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RNC Seizes on Obama’s Golf Vacation

A fairly effective video, I thought. Obama pitched the Republicans a soft ball and they hit it pretty hard.

Meanwhile, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius suggested it was time for Obama and others to get off the golf course.
“I know it is the holiday period in our Western countries, but when people are dying, you must come back from vacation,” Fabius said.

Well, fine, but it’s a little rich being lectured to by the French, who have essentially disarmed in order to rely on American taxpayer-supported military might to protect them.

He’s right, but he can also stuff a sock in it.

33 Responses to RNC Seizes on Obama’s Golf Vacation

  1. That GOP ad stinks. If that’s what the Rs think will win them back the Senate, whoa, they need to huddle. Ideas, plans, real alternatives. Stop with the trite stuff. The whole world knows Obana vacations too much. To waste GOP funds to tell Americans what they already know, insanity. And I’m an R!

    • I agree it’s not very compelling, but know that in my family the lo-infos have no idea where the O’s vacation or how much it costs, or that he golfs to excess. They see a short clip on some MSM newscast where he’s on the phone, or gabbing about something (they don’t know, don’t care), and think he’s working.

      These lo-infos are the solid 40% approval that MrO gets all the time. They don’t know anything, don’t care, ISIS-what’s that, did you hear what KimK did, I need a new phone/tablet/something.
      That’s it.
      They will go to the polling booth, vote for people with nice or familiar names, and don’t understand why their personal life sucks, why there aren’t any good jobs.

      This ad is aimed at people who already know the score, know that the Os are living large, and it’s a waste of time and money.

      • I agree. If they ran this as it is, they should have at least added, it is not the issue of him having fun. It is the issue of him doing it while the world is in such a mess.

    • But, maybe if some real trying-hard-to-make-it-without-govt-help people see this, and think wait a minute, I thought he cared about us!
      ….but here he is being rich & I can’t afford a trip to the local zoo.
      It just may open a few lofo’s minds?

  2. You beat me to it Keith. I just read that comment. So… I started to search for other allies thoughts of Iraq issue. I pulled up Tony Blair’s essay.
    He wrote an essay on Iraq. When you have a moment please read. or just type: Tony Blair’s essay on Iraq.
    He seems to agree with O that Iraq needs to get it’s government together. He went on and on but did not have any thoughts of how to rescue those people and stop the murderers in their tracks.
    I was going to get a very short thought of several allies on this issue and list for you and fellow readers. I stopped after Tony Blair’s essay.

  3. Ah, the French. Of course they want MrO back at work, they need him to get back to work or ……they’ll have to DO something themselves.
    65 years of the paternal care from the US taxpayers has made most of Europe and parts of Asia as dependent on us as the welfare mooches here.

      • Oh Jeez, do you HAVE to keep bringing that up? Please, KEEP bringing that up. The Euros would not exist without the crass, uncultured, boorish ugly Americans. They would all be spikin Rooshin now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Like O would listen to anyone, I think he gets pleasure out of everyone being critical of him. He probably gets a charge out of it as he constantly acts out like a rebellious teenage boy! And we know why he took Brown’s side don’t we? This is what he does — very unfair as usual, taking the minority side without knowing the real truth and even if he knew the truth he still would always take that side, him and Holder, two racists.

    • Not to mention that it was the Europeans who urged us to elect Obama to begin with. Looks like even they are having buyers remorse.

  4. Obama is on the golf course during his vacation, while the world burns and people are being beheaded for their religious beliefs. And yet, Bush was hammered as being out of touch and uncaring because he didn’t immediately fly to New Orleans after Katrina.

    No hypocrisy there.

    • Bush had good reason. People were looting. People were walking around with guns. Fact.
      You don’t see O flying over while looting has been going on for the last several days. The FAA the other day had to stop flights due to guns going off.

  5. OT The US says it is unlikely to lauch a mission to save Iraqis trapped by Islamist fighters on Mt Sinjar as there are fewer people than expected.
    I heard this on Fox. Pulled up an article on BBC.
    Besides the one that have already died, where to the Tens of thousands they have been reporting go to? I understand some did walk to Syria, I hope tens of thousands of people were able to get away.
    As far as I am concerned I don’t understand why BBC is calling them fighters. They are murderers!!!!!!!!!

    • The article states the advisors claim there are fewer people than expected, and those remaining were in better condition than feared, the Petagon said.

      • CBS’ local sister station WLNY just reported there are “only” “several thousand” instead of “tens of thousands” so apparently not worthy of making an effort to save!

  6. OT and not for nothing — school year starting up. Anybody know how many Central American illegal “children” will be at Sidwell Friends?

  7. The RNC – preaching to the choir. If they expect to make any headway in the upcoming election, they need to get rid of Rence Priebus. Same thing happened in ’12 – their ads stank (stunk?)
    The RNC needs to figure out a way to counteract/stop the voter fraud tsunami that is bound to take place in Nov. It’s Obama’s last hurrah – no holds barred. The Chicago machine has probably been working 24/7 for the last two years.

    • They probably have all the votes they need already, because I am sure the election has already been stolen. God will get these people one day, mark my words, they will pay for the fraud and the lies and the brainwashing. What goes around comes around.

  8. Our country has elected an immoral man with zero character or conscience. Our country is just adrift with no wind or rudder. We are extremely vulnerable as no decisions are made or the decisions made are against the law.

    While he hits a white ball on vacation thousands are being slaughtered because their faith. He can’t take a break from his vacation to attend a memorial service for a General who died while serving his country. It makes me want to vomit.

    I hope and pray the Republicans are able to take the Senate in November and then I pray they don’t screw it up!

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  10. Have you ever been stupid enough to try to do anything in Paris in August? In fact, a great deal of Europe empties out during August…
    That said, there is nothing the o (PINO) can do anymore that would salvage him. Alas, the world burns, and we suffer the arrogance of an imperial regime.

  11. I still think he’s so narcissistic he really enjoys the added attention. He’s
    strictly a party boy till he’s gone so is Michelle they don’t care about anything but their own pleasure. So however much he’s taken to task
    for these absence of duty vacations and golf he probably just gets a little
    smirk on his face and putz on with a vengeance.