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White House: “A Good Time Was Had By All”

That’s the best we can get out of the White House about how things went down with the awkward encounter between President Obama and Hillary Clinton at a Martha’s Vineyard A-List gathering just days after she dissed his foreign policy.

Hillary told reporters before the party, a celebration of Democratic political fixer Vernon Jordan’s wife’s birthday, that the disagreement was no biggie, even though in an interview with the Atlantic she had accused him of basically creating the ISIS movement by not supporting moderates in Syria and suggested the Obama Doctrine for foreign policy amounted to “Don’t do stupid stuff.”

Sounds, uh, a little sharp.

“We have disagreements as any partners and friends, as we are, might very well have,” Clinton told reporters on Wednesday. ”But I’m proud that I served with him and for him, and I’m looking forward to seeing him tonight.”

They planned, according to Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said, to hug it out.

I wonder if the leaders of other world powers ride pink bikes and “hug it out.” Do Putin and Medvedev “hug it out” when they have a disagreement? More likely they go shooting Siberian tigers together.

She phoned Obama beforehand to say “that nothing she said was an attempt to attack him, his policies, or his leadership,” according to Merrill, which is obviously a lie. I assume he realized it.

Here she is Wednesday ducking an offer from ABC’s Jonathan Karl to dig herself deeper.

Anyway, from the White House deputy press secretary:

Tonight, the President and First Lady attended the birthday celebration for Mrs. Ann Jordan at an event at the Farm Neck Golf Club. There were approximately 150 guests in attendance.

Among the attendees seated with the Jordans and the President and First Lady were former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett and her mother Mrs. Barbara Bowman, Ursula Burns, Kenneth Chenault and his wife Kathy, along with other friends and family of Mrs. Jordan. President Obama honored Mrs. Jordan with a toast before dinner, as did Mr. Jordan and Secretary Clinton and others. The President and First Lady have known the Jordans for over twenty years, and were grateful to have been able to share this special evening with them.

The President and First Lady also were happy to have the chance to spend time with Secretary Clinton and former President Clinton.

A little color: in his toast for Mrs. Jordan, President quipped that he met Vernon and first, but liked Ann more. The menu consisted of surf and turf and pasta. The Obamas danced nearly every song. A good time was had by all.

Obama did nothing else Wednesday, holing up at the house because apparently his golf was rained out and it seems didn’t have alternative plans.

27 thoughts on “White House: “A Good Time Was Had By All””

  1. Being holed up in the house must’ve made Obama a little cranky. Apparently he let out his frustration in a “particulary combative” phone call with Netanyahu yesterday.

    1. I think there’s a real jealousy thing going on there with Netanyahu. The latter comes across as a leader who is courageous and knows what he is doing. And whether we agree with Putin or not, there’s a jealousy thing there too because he comes over like a tough leader.

      1. The US should just totally wipe out ISIS. And the world would thank us. The wimp is being overly cautious, and that’s the worst thing he could do.

      2. Julie, I’m not sure it’s jealousy. Keep in mind, Obama is the quintessential narcissist. In his delusional mind, he sees himself as the smartest man in the room.

      3. No matter what one thinks of N and P, their outward motives are to defend their country. That’s their job . Obama, not in the job description he wrote for himself.

  2. They couldn’t help themselves, they just couldn’t send their regrets to a party even though dancing all night and “a good time” might send a message to their fellow Americans that they don’t care about molotov coctails, tear gas disbursements, or rioting in the streets.

    A race riot in the heartland of the US, pfft. Who cares.

  3. So sorry he was unable to golf on Wed due to rain. Cry me a river.
    Might have been a good time to read that backlog of daily briefings he has not read for the past couple of years. He might find out there is “stuff” going on in the Middle East and at the US border…

    1. I just heard that he was making a statement as well. I think he should have made another comment while he was on the dance floor last night. Let me know if he tells everyone to back off, and stop rioting. He might enjoy this however. So many other places/Countries are having turmoil.
      If nothing else he may like the idea that at least this would get the attention off of all the foreign issues he has ignored.

  4. This party was for the wife of Vernon Jordan. He is a major force in the Bilderberg group. The same group that brought us NAFTA, WTO and the EU.
    So BO was attending the bday party of his real boss. ValJar is Vernon’s niece as well.
    It seems that Mr. Empty suit is just a tool of the Bilderberg group.
    Time to do some research on the Bilderbergers.
    BO has been freinds with Vernon for 20 years. Explains a lot does it not?

    1. I heard a snippet of Eric Schmidt waxing eloquent about the government or some such nonsense as if he had been elected rather than annointed by Biraq.

  5. Wasn’t this paragon of honesty and virtue, Vernon Jordan, involved in the cover up of Billy Goat Clinton’s chubby chasing affair with Monica Lewinsky while he was president? Crime does pay in Washington.

    Incredible how bold faced lying is a way of life and considered a virtue among these power mad pathetic excuses for human beings like Hillary “The Butcher of Benghazi” Clinton and Dictator Obama.

    Amid the collapse of our country and the world descending into madness, Dictator Obama and his democrat communist party criminals indulge in non-stop lavish parties honoring each other. Last night’s obscene bacchanal should be labeled for what it really is: A Feast of Communist Ghouls.

    Again have to ask the question: What did our First Food Tyrant cram down her cavernous gullet during last night’s latest pig out? Did Queen Moochelle follow the same strict food guidelines last night that she has been trying to impose on our children without the consent of their parents?

      1. Correction duly noted. I was referring to a specific chubby chasing serial sex predator who used his high office as a means to seduce a pleasingly plump intern. Is that better?

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