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ISIS Must Be Destroyed

I try, when I make decisions about important matters, to first figure out what, if anything, is unacceptable, and then work backwards from there. It makes the decision process easier.

Say I’m thinking about what job to take. If I am told that at one of the jobs, the boss in a nasty, overbearing sort of jerk, though he knows his stuff and gets results, the attractions of the job nevertheless go out the window. Because, I don’t like taking orders from people particularly, though I will. But I cannot possibly show up to work every day and submit to a pernicious jackass. And so the decision gets easy.

In pondering ISIS, and the grave possibility that U.S. troops would have to be returned to battle in Iraq to fight, I’m left with the one unacceptable notion around which any other ideas I have about Iraq must fall into place: ISIS and its caliphate state are unacceptable.

Here’s why:

ISIS is going to attack the United States: There is absolutely no question about this. Whether from its base in Iraq and Syria, or via Jihadists it trains and sends back home to the West, ISIS is going to hit us hard. I will not tolerate another 9/11 in this country or any leaders who will risk it. Destroying ISIS, and the sooner the better, is an act of self defense that cannot and must not be avoided. A mistake civilized nations often make is not to take seriously what their enemies say. ISIS says it will attack us. And it will.

ISIS will never stop unless it is stopped: Again, listen to what ISIS says. It wants to establish the biggest caliphate it can arrange. It will subvert our allies throughout the Middle East and, as it gains money and resources, force them to bend to its will. ISIS is ground zero for a contagion that will sweep through the Middle East and beyond if unchecked. And indeed, it won’t stop at the Middle East, seeking to influence Muslim communities in Europe and here. It is a long term, existential peril for the West, unless it is destroyed in the short term.

ISIS will commit genocide: Are we really just going to sit tight while ISIS slaughters Christians, Muslims of different beliefs, and anyone else in their path? Are we going to allow the Middle East to become a giant refugee camp?

Unfortunately, our European allies have self-castrated, and we are the only power with the will and the means to defeat ISIS. I don’t want this responsibility for us or for our troops. But we have it. Again, returning to my original idea of things that are unacceptable, we have no choice.

It feels good to say Europe should take the lead for once. It feels good to think of this as a problem over there, and, Let the barbarians sort things out for themselves.

But the barbarians will come here. And so we must fight them there.

Now, unlike our president, I will be clear with you what our objectives must be and how we should achieve them:

MISSON: The annihilation of ISIS as a fighting force and as a terrorist unit with a base from which to attack us. They can’t be stamped out everywhere, because they will put down their arms and hide within the population. But they must put down their arms, dropping them because they surrender or because they are dead and can’t easily hold them up.

If this means Assad rules Syria, so be it. If it means we are helping Iran defeat a potential enemy, so be it. But ISIS must be destroyed.

THE MEANS: We must do WHATEVER IT TAKES to achieve our mission.

This requires:

1. Immediate, massive aid, both financial and military, to the Kurdish Pesh Merga, the Iraqi army, and anti-extremist Sunni tribes we know well and who have worked with us before. The Iraqis must take the lead in the fighting, and they can win with our support.

2. A massive, sustained long distance bombing campaign paired with close-air support for Iraq fighters

3. The introduction of 10,000-20,000 U.S. ground troops – yes, ground troops – with an emphasis special forces, into Iraq. Their mission :

  • Provide ground-level intelligence vital for targeting ISIS forces with bombs.
  • Provide advice, training, and support for Iraqi fighters.
  • Engage in occasional fighting that is beyond the scope of Iraqi troops.

This strategy should work. If it doesn’t, the United States must be prepared to send troops back into Iraq on a massive scale to finish the job and reverse the disaster that unfolded in the wake of President Obama’s failure to leave even a small number of troops in the country.

Once ISIS is finished off, a contingent of 5,000-10,000 U.S. troops must remain in the country to ensure stability and allow us to exercise influence over Iraq’s leaders and factions.

I understand no one wants to hear this. But I don’t see what other choice we have.

Our troops fought and died in Iraq for our freedom. Unfortunately, the current president’s policies have ensured that their sacrifice is on the verge of being a waste.

This operation I propose will require more sacrifice. More deaths of young Americans. It is tragic. But it’s the reality we must face to preserve our safety, our national interests, and even, our way of life.

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  1. A clear thinker. Good, but rare to see.

    You can bet the house that ISIS has already sent people across the border under cover of the “humanitarian crisis” on the border.

    I don’t want to see this happen, but I would be very interested to see the Israeli reaction if these scum take over Jordan. They’ve met stiff resistance from the Peshmerga, but they don’t know what resistance is until they meet the IDF. They will get their behinds handed to them.

