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  1. Texas’ Perry indicted for coercion for veto threat

    There was a time when most Americans had faith in Grand Juries. This will only further erode confidence in our judicial process.

    Here is Wisconsin the Dems have tried to use the courts, including the Wisconsin Supreme Court, with the help of the despicible Chief Justice Shirley Abramson, to do their dirty work. They were for the most part slapped down.

    Shame on the members of the Austin Grand Jury who allowed their politics to pollute the legal system in their state. Their actions are reprehensible.

    • I’m still trying to figure out how what Perry did is different than the Obama a couple weeks ago attacking the House immigration bill with “House Republicans as we speak are trying to pass the most extreme and unworkable versions of a bill that they already know is going nowhere. It can’t pass the Senate, and if it were to pass the Senate, I would veto it.”
      There is a special place down under for the likes of Lehmberg and Abramson. I can only hope that by the time this is all done and over Lehmberg will go have the same fate as the corrupt prosecutors who went after Ted Stevens in Alaska.
      I tweeted out yesterday evening:
      “Isn’t it amazing Rick Perry goes against #Obama and winds up indicted by what should be a disgraced DA. Dems cannot go any lower #tcot.”
      It’s garnered some of the highest retweet numbers I’ve had in five years. People are PISSED at the constant use of the judicial system to achieve what could not be won at the ballot box.

      • Thanks for your comment. I was enjoying my first cup of coffe, while reading it. Read again. To early to pull up all the up legal data, to justify this move.
        For now I will have my second cup of coffee, and just by what I read alone, it doesn’t sit well with me.

      • I think I retweeted that last night ! I was favoriting and retweeting all the tweets calling out the Dem hypocrites. Obama’s been “abusing power” for almost 6 years, will nothing stick?

        I really enjoyed finding the DA’s drunk videos, fascinating stuff.

        • Thanks DeniseVB, I left out the important issue all the abusing power, and nothing has been done.
          To mention that coffee I was enjoying untill I turned on the news, and what do we have: More looting, more mayhem.
          I feel so sorry for the honest citizens of the town, the companies, etc.
          Anyone want to go on vacation in that area any time soon?sarc
          How about a buisness trip? sarc

          • Anyone want to go on vacation in that area any time soon?sarc
            How about a buisness trip? sarc

            Not to pick a nit–but those are not sarcasm. Sarcasm is: Sure, go on vacation to sunny Ferguson.

        • Yeh, I don’t know what’s worse the drunk DA that didn’t have the ethics to resign or the ethics of the grand jury that used the process for political payback. Austin is getting worse as it turns darker blue. (Just like every other blue city in the country)

          • With one Castro in the Administration at HUD, and the other in Austin LaRaza is getting more entrenched.

            Soon, you may not have to be a citizen to be employed by the government and receive salary and benefits paid by the American citizen.

            There is probably a lot to be said about the decline in the value of citizenship, the lack of border security, and the electoral process and the form and structure of government in America.

          • HA. Speaking of ethics, I heard in passing that the Ethics Committee of some governmental department has decided that it is ok to have a lottery of some sorts with cash prizes to encourage people to vote. This is in Southern California. The only thing I would like to know if that is USD cash or Peso.

            If Peso then I will not bother myself with trying to figure out how I can get in on this.

        • Revenge and spite runs deep in the veins of a person willing to have those videos posted worldwide.

          As for the Grand Jury — that will teach Americans to displease the King. Especially when he is trying to transform Amerika and you call out the National Guard to secure your state’s borders and citizenry.

          The Progressive’s tangled web in service of ideology runs deep.

          • I do believe we might hear that Justice Ginsberg’s health has taken a sudden turn and in order to maintain the health she does still enjoy she thought it best to retire and fulfill Obama’s prophecy that their is a vacancy at SCOTUS.

            The infiltration and entrenchment of the progressive ideology in the courts, the government at the highest levels, the bureaucracy, and the health and education systems and especially the military is worrisome.

  2. On another note, shameless, self-serving blog pimping:
    It’s a long one but it is book ended by the behavior of two very liberal members of the “press” so I had no choice. Of course there’s also government waste, illegal children getting first class treatment and Obama stopping hellfire missiles from going to Israel to get you an early start on your weekend blood boiling. :)

  3. On BBC:
    Reports say warplanes have struck IS positions near the Mosul dam, captured last week. Not clear weather US or Iraq aircraft were involved. Residents near dam told AP news, that the air strikes wsere carried out on Saturday afternoon, killing some militants.
    Mentioned in this article as well,
    Militants in northern Iraq massacred at least 80 men from the Yazidi faith in a village & abducted women and children, reportssay.
    I did note the horrific issue of the 80 lives lost on the previous thread.

