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Obama Finally Makes a Clear Call for Calm in Ferguson

With violence escalating on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of the police shooting of a black youth, Michael Brown, President Obama finally got serious about calling for calm in the city, delivering a clear, live statement – as opposed to the equivocal, written one he issued earlier in the week – that actually included specific calls for order:

I know that many Americans have been deeply disturbed by the images we’ve seen in the heartland of our country, as police have clashed with people protesting . . . There is never an excuse for violence against police, or for those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting . . .  Now is the time for peace and calm on the streets of Ferguson . . .

Make no mistake, Obama continued to inappropriately suggest he is preliminarily siding with supporters of Brown in the controversy:

We lost a young man, Michael Brown, in heartbreaking and tragic circumstances.  He was 18 years old.  His family will never hold Michael in their arms again.

Well, they won’t, but if he was, as police claim, trying to seize an officer’s gun and presumably kill him, we might be a little less sad about it. If he was shot in cold blood, though, that’s another matter. The point is, Obama doesn’t know what happened and is jumping to conclusions.

Obama emphasized again and again that officials need to “determine exactly what happened, and to see that justice is done,” which is true, although you can’t do justice to a dead man, so this again reveals Obama’s bias.

Nevertheless, Obama exhibited more evenhandedness and behaved a bit more presidentially than in his earlier statement:

I know that emotions are raw right now in Ferguson and there are certainly passionate differences about what has happened.  There are going to be different accounts of how this tragedy occurred.  There are going to be differences in terms of what needs to happen going forward.  That’s part of our democracy.

But let’s remember that we’re all part of one American family.  We are united in common values, and that includes belief in equality under the law; a basic respect for public order and the right to peaceful public protest.

The statement also criticized local law enforcement officials for acting too aggressively and throwing even peaceful protestors, as well as journalists, in jail.

As part of his statement, Obama announced that the U.S. military mission to remove Yazidis trapped by ISIL terrorists on a mountain in Iraq was succeeding, and that operations were winding down:

Because of the skill and professionalism of our military –- and the generosity of our people –- we broke the ISIL siege of Mount Sinjar; we helped vulnerable people reach safety; and we helped save many innocent lives.

Because of these efforts, we do not expect there to be an additional operation to evacuate people off the mountain, and it’s unlikely that we’re going to need to continue humanitarian air drops on the mountain. The majority of the military personnel who conducted the assessment will be leaving Iraq in the coming days.

And then, he went golfing.

The president is playing again today at the Vineyard Golf Club with ValJar cousin Cyrus Walker, former U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, and World Bank President Jim Kim.

It’s outing #4 of the vacation, #31 of the year, and #188 of the presidency.

54 thoughts on “Obama Finally Makes a Clear Call for Calm in Ferguson”

  1. Elsewhere it has been noted that he may well end up — during his term — playing more rounds of golf than Tiger Woods, for whom golf is a profession.

    I’m betting Tiger will not be challenging Obama for number of speeches or fundraisers.

    1. Well, you picked the wrong year: Tiger Woods has hardly played at all d/t injury. Didn’t qualify for Fed Ex Cup and backed out of the Ryder Cup.

      1. As Barack “Eldrick” Obama approaches his 200th round of golf since his election as president, here’s a fact to put that into perspective: Since January 2009, Tiger Woods has played 269 rounds of golf.
        And Tiger, beleaguered by injury, is almost certainly done for the year. So that means the president, if he keeps up with his pace of play during his 15-day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard (a round a day) and his normal weekly round, will pass Tiger sometime next spring.
        Think about that for a minute. The president of the U.S., juggling the American economy and the entire world’s problems — Iraq is in full meltdown, the Middle East is a powder keg, Russia is moving on Ukraine — has played golf nearly as much as a guy whose day job is playing golf.

  2. Goodness, it’s almost like these fleeting moments of his presidency (a speech or photo op) are like telling a kid to finish his homework before he can play video games. With BO, it’s give a speech THEN you can play golf ;)

  3. It was reported on the radio that the police officer had to go to the hospital due to facial injuries.
    So was this kid beating the hell out of him ?

