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On Vacation, Obama Indulges in the Sweet Life

Yes, literally.

President Obama Tuesday dined, as he has on previous Martha’s Vineyard sojourns, at the Sweet Life Cafe, another Obama destination off limits to the 99 percent.

You know your wallet is in for a good cleansing when the menu doesn’t list prices. Always a bad sign. Monsieur, let’s not discuss anything as tacky as the price. It’s only money. 

Sweet Life

There it is. Ahh, the Sweet Life.

Here’s what the president had to choose from.

Pan Seared Halibut
Fennel nage, baby arugula, olive cake, orange, black mission figs

Lamb Three Ways
Seared loin, merguez sausage, sweetbreads, harissa quinoa, broccoli rabe, caramelized onions

Sesame and Coriander Crusted Tuna
Mushroom lime broth, pickled escarole, summer bean salad, chili vinaigrette

Roasted Beef Tenderloin
Smoked potato gratin, swiss chard, porcini mushrooms, crispy onions, dijon jus

Seared Sea Scallops
Corn risotto, tomato and corn salsa, parsley emulsion

Braised Pork Cheek
Braised collards, cabbage slaw, miso biscuits, Korean-style barbecue sauce

Artichoke Ravioli
Parmesan broth, miatake mushrooms, tomato conserva, roasted asparagus and favas

I don’t know about you, but I only take my mushrooms miatake or porcini and my parsley emulsified. And if I can’t get my lamb three ways, then I’m not having lamb at all.

Okay, he’s a wealthy guy – who really crashed into the dough once his books started selling as his political career took off, but I digress – and he has every right to go to such place. And would I refuse an invitation to the Sweet Life, assuming I wasn’t picking up the tab? No! But funny that he didn’t allow photographers along like he does when he hits up some burger joint on the road.

But he did bring along National Security Advisor Susan Rice, Attorney General Eric Holder, and former U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and their spouses, who dined en masse with the Obamas.

95 thoughts on “On Vacation, Obama Indulges in the Sweet Life”

    1. Uh, Chuck, uh, Hagel, is uh, in uh, California. He made the statement on, uh, behalf of, uh, the uh, president.
      Uh, I am wondering what kind, uh, of, uh, footwear those uh, “advisors or assessors” are, uh, wearing? House slippers? Dress Shoes,…or, uh, just, uh, maybe, uh, Boots? Are they, uh, carrying uh, weapons?
      Uh, No Boots on the Ground!!!!!

      1. How are they protecting themselves?
        They can always throw a slipper, if they don’t have guns on ground with them. sarc.

        They have to have some protection!

  1. I just read an article on Fox that the French to give arms to the Iraqi Kurds in the coming hours. That is according to French President Francois Hollande.
    I wonder if O knew of this before or after his meal.
    I do not compare what someone else has more than myself. In other words I was taught to be grateful for what I have.
    However there is to much going on for anyone in his position to be anywhere expcept behind his desk.
    When he leaves office he has the rest of his life to play!

    1. Not long ago I read something about a shortage of ammo in Af/Ghan. Since the communists in the WH are buying up and hording all the bullets, I doubt whether they’re going to send any to the Kurds. Weapons without bullets. Nations without borders. That’s the Obama Doctrine.

  2. “It’s only money”. That’s right, Keith…..OUR money! He is a stingy tightwad at heart.

    On a side note: I’m fascinated by the fact that former do-nothing Trade Rep, Ron Kirk, is always at his side, whether it’s on the mega-buck trips to Asia or the golf course in MV and Hawaii. Traveling companions? He’s a long way from Dallas.

      1. All the more reason to write it off. That sour-faced, three minute gibberish yesterday qualifies him to write off the entire vacay. Not that he wouldn’t do it anyway with his creative accounting practices.

      1. I was just wondering who’s picking up the tab. Bet it’s not preezy. If they aren’t going “Dutch” I can see him turning to Holder and saying, “You get this one and next time it’s my treat.” For that “next time” he’ll take Holder for ice cream or to a burger joint. Hehe.

  3. I don’t read the stories, but I can’t help seeing the headlines, and the actions of ISIS turn off my appetite. Ergo, if Obama is being kept informed . . . how can he managed to swallow anything or keep it down?

  4. Could anyone remind me as to which deals trade representative Ron Kirk actually did while on the Government payroll for those four years ? I may be mistaken or forgetful but nothing really sticks out.