  4. Ferguson Mo: riots again last night. No one can say the local PD have disseminated info in a prompt and sensible manner, but the rioting and looting is only portraying some of the residents as exactly what their detractors claim them to be, ignorant thugs. Calm protest over a perceived injustice is part of our society, a process we can all agree on. The illogical destruction of property owned by innocent local store owners needs to be highlighted and pronounced shameful by leaders in the community, not praised as a first amendment right.

    The time for excusing unlawful and destructive behavior is over. The law must be upheld, our society as a whole needs peace and security


      • On top of that most of them out their to ashamed to show their face with the lovely rags over their faces.
        I understood you were suppose to have a PERMIT!
        This is not a protest it is a Riot! Stealing! Violence!
        How many permits would we have to get here if we care to protest regarding issues that are discussed here?

          • I’m sorry to say it involves the media including FOX. Last night I watched a Fox reporter speaking with a crowd of protestors behind him holding up signs. As the reporter began to walk down the street facing the camera, the crowd walked behind him. It’s all choreographed.

          • I would rather see Fox cover all the distruction of the companies in that area.
            The prices will have to be raised for them to make up for their loss.

          • I watched CNN for a while Friday morning. Pure Chaos.

            The black reporter on the scene was letting the protesters tell their stories and every time they quieted down, he would turn around and shout an inflammatory question to the mob.

            As a former police officer, I will say that the local LEO has bungled this from the start but the media and the politicians have ratcheted up the inflammation to the boiling point.


          • I agree.
            If the media is worried about their ratings more than than the well being of innocent people in that town, not to mention the whole Country.

  5. RE: Perry indictment.
    Another Obama magic trick. Here’s another example.
    Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois was under investigation for the misuse of $55 million by State Legislators. A request by DOJ (Holder) to delay the investigation was complied with.
    POOF! All gone. No more investigation.
    Ex-Govener George Ryan was just released from prison where he served time a corruption conviction.
    Ex-Govener Rod Blagovich, recently convicted on corruption charges is still in prison. Had this investigation into Quinn’s misuse of taxpayers monies to fund his reelection campaign proceed, I’m sure that Illinois would have another Democratic Governor in prison.

    • Boy, I can’t write worth a “poop”. Quinn was under investigation BY State Legislators for using money from a violence reduction program to fund his reelection campaign.
      Hope I made sense this time.

      • I just pulled up Drudge.
        A defiant Perry calls felony indictment a ‘farce’.
        Perry said Saturday that the indictment against him was an “outrageous” abuse of power and vowed to fight it.
        “This indictment amounts to nothing more than abuse of power and I cannot and will not allow that to happen”

          • If you believe that, you believe in Mickey Mouse == Axelrod and Obama and Holder are definitely behind getting Perry in trouble, as they did with Palin and Christie. Don’t believe Axelrod’s innocent act, no matter what he says, he’s very clever about the lies. he’s the one that does all the dirty work and that may include serious crimes against people.

          • Ah I suspect it is invisible ink, transferred to a disc that has been corrupted and lost or destroyed for national security reasons. I also suspect that there is no one in the government who will be able to provide finance details or what happened to them.

            Fundamental Transformation and all that.

          • Since the US Government still uses 5-1/4 floppy disks for all data, a single unruly magnet can defile a lot of data. Even if it is 720kb at a time.

          • Then we should look for magnet purchases by Department when we go through the budget line by line. Now if the budget is also on a floppy…..well, that’s a whole ‘nuther story.

  6. It’s inconceivable that one man could possess such evil intent against a nation, a government, and it’s citizenry. We have truly been visited by evil in the form of Barack Hussein Obama. I find myself unable to even process all of the damage this devil has wrought over the past six years. I have to look away when he appears on my tv screen. His smirking eyes belie the evil in his heart. His days in the WH are spent plotting and scheming against America – not upholding his oath of office to serve and protect. His consigliere and lieutenants are always at the ready with their slings and arrows. And throughout it all, the America-hating wife is heaping abuse on school children while she parties on like there is no tomorrow.

    All of my ill will and loathing for Obama is concentrated on his spectacular abuse of power concerning immigration. His total disregard for borders, his release of 1000’s of IA criminals from jails, his orders for no deportations, his refusal to allow border agents to do their job and lastly, the pre-meditated/orchestrated invasion of the ‘children’, i.e. ‘refugees’. ALL of this geared to win elections and promote his racist agenda.

