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The Obama Morning News || August 15, 2014

Five reasons Obama may be returning . . . The Hill
President Obama’s return to Washington Sunday remains shrouded in mystery, with aides providing few details of why the president is leaving his Martha’s Vineyard vacation home to come to the White House.

IRS ordered to give Lerner details . . . Fox News
A federal judge is demanding the IRS provide a more detailed explanation of what happened to the potentially thousands of missing emails of former agency official Lois Lerner.

ISIS expects conflict with U.S.  . . . David Ingatius
“We assess that the group sees conflict with the U.S. as inevitable,” said one intelligence official.

Graham: Obama ignoring ISIS threat . . . Newsmax
Graham said members of the intelligence community have told him and every other member of Congress that ISIS intends to strike on U.S. soil.

Obama gives cops grenade launchers . . . Examiner
Ferguson is putting the spotlight on a little-known program in which excess war gear is provided by the Pentagon to local police units free of charge.

Clinton ally to head “ethics” group . . . Washington Times
One of the nation’s most prominent ethics watchdog groups will now answer to Hillary Clinton defender David Brock, who heads the Democrat-aligned Media Matters.

Clinton’s Obama critique angers libs . . . Washington Times
Hillary hugged out her differences with Obama, but she may need to save some of that affection for disenchanted liberals who fear she is acting more like a thinly veiled neoconservative.

Paul moves Republicans on race . . . Joe Scarborough
For too long, the GOP has been perceived as disinterested in the plight of African Americans.

28 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || August 15, 2014”

  1. Didn’t Obama just call for “transparency” in the investigation of the shooting in Ferguson?

    Where has the transparency been in regard to the IRS investigation, the cover-up of the Benghazi attack, Fast & Furious, Obamacare and the lies told to the american people, and border security?

  2. Anybody else think it’s odd — this whole Obama returning to WDC “mystery” tour?

    The people are all a’ twitter with the news that the King is coming. They talk amongst themselves about what important business might be that would bring him all this long way to enact some important business and perhaps inform his people from the balcony.

    1. Moi aussi. It reminds me of all the hype about whether Tiger would play in the Ryder Cup. But I really fear it will be about amnesty. May I be wrong!

      1. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the return trip is merely a taxpayer-funded million-dollar taxi ride for Malia, Who knows why she needs to return to DC, but this lame excuse of her chaperone Preezy Dad meeting with his staff in person is the cover. Just a wild guess.

        1. Perhaps we should have a pool or a lottery with the prize a I’m WHD Get Out of Mod Jail Free Card.

          I ‘m going with Immigration. All children (up to the age of 45) from specific countries will be granted amnesty. This privilege applies to them, their extended families both here and in their home country. Monthly stipends and all government benefits will be allocated and since they are not citizens they are exempt from the law so any criminal act will hold not legal redress. Additionally they will not be granted polling booth voting privilege. Instead all votes will be absentee ballot. This allows for the extended family not in country to participate in the elections as well.

          And, oh yeah, the DREAMERS. Instant Americano. For all their pain and suffering growing up in the shadows in America.

          Or perhaps he will just go after the evil American businesses with overseas offices.

          Or perhaps announce that he is indeed gay and Mooch is a transvestite but they are happily married and intend to remain together post presidency.

          Anything is possible.

          1. That is dying down–the immigration tizzy–why roil it up? I vote for Ginsberg resigns, he appts, or the colonoscopy thing. Or maybe flying to some war zone to distribute fake turkey or something.

          2. I agree re. Ginsburg also.

            The immigration thing is dying down because they have been absorbed and Obama threw enough squirrels and shiny objects out there to amuse the peasants and the media while the illegals were being resettled.

  3. What’s everyone make of the name of the police officer in Ferguson being released? To what end? Now what? Lynch mob? Someone will tweet his address, or as in the case of Trayvon, someone, like Rosie or Spike Lee, will tweet the wrong address or the address of his parents.

    I’m not convinced releasing his name was the right choice, but I suspect Obama told Holder who told the police chief, there was NO choice.

      1. Bad presser–what is the “strong arm robbery of a convenience store” connection. If you raise, splain it. The state police guy seems decent–of course, I saw on MoJoe that the dear Rev Al is having a demo…that ought to help.

        1. Star: the presser bothered me in many ways, not just what you mentioned, but seems the REAL (translation ONLY) reason captain Ron Johnson of the Highway patrol was brought into this is because he’s black. So black residents of Ferguson only understand peace edits from another black? How is that right?

    1. It had to be done, but now I fear for his life. What I find more interesting is the release of the surveillance showing the dead kid robbing the store just before the shooting. This is why it pays to get the facts before interjecting oneself into an issue (cough, cough, Sharpton, Obama…)

          1. He will be in the pix of him as a 10-yr-old—do we have that yet? Cynic, cynic…I don’t know what happened. The Washington Times said Officer Warren encountered Brown and shot him. Uh–pretty bare bones?

  4. The Isis issue is what I am concerned about. I have turned off my TV because the news station I watch is not discussing the issue as I feel they should be.
    The murderers of Isis have not stopped their vulgur discussion among themselves of their evil plans.
    The citizens of our Country have to pull back together.
    There will always be bad things that happen. Leave the race crap out of it.

  5. Obama is ready to hurt Americans like he has been doing for 5 years. Americans cannot believe all the things he has done to us. He has opened our borders and flown kids in while terrorist, drug cartel, criminals, diseased people come into american and sign up for SCHOOL without having any documentation! What is wrong with americans can’t you see what this president is doing to us? He has reduced military down to dangerous numbers we are sitting DUCKS waiting to bombed! How can you even think about putting a democrat in office? These people are not normal democrats they are white liberals who want to take over the democratic party and they want to send us to communism. Wake the fuck up America! This is serious! Start paying attention to the news this president is dangerous and Americans are asleep! Obama is a Muslim and has told america he will NEVER GO TO WAR WITH ISLAM. His allegiance is with Islam. NOT america! This is not a normal President! Pay attention!

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