  4. Drive by propaganda “statements” made under duress are the trademark of this Dictator. Notice how he is trying to make it appear that the crisis in Iraq is winding down and he’ll be withdrawing the miniature force now on the ground.

    Bet he wore his golf shoes to the podium.

  5. the president said “police clashing with protesters”, as if the cops just came upon a peaceful gathering and picked a fight. we know where his loyalties lie, and it isn’t in the middle.

  6. The irony of him speaking out against the police in MO can be highlighted with the lack of ANY discussion regarding the woman DC police shot down when she got too close to the White House.

    1. He gets away with everything illegal and every day he bad mouths others. He is a true parasite living off the American people. One day he will pay the piper for his actions,

  7. We have little info on the police officer, less on the young man who died. We need full disclosure on both sides before we can opine, and that is what the leader should have said.

    Portraying the young man of 18, whose parents will never hold him again, makes it sound as if he was an altar boy struck down by a passing freight train. This young man could be a great kid caught up in a bad situation, just like the policeman could be a decorated officer that was caught up in a racial attack by a local youth who wanted to prove himself….

    Speculation is the root of ill growing weeds.


  8. A black man died (RIP) in a confrontation with the police. That is all that is needed to incite a mob of black people to loot and destroy and plunder and terrorize. Every African American politico worth their salt will comment, take sides, agitate and bloviate,including the President.

    This is the mob Amerika that Obama and his ilk want and this is what they are getting. I refuse to play. There is no good outcome here. America runs on kneejerk responses,sound bites, and near hysteria.

    And a man in NJ flies the flag of ISIS. We haven’t seen anything yet.

    1. I believe the rioting and looting started when a vigil was supposed to be taking place.

      The man in NJ will probably get free speech rights.

    2. The big o (zero) should go there on his vacation if he really gives a hoot, instead of flying back to “Our House” this weekend.
      Great comment again as always Grace.

  9. After some thought: the police are scared, scared for their lives and the safety of their families. So, because they’re scared, and outnumbered, they act in an agressive way trying to put an end to this lawlessness.
    The protesters and looters believe they have the MSM, and the POTUS on their side, so they fear nothing.

    This event might have been a peaceful protest at one time, but it is now a mob-run lawless and violent action.

    1. I went to integrated schools in St Louis County 55 yrs ago–it is not a fulminating ghetto. No one thought anything of it. We had civil war grant houses in the neighborhood–could not be sold lest someone be exploited–they were sort of rundown and the owners had chickens and goats. No one thought anything of it. I do remember one weimeraner killing a goat–the dad went and paid the woman. Live and let live. I wonder what happened to those properties.

      1. Every single day in America blacks,whites hispanics, asians, jews, christians interact as usual.It is only the Obama administration and the democrats who are bring this racial and class warfare to the front.Make no mistake that this is encouraged.

        1. “But let’s remember that we’re all part of one American family. We are united in common values, and that includes belief in equality under the law; a basic respect for public order and the right to peaceful public protest.”

          This, from the Divider-in-Chief. Barry didn’t write those words, nor did he mean them.

    2. Governor is advocating release of policeman’s name as a way to soften the situation.

      I wonder if the Governor is willing to guarantee the man and his family’s safety or if he will agree to pony up for the funeral expenses. I’m thinking not so much.

        1. Yep, he served it right up.

          No matter the circumstances. We will never know. For sure, the policeman and his family — sacrificial lambs, dead meat. I hope not literally.

          But kudos to the police chief who said Obama was not helping speaking out from the vineyard.

          Nothing more to do than watch the media at work.

  10. Just catching up, SO, the Missouri Gov’s a Dem. Didn’t know that. Oh, and he was the last person Obama talked to before his speechifyer today? I’m still behind, MO Gov just gave a statement…..and I missed it.