    His epitaph should read: “Punish your enemies”. Immortal words!

      • We are the ‘enemy’! Stunning words. LaRaza is probably passing out pamphlets at the ‘refugee’ centers stating that the white man is their enemy – proceed with caution,

        • Local D rep in Tucson, Raul Grijalva has had a la raza “map” in his office showing mexico’s border reaching up AZ to almost Phx. This is course requirements at TUSD mex am studies classes. (Outlawed, but still squirming through). Whitey stole mexican land & the border is a false border…

    • Your post is just fantastic. You got it down so well, I feel the exact same way What are we to do? Don’t answer that. Sometimes I think its because America passed Roe v. Wade and God is punishing us by putting the devil in charge. So many millions of human life thrown into the garbage, whole other generations of people, lives flushed down the toilet. Surely we are not a civilized nation since that law began. Perhaps God is punishing us now and we must take our medicine for letting this extermination of human life, helpless human life happen, millions of them since the 1970’s.

  7. Here is a Mencken quote I lifted from elsewhere
    “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the People. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.”
    …H.L. Mencken, The Baltimore Evening Sun. 26 July 1920

    And it should be noted “Mencken, through his wide criticism of actions taken by government, had a strong impact on the American left and the American libertarian movement.[4]”

    Also he had a propensity toward Nietzsche and the Nazis.
    There is a whole lot of irony here as I am sure HLM would not see Obama as a downright fool and … moron.

  8. There is going to be a whole lot of “eating their young” in the years to come. Something the left usually chooses to forget in their march forward.

  9. The Missouri State Police , acting on orders to stand down and “mingle” with the mob, fail to protect business owners against criminal looters.

    So, if you ever wonder if the authorities would protect law abiding citizens in times of trouble, it’s looking like “not so much”.

    • It was Holder and Obama who “militarized” the police. I’m sure they had visions of turning the weapons on Tea Party protestors, not their own.

      • Indeed. And it was , imo, Holder and Obama who switched control to the MO. state police and Dem governor — and it is working out just fine for the mob, the looters, and the race hustlers and dividers. And Obama and Holder and eventually the Brown family and not the policeman who will be lucky to survive this travesty.

        Since this seems to be working out just fine for Obama “folks”, expect more.

        And everywhere the newly militarized police acts at the behest of a politico to further this ideology and fealty to the state and not for the safety and security of the community of tax paying citizens who pay their salaries we slide further and further into the cesspool of Obama’s Amerika.

        You have to have willing partners to do this. Right now that is the Dems, the Governor and the state police of Missouri.

        • Your statement:
          Since this is working out just fine for O “folks”, expect more.
          spells it out!
          They have cameras every where now. “EVERY WHERE”
          I think they should install those big lights they use for emergencies or use for a job being done at night.
          They are all running around with rags on their face. Some of the rags are going to fall off, they need proper lighting to catch them on film.
          That is just one suggestion compared to what the MSM etc., are doing.

  10. Chew on this. Heard/read/saw/rumored that Shrillary is considering one of the LaRaza Castro brat boys as VP candidate.

    And we thought there was nowhere to go after a black, leftist,muslim sympathizer seeking revenge.

  11. Then: I will get gas, then have the car washed.
    Than: she is taller than I am.
    To: I will go to the store.
    Too: I have too many sleepless nights.
    Two: we have two dogs.
    Except: I will attend your party, except I will not wear a costume!
    Accept: I accept the nomination for CIC.
    Ensure: we will ensure that your flight will be pleasant.
    Insure: company ABC insures our vehicles.

    • Walker I will go for but am not sure about Perry. I am sure that he is a great person and patriot but he isn’t fast enough in the mental dept to deal with the hyperactive left. A seconds pause to consider a proper response to a wild leftest accusation is blood in the water for a radical liberal.


      • yes. I think so as well regarding Perry. It was a duo suggested elsewhere and I just flipped it. That said, we need a strong, clear thinking, ethical President who acts in the best interest of the country and not a party. Walker, to the extent it is possible. I’d like a VP with congressional experience and foreign policy or military experience. And we just have a boatload of people, including Perry, Cruz, Gowdy, Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions, Dr. Ben Carter, John Bolton who could fill some positions with clear heads and with a commitment to a smaller federal government, a restoration of the rule of law,citizen and states rights.

        • If I had my druthers… As soon as someone receives their law degree they should automatically forfeit any chance to run for public office.

