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Biking and then . . . Well What Do You Think?

An Obama family vacation is an exercise in rituals – box checking if you want to be mean about it – and one of the sacred rites on the Martha’s Vineyard vacation, along with a trip to the beach and a look through the bookstore, is The Bike Ride.

This has not always worked out well for the president, as he looks not quite as natural as the lady Obamas on The Bike Ride. Actually, he’s been accused of looking like he might be a lady himself.

Lately, he’s been doing better. Here’s the unofficial press pool tweet by today’s pooler, Colleen Nelson of the Wall Street Journal.

Obama bike Martha's Vineyard

Not bad at all! Nice, hip-dad look.

The White House says that Obama, the First Lady and Malia are biking on the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest bike path outside West Tisbury. Not sure where Sasha is. Not even sure if she’s with them at all.

From the pool report:

The paved bike path cuts through a heavily wooded area, offering a shady ride on this picture-perfect day.

Obama, the First Lady and Malia passed by, pedaling at a leisurely pace. “Hey guys, nice day, huh?” Obama said to the pool.

All three were decked out in athletic wear, with Michelle Obama in gray spandex capri pants and a short-sleeved top. Malia wore running shorts and a black T-shirt.

The president wore a black athletic shirt, dark gray pants, white socks and black Nikes. All donned bike helmets. A phalanx of Secret Service agents followed closely behind.

The pool saw the president and family for only seconds as they continued to make their way down the path.

After an hour or so, it was enough biking, and Obama headed directly for the golf course. He’s back at the Farm Neck Golf Club.

With him are Glenn Hutchins, a Democratic fat cat donor who owns part of the Boston Celtics, Robert Wolf, another Democratic fat cat who was invited back after golfing with Obama Monday, and Cy Walker, Obama’s new BFF who is playing golf with the president constantly on the Vineyard. Walker is Valerie Jarrett’s cousin.

It is Obama’s fifth time playing in seven days on vacation, his 32nd outing of the year, and the 189th of his presidency.

75 thoughts on “Biking and then . . . Well What Do You Think?”

    1. Did Queen Moochelle have a “Wide Load” Sign on the back of her bike? She’s looking mighty massive these days. Must be all those decadent fatty feasts she has been tucking into lately.

      Meanwhile back in the school cafeterias across the nation……

    1. That was just really really bad. I was going to say hasn’t she ever heard of black? (as in black bike shorts) but then I realized I would be in a whole lot trouble. Amazing isn’t it, that automatically I can pull myself up short for using the name of a color.

      1. Retracting my comment about the girls bike..Looking at more of todays family bike riding pictures..seems POTUS is on a boys bike.

      2. According to my liberal brother in law, they are NOT girls bikes. They’re “step through” bikes…he has one. Whatever. Looks like a girl’s bike to me.

  1. Remember those friends as kids, the boys mostly that could do a wheely? As a girl I could with a smaller bike (boys or girls). However I never did the Wheey on an English racer like the boys did.
    Unless they start doing Wheely’s I would rather look at a picture of a beach, butterfly, exciting things like that. sarc
    Tks anyway Keith. :)

  2. Sorry Keith, I agree with almost every thing you write, but “hip Dad” this picture ain’t.
    A “hip” Dad would NEVER be seen wearing one of those God awful “hey I know they don’t really do any good but it’s the PC thing to do so I’m wearing it anyway” helmets.
    A cross country bicyclist on open road, yeh better wear a helmet, but a POTUS on a closed road? What’s he gonna do veer off and hit a tree……..oh wait.
    I clicked on New Yorker’s link as well and man, that Malia is one unhappy camper. Looks like she takes after mummy.

  3. After the slew of failures on bikes before I wonder how many advisers where brought in to ensure a manly look while still appealing to his feminine side. I say the over under is five. Oh and good touch on the Trek bike, given that one of the owners is running for gov in Wisconsin.