  11. Gov. of Missouri Highway patrol will be taking over security in that town.
    The local police chief was told to stand to stand down. In otherwords the state is coming in.
    (Just heard that update on Fox)
    That should teach people a good lesson start rioting and looting and violence and the local police will be pushed aside

    1. Like. You are so right, steal, burn down buildings, shoot passers-by, this is the pattern, since 1934 while Obama’s hometown Chicago is killing thousands of his black brothers by other brothers. These people are full of it, just want money and to be paid off and have riches. Nothing new here, lawsuits, money, this is what they love, they really don’t care about the dead boy/man. Its all about greed.

  12. I see Holder is decrying the “militarization” of the police, but all this buying of tanks, humvees, and ammo has happened under the Obama administration.

    1. OT But really SCARY.

      Speculation that Obama returning to WDC — Eric Holder, SCOTUS nominee.

      If that’s the case, every single pale skinned person in Amerika best be prepared to move it out, or ….

          1. The Obama crew have been making hints for a long time–here’s your hat, Ruth, what’s your hurry?–but she has been resistant. I hope she would hold out until the next President, but if she can’t, a Republican Senate in November is the next best thing.

        1. She says she won’t , but — can’t remember the direct quote — but I heard yet again that snippet that she would continue as long as she was able. When I listened again I heard an out or a caveat that I didn’t hear first time. But maybe I am making that up.

          Krauthammer had a comment the other day — that he thought it was extremely bad form to diss Ginsburg like that after so many years of service. She is an SC Justice and she will retire when she darned well feels like it.

          But then again, so many others have succumbed to the “charm” of the Administration and changed their minds. John Roberts comes to mind.

          And Ginsburg,sharp but small, frail and health issues. Perhaps she could be “charmed”. Nothing surprises.

          1. Ruth Ginsburg, the ultimate baby killer, lover of abortion, late abortion, the twisting of the baby’s head to kill it. Thats Ginsburg, good riddance. Holder is a criminal, if he gets it, that is corruption at the highest level. He doesn’t do anything but prosecute and investigate whitey and the republicans. The worst character there ever was in government, along with Pelosi, Reid, Obama, etc. Horrible people, all about power and murder with abortion and drones and God knows what else, oh, guns, of course, you know guns that they want to ban everyone else from using except them and the terrorists, they like the terrorists, don’t forget it.

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  14. I just heard a cop tell Fox newsman, that as long as everyone is calm they can walk all night.
    Isn’t there a document you are suppose get before you set up a protest?

  15. Sweet set up. Over the years, DHS and others providing more militarization and bullets and arms to local police…..Over the years, Obama and crew, race hustlers, race baiting, and of course, the Holder favorite “social justice” sprinkled with Trayvon Obama’s son.

    Everything is pre set up, pre planned. Not provable. Smells.

    Let’s hope Obama has poor timing in over reach — immigration, rioting, EOs etc.

  16. Don’t make excuses for him. He had no damn right to criticize the police in MO, he doesn’t know what happened, he is no better than ugly race baiter sharpton or the NAACP, or the UN for that matter.
    Obama always takes sides with the color of the skin and always is against the Jews. He sides with the enemy in every case. To criticize the police when his “brothers” burned down several stores and robbed and pillaged and shot at people and police? Obama is no better than Sharpton, both rabblerousing for money and for votes to keep the corrupt power of the country. One guy was killed but what about the blacks killing blacks by the thousands, they don’t care about that because all they want is lawsuit money, money and more of the poor peoples’ money.

  17. I understand the escalated situation concerning the events in Ferguson, MO, first and foremost I grieve with the Michael
    Brown family. As a mother of a shooting victim earlier this year, I am grateful my daughter is fully healed. I am concerned! The white on black situation is completely uncivil, but when it is black on white, the events are disregarded. Why, I ask? I am in the St. Louis area. But the same people whom are looting and terrorizing my community, are the same people whom shot my daughter. Unfortunately, I feel no sympathy. My daughter, not completely innocent, has not had her day in court. She was unable to identify the person whom had shot her three times. How do I sympathize. I need answers and resolution. These are not people I would consider “human”. The people of Ferguson are civilized in my opinion. But why can’t my family have justice.

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