          With that said, good lawyers think on their feet and faster than anyone has any right to. Us non-lawyers tend to over-analyze and maybe make better decisions but the lag between peek and poke is usually the difference between winning and losing. Correct or incorrect.

          I am a radio engineer by trade. I was trained to solve problems and give correct answers to complex problems following a full analysis. I don’t recall ever having won an argument with a raving liberal even though I was later proven correct in most of those arguments.

          Dr. Ben is my hero but I am afraid that the liberal media would destroy him before he had a chance to formulate a response. A brilliant black conservative Dr. would be shark bait to the liberal media.

          I said all that to say this, Walker, Gowdy, Lee and Cruz (in that order) are our best hopes of winning in 2016. Scott Walker has established himself as a fast thinker even though he doesn’t hold a J.D. degree. (Which here in TN means that he could fix any green farm tractor in sight…).

          I would vote for but not bet on Dr. Ben and any of the other 4 without hesitation. I just don’t think that Dr. Ben would survive the feeding frenzy.

          Then again… If the left could have dug up something juicy on Dr. Ben before now, you can bet your butt that they would have already smeared him (reference Herman Cain).


          • I agree about Carson. (I knew Carter was wrong, but too lazy to get it right — so thanks). Actually, I prefer Walker and …… As for the others — including Carson (HHS or Surgeon General — prob Surgeon Gen) — great cabinet and department heads. Gowdy in DOJ would be sweet.

            My point. There is a lot of Republican/conservative talent on the bench.

            But look for libertarian spoilers everywhere. They are all puffed up.

          • Who is Julie? Do you mean the libertarians? I never considered that.

            We had a moment about independents once — and it seems that sometimes there is a meshing of the two — independents and libertarians. I don’t have a dog in the fight and I can’t stand the RINOs but I am a Rep. but conservative there is that battle. But the Dems are lockstep always — Some Dem cuts somebody’s head off on National TV — lockstep. Tough to beat. Anyway, just sayin’ I certainly have no answer. Tough to beat the ideology I guess — and we know where that leads.

          • I agree with all of you about Perry, and I don’t think he is really dumb. But once the media or the Democrats get on someone’s case, for example, Dan Quayle, they never let them alone. Perry was inexperienced on the national level in the 20008 primary and entered too late, and everyone made mincemeat out of him.

          • Nor did I mean to imply that he was dumb. Nor am I dumb, but in a confrontation I always think of the perfect retort about 2 minutes too late. I think that is called “step timing”… IE, About the time I am going down the steps I think of the perfect reply.

      • Agree. A few weeks ago on CNN, Kate Baldwin absolutely eviscerated him. I felt bad for him. Definitely not the brightest bulb. The Obama machine is ruthless.

  12. All he** is about to break loose in Ferguson. The Black Panthers (!) have converged and are inciting with this disgusting chant.

    What do we want?
    – Darren Wilson
    How do we want him?
    – Dead

    there’s video but it’s too disturbing to post here.

        • The Wapo writeup is murky–but less so than the last two days–Wilson seemed pretty uptight, using the f-word (allegedly) in his first statement to Brown, reaching out of the squadcar, shooting him once in the arm or torso, then more as he ran and said don’t shoot. I don’t know about the hands in the air stuff. Plenty of blame to go around, it seems. The lawyers from Trayvon have joined up.

    • There has to be someone in position that would not like to be in the same boat as the people are now in.
      Why isn’t something being done?
      Why isn’t someone coming out in office and standing strong saying enough. Now.

      • Why? Holder. Obama. Dems. No rule of law.

        You bet your sweet you know what if that policeman was a hispanic democrat this would not be happening.

      • Now they are saying when people feel left out of the process they feel angry etc etc. What the heck is preventing them from applying for government jobs, running for office, applying to be police officers etc. Ferguson is 75% black. They do not participate and now they are feeling left out and so, looting only option. BS.

        • It’s really sad. But if it were me. I’d pack up my family and my special belongings and get out of Dodge. I’d make sure I had that new insurance “Obama Disaster Insurance”.

          If it’s Detroit they want or Watts then they should have it. Let it burn to the ground.

  13. 101 commenter:)
    To girly1 from a prior post. Yes we were in Aerospace, Police Dept, construction, auto repair, nursing, accounting, welding, laser ..making golf clubs for Michelle Wie apparently. Where have all the good times gone SoCal?

      • Maybe that’s the plan — make us all so crazy or stressed that we need medical attention and then make the premiums so high and the care so bad that we can’t afford to get treated, and then slowly one by one we drift off ……..and our documentation is simply passed on to an illegal. Easy Peasy.