      1. I get the feeling he would not buy anything for anyone — I told you, he’s taking us Americans for all he’s worth. After the presidency his GIRLS will probably have to take him to court to get any money from him. Watch and see. They all got everything now on us.

    1. That’s called ‘pushing your weight around’, CK. I’ll bet that’s not the first time either. Funnily enough, the officer who shot him didn’t even know about the robbery. But Mike Brown probably thought he knew about it and tried to flee.

      1. He was supposedly pinpointed for stopping traffic, whatever that means–all this is very vague and a couple of those fam spokespeople are auditioning for next Rev Al–they say be calm, the parents want calm, then one drops to his knees hands raised, don’t shoot don’t shoot.

        1. My favorite part was when one gentlemen spoke near the end and implied it might not be Brown in the video (“Whoever that may be in the video”) – and then a minute later, someone asked the family attorney if it was in fact him and he said yes.

          I turned off the TV after that…think I’ll go for a bike ride!

    1. Again, thanks for posting.
      I am starting to disagree with my favorite libs – that would be all my sibs and all my kids. They’re a formidable bunch, so my line, after I disagree with something is, “You know, we have completely different news sources.” One of ’em gets so mad she walks away – simply does not believe it. It makes her mad. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

  4. If his handlers think shots of him riding a bike, wearing a lame helmet and golfing pants, makes him look like the all-American Dad on an outing with his family, they are so wrong.
    “Dad” would be wearing a pair of shorts, a baseball cap, and have a backpack filled with snacks and drinks slung over his shoulders. He wouldn’t be taking the family on a short trip down a paved walkway, they’d be on their way to the beach, the forest, or some other point that would make the ride memorable.
    He never gets the “American” part right, never.

  5. Hummm…I just asked myself if I feel better knowing that America is in the hands of a mediocre bike rider? Maybe even ‘poor’ bike rider?

    If he were on a horse or a Harley, I wouldn’t know how to answer myself! Good-grief! I am talking to myself, AGAIN! bho news tends to ‘scramble my brains’, and I need a banana for my headache! jb

    1. Obama is a reflection of everything that is sissified. The radical fems and homos have succeeded in making men sissy’s and women really ugly men-wannabees.

    2. I can’t help it but every time I see Obama on a bike or on the golf course — I get a vision of George Bush on his mountain bike rides with the wounded warriors or forgoing golf when the military was engaged in war against terrorists.

      No matter what one thinks of GW — he is of a grateful, compassionate nature and he would not publicly indulge in frivolity as the nation and the world is in turmoil.

  6. now let’s check the boxes:

    family bike ride – check
    trip to the ice cream shop –
    trip to the Island bookstore –
    dinner for the happy “presidential” couple – check
    family beach outing – check
    I guess the ice cream and bookstore will take place next week after the mystery trip to DC!

    1. Jeez – the Daily Mail says he spent less than a half-hour on this photo-op, then off to golf.
      Who was it who said the o/PINO is going to beat Tiger Woods in the number of rounds played – but then naughtily added that it is, after all, Tiger Woods’ day job.
      Wouldn’t you think his handlers would be chagrined? Or do they believe they can pull it all off?

    2. Family outing to a seafood shack: all sitting outdoors at a picnic table, Obama goes up to buy the food and brings it back in a brown paper bag.

  7. ISIS has kidnapped 500 women for what they call “war booty” and today ISIS massacres 80 Yazidis in northern Iraq town and …..

    ……and Obama chooses to golf and attend fundraisers.

    1. While Rome burns.

      Not a care in the world for Obama and his big donor Dem friends and Val’s cousin. The aristocrats never care a whit about anything but their own pleasure.

      While girly girl Obama rides his daughter’s bike, he-man Putin is figuring out his next move to take the wimp Obama down another notch.

    2. Yes, but if they were not technically “on the mountain” but in some safe haven village well, too bad for them. Obama is one and done on “the mountain”. Down below, eh

  8. The fact that he went golfing right after the bike ride (a stop for ice cream would have looked so much more “natural”) makes it look like they just had to check off the “bike ride” box for all of us.

