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State Department Been Thinkin’ on ISIL for a Year

Now this was weird.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf Wednesday acknowledged that the Obama administration has been “looking at” the ISIL terrorists for about a year, without apparently doing anything serious about them.

Said Harf:

We’ve been looking at that for months and month, even before the latest offensives that started against Mosul – for a year or so now – we’ve been looking very closely at how you confront them in the long term.

Really? What hubris. Does she not realize that “looking at” a group of terrorists take over half of Iraq and establish a caliphate might constitute a foreign policy failure, or rather, utter incompetence?

Yes, I’ve been looking at the wolves devour the lambs for several days now, said the sheep dog.

I gather John Kerry was busy with other things, like combating global warming and trying to win a Nobel Peace prize by solving the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

Hopefully, he’s taking another look.

32 Responses to State Department Been Thinkin’ on ISIL for a Year

  1. You know the “D-girls” in H’wood (development girls)–now we have S-girls–State Dept. I was a founder of Women in Govt Relations and like to see women get big jobs–but these gals are pathetic.

          • I can’t understand how a couple of OBama campaign workers qualifies them as an authority for the United States State Department. Listening to the arrogance from a no name sorority girl is maddening.

          • I looked them up…prior to her job at State, Psaki was press psecretary for Obama’s two presidential campaigns, with stints as Deputy Press Secretary, Deputy Communications Director, and a private sector public relations gig in between elections.

            Prior to State, Harf was “campaign spokeswoman on national security issues” during the 2012 campaign.

            In short, neither are qualified.

    • Not a founder and not much of a women’s organization joiner, but I have joined a few and been solo for many years and I could not agree with you more.

    • It does not matter how tight a bun she wears or her studious glasses. There is no way to disguise what a lightweight she is and the lightweight she represents. The entire Obama administration is a junior varsity team. The worlds most odious leaders laugh at us.

  2. From vicious pit bull to school marm. She tried out her new disguise yesterday in a sit-down with Wolf Blitzer. The Obama stagecraft crew is laughable. She should have been tested for rabies years ago.
    Yesterday, her back and forth was so rapid fire, I swear she was reading from a prompter. Either that, or she has totally memorized her script.
    They have been studying ISIS for over a year. Comedy gold!

    • Girly,

      I believe that the administration and Democrats are fed questions in advance by certain networks such as CNN and MSNBC and Cue cards are prepared. Check out Debbie Wasserman Shultz mispronounce misled at the 1:10 mark. She pronounces it Myzzled. How did she come up with this pronunciation without misreading it .

      • Thanks PBB. Speaking of mispronouncing….Obama has made the same mistake over and over. It’s the word ‘debacle’. Every single time he uses it, he mispronounces it. For a Harvard grad…not a good sign. After all of these years, you would think someone on his staff would catch it and correct it. There are a couple of other words too, but I can’t think of them off hand.

    • she should have been checked for rabies, so true, I love your post, you got it down pat. All Obama’s henchwomen and henchmen are rabid. They come off so desperate, so arrogant, so wrong for America.

  3. Interesting, over a year they say. That puts some of it back onto Hillary “What difference at this point does it make?” Clinton’s watch as SOS. But then she would never mislead the American public ..

    • The Clinton’s have ‘people’ to re-write history and even steal/destroy Archived documents (Fed Crime). Some historians believe that Clinton’s Library conservators are very ‘selective’ in what is being, or not being, preserved about his and HRC’s personal and political lives! jb

  4. What really surprises me are all of the reporters. In other words, they all have younger loved ones.
    It would be different if they were all older peope and said to themselves, “So what I won’t have to deal with the future”.
    I am still waiting and waiting for people with guts to be bold with their questions, inquiries, etc. As well the people who already know all the scoop on the Long List.
    I would excuse a couple of reporters from time to time to just come out and say: You are full of ****!

    • Thanks for the clip.
      Circles. Talk in circles.
      Is that a class that I missed in school?
      How to appear to be on top on things, but to talk in circles to throw everyone off. OR to talk in circles, so if something gets worse or if someone accuses you of being wrong. You can claim: “It was not me.”
      “Not my fault”

  5. somebody said that Marie Harf performs her job as if she was playing a State Department spokesman in a Saturday Night Live sketch. that’s pretty perfect.

    I try not to be too irritated by her “like, omg Becky!” voice, but the things she says are just as boneheaded as the way she says them, so…

    and yes, to those who were wondering: Marie wears the big black hipster glasses to indicate that she is intelligent. it’s one of the two must-have accessories for fall for the progressive bunch. (the other, of course, is a Palestinian keffiyah.)

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