    I’m becoming more and more convinced that the non-Muslim world will be in a war with Islam within the next 20 years. We are in the second invasion of the West. This time they’re using a different tactic: destroy our way of life from within our borders and using our values of fair play and independence against us. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think. The virulence of the hate expressed by many Muslims around the world towards Jews is evidence. Once they’re finished with them, they’ll come after the non-Jews.

    ISIS is like Hitler and the Nazis. Both groups were/are out in the open concerning their beliefs. Hitler told us what he was going to accomplish in Mein Kampf which was published in, what, 1923? Al-Baghdadi is not shy about telling us the same thing. This time we need to listen AND act.

  2. The more I read the higher my blood pressure went; air support, troops on the ground, more of our treasure and blood – we already did that- TWICE. It was all for naught as the elite DC chairsitting politicos micro-managed, issued weird rules for our soldiers to follow, and allowed the very same corrupt, Islamic leaders take control AGAIN.

    It’s not “we” who will fight this kind of thing again, it’s the young men and women who serve in our military, the very ones our government has screwed over and over again. Where in the world are we going to find more gullible youths to join the military that our leaders have tainted with their ‘diversity’, flying gay flags, and refusing to allow the troops to pray as their faith allows.

    We can’t stop or prevent any Islamic murder from doing his worst here in the US, but they will never be allowed to force themselves on the public as they can in the Middle East and Europe.
    As long as we can maintain even a semblence of our Constitution, we will always prevail over any enemy – foreign or domestic.

    1. I hope you are right srdem65. I have faith in the country, but ISIS does not play by the rules. They are terrorists, not soldiers. They can take out our central command, our communications and critical infrastructure.

      1. The WH predicts another wave of 30,000 illegal aliens from Central America will hit the US in Sept and Oct. (Interesting how they know another wave is coming ahead of time). ISIS terrorists are most likely already in the US and this will give them the opportunity to sneak more in.

        As for our young people joining the military to fight ISIS, who in their right mind would want to do that especially considering Obama’s rules of engagement. The extremely brutal and savage manner in which ISIS has killed thousands is chilling.

        1. I think a lot of them have already come across our “secure” boarders…the war is coming. The question is will the US have a President willing to fight it.

    2. x1. These gung-ho approaches never seem to get or stay coordinated. This is asymmetrical warfare..they are dedicated believers, our soldiers are dedicated order implementers (great ones, but not true believers)—without that fanaticall drive, I dunno. Plus our cultures just do not coordinate. Do we have to prove this again. The “rads” are in 100 countries not just this ad hoc caliphate area–why do we use their nomenclature anyhow. It is conquered land. Maybe it can be conquered back–but by Americans and in any lasting way…I don’t get the warm fuzzies. The world is rearranging itself as we type–yes, “they” could come over the border or have–I think we need to concentrate on intel at home…why would American soldiers get such great intel over there anyhow?

  3. Fought for our freedom in Iraq, really? Love that nationalism, but that’s a stretch unless you consider bullying the rest of the world to keep the US dollar afloat protecting freedom. Saddam was going off the petro dollar reservation and and a new government needed to be installed. Unfortunately, as American foreign policy failure after failure has shown, the USG has no idea what they are doing there. All American intervention has managed to do is destabilize the area (read: remove the tyrants who could keep those animals under control) and create thousands of new jihadists. I’ve traveled extensively through the area and everyone I talked to echoed the same thing: America stay out of our lives. If anyone thinks that one more intervention is going to make a difference, then you probably also think elections in this country make a difference.

        1. Say you. Me –not comfortable waiting to see if they are all JV talk. Fanatics do crazy things. Somehow they managed to reassemble and build a disciplined savage force that surprised everyone — including our own intel supposedly.

          1. Bob Beckel on The Five yesterday staunchly defended the “JV” narrative – claiming “anyone” could have marched through Iraq against the feckless Iraqi army. Dana Perino questioned if he was sticking to the JV tag solely in defense of Obama…she’s mentioned in the past that most of our foreign and domestic policy is predicated on defending him so he’s never held accountable or proven wrong about anything.

            Helluva way to run our country.

          2. So you honestly think they can take down our Am flag–that and this “see you in New York” stuff all trash talk. I do not think they are JV–Beckel sounded like an idiot with that–he spouted it and doubled down. But they are not going to be taken out–as some people put it, either. I hate the cockroach metaphor, but I was reminded of it when army ants (the biting kind) somehow got in my house Wed–nip nip torturing me at the computer. We put down Ambdro crumbs–they cart the poison back to their lair. Overnight most of the Ambdro was gone, but also the dead ants–they take their dead. Not one left. But do I think they are “gone”–no, I don’t.

