As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Cartoon of the Day || August 14, 2014

Terrell immigration

From our friends at TerrellAftermath.

19 Responses to Cartoon of the Day || August 14, 2014

  1. Not funny.
    It’s not cute, amusing, or entertaining; it’s an infuriatingly depiction of the lies, abuse of power, and unlawfulness of the man who swore to uphold all out laws.

    • Spot on earlier when you said that no matter what anyone thought of Netanyahu or Putin, they see themselves as leaders of their countries. Not so, Obama.

      • IMHO Obama is not at all involved or concerned about ISIS , Iraq or what is going on in the world. He is concerned about pushing his domestic agenda which will garner power for himself, and his cronies and the Democrat Party. Going through the motions, barely, internationally.

        His people are very busy agitating here what with the Central Americans just about to be absorbed into the school system, some kind of Dreamer deal, the capitalizing on Ferguson, new laws and regs likely coming out of Treasury, Holder bleeding BOA dry with fines and penalties and no one really knowing where that money, or any money for that matter, is going.

        No budget in how long. IGs all over who cannot get cooperation. IRS stonewalling –and on and on.

        Oh dear, a rant. Oh well, a rant now and again is about all there is ….

        I had to laugh at his desultory comment about the militarization of the local police etc. considering what the government has done to militarized itself nationally and locally and the increased concentration on domestic terrorists, economic capitalism, etc etc

        He’s a busy guy here. As concerned as I am about America’s role in the world,if only for our own national security, I am more concerned about what is going on here. Obama is the master of the shiny object.

  2. This two or three million (or more) people whom he’s going to hand a green card — he has no idea who they are. And with the market in false i.d.s and the years of not taking illegal alien crime seriously, no one knows who these people are.

    He just likes the idea — give several million people amnesty. Help them have more time to have more anchor babies and to smuggle the rest of their relatives into the nation in prep for the next amnesty.

  3. He doesn’t give a wit about any aliens, he’s doing it for the VOTE people — to get rid of the opposing party, Republicans. People are really dense if they don’t get it! And there should be a law against doling things like this to maintain power of the people. Terrorists will sneak in and we will all be killed or maimed. And the Republicans are just waiting for this illegal amnesty? They won’t even try to stop more of this abuse of the American people We don’t need any more aliens. America is a kind country and we have helped millions of immigrants but this will be too much — too much disease, too many criminals coming here and don’t forget terrorists will definitely come here and bomb us. Obama is the worst type of sneaky individual, who just wants them for votes, using them for votes. There has to be a law to stop this nut. He has done enough to all of us already, we don’t need any more of his mental illness and more ruination of the country we love.

      • I called the Democratic opponent in the senate race here and said that this move would close the door on any vote for the candidate and would tempt me to vote straight Republican.

        The person on the phone offered to have someone call me back and I said politely that that was my point, there was no need to call me back, some actions close the door — and amnesty is one that closes the door on a Dem vote by me.

  4. A sickening illustration of just how much this anti-American race-baiter despises white Republicans. I am not my brother’s keeper according to Obama’s ‘interpretation’ of the biblical quote, and these are not ‘my children’. Help them in their own country? By all means…and we do just that. Unfortunately our lawless Kenyan import wants to ‘punish his enemies’ by bringing them all here so they can break our voting rights laws.

    • I was born in Southern California and am proud of the struggles my parents went through to make that possible. They worked their butts off to give us kids a decent life and all went on to do the same for our families. Nobody handed us anything. Still to this day…earn your keep.

      • I hear you, Island Girl. I am so grateful for the life that we all shared back in the day. Also grateful that my four daughters had a chance to experience it before we disintegrated. It used to be the land of opportunity. Today, the opportunities are limited to burrito trucks and burger flippers.

        • I was thinking that we need our manufacturing jobs back from overseas, then realized that the illegal aliens would take the jobs.

          America is in a bad situation.

  5. He doesn’t depict border violators as sunny Cauc kids–he says they are not like “you” and you can live with it and pay for it. To an extent, he is actually right. I thought this cartoon was nasty–and not good nasty. You are racist nasty.

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