal — flashing this over and over for political help for Hillary Clinton in ’16. i think CNN IS disgusting that they are so biased for the democrats, THEY ARE SO UNFAIR AND SNEAKY, CNN is so corrupt to lie and to take sides, not the American way, its the communist way. We know who is behind the Rick Perry thing, its Obama and his adviser, that other ugly jerk, Axelrod. this is what they do, first they did it to Sara Palin, then Chris Christie and now Rick Perry. So jealous of them because they know Sara Palin, Chris Christie and Rick Perry have more brains and common sense and DECENCY than they will ever have. And It is so obvious, Obama and Axelrod think we’re all stupid not to know this. I’m sure Hillary Clinton is in on this too, the destruction of people to keep the power. God will get them soon for corruption, fraud, murder and many more crimes.

  8. Harris Faulkner just announced that Obama will be meeting with Biden tomorrow and will be in town for 2 days. Why is Biden in town? Will Chief Justice John Roberts also be in town? One can only hope this is Obama’s swan song and Biden will be sworn in. (anyone is better than Obama). All of this, of course, is wishful thinking.

  9. I’ve seen some articles written by liberals blaming the Republicans for the police in Ferguson. You know, the old tough-on-crime, law-and-order Republicans are responsible when in fact the “militarization” of law enforcement is a relatively new thing which has come about under Obama. As I commented to someone yesterday, it was probably instituted in the hope that the Tea Party and other conservatives would begin a new revolution just begging to be put down by the liberal federal government. Looks like it backfired.

  10. Look for an Amnesty EO tomorrow from Mr big ears. I am sure Valerie has it all written up for him to read his speech from the teleprompter!

    Iranian commie is the real president. While Obummer just reads it.

  11. Just heard a snippet on local news coming up. Violence breaking out across the country, even SW Florida.

    Looks like Obama is getting the race war he wants. The only war he will pay attention to.

    Music all day — no news. Not worth it. I don’t intend to watch the news at all. I am pretty sure whatever violence is breaking out (spontaneously of course /sarc) will be even bigger tomorrow.

    Heck at this rate maybe Obama’s return is preplanned to announce martial law. I jest. I hope.

    • I have stayed away from the TV news as well.
      Another time I think the ISIS people and all the other bad leaders are laughing at us.
      The last note has been a fear that has crossed my mind.
      Everyone who is rioting, stealing, etc. need to stop and think of their families as well as all the U.S. citizens. The value of their families home that is going down the drain. In other words who wants to buy a home in the middle of that.

  12. White Police Chief investigating a white policeman shooting a black man can not be fair but an investgation by a black attorney general working for a black president investgating a black man shot dead by a white police man is fair. Who decides what is fair?