  4. Well said. I agree.

    But we lack political will. In this day and age, danger never appears real or imminent. If we had a leader committed to our country’s security and defense, he could rally the populace. FDR did. Churchill did. Obama will not.

    Our nation has never been so vulnerable.

  5. You need to forward this to the White House. If nothing else, maybe the dear leader will learn how to think something through.

    Sadly, with the southern border wide open to anyone, we could be attacked on our own soil at any time. Wouldn’t even take years of planning like with 9/11.

    1. For the last couple of weeks I have not accused all the people walking over as bad people. However I have pointed out my fear of the 1 or 2 or 3 that have evil intentions in mind.
      Regarding ISIS. the first thing that needs to be done is to re-hire the generals, captains, majors, etc. that have all been let go in the last several years. The people with the most knowledge and experience were let go. That made no sense to me at all. Shrinking our well trained, intelligent serviceman and woman.

  6. With our current administration and political leadership nothing will happen until after another 9/11. It will take significant US civilian casualties to wake us up to the need to do what is the right and necessary thing.

    1. not wake “us” up — wake up the very little man in the White House who is supposed to be the President to all the people, not just the ones he likes, He’s only concerned about fixing the election with the fraudulent votes of the millions of illegals he wants to let in by his executive trashy order in October,
      and golf.

  7. I would like to add a few items to the list of requirements:

    4. U.S. borders locked down — tight.
    5. Investment in cyberwarfare defense.
    6. A new president.

    1. Everyone in government should read &/or read again – a little history.
      Chamberlain actions/non-actions prior to Poland being attacked.
      7. Everyone in government come back from any and all vacations. Allow them to receive them at later date.
      8. Enough of the fundraising for (now) sell cubcakes to raise money. Oh yes (cubcakes) are now looked down upon in this wonderful free country. How about selling carrot sticks.
      9. I already made comment regarding re-hiring all the intelligent, experienced military that were let go.

  8. The Obama administration trained and funded ISIS. Obama is ideologically aligned with ISIS. Obama orchestrated the Arab Spring, which is the genesis of all of the Islamist aggression we have seen since 2011. And we’re to expect Obama to take decisive action against ISIS? Further, are we to expect Congress to address any of this? They won’t even say anything about Obama PACKING THE DHS WITH MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD OPERATIVES. Until and unless we realize who and what Obama is, and what his intentions are, we are screwed.

          1. Mine clicked! And there are a number of articles about 6 MB chosen by Obama and working in the admin. I did not have any trouble with clicking or anything else.

          1. Lee, MB is the Muslim Brotherhood. One of the most well known MB in the Obama admin is Mohamed Elibiary, a top advisor in the Department of Homeland Security.


            From his Twitter account this past June:

            “As I’ve said b4 inevitable that ‘Caliphate’ returns. Choice only whether we support #EU like Muslim Union vision or not.”

            “It’ll be hard at times but over next 10years conservative movt will evolve towards Muslim majority world.”

  9. People forget that in Islam, where ever the Islamic flag has been planted, that land is forever considered Muslim, even if it is “temporarily” lost to the infidel.

    A good portion of Europe was once under the Islamic flag, therefore it is a part of Islam, as is all of North Africa, good portions of Central Africa, and the Indian sub-continent. The only place were Islam has not planted its flag is in the Americas. But then again with revisionists writing all the history now, it will turn out that a Muslim navigator got lost and found the Americas before the Vikings or Columbus did.

  10. From what I have read, ISIS has multiplied from 2000 jihadists 18 months ago to 10,000 today. Obama had a chance to wipe most of them out when they were convoying in a single line from Syria to Iraq. His excuse? It happened so fast! He didn’t even mention Fallujah, as I recall.

    We have to do something, and do it fast. But who’s going to do something – anything? Obama? The guy who released thousands of criminals from American jails and made sure the border is safe for illegals and terrorists to enter as refugees? We’re doomed.

    1. Why can’t anyone stop Obama from putting all of our lives in jeopardy. I can’t understand why Boehner or any branch of government will not put the brakes on this traitor? Or is Boehner and the others traitors also? They must be, we don’t hear a peep out of them in opposition to the border being open to KILL US. HELLO, KILL US! What kind of mafia is running our country now? Stealing our money, putting people out of business, dumb and hurtful new rules and regulations just like the Nazi government of old, etc. etc. the list goes on and on,

  11. OT: Breaking MV News… “The President, First Lady and daughter Malia were found pedaling their bikes beneath the leafy forest canopy on a sunny, breezy day. All wore exercise clothing and helmets. Then shortly after noon, Mr. Obama headed back to the Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs for another afternoon on the links.”