    1. Ditto. I’ll be over here having a corn dog for lunch. Or maybe I will head to the state fair and see what they have this year that is fried and on a stick!!

  5. You know what? I am bored with ranking out this pretentious foodie mess…I am thinking of a poor peoples’ vacays (relatively) I have taken. We went for many years to Squirrel Lake outside Minocqua Wisc–a cluster of cabins and a lodge in a piney woods on a Muskie lake. Muskies are huge fighting fish–must be over 30 inches to keep them. The woman who ran the place was Norwegian–her husband died young and she made this place work…She cooked on a wood range–the best food I ever ate–tomatoes from her garden, choc cake 8 inches high, chicken pot pie, fish you just caught light as a feather and crispy. She is gone now and the place is no longer in operation, but I recently emailed with her son. My ex–a New York boy from 112th street, almost caught a muskie. He is gone now, too.

    Anyone remember great food from reasonably priced venues?

    1. I have eaten some of the best food in the world all my life.
      Years ago even during the depression people here were blessed with the best food. If you could not afford to buy, you could catch yourself.
      Now however the cost of everything is sky high.
      The olive meal didn’t sound good noted above by Keith.
      Has anyone ever eaten a muffaletta sandwich?
      It has several different meats upon it, cheese and “olive salad”
      on top. In between wonder muffaletta bread.
      Sounds yucky. However you can take that olive salad and put it on a bologna sandwich and it would be great!

        1. In the backyard of our first home. Hot dogs, homemade potato salad and beer, lots of beer, with our neighbors, also college kids, from across the street. We were all in the same boat. College kids, starter homes, G. I. Bill for education and VA funding for our home. We all graduated and we all made something out of our lives.

      1. My mom made the best potato knishes and baked all kinds of cakes, strawberry short cake, lemon merangue pie, lemon cupcakes, she could bake a cake in 5 minutes from scratch, she would bake prize winning cakes from recipes she read and copied in magazines. She’s gone now too, lovely Edith, always cooking and baking the most delicious foodies for us.

    2. We grew up on gravy and biscuits eaten in a very little 3 bedroom, 1 bath place called…home.
      My mother’s biscuits were on the flat side and definitely not “light and fluffy” but, boy-o-boy were they good. Wish I had learned to make them.
      There was once a place on the side of the road not far from Nashville, TN that served the best fried bologna sandwich. Still there? Don’t know.
      “What’s Your Beef” in Manlius, NY – still owns the #1 spot for best beef fillet in my stomach.
      “Dinosaur BBQ” in Syracuse, NY= absolute best BBQ in the world.
      Savannah, GA = best freshly shucked oysters in the world.
      Best pint and pound (hot sauce and 1 lb. sack of tortilla chips) = El Chico’s restaurant in Texarkana, TX
      Olive nut sandwich at Berea Coffee and Tea, Berea, KY
      Beef hamburger Happy Meal in a certain country in the Middle East – life saver (literally) for me…sorry Michelle…thanks McD!
      I can go on and on and may well do as the memories surface!

      1. The Pioneer Woman and Trish’s Southern Kitchen have stick to your ribs recipes–Ree is charming and Trisha is charming and funny without her git-box. Remember those HoJo clam rolls–on those special buttered roll things? The Wendy’s apple pecan salad with field greens and huge bleu cheese chunks is not bad for “fast food”–and I am not saying that bec my kid works there. I remember a dept store restaurant “salad” in St Louis–a frozen disk about six inches across crammed with ice cream and fruit. Yummo!

        1. Birthday parties at HoJo restaurant with my cousins. It was all you could eat. My cousin Rusty ate 16 pieces once when we were eight years old. Rusty is gone now, but the memories live on.

          1. Food memories are so intense, they can yank you back to the past. This is America! We are still a country despite new cultures being blended in–loved the one pound bag of chips item.

    3. Raspberries and English peas eaten in the garden. Cherries and apples plucked from the trees and eaten on the spot. Green beans picked at perfect ripeness and steamed immediately. Corn that went from field to table within half an hour. (Dad said my grandpa’s rule was 20 minutes.) Milk that came from the cows just that morning. Superabundant blackberries in late summer. The occasional trout caught by an uncle; a local salmon once in a while. Mom’s homemade bread.

      That’s great food.

        1. My grandparents (same ones) had a tradition even back to when their kids were young–Sunday dinner was popcorn and cake or pie. All homemade, of course. We kids thought this was the absolute bomb!

