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Obama Finally Makes a Clear Call for Calm in Ferguson

With violence escalating on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of the police shooting of a black youth, Michael Brown, President Obama finally got serious about calling for calm in the city, delivering a clear, live statement – as opposed to the equivocal, written one he issued earlier in the week – that actually included specific calls for order: I know that many

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State Department Been Thinkin’ on ISIL for a Year

Now this was weird. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf Wednesday acknowledged that the Obama administration has been “looking at” the ISIL terrorists for about a year, without apparently doing anything serious about them. Said Harf: We’ve been looking at that for months and month, even before the latest offensives that started against Mosul – for a year or so now – we’ve been looking very closely

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Live Stream || Obama Statement – August 14, 2014

UPDATE 12:25 pm: Honestly, what would it take for the president of the United States to show some discipline and be on time for something? What would have happened if he was late for his inauguration, the time and date of which is Constitutionally mandated? I guess they would have had to swear in someone else. The statement reportedly will be about Ferguson. UPDATE 2:

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White House: “A Good Time Was Had By All”

That’s the best we can get out of the White House about how things went down with the awkward encounter between President Obama and Hillary Clinton at a Martha’s Vineyard A-List gathering just days after she dissed his foreign policy. Hillary told reporters before the party, a celebration of Democratic political fixer Vernon Jordan’s wife’s birthday, that the disagreement was no biggie, even though in an interview with the

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The Obama Morning News || August 14, 2014

U.S. rescue of Yazidis unlikely . . . Fox News The prospect of having U.S. troops help stage a rescue mission in Iraq appears “far less likely,” a Defense Department official said Wednesday following the return of a team of military personnel from a mountain where religious refugees had taken shelter. Obama shows little urgency on ISIS . . . Washington Post Senior U.S. officials describe

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