      1. Will it be hamburger with the public or fancy meal without the public.
        What a hard choice he will have to make. He must have this on his mind all day long.

  12. Keith, I agree, but …what do we do with ISIS on one side of the world and assh*les on this side?

    “Less than two years after four Americans got massacred in a terrorist attack on the U.S. Special Mission in Benghazi, Libya the Obama administration is disregarding congressional opposition to lift a decades-old ban on Libyans attending flight schools and training as nuclear scientists in the United States.”

  13. when your own president don’t support you or your country… well, he seems to have a strong affection for the brotherhood. guys we are in trouble big and it’s coming soon I do believe who else came over our borders…. THEM!

  14. Your analysis is completely logical, yet it has one major flaw.

    The United States is cursed with President Obama.

    Do you really want the US to recommit troops to Iraq knowing that this crisis is a direct result of President Obama first abandoning Iraq? As VP Cheney commented, a trained monkey could have negotiated a status of forces agreement that would have enabled the US troops to remain in large enough numbers to deter moderation by Maliki and bolster the confidence of the Iraqi army. Even more alarming is the fact that President Obama, Former Sec of State Hillary Clinton, UN Ambassador Susan Powers and Humma Weiner promoted this resurgence by sponsoring the Arab Spring insanity. The murder of Ambassador Stevens and three heros at Benghazi was the result of an inept, covert operation to recruit, arm and train Jihadists to wage war in
    Syria. Obama created this monster.

    Yes. If ISIS is not stopped, ISIS will attack the US. We will have another 9-11, perhaps even a nuclear 9-11. However; such an attack will certainly be targeted on a densely populated urban area that is inhabited by people who voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012. Just think of it as an example of evolution in action that will not only purge the voter registration rolls but cullnthe gene pool of people who are too stupid to live much less be allowed to reproduce. At that time, we can all join hands and chant “Bush Lied, People Died.”

    Only after the US electorate has had the wisdom to elect a woman with spectacularly functional ovaries to be President rather than this “man” with no testicles will we have the resolve to confront ISIS. A President Palin will undoubtedly properely fight such a war with the understanding that conquest is expensive but extermination is cheap.

  15. Yaziddi Villagers massacred in Iraq.
    Islamic State Militants in northern Iraq massacre at least
    80 men from the Yazidi faith in a villiage and abduct woman and children reports say.
    Has anyone notified the bike riders regarding this ugly news.

  16. I agree with you about sending our troops. However, they must be able to fight to win. If they are to win, that means none of this no shooting if there is the possibility of a civilian being hurt. Europe, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc must also fight and fund the operation. Carpet bomb ISIS positions and then send in troops. No sane person rejoices for war, but sometimes it is a necessary evil to defeat something more evil. I don’t see any other means to wipe these ISIS animals out.

  17. Its so much to think about that it hurts the head and the heart just thinking what they will/might do. I hope its possible to really take them out? Here we go again, I think they are so crazy out of their minds that we have to also focus on protecting our ourselves from them and not let them surprise us with an attack like we were on 9/11/2001. There are so many of these fanatics, maybe we should build a cement wall around us with explosives on the wall. And when I think of Obama, leaving the border now open to anyone and everyone, God will get him one day for what he is doing.

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  19. Was with you 100% up until the cry-baby Obama bit.
    Detracts from the message, remove it.

    If you’ve seen the video, clearly these guys despise Obama. You do not want to be in their camp, I hope. Just as silly for them to blame a beheading on our president as it is for you to blame the existence of these animals on our president.

    One could leave 10,000 troops in these places, it would not stop these perverts. One could leave one million, one billion. The depravift cannot be stopped by numbers. Please avoid political garbage.

    Your initial point is correct. It is not about outnumbering them with troops, that’s nonsense. The bullies need to be confronted and killed. For the sake of humanity.

    It is not about the number of troops, it is about the percentage of maniacs that want the world to see them beheading people that we must destroy.

    We need to go 100/100.

    Don’t worry about blue/red, left/right. That’s pathetic and unpatriotic.

    We have got to kill these unholy bastards. They must be wiped from the face of the earth. And whether we’re pink, purple, blue, I don’t give a shite. We have for to hunt them down, 1000/1000.

  20. I never liked Nixon, I was proud of JFK and RFK.
    Yet I have never been more outraged and determined to destroy an enemy. This is Nazi territory.

    Please don’t make this a cry-baby left/right melo-drama.

