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Live Stream || Obama Statement – August 14, 2014

UPDATE 12:25 pm: Honestly, what would it take for the president of the United States to show some discipline and be on time for something?

What would have happened if he was late for his inauguration, the time and date of which is Constitutionally mandated? I guess they would have had to swear in someone else.

The statement reportedly will be about Ferguson.

UPDATE 2: The statement has concluded.

69 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement – August 14, 2014

  1. OK, I’ve had it. Time for the WH staff to quit telling Obama he has a press conference at ________. Tell him his fundraiser/tee time starts at 12:15 and the arrogant p.o.s. will FINALLY start arriving on time.

  2. Using Ferguson to divert attention away from his failures in Iraq, the middle east, Ukraine, Obamacare, the border invasion down south, IRS scandal, VA Scandal, the economy mired in a deep depression, using the tried and true propaganda cudgel of race baiting.

    Ferguson is a state and local matter and the federal government headed by Dictator Obama needs to stay the hell out of it.

    • Unfortunately so called “journalists” wanting to fan the flames and the perpetual race baiter Al Sharpton have made it a national issue.
      I tweeted out the hypocrisy of WaPo so called “reporter” Wesley Lowery pimping arrest when the video he himself took clearly shows the cop asking over, and over, and over the need to “get going” and instead Lowery stands there with his cell phone videoing and stalling.
      The hate and vitriol that poured into my twitter feed is sickening.
      And in case you political junkies are wondering, yes this is the same self-promoting “reporter” that when he worked for the Boston Globe in 2013 tweeted out that he was “So tired of “Boston Strong,”…
      He’s nothing but a young, “I gotta get noticed” who has the platform of the WaPo to help him feed his ego.
      Journalism was bad before, but if Lowery represents the majority of the next generation than journalism truly is dead.

    • I wish the reporters would all walk out right now, and film themselves doing so. Leave a note stating where they will be going for lunch, and that O can meet them there.

    • No tie.
      I am not being silly, but they should also drop battery operated hand fans, with batteries.
      Holder/FBI/local authorites/deal with peaceful protest/talked to Gov. to reflect on what has happened/We lost a young man/18/no arm holding/ never excuse for looting/ no jailing reporters/one american family/basic respect for order/ peaceful protest/time for peace and calm/ open process/ work with local officials/ they will report to me.
      Boy do I feel better. How about you?

        • Joe Scarborough already proclaimed that the reporters should have moved on when armed men in riot gear said to. I guess common sense is nowhere to be found. I am no cop lover, believe me, but there is no percentage in messing with them.

        • It’s because BO has his laser like focus on Ferguson.. just like another son he focused on.. focus on jobs?? Only if they are “shovel ready!!” (hahaha)

        • His ridiculous declaration of “updating” us gives us an update on Obama himself. What I saw in the little show he put on for the media and us is as follows: an out of touch, superficial grasp of events, an “I’d rather be doing anything but this media event” look on his face, the usual dead eyes showing no expression, an uncomfortable physical presence at the podium–weird facial expressions and gestures. He may as well have been reading the Martha’s Vineyard telephone book.

          He’s in meltdown and his handlers can’t do anything about it. They are going down the tube with him and they know it.

    • Yes, I learned nothing new. He obviously doesn’t know about the rules of civil disobedience, you have the right to protest, but if you cross the line the cops have the right to arrest you.

      The thugs trying to burn down the town are pushing those police to their limits. This isn’t a “peaceful protest” as the Prezzy claimed, and yes the police may have to use force …. maybe to save lives and property.

    • I used to track his late arrivals, complete with screen shots, because I wanted to be able prove his tardiness. I finally gave up — he’s not worth wasting the time. Today he was late (per the radio break-in and the schedule) 37 minutes for an eight minute bit of “Look at me, I can command the mic and say nothing.”

      In the future, the press should tell Mr. Obama to get himself to the podium, announce his location, and wait for THEM to show up. The “man” has absolutely no respect for the time of others. I’m amazed that these professionals tolerate his abuse.

  3. I tell you, I am sick sick sick over Obama sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Look at the breaking news headline at the NYT.

    Obama Calls for Calm as Missouri Governor Pledges Shifts in Police Methods

    Now I ask you, who started the anger and strife? OBAMA. OBAMA. OBAMA. It’s like he’s claimed the title of King of All Things Moral, (if you are black). I can’t not stand this man, I can not stand his opinions on matters that are NOT HIS to make. Go play gold Obama.

    /end of rant

  4. And why in the heck is he even making another statement about this anyway? It’s not his place. He’s not the mayor, governor, etc. He should just keep his mouth shut.

    • He can’t. On vacation he speaks every day to his minions like a good doggie. See me talk! See me golf! See me eat food you can’t afford! See me keep in touch every day of my vacay! See me care ! See me intrude where I have no right to!

  5. Not only should he keep his nose out of something that is under investigation and is none of his business, he has the gall to editorialize. I can’t recall his exact words but is was along the lines that his parents will never be able to hug their boy again, yada, yada, yada.

    Well what about all of the parents who will never be able to hug their kids again b/c of Obama’s open borders policies? The thousands who have been murdered by illegal aliens? And that’s only for openers. He is disgusting!

  6. He always has to make a point about an issue that is out of his authority but doesn’t say one word about the American Marine being held prisoner in Mexico. Guess because the Marine isn’t the right color?

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