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White House Dossier Slows Down for a Week

Hi everyone.

I will be posting less often from Saturday, August 16 through Sunday, August 24 in order to get some rest, spend time with family, and do some thinking about future projects related to the website. I will be back full time Monday, August 25.

I will, as I usually do, ask you to run the place in my absence, providing plenty of open threads. Please this time straighten up when you’re done at the end of every day instead of waiting until the end of the week. Last time there was a stain on the carpet and someone left a half-eaten sandwich in the liquor cabinet. Okay?

This post will stay at the top and articles and open threads will appear below.

80 thoughts on “White House Dossier Slows Down for a Week”

  1. Yeah, about that stain. I hit the end table with my handicap cart causing me to spill my tea. I did try to clean it up, somewhat, with my hankerchief but someone brought up this interesting thought and I kinda forgot what I was doing, soooooo. Sorry about that.
    I’ll try to be more careful, maybe cut back on some of the tea, too.

    I don’t know anything about the sandwich, no one offered me anything to eat. Maybe if I did have something to eat I wouldn’t have bumped into the stupid end table.
    So, have a nice rest. See you soon.

    1. Hmmm, this sounds suspiciously like the lib/dem victim line that you tried to hand off to me while I was in moderation jail requesting food and drink.

      I would be suspicious of this one Keith.

  2. I will own the stain. And the sandwich too. I wondered where it went. I guess I left it in the liquor cabinet when I went for the last bottle of scotch.

    BTW Keith, I hope you re- stocked that cabinet. And with better than what was there last time. Macallan 12 — really? I’ll clean up for the 18.
    Have a good rest. Delight in the comfort and joy of family and friends. Rejuvenate. Enjoy.

    Have a good time off, rest and rejuvenate and delight in your family

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  4. Keith, best wishes. Recharge, get the Honey-do list done, spend time with the kids and make memories. Try Busch gardens. Or the beach.

    1. …My Dream Job is to work in DC and work/live politics everyday…

      But I guess I am luckcy to find a real job… (now if I can keep this job)

  5. Enjoy your “free” time, Keith.

    But if you think it’s ugly in here after we’ve spent the day bashing on it, you should see the barrel at AOSHQ. Mold, mushrooms and heaven knows what the pile of stuff in the corner is.

    Maybe while you’re off we’ll change the curtains.

  6. Looks like you are getting a contact vacay from fearless leader, Keith. Oh, well… Go in peace. As for the stains and spills, I thought we were doing OK–just the occasional lawsuit and beating.

  7. We will do our best to not make a mess this time. But no promises. Enjoy your well deserved break. Unlike someone else we know who is on a perpetual vacation/golf trip.

  8. Sorry about the sandwich. Somebody found the Bacon-Wrapped-Shrimp and i just set my pastrami on rye down for a minute, and then forgot. Won’t happen again.

    Enjoy your break, you have earned it .

  9. I do hope you leave the liquor cabinet well stocked and unlocked. It’s tough to type and look for the key at the same time. With Obama dancing his cares away, we will need all the booze we can get.

  10. Keith…….Enjoy your downtime with your family!

    Has anyone read about the indictment of Governor Perry by this out of control District Attorney? OMG, just when you thought Politics could get any lower! I have heard that a DA could get indict a ham sandwich. Indicting a ham sandwich is more logical than this. I can understand this lunatic trying to bring charges. The logic is she is a vengeful nut job. I can’t fathom a grand jury agreeing to these charges.

    A Governor threatens to veto a line item in a budget and follows through with it and that is abuse of power?? If it is so abusive and out of line why wasn’t it overridden? I wonder if the Grand Jury knew the person presenting the charges was convicted of Drunk Driving and threatened the police for her arrest? I wonder if they knew the Governor called for her resignation? I wonder if they knew it was her department that was the threat and veto?

    Watch this nut job being arrested……the link is on Drudge

    1. Keith, is one of the projects you’re contemplating something to replace the Quote of the Day? The current one is looking more like the Quote of the Month. Or did it become too difficult to come up with something satirical enough to outmatch the level of ridiculousness of what actually comes out of the mouths of this administration? Enjoy some R&R as summer winds down.

  11. First, your article about ‘ISIS’ is exactly what needs to happen for the protection of all ‘civilized’ people in the World! I read all of the comments, and I know you received some ‘mixed’ reviews. At the same time, the discussion has been ‘thought-provoking’, and you engage your readers so very well. Reports about the violence has, at times, made me feel physically ill. Most disturbing while bho is reluctantly responding in his ‘cringe-worthy’ annoying way!