    Please, everybody, let’s at least stick together on this.

    These sick bustards cut off our fellow citizens heads with a dull knife.

    They have killed our countryman.

    Now I don’t want to hear a peep about red, black, blue, purple…
    I don’t want to hear any political garbage.

    This was our countryman. Our neighbor, our brother. I don’t care who he voted for, my heart aches for him. And as his compatriot my heart thirsts for justice for him.

    1. Hear hear De Marco,
      I am a British admirer of the United States and all her people and I heartily endorse and agree with everything you say.
      My heart bleeds for the family of this young man who was so brutally murdered simply because he was a US citizen
      May I say that in even though in all the reports the perpetrator is described as British in my opinion he is not he was simply born in our beautiful land but his so called faith and upbringing is not in any way British after all a dog may be born in a barn but it don’t make it a horse,this killer is not worthy to be called human let alone A member of a civilised nation.

  21. Just one comment: You said they “will” commit genocide. I think the correct word is “are committing”. They’ve already demonstrated that very clearly.

  22. We as americans must not give in to this evil currupt ISIS . Too much is at stake to let this organization survive. We need to go into syria and iraq and any other country and completely eradicate this presence in the middle east. If we don’t it could spread like wild fire to our country. Please Mr. President do something before it’s too late to stop .

  23. It is too bad the W. Bush destabilised Iraq in the first place, as ultimately, this led to a power vacuum filled by these low life animals. However, that is now water under the bridge.

    Your plan is a good one, but the question is, how do we get Obama to carry it out? Can his lack of leadership in this be circumvented? If ISIS isn’t crushed soon, the West will deeply regret it.

  24. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    It’s this simple: these people are coming. They will do anything. Any chemical they get hold of, any weapon biological or nuclear they procure, they will use. They are committing genocide right now. They must be stopped now.

    The hardships of this war should not be borne by the young men and women of this country. That’s why I’d like to be the first volunteer over fifty to offer my services to my country. I don’t care what I do. Give me a job and I’ll do it.

    So, what are we prepared to do? George C. Scott in the 1969 classic “Patton” said “Politicians always stop short and leave us with another war yet to fight.” That has proved to be true, but in this race remember there is no silver medal for second place. These people will burn us all down unless we act. That means all of us.

    I’m over 50. I’m in fair, but not great shape. I have a beautiful son who means the world to me and a comfortable life here in America. However, I would go and fight these insects and kill them like the vermin they are in a second if given the chance. I don’t care what my job is–me a Third Class Mess Kit Repairman–whatever job I can do to help the cause of heel stomping this human refuse and sending them to Hell RIGHT NOW I will do, and happily so. You want me to carry and rifle and shoot them, I will. You want me to be a medic or Corpsman, I will become one. You want me to swab decks on the USS Benfold, I will do it. I don’t care–just LET’S GET GOING!!!

    Time is being wasted. We need to hit them hard, and hit them now. I think that they may rethink their commitment to their sick, filthy cause once they see about 10,000 of their cockroach buddies rotting in the the sun after an airstrike, or wonder what took out their entire armored column after a B-2 dropped a MOAB on their sorry asses.

    They talk a great game. Yeah, they’re all John Wayne when they’re cutting off the heads of little Christian girls…let’s see their tough words when they are on fire and spitting blood.

    I don’t just want to see these bastards go down, I want to see the pain, fear, and disbelief in their eyes when we burn them down…and I mean REALLY burn them down.

    After the Foley incident it should be apparent to everyone that there is only one way to stop them. I’m ready to go, even though I’m old and not necessarily soldier material according to the Army’s standards. I don’t care, I’ll do what I have to do. It’s come to that. Either we win and win completely, or they will. There is no middle ground with these subhuman pieces of filth.


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  27. Someone please explain to me why this country just doesn’t have the balls to utilize several hundred nuclear devices and turn the entire Middle East, North Africa and the Horn Of Africa into a more unlivable desert than it already is, say for the next 50,000 years. Just flat wipe out everybody, men, women, children, the entire population. There are no “innocent civilians” in a war zone. Big first step, then just mopping up operations when and where they occur. We hammered on the Japanese for four years with thousands of our troops killed, then, two nuclear devices, just two, and they surrendered. What happened to this nation?

  28. Castrated Europe indeed.
    I do believe we will need much larger force of ground troops.
    When the job is finished.
    Create a large well equipped army base in that region manned with either US or multilateral forces to make sure these types of groups do not form again.
    These people should have been destroyed at the outset ..
    The west completely underestimate the mentality of these types.
    Their aim is either to get what they want or if they don’t , die trying and bring as many innocent people as possible.

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