    As if anyone gives a damn. Instead of worrying about what people think of his vacation activities, how about just acting like we all think that our president should act.

  9. This is off topic but I just read that the state of Oregon’s basic health plan is going to cover transgender procedures beginning next January. The claim is they are medically necessary for one’s health. I know the taxpayer’s in Oregon will love this.

    1. They should call it the Chelsea Manning Procedure. Seems we are all going to be paying. But my “redline” is when they want to reverse it.

    2. I’m an Oregonian, and I just read today that claims of mental disability are going through the roof. Time to boot Dr. Kitzhaber out of the governor’s mansion.

  10. Robert Wolf again.

    And I am beginning to wonder if Malia isn’t somehow “promised” to some male member of the Jarrett clan, with similar plans for the younger offspring. Perhaps not a Jarrett but some other politico or perhaps fat cat Dem. for Sasha.

      1. Wall Street banker Robert Wolf, a megadonor to Obama and other Democrats who is also reportedly a personal friend of the president’s.

        My whole post gave me the creeps. :)

  11. It is difficult to see in this photo, but appears that Obama is wearing his Mom-Jeans again.

    Malia looks sort of hot in her short shorts.

    I don’t want to think about Michelle in spandex.

    The idea of a President Palin biking in spandex or short shorts appeals to me, but her idea of fun is slaying salmon and shooting bears.

    1. They could have found at least one reporter out of many to hold a live show to cover all……….the issues we are concerned with. This could have been shown later time at night.

  12. I heard Dana Perino guessed that the only reason why a President may leave his vacation is if a Supreme Court Justice is retiring and he needs to nominate a new one.

    Anyone else hearing guesses as to why he’s returning to DC this weekend? For a meeting ?

    1. Star suggested Ginsberg “resignation”. Makes sense to me.

      And it would not be surprising if she”resigned” after being “charmed”, “cajoled” to do so by the Obama Gang. I suspect such charm was also applied to John Roberts on Obamacare.

      But speculation.

      Krauthammer on this, a few days ago, suggested that for Obama to speculate that their might be a vacancy before there was one was insulting to Ginsberg who has served and deserves to leave on her own timetable. Recently she said she had no plans to leave.

  13. He’s getting skinnier and skinnier, is he fading away I hope? Looks like something is wrong with him, pastey looking skinny face and body, the hair looks like it fell out.

  14. I blame his death on the way he was raised and his mother and father. Didn’t they teach respect to the poor boy? Didn’t they give the boy anything, like give him a few dollars every day when he went out on the street so he wouldn’t rob a convenience store? If you tell your child to HATE THE POLICE AND WHITEY, your child doesn’t have a chance in this world. Didn’t the parents ever tell him not to ever fight with the police? Didn’t they know that when a police officer tells someone to STOP IN THE NAME OF THE LAW, they better stop and obey for their safety and out of respect for authority. Did they take the time to talk to him lovingly and try to mold his character at all? it doesn’t look like he had a very good life for a kid. It looks like no one ever helped him in his journey and then he was hurt and died. Poor boy, I have tears for him.

    1. I am sympathetic to him as well. And it is terrible to lose a child. My prayers for his family and friends for their loss.

      However, I am more sympathetic to those who will suffer because society excuses the Mike Browns and the parents and seeks to lay blame for his and their choices elsewhere. Whitey, the cops, the weather, slavery, wall street, the rich, the dog, the weather again, George Bush.

      This is something that Obama does daily. It is learned behaviour and bad things result.

  15. The parents look ridiculous as always and I feel sorry for the daughters.
    Well maybe not the missing Sasha..she is probably having fun.

  16. I’m guessing that’s why Pres. Obeyme is coming back to Washington, is to get Sasha. Poor thing couldn’t go with the rest of them.

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