    If you really and sincerely are going to take some ‘time-off’ for you and your family, I hope they are on the same ‘time table’ with you. Tried that a few times, myself, and reactions varied from ‘Why are you standing so close to me? and ‘Don’t you ever knock, first?” and ‘We’ve done that already…do we have to, AGAIN?’ plus a few ‘huffs & puffs’ that can represent one, or all, of a variety of meanings…!

    Also, as much as I enjoy the comments of your readers, I might try to take a look at improving my deteoriating (sp!) ‘multi-tasking’ skills set…finish reading Ben Carson’s book, ONE NATION, and take a little break from STUFF – if only the STUFF would do the SAME!

    Just in case you change your mind, I will check back several times daily. Also, I can email you about any verifiable DC tips/info. Looking forward to your report (‘analysis’) of your time off from WHD. OK? jb

  12. I’m honored to join you all. Been lurking in the background for several months enjoying Keith and you all. It’s very lonely here in northeast liberal land. Keith, have a great vacation. I’m the one who drank all the single malt and left the Federal Hill Italian grinder in the liquor cabinet.

        1. I hail from RI. Only a few of us did not vote for BHO. Sanctuary state, highest US unemployment rate, my 2 oldest sons, engineers, left the state for better jobs. Dems have run the place for 70 years. They blame Republicans for the mess. Can’t make this stuff up.

          1. Sounds like Detroit. My daughter and her family lived in Newport for a year while my Naval Officer son-in-law attended the War College. Every local I spoke to up there, when I told them about my daughter and her husband moving there, asked if either of them was in the Navy. Jobs are so scarce, the only people who move there are Navy!

  13. Keith,
    While you are spending a well deserved rest with your family. Maybe you will be overwhelmed by all your WHD friends who haven’t ‘Made a Donation’ to WHD, who will be anticipating your thoughts on ” future projects relating to the website”, and generously realize that it takes $$ to make those projects happen.

    1. Thanks, Wiggy. Just when you think this administration has sunk as low as it can go, darned if they don’t prove you wrong.

      Absolutely shameful.

  14. miss your input, Keith. Seems no matter when a deserving soul has
    vaca time (and I don’t mean Obama)….the news is explosive. His
    seat meat needs to be in that awful place (the White House) he tries
    so hard everyday to get away from. Other than he loves to be adored
    and campaign….he seems to detest really having to BE a president.
    That is unfortunate for all of us who suffer repercussions from his actions. It’s sad…and I, for one, count the DAYS until this president
    is gone and can play all the golf he wants and gets out of the way of
    a real leader, who will follow him and clean up afer him and try to
    fix his damage!

  15. As my mother always said: Actions speak louder than words.

    Regarding ISIS and the violent murder of James Foley, an American photojournalist:

    David Cameron cuts his vacation short and returns to London to deal with the ISIS threat while Obama jets back to The Vineyard for yet another round of golf.

    1. ISIS = “Kill them all, let Allah sort them out.”

      -Just B-52 carpet bomb/ICBM them back to the 7th Century AD sandbox of the Mid East where these G#d Damn Muslim savages want to live.

  16. Paying people to vote in California.

    The right to vote is a privilege and paying cash or other financial benefits should never be allowed. As american citizens over the age of 18, we get to walk in to a safe voting hall and cast our vote safely and anonymously. That is huge….many countries do not offer such privilege to all their people.

  17. SO…? Obama and Holder get all uppity about a black kid/thug shot by a White Cop in St. Louis…
    Yet?! Obama (“from” Chicago) and Holder will NEVER say a word about ghetto BLACK on BLACK Violence/Murders/etc. that take place EVERY weekend in Chicago, NYC, Washington DC, Camden or Philadelphia…

    Why are Obama & Holder such HYPOCRITS when it comes to “race”? (aka; Blacks)

      1. I wish some honest Conseravtives had the balls to say that everyday on TV:
        -Obama & Holder are biased racist Hypocrits when it comes to BLACK on BLACK everyday innercity violence

        Im looking at you FNC…

  18. Missing your insight on ANOTHER freakin crazy week but hope you are enjoying your week with your family!

    Another round of golf today just absolutely makes my head explode.

    1. New topic – – did everyone see Holder’s announcement today? He’s ordered an investigation of Jim Foley’s beheading. You know, because he has to decide if there’s enough evidence to prosecute ISIS. Ya can’t make this stuff up…

  19. Keith: Man oh man! Hope you had a well-deserved break. But Rome is burning and the Emperor is on the 7th green putting for a highly-questionable par (BO:”Those two in the rough we’ll just ignore for now. Kinda’ like those pesky foreign policy issues, You with me fellas? What? Another beheading? I think this calls for a change in direction. Hey caddy! Take this Titleist Pro V1 and toss me a Callaway War Bird. Yea! Now that’s what I call ‘presidential'”).

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