        1. Mouthwatering, AfVet! My Mom used to dabble in healthy stuff like brewer’s yeast and stuff, but she did make one memorable thing I remember for us as preschoolers–she called it Mountain Lunch. It was an omelet baked in the oven so it puffed up alarmingly and then she sprinkled it with sugar and fresh lemon juice. I could never recreate it.

          1. Sounds like something I’ve been served by in-laws — not quite an omelet but an eggy pancakey thing. Was it called Dutch Babies?

          2. My Scottish mother used to make deliciously thin crepes, then top them with a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of sugar. Mmmmm!

          1. My brother n law gave me two tamotoe plants several weeks ago. I wanted to Fry the green tamotoes, but it is hard catching them in between being hard and turning red.

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  7. Wait, is anyone foolish enough to believe that Dictator Obama and his fellow Chicago communist thugs actually paid for their meals. What really happened is that after the meal they emptied the contents of the cash register of this swanky, overpriced greasy spoon using the excuse of “income inequality wealth distribution” into their bottomless pockets.

    Ahhhh! Ain’t life fantastic when you’re an absolute Dictator?

    By the way what did the First Food Tyrant shovel into her cavernous maw during this obscenely decadent epicurian pig out? Did she follow the same food guidelines that she has shoved down our childrens’ throats at school? Methinks not.

  8. Keith, you didn’t mention if he brought his official TASTER, the person who samples his food to make sure it has not been poisoned. Or do they do that in the kitchen now?

  9. Message to the 99%.from the White House.
    ‘Let them eat cake’…….
    Message to the White House from the 99%
    ‘Indigestion’ 2014

  10. This is from Yelp so don’t know how accurate but $16 for a warm peach?
    And tomato water and sumac crumble I rather a Big Mac.
    Menu for The Sweet Life Cafe
    Main Menu Wine List
    First Course
    Heirloom Tomato Salad
    With buratta, basil, tomato water and sumac crumble
    Striped Bass Ceviche
    Roasted tomato marinade, avocado and cilantro
    Grilled Vermont Quailbreast
    Quail confit ragu, porcinis and favas with a cherry reduction and foie gras mousse
    Tree Ripened Peach
    Draped in warm taleggio cheese, with white truffle oil, verjus and arugula
    Menemsha Lobster Soup And Salad
    Lobster crema accompanied by a lobster corn bread panzanella, corn salsa and chervil
    Pan Crisped Sea Scallops
    With radish salad, beurre noisette, dried parmesn and tomato confiture

      1. I am just a good old Kansas girl but I think food like that is pretentious overpriced and for show how many of us crave a $16
        warm peach or quail confit ragu?

  11. Funny that for many years I believed rich people ate better than the rest of us. Apparently, they don’t, they merely eat the stuff we don’t or what we would have thrown away = pig cheeks, sweetbreads, etc.

    I loved reading all your entries about comfort food.. Biscuits and gravy, ham, beans, potatoes and cornbread, fried bologna, pies and cobblers – those were all meals that graced our table and still do.

    1. I appreciate all the cooking my mom, grandmothers, aunts, etc. cooked in the hot kitchen. Before AC.
      A lot of out wonderful dishes took quite some time to prepare, one example Red Beans & Rice. That stove was on thoughout the day. Down here we eat them on Monday’s. I believe Monday was wash day back than, and it was helpful to have dinner cooking slowing while doing all the laundry.
      Mom told me years ago she even iron sheets.

  12. And he’s not such a wealthy guy YET! He’s still living off the American people, living the high life, and blaming the rich all the time, putting the poor coal men out of work and starving. How does he sleep at night, oh wait, I forgot, he has no conscience. He’ll be rich later on when he leaves office, books, speeches. We now have Presidents who suck the life out of the American people and the low I.Q.’s will vote for Hillary next who is a money grubber and murderer just like Obama. When will it end, never? Not if Axelrod is in charge. We can’t get rid of these people like Pelosi, Reid, etc. for years now. They don’t care about the country or its people, just concerned with power like the Nazis, proud that they kill millions of babies just like the Nazis too. We have gone down a bad road with the murder and abortion of whole generations of people, people that could invent cures, people who could have made a contribution to the country, not like these government “folks”.ANYONE WHO HAS A BRAIN WILL NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON NEXT.

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